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Facebook: Beyond Social Networking for Non-Profits

Date post:07-Nov-2014
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This presentation addresses two main aspects of Facebook with an emphasis on non-profits - 1) Facebook Insights [analytics] and 2) Static FBML.
  • 1. Facebook: Beyond Social Networkingfor Non-ProfitsMunindra [email protected]
  • 2. Points to Ponder What are you building? Do you have a story? Do you have the right people? Do you have a plan? Does it fit your organizational culture?
  • 3. ExactTarget: Social Media Myths
  • 4. ExactTarget: Social Media Myths
  • 5. What You Need to Know Finding your voice Reserve your vanity URL Correct landing Tab Using Apps Add to Favorites
  • 6. Avoiding Facebook Fatigue Have a realistic plan Success takes time Observe - Analyze - Deploy
  • 7. Facebook Insights Interactions: Total Comments, Posts, and Likes Interactions Per Post: Average of Comments, Posts, Likes generated by individual content Demographic: Gender and Age of Fans Post Quality: Content engagement Posts: Number of Posts Page Views: Number of times Page viewed
  • 8. Facebook Insights Media Consumption: Photo views, audio plays, and video plays Discussion Posts: Total Discussion Posts Reviews: Number of times your Page has been rated in the Reviews application. Unsubscribes/Re-subscribes: Number of people who have chosen to Hide posts / Number of people purposely undone Hide
  • 9. Static FBML Static FBML1. Add to my page2. Add Static FBML to your Page [if you are managing several pages]3. Add to Page4. Edit Page5. Applications6. Go to Application
  • 10. Welcome Tab Call to action Put most important message on top Write in second person Add a great photo; skip clipart Dont link to another page

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