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FBC Tapestry

Date post:30-May-2018
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  • 8/14/2019 FBC Tapestry


    50 south mississippi scene

    art: f irst baptist church tapestry

    Yet Not as I Will,But as You Will.



  • 8/14/2019 FBC Tapestry


    south mississippi scene

  • 8/14/2019 FBC Tapestry


    52 south mississippi scene

    The magnificent tapestry of

    Christ praying in the garden

    was handmade in a small vil-

    lage near Beijing, China. For

    many years members of the

    First Baptist Church in

    Brookhaven, Mississippi, had

    wanted something worshipful

    and beautiful to be placed in

    the baptistry area. This was

    discussed with Mrs. Dawn

    Brown, an interior decorator

    from Covington, Louisiana,

    who suggested using a tapes-


    Pastor Robert E. Self and

    others decided to use Christs

    experience in the Garden of

    Gethsemene, as portrayed in

    one of the stained glass win-

    dows in the Fellowship Hall,

    because it was Jesus obedience

    to Gods will at this time that

    led to His crucifixion and res-


    Asem Zeini, a local painting

    contractor and talented artist,

    rendered his interpretation of

    the scene in an oil painting.

    Mrs. Elay Doyle, owner of Peel

    & Company in Covington,

    Louisiana, took the painting to

    China, where arrangements to

    have the tapestry woven had

    been made. Mrs. Brown and

    Mrs. Doyle made several trips

    to China to assist in color

    selections to be used in dying

    the wool and to oversee the

    weaving of the tapestry.

    The tapestry is 22 feet high

    and 24 feet wide and, accord-

    ing to the weavers, is the

    largest ever made in their area.

    There are 100 knots per square

    inch, making a total of 7.6 mil-

    lion hand tied knots in the tap-

    estry. There were as many as

    18 weavers working on the tap-

    estry at one time, and it took

    almost two years to complete

    all phases of the work.

    Initially, the Chinese were

    reluctant to undertake the tap-

    estry because of its size.

    However, upon learning that

    the man in the painting was a

    spiritual leader and that the

    tapestry would be used in a

    place of worship, they felt hon-

    ored and agreed to make the

    tapestry. When the weavers

    expressed a desire to know

    Reverend Greg Warnock, pastor of First BaptistChurch, welcomes many visitors to Brookhaven who

    are interested in viewing the magnificent tapestry ofJesus experience in the Garden of Gethsemene.

  • 8/14/2019 FBC Tapestry


    more about this man Jesus, Mrs.

    Doyle was given copies of a

    Chinese Mandarin Bible and a

    little red book entitled The

    Sayings of Jesus Christ to take

    to them on her next trip.

    The tapestry was placed in the

    church in September, 1996. It is

    hoped that all who view it not

    see dyed wool and millions of

    knots, but a loving, caring

    Savior, who, in HIs trial prayed,

    My Father, if it is possible, may

    this cup be taken from me. Yet

    not as I will, but as you will.


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