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Feral Sorcery

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Feral Sorceryby David BlankJust been out for a walk with the dogsi... psychogeography... connecting with my local environment... engaging with nature and the spirits... October evening East London... chill air on my bare arms... the hounds loping along beside me... witchblood coursing a hare through my veins... the stars veiled... city lights cast a glamour on the cloak clouds... buildings hang from low... I stop and look through a window... see crazy patterns on the white walls.... strange shapes... witch horse... which house... the magician stares out the window to see the room staring back... the witch watches the magician entranced by his reflection.. patterns on the wallpaper.. patterns on the white walls.... the witch feels the chill of the night air on her arms... at her side her hounds... she shifts her gaze from the white room and looks up at the night sky... the clouds hang low... plants creep slow... worms glow... trees rustle silent in the empty streets... the witch walks ON... the taste of the chill October evening in her nose... flaring gently to a melody known by her kin... blood coursing a hare... tickling a salmon... stroking a squirrel... ... Meanwhile... in the white room... the magician constructs model ships and studies the patterns on the walls. The witch walks on... the chill night air on her bare arms... her hounds loping along beside her... - Book of Shadows (2006)

Introduction Most people who live in an urban environment tend to believe that nature is only to be found in the countryside. Indeed many pagans, even, feel that to engage with nature one has to go out into the countryside, to a field or wood to do so. This is a result of the deep alienation that is felt by most urban dwellers, an alienation from not only nature but the very processes of life and death, fecundity and decay. In this paper I shall introduce various techniques and practices that will enable the urban witch or sorcerer to fully engage with their local environment and magickalecosystem, and as such empower one in the process.

those other places of power or power points that the sorcerer has identified through the use of the psychogeographic drift as they weave the threads of their becoming into/from the warp and weft of the Wyrd.

The feral sorcerer is a fence strider, they inhabit the liminal space, in betwixt the one and the other, they surf the angles and can hear their song But enough I digress, let us return to the lair. Thus it is and always will be for the lair is the place of power, it is where the sorcerer returns, it is their ground, their earth. It is here that they place all the objects of power that they have won or been gifted in every realm. The lair is their home, their hearth, it is also the home of those spirits and deities with whom they live and have a special relationship. I cannot over stress the importance of the lair in our work for the feral sorcerer does not create sacred space in the sense as understood by most modern magicians and witches All space is sacred and unholy both.

However, the problem always arises when a witch or sorcerer attempts to communicate their personal practice of where to begin. So let us begin naturally. Let us begin with the earth, the ground

The Spiders Web & Power Points

The feral sorcerer, like the city-fox, does not differentiate between nature and the city-scape. All is of nature born, and begats all our sorceries. So the question arises as to how one establishes the lair as a place of power, as ones earth or ground. The first step, as with most traditions, is to undertake a period of banishing and protection. This is equivalent to the fox who choosing to utilise an abandoned earth or lair will take the time and care to dig out all the detritus that has collected and remove the scent of its previous inhabitant(s) by marking it with their own scent.17

The Lair as a Place of Power Lair (definition): Earth, Ground A Burial Plot (Scots). The sorcerer will have numerous sites that are places of power or power points; however the lair is a special case for it is the feral sorcerers earth, their ground, the burial plot the nexus. It is the centre of the spiders web and is connected with allTHE ORACLE OCCULT MAGAZINE

The power points are sites that the sorcerer has activated/awoken to and in a very real sense awoken through their use of the psychogeographic drift as they beat the bounds these are woven into their web ii of wyrd . The feral sorcerer is a creature of the city Thus these power points can be anything; a de-commissioned churchyard, a crossroads, an area of waste-ground, even a bar or public house. Each has its own energy, its own resonance, and each is in a very real sense a portal to the various realms that the sorcerer engages with.

For myself I performed a banishing and cleansing for a period of six months. I iii sealed all the portals; windows, doors, toilet, sinks, every entrance point with signs, gestures and salt. The lair must be cleansed of EVERYTHING that is not of the sorcerers scent. We are seeking herein to create a safe space within which to do the Work. Integral with this is beating the bounds.

have its own energy and magickal currents, even though these may be latent. The power points can be awoken through engaging with that site magickally nourishing and feeding it, which can be as simple as walking the site and acknowledging it, or tending it and removing the rubbish. One may make certain offerings, these can be anything from food, alcohol, incense, or parts of dead animals that are excess to v ones fetish requirements . One is required to take the time to nurture ones power points. In turn they will nurture you. The web can extend not just to ones local environment, but can also include sites far removed. Indeed one can even have several webs in different locations that are connected to each other by drift lines or anchors. One is not limited to the environment that is local to the lair. Drift lines or anchors are established utilising psychogeographic techniques. For example, one can connect two or more different locations through an exchange of objects (stones, earth, etc.), between those locationsvi. In this way one can create drift lines or anchors between different webs or connect a power point far removed from the web and feed its energy into the local web to further empower it. In this way one can, for example, connect sacred sites to the web however, a word of caution, this latter practice is not without its dangers.

Beating the Bounds Of interest this being Beltane, is that one of the customs of May Day was beating the bounds, walking the circuit of ones property, repairing fences and boundary markers. The feral sorcerer much like the fox or feral cat will walk their territory and mark certain boundary points. However, I use territory here in the loosest sense for while many sorcerers will consider their local area as their territory, for me personally it is rather that one is a custodian. The sorcerer has a certain responsibility for their local environment and magickalecosystem. A responsibility both to ones local community as normally understood, and to the local community of spirits that live there the magickal-ecosystem. One walks the circuit, casting a circle as they do so, marking boundary points. By doing this in effect one casts a circle around the lair as one weaves the spiders web. One thus does not need to cast a circle each time one does a ritual, indeed as the feral sorcerer is so 24/7 the whole concept of casting a circle each time one does a ritual is meaningless. Of course when I work with others I may cast a circle for that specific ritual, however, in my personal practice the circle is cast by beating the bounds and maintained on a regular basis; as are the power points, for if they are not then one may find that one loses the connection with that site, that current. The sorcerer, like the spider, is required to maintain their web. Their web becomes their body extended The sorcerer draws power from the power points and is nourished by them as they likewise nourish the power points the relationship between the sorcerer and the power points is symbiotic and mutualistic. Each of the power points is a community a biological and magickal ecosystem and in a very real sense an actual entity. It will18


and stir the spell, make love with it. As the right hand stirs the spell the left arm is held at an angle to the body of between 10 and ninety degrees (variable the variance is fluid). The left hand is not fixed, nor static but will move as when caressing a lover, caressing her and teasing her forth as you gather the chthonic energies unto oneself thus one draws the energies from the earth and the underworld to further empower the spell for the feral sorcerers power is rooted in the chthonic. The feral sorcerer makes love with the chthonic forces and takes them into themselves for it is within the sorcerer, the lower Dan Tien (The Cauldron), that the spell is brewed. Begin spinning once more gathering the energies from above and below, from the heavens, the earth and the underworld. As before stop spinning and dance stirring the spell within the cauldron. Repeat until either exhausted or the spell is brewed. When one first does this exhaustion may come upon one before the spell is brewed in which case let it sit awhile (sometimes a spell will take several days or longer to brew and requires a period to ferment within), then repeat the whole process as above. When the spell is brewed tease it out with thy right hand from the cauldron. As one performs this operation one will find themselves dancing the wyrd dance of the feral sorcerer which is an elemental ballet, graceful and powerful. When one has reached down inside the cauldron and gathered the spell in thy cupped hand, begin vii spinning once mo

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