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Fabulous Aire Intro

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Room air purifiers by Fabulous Aire
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    Welcome to the Fabulous Aire Revitalising Experiencell,

    The Fabulous Aire Revitaliser System uses nature's blueprint ofairflow, evaporation, Iwater filtration and the refreshing aromasof the earth to form a truly remarkable:

    IAIR PURIFIER - removes dust, pollen, microbes and pollutants

    SANmSER - eliminates air-borne bacteria, virurs and fungi

    REVITALISER - provides aroma therapeutic belefits for breathing

    HUMIDIFIER - increases moisture and enhancT oxygen levels

    IONISER - increases negative ions to lower stat c and stress levels

    AIR FRESHENER- eliminates odours from food pets and tobacco smoke

    The System uses concentrates of essential oil and botanical extractstogether with tap water to create an air-puri ing filter which traps airpollutants and releases cleaner, fresher and h althier air to breathe.

    The revitalised air creates a general sense of j y and well-being andcan assist respiratory sufferers with relief fro Hay Fever, Sinusitisand Asthma.

    Fabulous Aire Revitalisers and F agrances

    14 Fabulous Fragrances - Eucalyptus - Geranium - Green Apple - Lavenderlemon/Lime - Na,tural Fresh - Sandalwood Blend 4 Hay Fever - Blend 4 Clarity

    Blend 4 Stress - Lemongrass - Blend 4 Mosquitoes - Spring Fresh - Tea Tree & Vanilla

  • For Cleaner, Fresher and Healthier air t breathe.


    Fabulous Alre'" Leaf (purifies 75 - 100m2)Leaf Revitalisers and air purifying units - ideal for home living areas and medium size offices. Uses 2 litres cold tap water and 5 -10ml (1 - 2 teaspoons) of Fabulous Aire'" Fragrance Concentrate.

    Blue Leaf


    Green Leaf


    Fabulous Aire" Room Spray - Air Disinfectants (12- 20m2)Room Spray which revitalises and disinfects the air in your car, caravan, office, bed oom, toilet and other areas of 12-20m2. Simplyspray 2-3 times for an invigorating fragrance that lasts 30-40 minutes.

    Fabulous Aire" Dome (purifies 60 - 80m2)Dome Revitalisers and air purifying units - ideal for home living areas and medium ize offices. Uses 1 litre cold tap water and 5 -lDml (1 - 2 teaspoons) of Fabulous Aire?" Fragrance Concentrate.

    Silver Dome

    m..'"A I.1White Dome

    BBlend 4 Hay FeverImproves air quality,eases breathing, killsairborne bacteria andviruses and clears nasalcongestion. For Sneezing,Irritation and Hay Fever.

    LemongrassRefreshing, rejuvenatingand energising.Headaches, Sore Throats,Congestion and Fever.

    Blend 4 Clarity of MindPurifies, disinfects and removesstale smells while rejuvenating,refreshing and increasing mentalalertness. For Mental Exhaustionand Concentration,

    Natural FreshRevitalises, provides mood-enhancing freshness and remov sbad odours. For removal of tobaccosmoke, food- and pet odours,

    SandalwoodSoothes, deeply relaxesand calms for a good nightsleep or meditatingsession. For Coughs, SoreThroat, Bronchitis andInsomnia.

    Spring FreshPleasantly uplifting whileinfusing the air with thearomas of spring. For theremoval of bad odours.

    Blend 4 StressRefreshes, relaxes, calms andreplaces bad odours with anindigenous warm floral fragrance.For Physical, Mental and EmotionalStress.

    Note: All our essential oil fra rances have excellent odour rem val and anti-microbial ro erties.

  • For Cleaner Fresher and Healthier air t breathe.

    FRAGRANCES FROM FAB LOUS AIRE!Fabulous Aire?' FragrancesThe fragrances used in Fabulous Aire systems are selected for their pure, fresh and delicately soothing qualities. The essentialoils contain aroma therapeutic and anti-microbial properties which are essential when cleaning, revitalising and sanitising the air withthis system. Distilled to the highest standards, they can sooth and relax, providing assistance with respiratory health conditions asthey improve the quality of air we breathe.

    The swirling motion of the filtering water and air in the Fabulous Aire system nlocks these fragrances and oil molecules,releasing them into the air around you. To enjoy these wonderful benefits and enh nce Iyour mood and sense of well-being, selectone of our fine aroma concentrates below.

    EucalyptusClearing, cooling and soothing.Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis and Sinusitis.

    Blend 4 Hay IeverSoothing and clearing of nasal congestion.Sneezing, Irrit~ion and Hay Fever.

    Blend 4 Clari of MindRejuvenating, lefreshing and increases mental alertness.Mental Exhaustion and Concentration.

    Blend 4 Stre~Relaxing, warrnlnq and calming.Physical, Mental and Emotional Stress.

    Lemongrass IRefreshing, rejuvenating and energising.Headaches, sore Throats, Congestion and Fever.

    Blend 4 MosquitoesClearing, relaxing and calming.Repellent for 1)1sects and induces a good night sleep.

    Spring FreshPleasantly upli Iting and invigorating.A refreshing jo,rney through the scents of spring.

    Tea Tree a VanillaCleansing, cle~ring and revitalising.Viral, and Bactbrial Infections, Colds, Flu and Bronchitis.

    GeraniumBalancing, uplifting and restoring of body and mind.Depression, Eczema, Nervous Tension and Sore Throats.

    Green AppleCleansing and refreshing the mind, enhancing creativity.Fatigue, Tension, Anxiety and Depression.

    LavenderCalming, relaxing and soothing.Nervous Tension, Insomnia, Asthma, Headaches and Migraines.

    Lemon/LimeEnergising, refreshing and enhancing vitality.Sore Throat, Fever, Anxiety and Depression.

    Natural FreshThe fragrances of nature for general wellbeing.Removal of tobacco smoke, food- and pet odours.

    SandalwoodSoothing, deeply relaxing and meditating.Coughs, Sore Throat, Bronchitis and Insomnia.

    IAll Fabulous Aire Fragrances clean, revitalise and sanitise the air we breathe to assist with conditions mentioned above.

    Fabulous Aire Fra rances also contain stron anti-microbial and odour eliminatin ro erties for air urification.

  • For Cleaner, Fresher and Healthier air ttbreathe.

    Laboratory Test Results - Fabulous Aire Revitalis r ~ystem.

    The Fabulous Aire Revitaliser System has been tested in the Chemvi Laboratories, Singapore, toestablish the efficiency of this product in removing bacteria, dust, viruses, nicotine, poisonous carbonmonoxide and other volatile organic chemicals from the air in a normal living or working environment.

    The test method is based on those used by the US National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.Tests were conducted over a 48-hour period.

    The test results were as follows:

    Test Test method Sampli~g

    Resultparameter Perio

    o hou s 10.2mg/m3

    5 minu es 10.2mg/m3Dust NIOSH0600

    1 hou s 4.3mg/m3

    2 hou s 2.3mg/m3

    o hou s 420 cfuMicrobes Air sampling 5 minutes I 420 cfu(TPC) (Colony I 210 cfucount) 1 hou~s

    I 76 cfu2 hou~s

    o hou~s 7.5 ppm

    VOC's 5 minutes I 7.5 ppmNIOSH 1500 I(smoke) 1 hou~s I 1.0 ppm2 hou s ND 0.1) ppm

    The test results verified that the Fabulous Aire Revitaliser syrl tem po;>e'f' excellent absorptionproperties for removing the harmful substances listed above. I

    DustConcentration Bacteria Count VOC's Concentration

    12 T! ! ! : ! 450 8 "l10 i I H400 7

    i 350 68 : : 1"1 300 5':: ! ! l--1 =- 250 i4.~ 6 r-----+-i I LLE v 200 ::>.4 . LH 150 3

    100 22 I! 50 10 0 0

    5 60 120 5 60 120 5 60 120Time {minutes} Time [minutes] Time (minutest

    These laboratory tests have conclusively confirmed that the labUIOUS Aire Revitaliser Systemreduces:

    Volatile organic chemicals (smoke etc.) by 99% in 2 hours; Dust and pollen by 78% in 2 hours; and Airborne bacteria, fungi and viruses by 82% in 2 hours.

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