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Executive Healthcare Program Leadership

Date post:19-Jan-2015
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  • 1. Carolyn Smith,Executive ManagementHealthcare ConsultingBenefits Strategy,Compensation Design

2. Carolyn Smith,Pillars of Executive Leadership1, Governance2, Oppor tunity Recognition & Action3, Resource Utilization & Optimization 3. Carolyn Smi th, daughter of Deaf ParentsRaised: Suf folk County, Long Island, New York 4. Carolyn Smi th,Bachelor of ScienceBusiness ManagementJohnson State Col lege- Graduate: Leadership Champlain MBA Program 5. Says Michael J. Kipp, CPA, Former CEO of Suss Microtek, Carolyn Smith is the bestCEO Executive Consultant on the East Coast for Designing a Technical Healthcare,Benefits, and Compensation Plan Rollout that matches the culture of theorganization 1st in Class!Principal: Northern Benefits - VermontSubject Mat ter Exper t ise:Heal thcare Implementat ion DesignHeal thcare Program Creat ionBenef i ts Program DesignCompensat ion Program Design 6. Products:Exper t: Patient Protection and Af fordable Care Act(PPACA) .Proof of Li fe Studies Healthcare Plans, Programs,HIPAA Compl ianceBusiness Development Program Design for ConsultingTeamExper t: Strong Healthcare Penalty AvoidanceConsultationYr 2018 Excise Tax ConsultationE x p e r t : P r o s & C o n s o f H i g h D e d u c t i b l e H e a l t h c a r ePlans, Health Savings Accounts 7. Find Me Here:Carolyn P. Smith66 Highlands Drive,Williston VT [email protected](802) 777-8353Slide Deck: http://slidesha.re/1rr58rELinkedIn: http://linkd.in/Wvx598

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