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Fényi Gyula Academic Grammar School. Geography Miskolc, Hungary Miskolc is the 3rd largest...

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Fnyi Gyula Academic Grammar School

Fnyi Gyula Academic Grammar SchoolGeographyMiskolc, Hungary

Miskolc is the 3rd largest city in Hungary2History

The school was founded in 1994. Since, there 3 buildings were bilutfor education, two hostels, a sportscentre, a sportsfield and a church.Education

Our institute is a comprehensive school, where students get a higher-level qualification. 90% of the students go to universities or colleges in every year. We have sections: History, Math and English sections int he years of 9 and 10, and int he years of 11 and 12 we can choose sections from every subject. We have the opportunity to learn English German French and Chinese languages. Our student always have good result in educational competitionsReligious life

The leaders of the school put emphasis on religion. Actually, it is the base of the school. We have a school mass every Monday, and we start and finish our days with prayers.Charity work

To help the ones in need is our duty. Most of us participate in charity work during the year, for instance: fundraising for the less fortunate ones; collecting of unworn clothes, and the Loveservice, which includes taking care of elderly, children, mantally and phisically disabled.6Facilities

We have 3 major facilities: a swimming pool, a sportsfield and a well-equipped sportscentre.Scientific life

We have a busy scientific life at home. We have 3 auditoriums one for the biology, one for the phisics and one for the chemistry department. In our laboratory students have the possibility to conduct experiments in order to extend their scientific knowledge. We have taken part in the DNA-project for 10 years, however we participate in several of the projects too.8Opportunities

Fortunately, our isntitute has many realtions with other schools. We have scholarship programmes to Germany Ireland to the USA. We always host exchange students from the countries. We have native speakers from: China Germany France and From the USA, and they help us to improve our language skills.


Our school offers a wide range of camps in the summer, and in winter as well, for instance: bike sky and scout camps.10

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