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Date post: 22-Nov-2014
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Leisure, culture and lifestyle experience from Fido PR.
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Attract more visitors with Fido PR Your Going Places PR Team Leisure Culture Lifestyle www.fidopr.co.uk
  • 1. ore ct m ith ttra rs w A to i vis o PR Fid Leisure Culture LifestyleYour Going Places PR Team www.fidopr.co.uk
  • 2. Fidois an award winning PR agencyestablished in 2002is a RAR (Rated and Recommended) agency and has been listed on theclient satisfaction register for the past 4 years.has won CIPR awards for its campaigns and is a Fresh award winner forbest consultancy team.is a highly experience leisure culture lifestyle PR team.delivers integrated online and offline PR campaigns targeting both massniche audiences.
  • 3. g vin to Mo ple s eo place p t i visGiving people a reason to visit your destination means you need to createcompelling campaigns that stands out in a crowded market. Heres where Fidohas succeeded in getting places onto the must-see tourism map
  • 4. Much Ado about Much WenlockFido has recently completed a tourism PR and marketing strategy for the townof Much Wenlock in Shropshire. Fido has since been appointed as media andcommunications consultancy to raise the towns profile during the build upto 2012.
  • 5. The North Wests Olympic LegacyProgramme We PlayThe Arts Council commissioned Fido to undertake a feasibility study into the PRand communications requirements for We Play, a mass cultural participationprogramme celebrating the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012.
  • 6. Salford reports tourism boomMore than 7.2 million people visited Salford last year, an increase of more than million people on the previous year. What a result from Fidos five monthproject to establish Salford as a tourism destination!
  • 7. Celebrating CheshiresYear of GardensFido helped to increase visitor numbers to the county by 5% with a nationalcampaign that reached over 55 million people and delivered a 40:1 return oninvestment.
  • 8. n ing Tur ues ven star s into action a ttrTurning your venue into an excitingattraction is what Fido does best andhas long standing clients in this sectorto prove it
  • 9. Winning the battle for visitorsFidos online and offline PR is delivering a brand new family audience to theImperial War Museum North.
  • 10. Heritage is the new blackat Victoria BathsFido has helped turn this BBC Restoration project winner into one ofManchesters top tourist attractions by seizing on the publics appetite forheritage buildings.
  • 11. Spinning the storiesRetained since 2006, Fido secures national and regional media coverage forManchester Art Gallery to successfully increase visitor numbers to its familyexhibitions and events throughout the year.
  • 12. Award winning PRfor Ordsall HallSo successful was our six month PR campaign in support of Ordsall HallsHeritage Lottery Fund bid, it resulted in a CIPR award for Fido, masses ofmedia for this Grade 1 listed building and a 9% increase in visitors on theprevious year.
  • 13. Climbing to new heightsFido led the media launch for the Manchester Climbing Centre working withEnglish Heritage and the Government News Network to generate a staggeringamount of national and regional press, online and broadcast coverage.This resulted in the Climbing Centres six month sales target being achievedin month one.
  • 14. the ting nt rea eve C n i maFido drives visitors to buy tickets in advance and generates walk-up ticketsales through a steady build up of excitement and engagement. Heres whatwe do for our event clients
  • 15. Growing audiences for theRoyal Horticultural SocietyFido has secured an annual audience of more than 90,000 paying visitorsto the RHS Flower Show at Tatton Park for the past 8 years.
  • 16. SH CHE IRE SOUTH 2009 IE -ELECTIO N PA festival H FOOD & DRINK NANTWIC TWINSthats got the IN ASSOC IATION W FES ITH THE TIVAL 2 009 and CHA S TA G E THREE ENJOY! TWO N VOTE! AND S TA G Eupper crust THE S TA G E ONE NOMINATE! ur favourite Vote for yo ed shortlist la pie will be The winning the first day unched on ival e! Tell us yo ur select of the fest Get creativ delicious from the tionsA pie-election and goat sausages ideas for of three op 09 pie fillings estival 20 d Drink Fmakes for a tasty Fido campaign ntwic h Food an want to create te The Na mber) we emocracy, To celebra - Sunday 27 Septe irit of dto promote the Nantwich Food sp (Friday 25 ate pie and, in the and Nantwich to st epand Drink Festival. The icing on the ultim ple of C rewe us pie fi llings. ing the peo eir ideas for delicio were ask ll us th W IN Sthe cake has been the successful forward a nd te ET AT C H AT U P A LE AFL EN TE R P IC K AL.C O.UKdelivery of an advance ticket F HOW TO DFES TIV D ETA ILS O WIC HFOO FOR M ORE IT NANTsales strategy. OR VIS
  • 17. PR!Camera! Action!Fidos DIY Directors competition, judged by famed Son of Rambo director,Garth Jennings, along with masses of media coverage helped this event tobecome a sell-out across all screenings and events.
  • 18. Beating the budgetNational arts and culture coverage delivered a return on investment ofover 100:1 for Tatton Park Biennial.
  • 19. Want Fido to make a lastingimpression on your visitor figures?
  • 20. Get intouch! Sarah Brownless 0161 274 [email protected]
  • 21. Fido Public Relations and Creative Communications The Stables Paradise Wharf Ducie Street Manchester M1 2JNTelephone 0161 274 3311 Email [email protected] www.fidopr.co.uk