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Date post: 03-Nov-2014
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CSR activities of FCS Foundation. Know how to donate
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Grameen Adarsh Senior Secondary Schools
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Grameen Adarsh Senior Secondary Schools

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“Education is one of the most powerful

instruments for reducing poverty and

inequality. Education is equally key to

enhance India’s competitiveness in the

global economy. Therefore, ensuring

access to quality education for all, in

particular for the poor and rural

population, is central to the economic

and social development of India.”

- The World Bank

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About Us

FCS Foundation was conceived to bring similar level of education to

underprivileged children in rural areas as is available to affluent urban society.

Starting with small programs, we have grown to serve more than 6,700 children

with annual budgets of Rs 15 crores (US $3 million). It is a measure of our good

work that Government of India, Government of State of Punjab, Corporations, and

Enlightened citizens whole heartedly support us .

Currently, more than 500 teachers and support staff are working on full time or

contractual basis to help us achieve our goals.

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Education is the only opportunity that can open

doors to every other opportunity. However it is

only true when we can deliver quality education

relevant to our times.

Simply because a child is poor or living in a

rural area doesn’t mean that we can consider

our job done just by provisioning sub-standard


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Bringing same level of quality education and

sports to rural children that is available to

affluent urban children in private schools.

Bringing drop-out children back to education by

building study centers and using NIOS for


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Current Programs

English medium education and sports for rural children

Back to School – Drop out children

Vocational Training

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Education at par with the Best for6,700 Rural Children in the State of


Covering 3 districts of Sangrur, Barnala, and Nawanshahr 70,000 sq ft. modern buildings at each locationICT, Science, and Language Labs and Smart classesBooks, stationery, school bags, uniforms, shoes, Mid-day

meals, HealthcareStrong emphasis on English immersion programs to

prepare children to succeed in the Global VillageAcademics integrated with sports, athletics, and arts500 Dedicated trained teaching and sports staff

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Bringing drop out children back to high school diploma

Currently running in villages, near New Delhi, India.

Enrollment of Muslim girls of different age groups

Staff of 2 teachers and 1 social worker

Fully free to the children

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Modernization of Vocational Training

Modernizing 6 Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) 4 in

Haryana, 1 in Punjab and 1 in New Delhi.

Benefitting 600 students

Upgrading infrastructure, Trade relevant courses,

Industry partnerships, Employability skills, Revenue

generation opportunities and self-employment guidance.

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Dare.Dream.DevelopHow Do Our Students Benefit?

English and Math immersion programs

Class sizes for English and Math have been reduced to allow for more teacher

attention to the individualized needs of the student.

Academic Support

The tutorial assistants and staff provide free one-on-one academic guidance to

students needing occasional or year-long extra help in subjects including Math,

English, Science, Foreign Language, History, and Electives.

Academic Infrastructure

All students and parents enjoy 24x7 online access to the knowledge portal

Extended library hours give students a place to study and do research before and

after school as well as during free periods.

Classroom sets of textbooks reduce the number of books students must transport

to and from school.

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Dare.Dream.DevelopHow Do Our Students Benefit?

College & Career Preparation

The College and Career Centers provide resources and counseling to students

and their parents regarding summer programs, gap year programs, job and

career options, college search and admissions, and college financial aid and


The coaching for Engineering and Medical Entrance exam is administered free

of charge and during the school day

All students and parents have online access to the Gyan Vista application

which provides information and tools for researching and applying to colleges.

Interaction with Thought Leaders and Education Luminaries

Numerous events and presentations on teen and college-related topics are

held for students and parents.

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Come see for yourself the unwrapping of a new

beginning Thank you