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Fedena - World Education Summit 2014, New Delhi, India

Date post:27-Aug-2014
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What are the real challenges preventing schools and colleges making real use of ICT? Why teachers are not using the software? We have answers and a solution for you. Fedena ERP for Schools and Colleges. For more information and free demo visit - www.fedena.com
  • Simple, Powerful and Award Winning ERP Software for Schools & Colleges Unni Krishnan Koroth CEO, Foradian Technologies, Bangalore [email protected]
  • About Foradian Founded in 2009 Fastest growing EdTech company of the world Based at Bangalore TM
  • Challenges
  • Bad ERP Software Good ERP Software
  • Do your teachers fear the ERP or love it?
  • Is it controlling your teachers or following their orders?
  • Hidden & indirect costs or simple & affordable pricing?
  • Stand alone software or smooth & efficient integration with other popular apps?
  • Hard to get rid off or easy exit with data freedom?
  • Is there a solution ?
  • School Management Software Multiple Login Access User Friendly Dashboards Plugin Architecture
  • Modern web technologies User friendly interface Affordable customization Freedom of opensource Amazing support Wide range of features Mobile versions Flexible pricing Hosted on cloud servers Plugin marketplace Secure & reliable Multi-language support Schools 40,000+ Users 20 million+ Downloads 70,000+ Countries 200+ Global partners 100+ Modules 50+
  • Achievements
  • Fedena is
  • Usable User friendly UI/UX design Start using in 10 minutes No training required Customizable Plugin architecture Ruby on Rails Easy and cheap to customize Secure Encryption standards High secure servers SSL Certificates available Scalable 10 students or 10million students Deployed in cloud servers Scale up or scale down according to demands
  • Dashboard
  • Modules 1. Courses and Batches 2. Human Resources 3. Student Attendance 4. Timetable 5. Examination 6. Multiple Dashboards 7. Student Admission 8. News Management 9. User Management 10. School/Event Calendar 11. Finance 12. Student Information 13. Employee/Teacher Login 14. Student/Parent Login 15. Messaging System 16. SMS Alerts 17. Hostel/Dormitory 18. Transportation 19. Online Examination 20. Poll 21. Placement 22. Library 23. Assignment 24. Task 25. Discussion 26. Instant Fee 27. Data Management 28. Mobile Version 29. Blog 30. Custom Import 31. Custom Report 32. Color Theme 33. Gallery 34. Inventory 35. Discipline 36. Registration 37. Fee Import 38. Email Integration 39. Video Conference 40. Google Apps 41. Moodle Integration 42. Tally Integration 43. Payment Gateway 44. Document Manager 45. Data Pallettes
  • Client base
  • Challenges Huge number of students and staffs Customization requirement Lack of easy to use user-interface The Fedena way Fedena Enterprise Solution with unlimited student and staff access Customization friendly with plugin architecture Simple user interface that anybody can start using IIT Banaras Hindu University, India
  • Challenges High pricing of available ERP software Lack of easy to use user-interface Inability to match the latest education system with outdated software The Fedena way Reasonable price with multi campus management facility User friendly interface Compatible with modern education system Aditya Group of Institutions, India
  • Challenges Under developed IT Sector Lack of customization according to academic standard Non-availability of onsite training The Fedena way Quality ERP solution that can manage an institution Customization according to the academic standard of the country Flexibility in terms of onsite training TVTC, Zambia
  • Project Sampoorna
  • Sampoorna has been visualized as a comprehensive mechanism to facilitate academic activities such as progress tracking and even determining the aptitude of a student right from when he/she is admitted to the 1st standard itself. K Anvar Sadath Executive Director, [email protected] Project Kerala 15,000 Schools 7,000,000 Students 300,000 Teachers $ 10,000,000 SAVED EVERY YEAR
  • What they say
  • Client testimonials Everything gets automated, very simple and easy in use, both by the users as well as by the admins. Very easy to develop newer customized plugins for specialized functionalities. Dr. N S Rajput Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Fedena with its beautiful and innovative UI/UX design is loved by the teachers and other users of our institutions. It has increased the productivity and efficiency many fold. Deepak Reddy Aditya Group of Institutions Fedena is an excellent solution for institutions like ours who want a feature-rich, stable erp product within our budget. Also we are astonished by the sincerity and efficiency of this team. Pascal Chewe TVTC, Zambia
  • Thank you. Get your free demo www.fedena.com/demo
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