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    f a d i n g s u n s r e v i s e d e d i t i o n c o r e r u l e b o o k




  • Fading SunS PlayerS guider e v i s e d e d i t i o n c o r e r u l e b o o k

    Fading SunS reviSed edition CreditSLine Developer: Todd BogenriefWriting and Development: Todd Bogenrief, Vidar Edland, Chris WieseEditing and Additional Development: Richard Ashley, Thomas Baroli, Brandon Van Buren, Phil Cameron, Tristan Lhomme, Rubn Ramos, Mark Stout, James Sutton, Dennis WatsonPlaytesting: John Carnathan, Patrick Carnathan, Jay Puckett, Betty Starcher, Susanne Johnson, Ken Leach, Jason Frey, with help from Alexandra, who taught me how to sign Cookie please!Product Director: James SuttonAdministration: Dawn SuttonLayout: Dawn Sutton, James SuttonCover Artwork: Simon Powell, Dawn SuttonInterior Artwork: John Bridges, Mitch Byrd, Tim Callendar, Darryl Elliott, Jason Felix, Sam Inabinet, Mark Jackson, Jack Keefer, Andrew Kudelka, Brian LeBlanc, Larry MacDougall, Alex Sheikman, Ron Spencer, Ken Spera, Joshua Gabriel Timbrook, Jason Waltrip, John Waltrip

    Fading SunS SeCond edition CreditSGame Design: Bill Bridges, Andrew Greenberg Additional Design: John Bridges, Ken Lightner, Ed PikeWriting: Bill Bridges, Brian Campbell, Andrew Greenberg, Robert Hatch, Jennifer Hartshorn, Chris Howard, Sam Inabinet, Ian Lemke, Jim Moore, Rustin Quaide Playtesting: Emrey Barnes, Forest Black, Milo Blue, John Bridges, Bernie Clark, Ian Cooke, Neal Sainte Crosse, Suzanne Sainte Crosse, Gary Deariso, Rick Denning, Brad Freeman, Amelia G, Stephen Gilliam, Garner Halloran, Andy Harmon, Jennifer Hartshorn, Debbie Hoppe, Chris Howard, Daniel Landers, Ian Lemke, Ken Lightner, Jim Miller, James Moore, Bonnie Moore, Matt Moses, Bryce Nakagawa, Dave Parrish, Ed Pike, Todd Shaughnessy, Stephen E. Smith, Joshua Gabriel Timbrook, Chris Wiese

    Internet: www.fasagames.comContact: [email protected]: August 2012

    Fading Suns, Noble Armada, and Fading Suns Players Guide are trademarks of Holistic Design, Inc. Fading Suns Second Edition Edition material copyright 19992012 Holistic Design, Inc. FASA and the FASA logo are trademarks of FASA Corporation, and are used under license. Published by FASA Games, Inc. under license from Holistic Design, Inc.Made in the USA. Copyright 2012 Holistic Design, Inc. All rights reserved.No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise without the express written permission of the publisher.





  • Prologue: aluStroS QueSt 7

    ChaPter 1: introduCtion 13Roleplaying Explained 13How To Roleplay 14Tools 15A Futuristic Passion Play 15

    ChaPter 2: univerSe 16Prehistory 16The First Republic 17The Jumpgate 18Diaspora 19The Prophet and His Church 19

    The Virtuous Disciples 20Timeline 21First Contact: The Shantor 22The Vau 23The Ukar War 24Order From Chaos 25Second Republic 26Divestiture 27The New Dark Ages 28Barbarian Invasions 28Vladimir Unites the Stars 30Symbiot Wars 31The Emperor Wars 32Expansion 34Society 35Life Among the Fading Suns 35

    Time 35The Nobility 36The Houses 38Hawkwood 38The Decados 39

    Noble Stereotypes 39The Hazat 40Li Halan 41AlMalik 42The Minor Houses 43

    Inside the Noble Mind 43Alba 44Juandaastas 44Justinian 44Keddah 45Masseri 45Shelit 46Thana 47Torenson 47Trusnikron 48Van Gelder 48Xanthippe 48Extinct Houses 49

    The Entourage 49Noble Etiquette 50

    Courtly Love 50

    Hospitality 51Duels 51

    The Emperor 52The Imperial Eye 53The Universal Church of the Celestial Sun 53Sects and Orders 54Urth Orthodox 54

    Church Stereotypes 55Brother Battle 56Eskatonic Order 57Temple Avesti (Avestites) 58Sanctuary Aeon (Amaltheans) 60Mendicant Monks (Hesychasts) 60Sectarian Conflicts 61The Synecullum 61The Kalinthi 62The Inquisition 62The Merchant League 63The Guilds 65Charioteers 65

    Guild Stereotypes 65The Supreme Order of Engineers 66Scravers 68The Muster (Chainers) 68The Reeves (Gray Faces) 70The Lesser Guilds 70Independents 71Guild Territoriality 71Academy Interatta 72

    Guild Safe Houses 72Piracy 73Aliens 74Known Worlds Races 74The Children of the Ur 75UrObun 76UrUkar 76Vorox 77Other Races 78Xenophobia 79

    Racism 79Alliances 80Beyond the Borders 80The Vau 80Symbiots 81Myths and Legends 82The Fading Suns 82The Reborn Sun 82Warlocks 83Void Krakens 83The Final Act 83

    ChaPter 3: ruleS 84Interpreting the Rules 84When Not to Use the Rules 85

    Dice 85Time 85Measurement 86Trait Ratings 86Actions 86Initiative 87Goal Roll 87Effects of Success 88Excessive Goal Numbers 88Complex Action Rules 89

    Critical Success 89Critical Failure 89Automatic Success and Failure 90

    Contested Actions 90Complementary Actions and Skills 91

    Multiple Characters and Complementary Actions 91Quick Complementary Skills 91

    Sustained Actions 92Second Tries 92Untrained Skills and Goal Numbers 93Characteristics 93Body Characteristics 93

    Strength 93Dexterity 93Endurance 93

    Mind Characteristics 94Wits 94Perception 94Tech 94

    Spirit Characteristics 94Presence 94Will 94Faith 94

    Tapping the Spirit 95Inciting Passion (Faith) 95Inspiring Aura (Presence) 96Steady Hand (Will) 96Tapping the Spirit and Second Tries 97

    Occult Characteristics 97Psi and Urge 97Theurgy and Hubris 97

    Defense 97Movement 97Wyrd 98Vitality 98Critical Vitality 98

    Til No Blood Flows Through My Veins! 98

    Damage 99Effect Dice and Wounds 99





  • 4 FadinG suns Players Guide

    Falling, Impact, and Collisions 100Heat, Fire, and Plasma 100Asphyxiation and Decompression 100Radiation Poisoning 101

    Treating Radiation Poisoning 102

    Damage to Materials 102Healing 103Occult Powers and Rituals 103Defending Against Occult Powers 103Stigma 104Experience 104Basic Experience 105

    Extra Experience 105Sessionbased Experience 105Spending Experience Points 106Final Words 106

    ChaPter 4: CharaCterS 107Characteristics 107Natural Skills 107Lifepath System 107Character Concept 110Character Roles 111Those Who Rule: Nobles 112House Hawkwood 112House Decados 112House Hazat 112House Li Halan 112House alMalik 112Minor House 112

    Blessings and Curses, by Minor House 112

    Those Who Pray: Priests 113Urth Orthodox 113Brother Battle 113Eskatonic Order 113Temple Avesti (Avestites) 113Sanctuary Aeon (Amaltheans) 113Mendicant Monks (Hesychasts) 114Those Who Trade: Merchants 114Charioteers 114Engineers 114Scravers 114The Muster (Chainers) 114Reeves (Gray Faces) 114Yeoman (Freelancer) 114Those Who Differ: Aliens 115Languages 115UrObun 115UrUkar 115Vorox 115Character Histories 116Noble Stages 116

    Upbringing 116HighCourt 116Rural Estate 117Landless 117

    Apprenticeship 118Military 118Diplomacy/Intrigue 118Leisure 118Study 119

    Early Career 119Military Command 119Court 119Questing 119

    Tour of Duty 119Church Stages 119Upbringing 119

    Imperial Characters 119Environment 120Class 120Brother Battle Warrior Monk 120

    Apprenticeship 120Cathedral 120Parish 121Monastery 121Brother Battle Warrior Monk 122

    Early Career 122Preacher/Pastor 122Monk 122Missionary 122Healer 122Inquisitor 122Brother Battle Warrior Monk 122

    Tours of Duty 122Merchant Stages 122Upbringing 122Apprenticeship 122

    Academy 122Guildhall 123The Streets 123

    Early Career 124The Market 124Starship Duty 124Mercenary 125Scholar/Scientist 125Seedy/Illegal Activities 125

    Tour of Duty 125Ur-Obun 125Upbringing 125

    The Society of Vagabonds 125UrObun MetaphysicsThe Lore (Kelanti) Skill 126

    Apprenticeship 126Early Career 126Tours of Duty 126Ur-Ukar 126Upbringing 126Apprenticeship 127

    Early Career 127Tours of Duty 127Vorox 127Upbringing 127Apprenticeship 127Early Career 127Tours of Duty 128Extra Stages 128Tour of Duty 128Another Tour of Duty 128Imperial Tours 128

    Questing Knight Tour of Duty 129Cohort Tour of Duty 129

    Occult Powers 129Psychic Awakening 129Theurgic Calling 129

    Cybernetics 129Tweaked 129LoadedforBear 129

    Lifepath Worldly Benefits 129Final Touches 129

    Lifepath System Points 129Skill Families 130

    Custom Creation System 130Extra Point Costs Chart 131

    Character Creation Example 131Age and Character Generation 132

    Younger Characters 132Lifepath System Example 132

    Aging Characters 133Examples of Maturing Characters in Popular Fiction 133

    Custom Creation System Example 134Sample Characters 136

    ChaPter 5: traitS 138Blessings and Curses 138Appearance 138Behavior 138

    Blessings 139Injuries 139Knacks 140Reputation 140Size 141Benefices and Afflictions 141Background 141Community 144Possessions 145Artifacts and Relics 145Ancient Technology 146Church Relics 146Riches 146

    Cash 146Assets 146

    Sources of Wealth 147Spaceships 148




  • Contents 5

    Status 149Fighting Styles 151Martial Combat Styles 151

    Graa 151Jox Kai Von (Jox Boxing) 151Koto 151Mantok 151Iron Heel 152Shaidan 152

    Fencing and Melee Styles 152Florentine 152Kraxi Knife 153Serpentis 153Torero 153

    Ranged Combat Styles 153Phoenix Rifle Corps Training 153Pistola 153

    ChaPter 6: SkillS 154Analytical Skills 154Combat Skills 158Control Skills 159Creative Skills 160Lore Skills 162Malefaction Skills 163Physical Skills 165Science Skills 167Social Skills 169Technical Skills 171

    ChaPter 7: PSi 173History of Psychism 177Church Penitents 177Psychic Covens 180The Dervishes 180Dervish Traditions 181Dervish Hierarchy 183Psychic Powers 183Paths 183

    Trait and Skill 183Multiple Targets 183Range 183Duration 184Wyrd Cost 184Effectiveness 184

    Modifying Powers after Activation 184FarHand 185Omen 187Psyche 188Sixth Sense 190Auras Chart 191Soma 192Sympathy 193Vis Craft 195Group Psi Powers 198Other Psychic Paths 198Urge 198Urge Powers 199

    Dealing With the Devil 199Gaining Urge 200Losing Urge 200

    ChaPter 8: theurgy 202Church Cosmology 203Astrology 204NonChurch Theurgy 204Geomancy 205The Nature of Theurgy 205Miracles 205Sacraments 205Sacraments of the Universal Church 206Theurgic Workings 207Trait and Skill 207Components 207Range and Duration 207Vestments 207Relics 207Church Rituals 208

    Casting Multiple Rituals 208Orthodox Rituals 211Brother Battle Rituals 213Eskatonic Order Rituals 214Temple Avesti Rituals 218Sanctuary Aeon Rituals 219Group Rites 221Hubris 222Hubris Powers 222Gaining Hubris 223Losing Hubris 223Miracles 225

    ChaPter 9: Combat 226Order of Combat 226Surprise 227Stances 228Aggressive Stance 228Neutral (Default) Stance 228Defensive Stance 228Full Defense Stance 228Fighting Stances 228Making Combat Less Deadly 228Initiative 229Holding an Action 229Defense 229Tracking Defense 230Defense Against Multiple Attackers 230Defense When Firing into CloseQuarter Combat 230Recovering Defense 230Combat Actions 230CloseQuarter Combat Actions 231

    Strike 231Grapple 231Knockdown 233Disarm 233

    Knockout 233Ranged Combat Actions 233

    Shoot 234Throw 234Reload 235Aim 235Short Burst (3 rounds) 236Long Burst (6 rounds) 236Empty Clip 236Suppressing Fire 236

    Burst Recoil 236Movement in Combat 237

    Charge 237Kneel/Stand/Prone 237Move 237Run 237Split Move 237

    Combat Modifiers 238OffHand 238Attack From a Moving Platform 238Draw Weapon 238Called Shot 238Using Cover 238Advanced Combat Actions and Fighting Styles 239Martial Advanced Combat Actions 240Fencing and Melee Advanced Combat Actions 241Ranged Advanced Combat Actions 243Combat Example 243The Dramatic Version 243The Rules Version 244

    ChaPter 10: teChnology 248Technology 250Tech Level Chart 250The Privilege of Martyrs 251Money 252Rogue Coinage 253Barter 253The Purchasing Power of the Firebird 253Technology and Living 254Tech Interfacing/Coding 262Equipment and Services 263Food and Lodging 263Dress and Fashion 264Smart Clothes 264

    Fashion Rating 265Decoration 265

    Precious Metals and Other Materials 265Medical Gear 266Raw Materials and Bulk Wares 266

    More Effective Elixir 267




  • 6 FadinG suns Players Guide

    Radiation Poisoning Remedies 268Apothecary Prices for Medical Treatments 269

    Drugs and Poisons 270Stingers 270

    Services and Labor Costs 270Pastime and Entertainment 271Communications 272Lighting 273Outdoor Equipment/Survival Gear 274Tools 275Apparatus and Instruments 276Security Systems 277Restraints 278Think Machines 278Programming Computers 280

    ChaPter 11: armory 282Melee Weapons 283Weapon/Armor Properties 283Reading Weaponry Charts 285Melee Weapon Accessories 288Artifact Melee Weapons 289Ranged Weapons 289Thrown Weapons 289Bows 290Crossbows 290

    Drawing a Bow 290Arrowheads 291Bows Chart 291Slug Guns 292Autofeeds 292Manfeeds 293Revolvers 293Other Categories 293Slug Guns of the Phoenix Empire 294Firearms Ammunition 301Firearms Accessories 303Energy Weapons 304Laser Weapons 304NonUniversal Ammunition 304Blaster Weapons 306Exotic Energy Weapons 308Artifact Energy Weapons 309Heavy Weapons 310Fusion Cells 311Energy Support Weapons 313Grenades and Explosives 313

    Mines 313Armor 315Stacking Armor 315Energy Shields 319Energy Shield Burnout 319Energy Shield Overload 320Alternative Energy Shield Rules 320

    Stacking Impact Threshold with Armor 320Negative Defense 320Restoring Energy Shields 321

    AntiShield Devices 321Leaking Through Energy Shields 321

    ChaPter 12: tranSPort 322Commercial Transportation 324Vehicles 324Beastcraft 324Landcraft 325Aircraft 327Watercraft 328Mounts and Beasts of Burden 328

    ChaPter 13: CybernetiCS 331Building Cyberdevices 332What Does the Device Do? (Function) 332How is it Attached? 339How is it Powered? 339Implantation 340What Does it Look Like (Form) and What is it Made of (Material)? 340

    First, How Noticeable is the Device? 340Second, What Materials Went Into its Construction? 341

    How Well is it Made (Quality)? 341How Does it Work? 342How Easy is it to Use? 342How Compatible with the Body and Mind is it? 342What is the Tech Level of the Device? 343How Much Does it Cost? 343Cybernetic Devices 343

    ChaPter 14: StarShiPS 346Starship Traits 348Class 348Crew 348

    Astronomical Units 348Noble Armada 348Passengers 349Cargo 349Supplies 349Vitality 350Speed 351Distance Traveled 351Sensors 352Transmissions 352

    What Sensors Do 352Shields 353Armament 354

    Direct Fire 354Indirect Fire 354

    Other Ship Systems 355Think Machines 355Escape Pods 355

    Building and Modifying Ships 356Starship Combat 357Detection 358Pursuit 358Combat 359Starship Combat Actions 360

    Direct Fire Weapons 361Indirect Fire Weapons 361

    Starship Damage and System Failure 362

    Damage Effects 363Repairing Damage 367Example of Space Combat 367Making Space Combat Interesting For Everyone 368Passage Costs 369Jumpgates 370

    Jumpgate Reset 371Pursuit Through a Jumpgate 371

    index 372

    CharaCter Sheet 379

    ShiP Sheet 382




  • To Archbishop Marcus Aurelius Palamon, Cathe-dral of Saint Maya, Holy City, Galatea, Byzan-tium Secundus

    Dearest Uncle,It has been long since I last wrote you. I apol-

    ogize for not doing so sooner, but the dangers involved were too great. Im sure you will scoff at such a remark, but I tell you it is true. How dangerous, I hear you ask, to write to the Arch-bishop of Byzantium Secundus? No one would dare delay delivery of such a missive, and none would dare break its seal to read it.

    As you know, trusts and confidences can be betrayed under intact seals. My liege, Erian Li Halan, has many enemies, not the least of which is her brother, a hateful man bent on destroying her. To that end, he has enflamed many of his allies against her, some of whom are involved in the highest levels of information gathering. I could not risk even a letter to you, lest it reveal our whereabouts before we had moved on.

    Such cloak and dagger lives disgust you, I know. I wish I could live otherwise. I yearn for the life of simple contemplation I left behind on Mid-ian when I eagerly joined Erian on her mission to the stars. My hunger for new sites and expe-riences could not be sated, and the cold walls of the monastery seemed a prison. Ironic that it now seems a warm den of rest and safety, after so many years on the roads between the stars.

    But I am not writing for pity or justification. I simply explain my situation so that you under-stand the long years between correspondence. I wish so much to speak with you in person, to walk the corridors of your great cathedral and hear you orate the virtues of the Prophets disci-ples again, in your commanding voice that was once a pillar of faith for me. It matters little that I betrayed your own faith by joining the Eskatonic Order rather than the Orthodoxythe words of the Prophet are shared by both our sects.

    I digress. I must put aside reflection and state the matter about which I write. My liege readies to travel again, this time on a new path, one full of possibility and danger. I am to go with her, for our fates are one. I am her confessor, and spiri-tual guide besides. No longer is this role just in her service, howeverit is also in mine, for I

    have been gifted with dreams and visions lead-ing me toward an uncertain but important future.

    I wrote of the Gargoyle of Nowhere in my last letter, that monolithic relic left behind by the Anun-naki, they who wrought the jumpgates and tamed the heavens before our kind was raised from the muck by the hand of the Pancreator. The vision it gifted us thenthe maddeningly vague clues which lead us from world to world in search of ever more cluesonly now begins to take shape.

    To explain this shape, I must first explain where we have been and what we have seen. The Known Worlds are huge, sprawling across the nightscape of the dimming stars forty worlds strong. While this is a paltrey sum compared to the hundreds of worlds once known to the Second Republic, it is still a testament to humankinds unity that even so many worlds as these have stayed together, con-nected through the jumpweb now under the rule of Emperor Alexius.

    I have been to many of these worldsnearly all of them, in fact. How many people can claim that? Most never leave their hovels, let alone their provincesand to leave ones very planet is a momentous step indeed. From there to travel to more than three worlds is a jaunt even most Char-ioteer star-pilots never achieve. But to travel like Erian and her entourageunimaginable.

    And yet we have done so. We have broken all bonds of place and come and go from hither to yon as birds migrate through the seasons or as leaves travel the aether or float along the stream. Whats morewe are not alone. More and more people of brave will and good constitution awaken from a long night of captivity on their homeworlds to escape gravity and go outwards, to worlds once known only to their grandparents or more dis-tant ancestors in the past. The Emperor Wars kept everyone penned in, trapped behind enemy lines in their own homes.

    But that dark time is over at last. Alexius is ascen-dant and the jumproads are open once more. The cage is broken and the beasts have slipped through the bars.

    Yes, I mean beasts. For every man and woman of good heart and purpose who now travel between the worlds of the Empire, two or three scoundrels of black heart and base desire also go forth. For this reason, only a fool travels alone, and those

    ProloGue: alustros Quest




  • 8 FadinG suns Players Guide

    of good intent are best served by their own kind. I do not follow Erian because feudal duties alone decree itI do so because in her service I am among others of good heart, some with strong arm and hand to defend us bodily from the harm others intend. I can attempt to sooth a soul with words of scripture, or even seal a wound with prayer, but I can do little to prevent injury in the face of evil.

    Cardanzo, Erians bodyguard, is a capable man and goodly tactician. Of even greater might is Onggangarak, our Vorox friend who has elected us members of his angerakhis blood pack. No better soldiers could one ask in the quest for right.

    And no better pilot than Julia Abrams. Although her demeanor is caustic, her heart is strong and deeply tied to ours. She is the engine of our escape and a hearty companion on the roada true fol-lower of the first disciple, Paulus the Traveler, he who guided the Prophet on his sojourns.

    In your response to my last letter, you warned me against associating too closely with the Ur-Ukar aliens, whom you, like many, distrust for their seemingly primitive, clannish ways. I have learned to look beyond the expected, and seen the truth that lies in peoples hearts. Sanjuk oj Kaval is a woman of supreme courage. Her travails on her harsh homeworld of Kordeth, in the subterranean

    caverns of her clan, have only strengthened her bravery. While she is as yet largely ignorant of scripture, I have made a pact with herfor every legend she tells me of Ukari culture, I read to her verse from the Omega Gospels. In such a way does understanding between two different peo-ples grow. It is just such an interchange that must take place on a galactic scale, to overcome the centuries of ignorance and hate fostered between fiefs and territories.

    The Church teaches us of the good in our souls, and yet acts as if people are mean and evil unless taught otherwise. The rod of rulership must fall heavily on humanity and its alien brethren lest they rise up to do evil. Or so the widespread beliefjustificationgoes. I know otherwise. I know that even the most oppressed men will share their only foodstores with suffering strangers, even if such strangers be from strange locales and other worlds. Yes, distrust and suspicion is ram-pant, and some are more likely to be greeted by a lynch mob than an invitation to dinner, but this is by no means as universal as we are all taught.

    Perhaps during the Emperor Wars and its after-math, distrust was the lot of humankind. But with each new starship that comes from afar bring-ing goods undreamed of before; with each new person who comes bearing news of distant and




  • ProloGue: alustros Quest 9

    long-forgotten family on other worlds; with each new knight that comes from the Emperor bring-ing law to the lawless regions, understanding and hope grows.

    When men have hope, they begin to cherish their dreams once more. No matter how dark the suns may fade, the light of hope cannot be fully extinguished.

    The fading suns. I have tried often to forget them, for their dimming light fails to show the way for-ward, only the way back. I no longer want to look back. I want only to go forward, to solve the dilemma of our impending ruin, to reignite the stars that have for so long only portended our doom. Heresy? To hope to change what the Pancreator has wrought? But you yourself preach that it is not the Pancreator that darkens the day, but the demons who haunt us and hover before the light, casting their mournful shadows over our stars.

    Why not act against them? Why simply sit and wait for the end, assured that judgment will come swift to all. What if that judgement depends on our acting? If we fail in this, how will we be judged then?

    Go back to the Prophets words and read them afresh. I believe with the deepest sincerity that he was not speaking for the people then, but for now. He spoke of a dark between the stars, and the demons that dwell therein. He spoke of the evil which would descend on us and the ways that we might fight it. Yet when he said these things, were not the stars shining bright? Did not humankind have its greatest moments yet before it, in the founding of the Second Republic that was to come?

    Then why was he so ill at ease and dark of heart? Why in an Age of Miracles did he alone see dan-ger? I tell you he did not see with the eyes of the present but with the futureto our present, to our time and its rising darkness. He set down words which we would need now to survive against the chill end of time.

    All his deeds, all his acts and words that enriched us, did so in the hope that we would not simply look to them as artifacts of a better past, but as examples of a greater future. It is for us now to become as his disciples and follow their steps toward the stars, to Quest, Defend the Faith, Right Wrongs, Seek Justice, Heal the Injured, Aid the Needy, Seek Wisdom and Look Within.

    If Paulus could do so, why not we? If Mantius and Lextius, Maya, Amalthea, Hombor, Horace and Ven Lohjiwhy not we?

    I know your answer. Heresy. We are not saints, and we dare not elect ourselves so. I agree. I am

    no saint. But I can try to be. I can muster all my will and faith toward walking as one who can make a difference, one who can change fate for the better.

    Worry not that the Inquisition will hunt us for such hubris; they already have. I have dodged more flameguns and brown-robed fanatics over the past years than I thought could possibly exist. There are so very many who desire to punish others for reaping benefits they themselves fear to ask for.

    We have surely sinned in that we travel in a starship. Is not this the sort of technology they spew sermons against? I am not ignorant of the dangers of such tech, for the Second Republic proved what science without faith can produce, and its mewling horrors are not easily forgotten. But I will not stand against all technology because some of it was misused.

    I digress again. I meant to tell you of our travels, of the sights I have seen since last I wrote. I have sent you in separate letters copies of my journals of the past three years. While they tell of my deep-est thoughts and our entourages trials on many worlds, I want here to tell of the things I could not enter into those journals, because the hectic pace of our lives prevented it. I want to impress upon you what I found, how things are not as we are told, and why I seek to go even farther.

    My thoughts first turn to Malignatius, that frozen hell of a world, gulag for so many suffering under the whim of House Decados. No better served were the people, however, when House Li Halan ruled the world before the Emperor Wars. I know the Li Halan well, having lived in their service all my life, and I believe I can thus see their faults clearly. Never are the common folk under them allowed to rise, no matter how they prove them-selves otherwise. But the virtue of the Li Halan is that neither do they mistreat their charges, unlike the Decados. While surely even the lowliest Deca-dos peasant may rise to better status for commit-ting any number of heinous deeds that please their lords, most are trampled under foot.

    This world is renowned for its religious schisms and the many charismatics who have risen to guide people onto often bizarre spiritual paths. Such loud men and women have branded the world fanatic, and this is surely how the Ortho-doxy sees it. But what if I were to tell you that, hidden in the ice caves under the surface, there are many monks of astonishing enlightenment? I met one, a Friar Ged, who treated me to such a dialogue of scriptural questioning that I had not had since my first exposure to Magister Tarsus, my Eskatonic examiner. I came to realize that




  • 10 FadinG suns Players Guide

    no matter the political situation in a place or the tenure of its people as a whole, there are always unique individuals worthy of encountering.

    And there are wonders, too, visions of beauty and natural awe. I can never forget my undersea swim on the world of Madoc, a planet whose surface is mainly ocean and achepeligo. Using breathing suits provided us by a wealthy guilds-womantechnology of which Im sure many in the Church disaproveour entourage swam deep down to examine the ruins of that planets pre-vious culture, a civilization that had fallen even before humans left Holy Terra.

    Off in the far distance, fearful to come near us, I saw shadowy figures flit in and out of the coral ruins, watching us with their large eyes. One wore sparkling armor of sea shells and another bore a luminous staffthese were no simple sea creatures. They were Oroym, the fabled amphib-ian sentients of that world. I wished so much to approach them and speak with them, hoping they knew our language, but they fled whenever I drew near.

    Even more enigmatic than the Oroym, however, were the Vau. Ah, I wish I could see the look of shock and indignation on your face when I tell you that I have met a Vau. I even shook its hand, although it seemed bemused by the gesture. It was on Manitou, that border world where the Church itself treads only lightly for fear of raising the ire of the Vau rulers. Here many of the outlaw dregs of humanity have collectednot its pirates and murderers so much as its thought criminals, those who follow different gods or indulge in pastimes harmful only to themselves but which are punish-able by death in the courts of the Known Worlds.

    I will not tell you why we were there, for you would greatly disaprove. I will simply say that, while wandering the agora and marveling at the wealth of black market goods, an emissary from the local Vau mandarin approached us. He appeared to be of their worker caste, a lowly posi-tion among his kind but still far and away more prestigious than our serf class. He seemed curi-ous about us, but afraid to show it. Nonetheless, he came up to Erian and smiled, a gesture alien to his kind but one which he had obviously prac-tised for our sake. She greeted him, unsure what to say or do, and I offered my hand. He took it. And then he left, as if he had already gone fur-ther than he was allowed.

    I still dont understand the matter, but I am impressed nonetheless. Perhaps my leige is des-tined for greatness, and the Vau somehow know of this. It is said that they have machines that

    foretell that future, and ancient prophecies given to them by the Anunnaki. Who can say for sure? They remain removed from humankind, protected by their superior technology.

    The Ur-Obun also seemed to favor my leige, and believe she is destined for something, although Julia opines that they were simply sucking up to a human noble. Our stay on Velisimil was short, but most relaxing. While Erian made alliance with many Umorin members, I spent a medita-tion retreat in a humble Voavenlohjun temple. I was the only human, but they welcomed me as if I were one of their own. They do not separate involvement in the Church into sects as we do; all who follow the Prophets teachings are sacred to them. Of course, they see all religious system as sacred in a way, although they certainly do not honor them equally. They recognize prereflective faith and postreflective grace, fear not.

    I will shock you again with an admission con-cerning the Ur-UkarI have sat in a cavedark ceremony on Istakhr. It was not a true cave like on Kordeth, but a deep basement. Nonetheless, it was pitchblack. I joined the others, Sanjuk and her family, in reading the deed carvings of their ancestors on the wall. I only know a little Ukar-ish, and missed much of what was written, but Sanjuks recitation aided me.

    A barbaric practice? How so? It brought them together and united them in blood and a shared past. That Sanjuk allowed me to join in was a great honor and a sign that she considers me as trust-worthy as familya powerful trust for an Ukari.

    What I found most enlightening about the read-ing, however, was the history of the Ukari gods. While Sanjuk sneers when I mention the com-mon human belief about the truth of their gods, I still believe it so. How can any deny, after hear-ing the legends of the Ur-Obun and Ur-Ukar, that their deities were any other than the ancient Anun-naki? That this powerful race grandfathered these younger races in their early days hints that per-haps they did the same for us, on old Urth.

    The xenoarchaeologists of the Second Republic thought so. Is this not why they named the Anun-naki after the old gods of Urth? What if these gods of our prereflective ancestors were from the stars? And what if they took our ancestors with them on their journeys? What would have become of such humans? Do they still exist among the stars?

    These questions are impossible to answer as yet. I hope to do so one day, however.

    But let me not leave out opinions on the Mer-chant League and noble class. Youd surely be most disgruntled at my omissionif youve bothered




  • ProloGue: alustros Quest 11

    to read this far. I know you have been to League-heim, for your disproval of its Republican sympa-thies was most apparent to me even at a young age. But even you were somewhat awed at its spires and cities, one of the few worlds that still resembles the Second Republic at its height. I have walked those spires, and ambled the sky lanes from building to building, traveling leagues without ever touching ground.

    As I walked, flitters would hover near me with guildsmembers offering me rides, confused that I would willingly choose to walk when I could ride for free. But I knew their kind offers were not truly free, for I would surely be subject to a sales pitch of one kind or another should I choose to ride in their gravity-defying chariots. It is indeed true that everything is for sale on Leagueheim, including allegiances.

    How refreshing then, to meet those for whom allegiance is a matter of honor, not firebirds. I mean the Hazatthose nobles of a most mar-tial bent whose hot-headed fury has shaken up the Empire on many occassions. Erian has allies in the house, and we have visited them often. On one occassion, on Aragon, we were witness to that most famous of noble pastimes: the duel.

    Erian was to be Baron Allejandro Campeiro Jus-tin de Justuss second in a fight. This means that,

    while she would not fight herself, she would hand him his weapon and watch for treachery from the barons opponent. We all gathered to watch, and I was ready to mend any wounds taken by either side.

    It was a short but vicious fight, with terms of surrender alone. Whomever gave in first would be the loser. Such a duel between Hazat nobles is usually to the death, but the barons opponent was an al-Malik dandy, Sir Jacob Saladin al-Malik, whom we all doubted would choose death before honor. He was an expert swordsman, though, and had first blood on the baron in mere seconds. But our friend ran him through moments later, thanks only to a malfunction in Sir Jacobs energy shield.

    Nobles rely on these shields to protect them from the worst harm, although they dont stop relatively harmless blows from landing. It is these small wounds which add up over the course of a duel, however. In this case, the shield failed, and a mortal wound was deliveredor would have been mortal if not for the miracles of faith. My Eskatonic training allowed me to call upon the Pancreators mercy to heal his wound, thus saving his life.

    Instead of triumph, the baron was mortified, for he had no intention of winning a duel in such a way. Sir Jacob, who had been his enemy at the




  • 12 FadinG suns Players Guide

    start of the day, became his friend by the end, for so gracious and generous was Baron Allejan-dro to his wronged opponent that he spared no expense in making things right. He invited the lord to recuperate at his mansion, in as much opulance as he could withstand. For his part, Sir Jacob was more than relieved at being brought back from deaths door, and he pledged to tithe heavily to my order when next the chance arose.

    I tell this tale not to impress you that I move in the company of nobles, but to mention the odd sense of honor they display. Sometimes, that is; not everywhere universally. There are nobles who are far from honorable, those who shame their very class by becoming tyrants. I speak of Duke Gran-zil Hassan Keddah, a lord on Grail who mistreats his people terribly. Even the Etyri of his fiefs have fled, flown on to other territories in high eeries rather than suffer his decrees, even though it is illegal for them to have done so. He has called a hunt on these avian sentients, but one which has been thankfully ignored by fellow nobles of his house, who have denied these hunters entry onto their fiefs.

    And so I come, through long digression, back to the heart of the matter: the shape of my destiny in Erians company. My lady has taken a great step forward and allied herself to the greatest power in the Known Worlds: she has taken pledge as a Questing Knight, in fealty to the Emperor himself. She now places his needs over those of her own house, although we both pray they never come into conflict. By this act of fealty, she is empow-ered to Quest.

    To such happy news I add this: I, too, have taken an oath, one which places me in even greater fealty to her and her lord. I have become an Impe-rial Cohort, the new office opened by Alexius for those who wish to aid the Questing Knights but for whom such rank is closed themselves. Since I am not of noble blood or landed rank, this chance to aid my lady with the full support of her lord is a welcome opportunity. Cardanzo, Julia and Onggangarak have also pledged themselves as Cohorts, and so we all form a knightly company

    now in Alexiuss service. We, too, can now Quest with the full support of a great lordour destiny nears completion. The riddles posed years ago the Ur can begin to be answered.

    I hope that this act of mine pleases you more than my previous decisions. My refusal of ortho-doxy hurt you, but perhaps my new fealty to the shining star of your diocese on Byzantium Secun-dus will assure that my deeds will from now for-wards be in the name of universal justice and law.

    I know that you did not fully approve of the emperor at first, but his regular appearance in your cathedral for services has warmed you to him. I know this because I saw it myself. You and he, his Imperial Eminance, chatting together like old friends after the service, surrounded by body-guards on all sides.

    Yes, I saw this, for I was in your cathedral yes-terday, witnessing your service from the high bal-cony. I so wanted to come down and greet you, to pray in the first pews before you. But I did not dare. Too many eyes are upon you, and your reac-tion to my presence would have alerted Erians enemies, even if word took time to reach them.

    My lady prepares a mission of great import and I go with her, as always. I know not where or what our pledge leads us toward, for it is not yet revealed to us. We leave, however, tonight. I had hoped to visit you in your personal quarters, far from prying eyes, but it is too late. I delayed too long, and duty pulls me away to another world, perhaps even to barbarian space, for many Quest-ing Knights have been dispatched there of late.

    I will see you again, uncle. I will kiss your hand in recognition of your high station and because you are my mothers brother. Fear not for me or my liege. If I should die on the reaches far from home, the Pancreators light will still find me and guide me back, as it will all of good heart and right hand.


    Your nephew,Provost Guissepe Alustro




  • Once the suns shone brightly, beacons in the vast night of space, calling humanity onward. The stars symbolized humanitys vast potential, a purpose and destiny revealed in progress, incit-ing an exodus of unlimited growth to the distant stars. Once people looked to the heavens with hope and longing in their eyes.

    Then the suns began to fade.It is the beginning of mankinds sixth millen-

    nium and there are those who fear the end times are coming. It is five centuries since humanitys greatest civilization fell and a new Dark Age has descended. Where knowledge and hope once flourished, ignorance and fear grew to domi-nate. For too long, much of humanity lost its way, falling into degeneration and despairwaiting for a slow death as the age-old stars faded and when the souls of the sinful would be called to Final Judgment.

    But from the ceaseless war and darkening skies, a new hope has come to kindle the hearts of men. An Emperor has taken the long vacant throne of the Phoenix Empire; a man of courage and honor, sworn to reunite the Known Worlds together once more. This new Emperor, Alexius, looks to rule with an even hand, seeking to balance the needs of the people with the demands of the nobility, Church, and the mercantile guilds. It is a mon-umental task and one that has only just begun. But not all believe in this destiny.

    Far too many of the Emperors citizens have long since given up hope and fallen into the ways of the past, content to play serfs to feudal lords. For these unfortunates, hope seems but a falsehoodand falsehoods lead to nothing but pain. Better to leave the matters of empire to their masters and commit their souls to the care of the Universal Church.

    Moreover, although many inspired citizens loy-ally stand by the side of the Emperor and his lofty goals, there are those who seek to self-ishly profit from his demise: vain nobles ruling far-flung worlds, power-hungry priests who seek dominion over the lives of men, and greedy mer-chants growing rich from humanitys most basic needs. And they are not alone.

    Out among the darkening stars, alien races rise against the bonds of age-old slavery, and enigmatic alien empires progress agendas too

    paradoxical to fathom. There are even other nations of barbarian peoples who kneel before false gods, and seek to gorge themselves on the spoils of raiding and war.

    And so it is that the Known Worlds must trans-form, where tradition must give way to progress and the follies of myth must bend to truth. It is a time when only a few will question, and fewer still will act. It is in just such a time that men and women of strength and stature must find a way to break themselves free of lies, deceit, and fear and once more seize not only the starsbut also their destiny.

    rolePlaying exPlainedIf youre new to this artform and hobby, this

    book may seem strange to you. Dont worry; it will make more sense the further you read.

    Fading suns is a roleplaying game, a highly imaginative activity which can provide hours of fun and a means of creative expression.

    The hobby of roleplaying began in the early 1970s, growing out of miniature wargaming. Peo-ple got a bit bored with sending historical armies against each others forces; they wanted to mix it up with elves, orcs and wizards. Fantasy gam-ing was born. Then, some people stretched the boundaries further, by playing individual heroes rather than whole armies. Wargaming turned into roleplaying, where players not only fought enemies, but acted out the roles of their char-acters, creating dialogue for them and histories detailing the characters birthplace, upbringing and what her goals in life were.

    The players of the games collaborated in creat-ing whole worlds, environments for their charac-ters to adventure in, usually inspired by the works of J.R.R. Tolkien (The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit) and Robert E. Howard (Conan and Soloman Kane). Roleplaying game pub-lishers provided premade worlds for gamers to use, and new supplements for the most pop-ular of these worlds were eagerly awaited by avid gamers. Eventually, gamers began experi-menting with new genres, such as science fic-tion, post-apocalypse, superheroes, horror, and even Westerns.

    The hobby has grown over the years to encom-pass a wide variety of gaming methods, from

    ChaPter 1: introduCtion




  • 14 FadinG suns Players Guide

    hack-and-slash combat with detailed rules for combat resolution, to intensive storytelling with broad rules designed to help move a story for-ward rather than slow it down with dice roll-ing. Different people prefer different methods.

    Fading suns is primarily a game about heroes and the dramatic conflicts they encounter, from palace intrigues to cliffhanging combats. It pro-vides a framework for players to create games from any perspective they desire. If they want to play soldiers who fight evil with guns and fists, the rules are here. If they want to play merchants who prefer diplomacy to violence, or priests wres-tling with a metaphysical crisis, rules and helpful dramatic hints are also provided. Fading suns is whatever the players want it to be.

    how to rolePlayJust how do you play a roleplaying game, any-

    way? First, you get your friends together, because roleplaying games are rarely played alone (it is possible, but requires special rules for solo gam-ing). It takes at least two people, but is usually best with three to six players, including one spe-cial player: the Game Master.

    One person takes on the task of the Game Mas-ter (GM), devising dramas and challenges for the player characters to overcome. The GM plays all the people the characters meet and introduces the plots that go on around the characters, draw-ing them into dramatic conflict. The Game Mas-ter is like a playwright, an author and a movie director rolled into one. He is the Greek cho-rus when necessary, telling the players whats going on as a narrator reveals a story element. He is also an actor, playing the wheedling infor-mant the players characters hook up with on the black market, the vain baron who seeks the characters aid in rescuing his daughter, or the jolly innkeeper who is kind enough to extend the characters credit, because he likes their faces.

    The Game Master creates the plots that move the story forward, but it is the players who decide how their characters will react to the people and machinations active around them. Each player is like an actor taking on a role, but she is also a co-author of the drama, along with the GM and the other characters. She decides who her char-acter is and how that character reacts to the story.

    Unlike a novel or film, a roleplaying game is a truly interactive experience, created from an inter-play between the Game Master and the players. The GM introduces a conflict, the players react to it as they see fit (within the guidelines of their character concepts and characters knowledge),




    Prologue: Alustros QuestChapter 1: IntroductionRoleplaying ExplainedHow To RoleplayToolsA Futuristic Passion Play

    Chapter 2: UniversePrehistoryThe First Republic

    The JumpgateDiaspora

    The Prophet and His ChurchThe Virtuous Disciples

    TimelineFirst Contact: The ShantorThe VauThe Ukar WarOrder From ChaosSecond Republic

    DivestitureThe New Dark Ages

    Barbarian InvasionsVladimir Unites the StarsSymbiot WarsThe Emperor Wars


    Life Among the Fading SunsTimeThe Nobility

    The HousesHawkwoodThe DecadosNoble Stereotypes

    The HazatLi HalanAlMalikThe Minor HousesInside the Noble MindAlbaJuandaastasJustinianKeddahMasseriShelitThanaTorensonTrusnikronVan GelderXanthippeExtinct Houses

    The EntourageNoble EtiquetteCourtly LoveHospitalityDuels

    The EmperorThe Imperial EyeThe Universal Church of the Celestial Sun

    Sects and OrdersUrth OrthodoxChurch Stereotypes

    Brother BattleEskatonic OrderTemple Avesti (Avestites)Sanctuary Aeon (Amaltheans)Mendicant Monks (Hesychasts)Sectarian ConflictsThe SynecullumThe KalinthiThe InquisitionThe Merchant League

    The GuildsCharioteersGuild Stereotypes

    The Supreme Order of EngineersScraversThe Muster (Chainers)The Reeves (Gray Faces)The Lesser GuildsIndependentsGuild TerritorialityAcademy InterattaGuild Safe Houses


    Known Worlds RacesThe Children of the UrUr-ObunUr-UkarVoroxOther RacesXenophobiaRacism

    AlliancesBeyond the BordersThe VauSymbiotsMyths and Legends

    The Fading SunsThe Reborn SunWarlocksVoid KrakensThe Final Act

    Chapter 3: RulesInterpreting the RulesWhen Not to Use the RulesDiceTimeMeasurementTrait RatingsActions

    InitiativeGoal RollEffects of SuccessExcessive Goal NumbersComplex Action RulesCritical SuccessCritical FailureAutomatic Success and Failure

    Contested ActionsComplementary Actions and SkillsMultiple Characters and Complementary ActionsQuick Complementary Skills

    Sustained ActionsSecond TriesUntrained Skills and Goal NumbersCharacteristics

    Body CharacteristicsStrengthDexterityEndurance

    Mind CharacteristicsWitsPerceptionTech

    Spirit CharacteristicsPresenceWillFaith

    Tapping the SpiritInciting Passion (Faith)Inspiring Aura (Presence)Steady Hand (Will)Tapping the Spirit and Second Tries

    Occult CharacteristicsPsi and UrgeTheurgy and Hubris

    DefenseMovementWyrdVitalityCritical WoundsTil No Blood Flows Through My Veins!Damage

    Effect DiceFalling, Impact, and CollisionsHeat, Fire, and PlasmaAsphyxiation and DecompressionRadiation PoisoningTreating Radiation Poisoning

    Damage to MaterialsHealingOccult Powers and Rituals

    Defending Against Occult PowersStigmaExperience

    Basic ExperienceExtra Experience

    Session-based ExperienceSpending Experience PointsFinal Words

    Chapter 4: CharactersCharacteristicsNatural SkillsLifepath System

    Those Who Rule: NoblesCharacter RolesCharacter ConceptHouse HawkwoodHouse DecadosHouse HazatHouse Li HalanHouse al-MalikMinor HouseBlessings and Curses, by Minor HouseThose Who Pray: Priests

    Urth OrthodoxBrother BattleEskatonic OrderTemple Avesti (Avestites)Sanctuary Aeon (Amaltheans)Mendicant Monks (Hesychasts)Those Who Trade: Merchants

    CharioteersEngineersScraversThe Muster (Chainers)Reeves (Gray Faces)Yeoman (Freelancer)Those Who Differ: AliensUr-ObunUr-UkarVoroxCharacter Histories

    Noble StagesUpbringingHigh-CourtRural EstateLandless


    Early CareerMilitary CommandCourtQuesting

    Tour of DutyChurch StagesUpbringingImperial CharactersEnvironmentClassBrother Battle Warrior Monk

    ApprenticeshipCathedralParishMonasteryBrother Battle Warrior Monk

    Early CareerPreacher/PastorMonkMissionaryHealerInquisitorBrother Battle Warrior Monk

    Tours of DutyMerchant StagesUpbringingApprenticeshipAcademyGuildhallThe Streets

    Early CareerThe MarketStarship DutyMercenaryScholar/ScientistSeedy/Illegal Activities

    Tour of DutyUr-ObunUpbringingThe Society of VagabondsUr-Obun MetaphysicsThe Lore (Kelanti) Skill

    ApprenticeshipEarly CareerTours of DutyUr-UkarUpbringingApprenticeshipEarly CareerTours of DutyVoroxUpbringingApprenticeshipEarly CareerTours of DutyExtra Stages

    Tour of DutyAnother Tour of DutyImperial ToursQuesting Knight Tour of DutyCohort Tour of Duty

    Occult PowersPsychic AwakeningTheurgic Calling


    Lifepath Worldly BenefitsFinal TouchesLifepath System PointsSkill FamiliesCustom Creation System

    Character Creation ExampleAge and Character GenerationYounger Characters

    Lifepath System ExampleAging CharactersExamples of Maturing Characters in Popular Fiction

    Custom Creation System ExampleSample Characters

    Chapter 5: TraitsBlessings and CursesAppearanceBehaviorBlessings

    InjuriesKnacksReputationSizeBenefices and Afflictions

    BackgroundCommunityPossessionsArtifacts and RelicsAncient TechnologyChurch RelicsRichesCashAssets

    Sources of WealthSpaceshipsStatusFighting Styles

    Martial Combat StylesGraaJox Kai Von (Jox Boxing)KotoMantokIron HeelShaidan

    Fencing and Melee StylesFlorentineKraxi KnifeSerpentisTorero

    Ranged Combat StylesPhoenix Rifle Corps TrainingPistola

    Chapter 6: SkillsAnalytical SkillsCombat SkillsControl SkillsCreative SkillsLore SkillsMalefaction SkillsPhysical SkillsScience SkillsSocial SkillsTechnical Skills

    Chapter 7: PsiHistory of PsychismChurch PenitentsPsychic CovensThe Dervishes

    Dervish TraditionsDervish HierarchyPsychic Powers

    PathsTrait and SkillMultiple TargetsRangeDurationWyrd CostEffectiveness

    Modifying Powers after ActivationFarHand

    OmenPsycheSixth SenseAuras ChartSoma

    SympathyVis CraftGroup Psi PowersUrgeOther Psychic PathsUrge PowersDealing With the DevilGaining UrgeLosing Urge

    Chapter 8: TheurgyChurch CosmologyAstrologyNon-Church TheurgyGeomancyThe Nature of Theurgy

    MiraclesSacramentsSacraments of the Universal Church

    Theurgic WorkingsTrait and SkillComponentsRange and DurationVestmentsRelicsChurch RitualsCasting Multiple Rituals

    Orthodox RitualsBrother Battle RitualsEskatonic Order RitualsTemple Avesti RitualsSanctuary Aeon RitualsGroup RitesHubrisHubris PowersGaining HubrisLosing HubrisMiracles

    Chapter 9: CombatOrder of CombatSurpriseStances

    Aggressive StanceNeutral (Default) StanceDefensive StanceFull Defense StanceFighting StancesInitiative

    Holding an ActionDefense

    Defense Against Multiple AttackersDefense for Firing into Close-Quarter CombatRecovering DefenseCombat Actions

    Close-Quarter Combat ActionsStrikeGrappleKnockdownDisarmKnockout

    Ranged Combat ActionsShootThrowReloadAimShort Burst (3 rounds)Long Burst (6 rounds)Empty ClipSuppressing FireMovement in CombatChargeKneel/Stand/ProneMoveRunSplit MoveCombat Modifiers

    Off-HandAttack From a Moving PlatformDraw WeaponCalled ShotUsing CoverAdvanced Combat Actions and Fighting Styles

    Martial Advanced Combat ActionsFencing and Melee Advanced Combat ActionsRanged Advanced Combat ActionsCombat Example

    The Dramatic VersionThe Rules Version

    Chapter 10: TechnologyTechnologyTech Level ChartThe Privilege of MartyrsMoney

    Rogue CoinageBarterThe Purchasing Power of the FirebirdTechnology and Living

    Equipment and ServicesTech Interfacing/CodingFood and LodgingDress and FashionSmart ClothesFashion RatingDecoration

    Precious Metals and Other MaterialsMedical GearRaw Materials and Bulk WaresMore Effective ElixirRadiation Poisoning RemediesApothecary Prices for Medical Treatments

    Drugs and PoisonsStingers

    Services and Labor CostsPastime and EntertainmentCommunicationsLightingOutdoor Equipment/Survival GearToolsApparatus and InstrumentsSecurity SystemsRestraintsThink Machines

    Programming Computers

    Chapter 11: ArmoryMelee WeaponsWeapon/Armor PropertiesReading Weaponry ChartsMelee Weapon AccessoriesArtifact Melee WeaponsRanged Weapons

    Thrown WeaponsBowsCrossbowsDrawing a Bow

    ArrowheadsBows ChartSlug GunsAutofeedsManfeedsRevolversOther CategoriesSlug Guns of the Phoenix EmpireFirearms AmmunitionFirearms AccessoriesEnergy Weapons

    Laser WeaponsNon-Universal AmmunitionBlaster WeaponsExotic Energy WeaponsArtifact Energy WeaponsHeavy WeaponsFusion CellsEnergy Support WeaponsGrenades and Explosives

    MinesArmorStacking ArmorEnergy ShieldsEnergy Shield BurnoutEnergy Shield OverloadAlternative Energy Shield RulesStacking Impact Threshold with ArmorNegative DefenseRestoring Energy Shields

    Anti-Shield DevicesLeaking Through Energy Shields

    Chapter 12: TransportCommercial TransportationVehicles

    BeastcraftLandcraftAircraftWatercraftMounts and Beasts of Burden

    Chapter 13: CyberneticsBuilding CyberdevicesWhat Does the Device Do? (Function)How is it Attached?How is it Powered?ImplantationWhat Does it Look Like (Form) and What is it Made of (Material)?First, How Noticeable is the Device?Second, What Materials Went Into its Construction?

    How Well is it Made (Quality)?How Does it Work?How Easy is it to Use?How Compatible with the Body and Mind is it?What is the Tech Level of the Device?How Much Does it Cost?Cybernetic Devices

    Chapter 14: StarshipsStarship TraitsClassCrewAstronomical Units

    Noble ArmadaPassengersCargoSuppliesVitalitySpeedDistance TraveledSensorsTransmissionsWhat Sensors Do

    ShieldsArmamentDirect FireIndirect Fire

    Other Ship SystemsThink MachinesEscape PodsBuilding and Modifying ShipsStarship Combat

    DetectionPursuitCombatStarship Combat ActionsIndirect Fire WeaponsDirect Fire WeaponsStarship Damage and System FailureDamage Effects

    Repairing DamageExample of Space Combat

    Making Space Conflict Interesting For EveryonePassage CostsJumpgatesJumpgate ResetPursuit Through a Jumpgate