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FFC Profile 2016

Date post: 13-Apr-2017
Author: jeffrey-bent
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Fashion for Charity is a social entrepreneurship initiative that

harnesses the power of fashion, entertainment and the visual arts to

make a difference in society. From Abuja to Milan to Atlanta,

various industry players in fashion design, photography, fashion media,

modelling, music, sports and more, have come together to

become a force for good in Nigeria and beyond.

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Fashion for Charity has been organizing a series of fundraising and resource gathering events and drives to alleviate the conditions and promote the cause of IDPs in their camps and settlements.

These events have spanned two Europe and Africa and include; The Charity Drive (in Partnership with Fashion Designers Association Of Nigeria)

The Drop-Off Concert Featuring SkalesThe Charity Drive 2

The Milan Fashion Revolution (in Partnership with Cecilia Rinaldi (Milan) and Deshabille Magazine (Berlin & Milan))

The Walk-Run-Fly Education Program - Phase 1 (in Partnership with the Venezuelan Government and Afro Amiga)

Kick For Hope Celebrity Football Match (in Partnership with LaLiga)

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FFC aims to build support that will meet the needs of vulnerable people in Africa through the media of fashion, entertainment and

visual arts.

ObjectivesTo develop and run successful fundraising events, and using the

funds raised to support effective Non-Govermental Organisations in creating social value in vulnerable communities.

To develop and run successful social businesses that tackle the needs of vulnerable people.

To first understand and then highlight the reality of vulnerable communities in popular media.

To leverage the power of celebrity to lobby and campaign for the solution of specific causes on behalf of vulnerable communities.

To facilitate links between well meaning individuals and organizations (locally and internationally) and vulnerable

communities in Africa.

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Jeffrey BentJeffrey Bent is the Founder

and Creative Director for FASHION FOR CHARITY and

CEO of BENDTMARK MILANO, a luxury fashion house based in Milan, Italy. He is partnered

with Touch of African Designers Milano (T.O.A.D) showcasing

and organizing fashion events across Europe. Clients include: Branson Center, Vlisco, Black-

berry, Daviva,ECOWAS Fashion Week, World fashion Organiza-

tion (WFO) Mercedes Benz ,Abuja Fashion Week and Eva


Bankole Ojo-Medubi

Arc. Bankole Ojo-Medubi is the Chief Operating Officer for FFC with over 10 years of

experience in operations and project management. He has a USAID MEASURE certificate for Monitoring And Evalua-

tion. He has worked with the T.Y Danjuma Foundation, All Children Charity Internation-

al Foundation and the 8th Mile Project. He is currently

the Vice-President of the Rotary Club Abuja Deluxe.

Gr8an Consult

Gr8an is a Brand and Business Model

Development company.Clients include:

Guaranty Trust BankAccess Bank

Sterling BankDangote Group

National Lottery CommissionGuinness Nigeria

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Sneha Bose Sneha is the Chief Informa-tion Officer for Fashion For Charity Africa. She has 4+

years’ of work experience in the field of Information Tech-nology, Project Management,

Business Development, Marketing & Media Strategies and Retail Operations. Apart from this, Sneha is passion-

ate about community welfare work and has partaken in few

projects revolving around this.

Ramin HashempourRamin is an award-winning

canadian documentary photographer/filmmaker and

humanitarian aid- worker. He is also the creative direc-

tor for FFC’s Aspiration & Longing Photo Projects.As a humanitarian aid-worker and visual artist Ramin focuses his photography work on human

rights issues,immigration, armed conflict, sustainable

development, poverty, child abuse, landmine and human

trafficking issues.

Domitilla ModestiDomitila is the International

Liaison Officer for FFC. An Argentinean Photographer born and raised in Nigeria.

Studied photography in the Argentinean School of Pho-

tography (EAF), Documentary Photography at the Argentin-ian Graphic Press Assoc. and with Pulitzer Nominee Don

Rypka, B&W Lab Photography restoration with G. Frittegot-to, and Studio Photography

with M. Marcu.

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The Charity Drive (in Partnership with Fashion Designers Association Of Nigeria)

The Charity Drive was fhe 1st Fashion for Charity event of 2016. In collabora tion with the Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria,FFC hosted

a drive to collect donations from the fashion industry stakeholders. Abuja's top fashion designers,photogrcphers,make-up artists,models and

journalists came to gether to donate food,toiletries and clothing to internally displaced people in fhe New Kuchingoro IDP settlement.

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A free make-up makeover session was held for the women of the settlement to make themfeel beautiful in the toughest of situations.

They also modeled pieces that were exhibited on the runway of the Abuja Fashion Week 2015.

Meetings were held with the settlement’s leadership to discuss the difficulties being experienced by the settlers.

The Charity Drive (in Partnership with Fashion Designers Association Of Nigeria)

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The Drop-Off Concert Featuring SkalesThe Charity Drive (in Partnership with Fashion Designers

Association Of Nigeria)

The Drop Off Concert Feafuring Skales was held on April 2016. Nigerian R&B and HipHop Superstar,Skales featured in a free concert at Sky Lounge in Abuja.

The event was not ticketed,but admission was granted to people who donated at the entrance. Skales also used the power of his celebrity to discuss the plight of IDPs on the pre-event radio tour and his social media platforms,which has over a million followers.

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The Charity Drive 2

The Bama/Gwoza Camp at Durumi,Abuja was where all the donations gotten from The Drop Off Concert Featuring Skales were delivered. Diverse members of the expatriate

community in Abuja volunteered on the exercise, including;Argentina,Italy, Denmarkand Spain.

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The Milan Fashion Revolution in Milan, Italy (in Partnership with Cecilia Rinaldi and Deshabille Magazine)

FFC collaborated with Cecilia Rinaldi at The Milan Fashion Revolution in Milan.Cecilia Rinaldi is a professor at the prestigious International Academy of Design in Piazza

Pitti, Florence’s old town (Italy). Cecilia Rinaldi is dedicated to critical and ethical fashion,this is a stream of tailoring, clothing and accessories based on handmade and high

craftsmanship as Italian excellence and on environmental and social sustainability. Cecilia Rinaldi and FFC were glad to work together to promote our shared values on

fashion that gives back.

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The Walk-Run-Fly Education Program - Phase 1 (in Partnership with the Venezuelan Government and Afro Amiga)

Together with the Venezuelan government and Afro Amigo,we were able to give 350schoolbags to the children of the School without Walls,New Kuchingoro,Abujo.

The Venezuelan ambassador to Nigeria,Miguel Angel Dellavecchia was there to hand over the bags

which also included exercise books,pencils and colouring books.

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Kick For Hope Celebrity Football Match (in Partnership with LaLiga)

The FFC Team with the Country Manager of LaLiga Nigeria, Mutiu Adepoju

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Kick For Hope Celebrity Football Match (in Partnership with LaLiga)

The Kick For Hope Charity Fair and Celebrity Football match which was supported bythe top Spanish football governing body,Laliga took place in October 2016.

It featured over 14 celebrities playing against a team of players from Finland,Denmark, Italy, Columbia and many more.

Proceeds from ticket soles and individual donations were made towards the Walk-Run-Fly edu cational Art program taking place in the Bama/Gwoza Camp in Durumi,Abuja.

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Meet Victoria.Fashion For Charity first met Victoria in the IDP settlement in New Kuchingoro

village,Abuja where she was one of 20,000 children separated from their entire families in Borno and with out any skill to fend for herself. Victoria enrolled into the skill acquisitions class for sewing and 90 days later,she had been

empowered and was a confident,happy girl. Hers is a testimony of the power of the words; ”teach (wo)men to fish,and they will be fed for a lifetime.”

With over 2 million people affected by the conflict in the North-east,We are in danger of losing a generation.

In Victoria,we can see how that does not have to be the case.We must contin ue to take action and create noise to increase awareness and

involvement in IDP interventions.Let’s save a generation now.Will you join us?

Kick For Hope Celebrity Football Match (in Partnership with LaLiga)

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Berlin & Milan

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FFC Abuja Suite 103, Plot 2198 Afri Project Consortium (APC) Plaza, Capetown Street, Off IBB Way, Zone 4, Wuse District, FCT-Abuja, Nigeria

Cell: +234 8187964170 , +2349095483442FFC Milan Via Giuseppe Compagnoni, 27 20129 Milano, MI Milan, Italy

FFC Atlanta, 415 Barrington Oaks Circle, Roswell, Georgia. 30075 +1 404 374 7226

fashionforcharityafrica.com fashion for charity africa @fashionforcharity_ africa