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Facebook for Your Restaurant

Date post:27-Aug-2014
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Free 76 page eBook provided by Aaron Allen & Associates, a leading global restaurant hotel and consulting firm.
  • FACEBOOK FACTS FACEBOOK FOR YOUR RESTAURANT Facebook has over 1.15 BILLION monthly users with 699 MILLION active users every day. Source: Facebook INC.
  • FACEBOOK FACTS FACEBOOK FOR YOUR RESTAURANT 10.8% 80% of total online minutes are spent on Facebook. of Facebooks daily users are from outside the US and Canada. Facebook is the top ranked app with 819 million mobile monthly active users and a 76.1% penetration among smartphone users aged 18 and up. Source: comScore, Facebook INC.
  • FACEBOOK FACTS FACEBOOK FOR YOUR RESTAURANT Given these statistics, its easy to see how valuable Facebook is for any business, but what about restaurants in particular? Facebook isnt just about posting vacation pictures and complaining about politics. Restaurants stand to see an increase in trafc and sales with a properly updated Facebook page, especially with these new features: In a recent partnership with OpenTable, mobile Facebook users are now able to book a reservation right from the restaurants Facebook Page giving guests instant access to all 20,000 restaurants in North America currently listed on OpenTable. Users can order food on Facebook through third party applications. This added usability has shown growth in check averages, order size, and increased visibility through added social media impressions. Do we have your attention now? With this book we aim to arm you with the most valuable information to get your Facebook page up, running, and making you money. Lets get started.
  • First things rst. Does your restaurant have a Facebook Page yet? If yes, feel free to skip to Chapter 2: Admin Panel. If not, heres how to get your page started. 20 In minutes your restaurants Facebook Page will be up and running. You just need: Your company email inbox open and waiting Your cover photo: a picture of your establishment that is 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall (less than 1 kilobyte) Your prole picture: A logo image that is 160 pixels by 160 pixels A comfy chair This handy guide www.aaronallen.com
  • 1 GO TO www.facebook.com This is the main page for Facebook and the portal where you will sign in every time you want to update your information or post a new picture. Beneath the green Sign Up button, click Create a Page for a celebrity, band or business. FACEBOOK FOR YOUR RESTAURANT
  • Note: its important that you read and agree with the Facebook Pages Terms. Some highlights of Facebooks regulations are: Content posted to a Page is public and can be seen by everyone. Data collection (a valuable marketing tool) must be disclosed to users as originating from your business and not Facebook. Ads and commercial content must follow Facebooks Advertising Guidelines. Offers must be available for a limited time only. The lawful operation of any promotions on Facebook are the responsibility of the restaurant or business running it not Facebook. This includes ofcial rules, terms and eligibility requirements, and compliance with any governing regulations www.aaronallen.com
  • 4 LOG INTO FACEBOOK Your Facebook Page must be associated with a Facebook account. You can either associate the page with your personal account (not recommended) or create a business account. This will keep your personal life separate from your business and avoid any sticky situations like personal comments accidentally posting to your business page. FACEBOOK FOR YOUR RESTAURANT
  • 5 ENTER YOUR BUSINESS EMAIL ADDRESS Note: the date of birth is only necessary to ensure you are over the age of 13. (Are you?) You can hide this information from your page later. Be sure to read and accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before clicking Sign Up Now! FACEBOOK FOR YOUR RESTAURANT
  • 6 CHECK YOUR EMAIL You will receive an email from Facebook with a link. Click the link (seen below in blue). FACEBOOK FOR YOUR RESTAURANT
  • 8 OPT IN (OR OUT) OF FACEBOOK ADS You can start running your ads right away or hold off until your page is more developed. To opt in: set your budget and audience then click Increase Page Likes. To opt out: click Skip. FACEBOOK FOR YOUR RESTAURANT
  • AND YOURE DONE! Here is your Admin Panel where you can see all your new messages and notications as well as control who sees your content, manage or add new admins, create ads, and set up offers for your guests. More on this in Chapter Two. Dont forget to add your cover photo here. This will greatly improve the aesthetics of your page and create a more personal and inviting experience for your guests. www.aaronallen.com
  • THE ADMIN PANEL The Admin Panel is where you can control everything about your page. Here you can manage messages, check your notications, start an ad campaign, or edit anything and everything about your Page. The most important thing you can do when you start your page is to create a branded domain name. This will ensure that your Facebook Page shows up when people search for it. Note: this requires a mobile phone number to be associated with the Page. This number can be hidden from your audience. Just go to Edit Page then Update Page Info. www.aaronallen.com
  • THE ADMIN PANEL From there click Enter a Facebook web address under Page Address. You will be asked to verify your account with a mobile phone. Once that is completed you can choose the name youd like for you restaurant (we advise using your full restaurant name to help guests nd you) and youre all set. www.aaronallen.com
  • THE ADMIN PANEL IMPORTANT FEATURES Below is an explanation of the important features you can edit from your Admin Panel. Under Page Info CATEGORY: Be sure that you are listed as a Local Business Restaurant/Caf. TOPICS: This will help you come up in specic searches. What cuisine/style of dining is your restaurant? START INFO: Adjust this to input the date your restaurant was founded and other information around your history. ADDRESS: Keeping your address accurate will help you come up in searches and keep a map on your prole to help guests nd you. SHORT DESCRIPTION: Use this space for a very short description and be sure to include your restaurant websites URL hyperlinked to improve search engine optimization. LONG DESCRIPTION: This is a great place to share your restaurants story, but be sure to include any important keywords early on, as this section will appear as your Pages meta description on Google and other search engines. Under Settings POSTING ABILITY: Change this only if you do not want to let guests post on your Timeline without your approval. MESSAGES: Turning this off forces users to engage on your restaurant Timeline and prevents your inbox from being ooded with private messages PROFANITY FILTER: For a family-friendly environment, turn on this feature. www.aaronallen.com
  • THE ADMIN PANEL Beyond that, Facebooks automatic settings should work for your restaurant. The Admin Roles tab lets you give others access to your Admin Panel. Only share this role with trusted people and employees who are specically working on your Facebook Page. The More subcategory is where you can manage all the applications available on your Facebook Page. If you set up mobile ordering, for example, you could edit the app here. Now your Page is nally set up. Lets get to posting. www.aaronallen.com
  • 1 TELL YOUR RESTAURANTS STORY SO WHAT SHOULD YOU DO WITH YOUR TIMELINE? Your guests wont see your Admin Panel when they visit your Page. But they will see your Timeline: a compilation of all of your posts, milestones, and photos brought together into one chronological webpage. Your Timeline is how guests can learn more about your business before ever stepping foot in it. When did you rst open? When did you expand to a second location? When did Cheesy Fries become your signature dish? Guests want to know all about your restaurant to feel more engaged with the brand, to feel like their money is going toward someone not something. FACEBOOK FOR YOUR R
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