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Digital Media Course 7873 Diploma Feasibility Study Report

Digital Media Course 7873 Diploma

Feasibility Study Report For Piros Grill Restaurant By Larysa Likk8/13/2007

Executive Summary

A feasibility study is designed to discover if a business option is "feasible" or not. It helps to narrow the scope of the project to identify the best strategy. It will answer questions such as "will it work or won't it?" and "will it be profitable?" It is an essential first step before spending money and time on more detailed plans. The following report evaluates the options for the rebranding process of the restaurant: Renovate the premises to make them more attractive to customers Review the menu options to consider changes Review customers service practices and make improvements where necessary. Heating and ventilations systems

On the basis of our evaluation of the options, the most feasible solution for each aspect of the rebranding process is recommended.


ContentExecutive Summary 1. Background information about Pyros Grill restaurant..............5 2. Feasibility..............5 3. Solutions for change7 3.1. The menu and food quality of the restaurant-options...7 3.2. Organize your operations- options..7 3.2.1. Days open and hours of operation options..8 3.2.2. Service of operation options..8 3.3 Interior design of the restaurant...8 3.3.1 Heating and ventilations systems8 4. Conclusion..................9 5. References..................9


1. Background information about Pyros Grill restaurantPyros Grill has been a well known restaurant in Sydney for the past ten years. But it has been obvious from the start that Pyro's Grill has not been working. For one thing, too many customers came in asking for a gyro, the owner said. Pyro's Grill, however, isn't a Greek restaurant. It serves Australian fare like steaks and grilled chicken wraps. Customers confusion over the name and logo lead to misunderstanding about the nature of the business. The interior design of the restaurant is old fashioned and does not attract new customers. Also, the restaurant has not advertised well in newspapers and has not got a website on Internet. Old fashioned interior design of the restaurant, not attractive new customers.(1)

2. Feasibility.A feasibility study is a preliminary study undertaken to determine and document a project's viability. The results of this study are used to make a decision whether to proceed with the project, or not it. If it indeed leads to a project being approved, it will before the real work of the proposed project starts - be used to ascertain the likelihood of the project's success. It is an analysis of possible alternative solutions to a problem and a recommendation on the best alternative. (2) Within a feasibility study, three areas must be reviewed, including those of Economics, Technical, Scheduling aspects.

3. Solutions for change.All options (below) will not use large resources and will have minimum disruption on the business operations.


3.1. The menu and food quality of the restaurant-optionsYour menu is your primary means of representation: It says exactly who you are and what you hope to convey personality-wise. Aspects of the menu we are considering include: - Variety and selection - Signature items - Price range and value - Beverage service

Options: Increase variety of choice Include signature items Focus on Australian Grill

for food quality - Taste - Presentation - Portion size - Consistency

Options: Increase variety of choice Include signature items Focus on Australian Grill

3.2. Organize your operations- options.Service - Days open ( now from Monday to Friday ) - Hours of operation - Service style - Quality of service - Speed of service - Extra services offered

3.2.1. Days open and hours of operation options. Continue with same opening hours Open on weekends Open midday-10 P.M.


3.2.2. Service of operation options Ordering at counter Table service Formal Informal

3.3. Interior design of the restaurant.Interior and exterior design says a lot about your restaurant. Your concepts design should reflect your restaurants personality, brand and concept, creating a memorable impression for your guests.(2) Interior and exterior design says a lot about your restaurant. We recommend start to rebrand your restaurant with changing of design of interior it will be the best solution, which is most feasible. White walls are plain and usually wont emphasize your restaurants concept. Paint can be an easy, quick and cheap way to update the colour palate of your restaurant and give the space a sense of currency. We recommend to change colour of walls from white to light orange , because orange tone can create a warm environment. We obtained demographic data that describes the people who live and work in the area where located you restaurant. More than 60% of customers are from Asian ethnic group and we advise to make interior design include some the Asians details into interior of restaurant. The options for the interior design of the restaurant are: Maintain status quo Colour change by painting walls Develop an ethnic theme for the restaurant

3.1. Heating and ventilations systems.We recommend to installation of heating and ventilations systems, use modern technology. Options are: Keep old system Install more modern air conditioning system Keeping the old system will reduce customer satisfaction and at the same time lead to high maintenance costs, as the system is out of warranty. Although installing a more modern air conditioning system will incur up costs, it will lead to increased customer satisfaction and business returns. Any problems with the operation of the system will be covered under five year warranty


4. Conclusion.The most feasible option is an interior design (3.3above) , outlined above provides this business with the best way to move forward at minimum risk. However, there are still some risks inherent in the rebranding process. These are: Investment in modernizing the business does not increase business returns Interruption to business operations and loss of income while the rebranding process takes place Loss of existing customers because they do not like the changes to the business

5. References.1) Likk.L Report Rebranding Proposal for Pyros Grill Restaurant http://mm1projects.wikispaces.com/Larysa Access July 2007 2) Wikipedia www.wikipedia.com Access August 20007