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Date post: 05-Aug-2015
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What I can add to Chestatee Elem. as an ITS

What I can add to Chestatee Elem. as an ITS

Part of the original 6 beginner BYOT classrooms Led our 5th grade team to be the first BYOT grade level

Used as a substitute ITS when the school’s current ITS is out of the building

ELA Committee Co-chair Started “Biggest Reader” initiative

Technology Committee Co-Chair BYOT Tour EngageMe with BYOT with ITS’s in the county

Helped create Mini-Tech Conference and led a Padlet session in our building

Presented at West GA RESA STEM Conference Asked to present in September the following day

Nominated by Mrs. Tennies and asked by Tim Clark to teach a Professional Learning course this summer - STEAM

RBM Grant Co-wrote and won RBM Grant to support our Project Connect Program

Mentored first year teachers in 5th grade ELA with extremely high meets and exceeds on CRCT

Led #fcbyot Twitter chat for Chestatee Staff – See an example chat here

Project Based Learning 5th grade team used all PBL to teach Social Studies and

had large growth in CRCT Data DIAL

PBL class in which students combined Social Studies, Writing, and Technology standards to achieve academic success

Specials Worked with Kindergarten through 5th grade and their use

of technology along with instructional focus Teaching Experience

Co-taught Students with Special Education needs, Horizons Students, Title and EIP students

Noted by high level county employees as a transformational level classroom

Attended technology conference GAETC two years in a row to stay current with instructional technology practices

Home I am finishing my 7th year at Chestatee, so this is

home. Change

I have been through 5 ITS’s here at Chestatee. I feel that as a creature of change, I can combine the strengths of these and implement what is best for our students.

Specials I have developed relationships in working with

Kindergarten through 5th grade and their use of technology along with instructional focus.

Teaching Experience I have taught every type of student that we have

here at Chestatee in some capacity or another.

Google Earth tours of required 5th grade geographical locations and their historical importance

Project Based Learning and Technology experience to enhance classroom instruction with a specific focus on Writing and Social Studies standards Jackie Robinson research presentation (2nd grade) “If I was President…” Padlet Activity (Kindergarten) Natural Resources Commercials (3rd grade)

Mystery Skypes, Virtual Field Trips, Skype Guest Speakers – all examples of transformational learning that takes students outside of their environment