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  • Everything you want. Everything you need.

    Everything a home should be.

    Insu la ted Sid ing

    Cer ta inTeed

  • Everything in perfect balance

    Your life. Your family. Your future.

    They all come together in the

    place you call home – a place that’s

    uniquely yours, a place where you

    feel in perfect balance.

    Enjoy the comforts of home even

    more with CedarBoards Insulated

    Siding, an innovation that brings

    together the essential elements for

    a lifetime of easy living.

    CedarBoards Double 6" Clapboard in savannah wicker 2

  • Everything in perfect balance


  • Color Texture




  • Dressing your home in CedarBoards Insulated

    Siding is like wrapping your family in a cozy

    blanket. Inside, you’ll enjoy a quieter, more

    comfortable home. Outside, you’ll appreciate

    the authentic look of natural wood, enhanced

    by distinctive colors and finishing touches.

    The outstanding durability of CedarBoards

    offers superior protection you can count on for

    years to come. CedarBoards is also an excellent

    “green” building product, one recognized for its

    environmentally friendly benefits.

    Color Texture Comfort

    Outside Inside




  • Innovation

    CedarBoards Insulated Siding offers

    the advantages that come with

    both innovation and conservation.

    Your home becomes a haven of

    comfort and quiet, made possible

    by a material that supports the

    effort to preserve natural resources

    and the environment.

    CedarBoards Double 6" Clapboard in arbor blend and Cedar Impressions Double 9" Staggered Rough-Split Shakes in natural clay


  • Innovation Conservation 7

  • Quiet


    Comfort Single 7" Clapboard in cypress

    Enhanced Energy Savings

    CedarBoards custom-contoured foam increases your

    home’s energy efficiency, providing an extra measure

    of comfort to your interior spaces. You’ll feel warmer

    in winter and cooler in summer. In fact, our innovative

    foam technology can reduce heating and cooling

    energy loss by as much as 25%, increasing R-Value up

    to a 5.0 rating. CedarBoards offers 300% more R-value

    than traditional siding materials.

    Quiet Interiors

    The outside world stays outside in a home sided

    with CedarBoards. The innovative foam backing

    blocks exterior noise, enhancing interior acoustics.

    CedarBoards offers complete comfort – both in performance qualities and environmental benefits. You’ll enjoy warmth, quiet, durability and beauty — and the knowledge that you achieved it all with a “green” product choice.


  • Sustainable Commitment to Sustainability

    CertainTeed respects the environment through the responsible development of

    sustainable building products and systems. While enjoying the comfort of CedarBoards,

    you’ll also enjoy knowing that you’ve made a prudent “green” building choice.

    u Uses minimal raw materials and generates zero waste in the manufacturing process.

    u Reduces the use of natural resources such as cedar and other woods.

    u Prevents toxins from entering the waste stream because it never

    needs painting or caulking.

    u Helps meet the stringent requirements of LEED and NAHB Green

    Building Guidelines.

    u The insulating foam backing contributes to energy conservation.


    Water vapor that seeps into hidden wall cavities can result

    in mold, mildew and fungi, and contribute to wood deterioration.

    CedarBoards Insulated Siding has excellent breathability, so you can

    breathe easy. It absorbs little water and has a permeability rating of 5.0

    perms per square inch. Material with a perm rating of more than 1 is

    not considered a vapor barrier and won't trap moisture behind the wall.

    It allows moisture to escape – and frees you from concerns about

    the structural damage and health effects caused by excess moisture.


    A Smart Choice CedarBoards Fiber Cement

    Keeps home warmer in winter, cooler in summer 4

    Enhances interior quiet 4

    Resist cracking and chipping 4

    Does not require caulking and repairs 4

    Protects against moisture damage 4

    Incorporated system for safe installation 4

    No painting required 4

    Accessories available in same material 4

    Available in longer lengths 4

    Lifetime Limited Warranty on panels and color 4

  • From contemporary to classic,

    striking to subtle, CedarBoards’

    wide choice of colors and profiles

    gives you the freedom to express

    your unique outlook on life, and

    to beautifully blend your sense of

    home with your sense of style.

    CedarBoards XL Clapboard in natural clay

    Life Style


  • Home Style

    Life Style


  • Cedar

    Double 6" Clapboard in natural clay. Available in 12'6" and 16'8" lengths.

    Double 4-1/2" Dutchlap in oxford blue

    Double 4" Clapboard in light maple

    Natural Cedar Texture

    The natural wood appearance of CedarBoards comes

    straight from nature. Real cedar boards are hand

    selected. Then, using TrueTexture™ technology,

    CertainTeed creates a custom mold and transfers the

    grain pattern directly onto CedarBoards siding panels.

    Straight Even Face CedarBoards panels have a straight, even face without the concavity common to ordinary vinyl siding.

    Deep 3/4" Straight-Edge Panel Projection Wood siding crafted from newly- sawn cedar typically features a deep, panel projection.

    CedarBoards™ Custom Contoured Foam CedarBoards custom contoured foam backing increases R-value, improving the home’s thermal efficiency. It also adds strength and rigidity for a solid look and feel.

    Molded from selected cedar boards, designed in a classic wide-board style, and strengthened with a custom-contoured foam backing, CedarBoards has the look and substantive feel of beautifully crafted wood siding.

    Classic Styles

    In addition to Single 7" and Double 6" wide-board profiles,

    CedarBoards is offered in Double 4-1/2" Dutchlap and

    Double 4" Clapboard.


    Single 7" Clapboard in cypress. Available in 12'3" and 16'8" lengths.

  • Cedar Style

    Extra long length available in Double 6" and

    Single 7" profile only.

    The Difference is Seamlessly ClearCedarBoards™ XL… Long on Looks

    Double 6" and Single 7" CedarBoards XL

    panels are designed for special areas of

    the home where a continuous-panel

    appearance is preferred. The extra length

    of CedarBoards XL can significantly reduce

    seams for a smoother, more continuous look.

    Traditional Siding Panel - 12 Feet 6 Inches


    CedarBoards™ XL Double 6" and Single 7" Clapboard - 16 Feet 8 Inches

    Color performance, impact resistance and durability are assured through our exclusive PermaColor™ System, a blend of our own Certavin™ resin, superior micro-ingredients and state- of-the-art pigment chemistry.

    Sin g

    le 7" C lap

    b o


    D o

    u b

    le 6" C lap

    b o


    D o

    u b

    le 4-1/2" D u

    tch lap

    D o

    u b

    le 4" C lap

    b o


    Sin g

    le 7" X L C

    lap b

    o ard

    D o

    u b

    le 6" X L C

    lap b

    o ard

    NOTE: Colors throughout this brochure are simulated. Consult product samples before making final selection.


    Arbor Blend l l

    Frontier Blend l l

    Timber Blend l l

    Granite Gray l l l l l l

    Oxford Blue l l l l l l

    Cypress l l l l l l

    Buckskin l l l l

    Natural Clay l l l l l l

    Suede l l l l

    Savannah Wicker l l l l l l

    Sterling Gray l l l l l l

    Sandpiper l l l l

    Light Maple l l l l l l

    Desert Tan l l l l l l

    Heritage Cream l l l l l l

    Sandstone Beige l l l l l l

    Snow l l l l l l

    Colonial White l l l l l l

  • Little things mean a lot. A colorful

    highlight. A beautifully crafted accent.

    Something bold. Something refined.

    Whatever touches of style you have

    in mind, CedarBoards Insulated Siding

    gives you the options to mix and

    match the ideal complements to a

    beautiful exterior design.

    CedarBoards Single 7" Clapboard in suede, Cedar Impressions Double 9" Staggered Rough-Split Shakes in suede and Board & Batten in savannah wicker. Mix 14

  • & Match 15

  • Traditional SuperCorner with CedarBoards Double 4" in timber blend

    CraftsmanshipVinyl Carpentry™ It’s easy to dress a home in personality with Vinyl Carpentry’s wide

    array of decorative design

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