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Filtek Centrifugal Filtration for Industrial applications

Date post:13-Jul-2015
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FILTEK INDIA PVT LTDCENTRIFUGAL OIL FILTERS FOR INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONFiltek India Pvt LtdSurvey no. 321 Bavdhan BK Patil ind estate Patil nagar Pune 411021GO GREENKEEP YOUR OIL CLEANSaving Oil..Saving Money

FILTEK Provides..Lube Oil Filtration Solutions for the IndustryGO GREENKEEP YOUR OIL CLEANSaving Oil..Saving Money

Saving Oil..Saving Money

Filtek Mission Statement

To provide practical and reliable filtration solutions, consistent with the quality demands of our customersEstablished Brand..Proven Products

About FILTEK INDIA PVT.LTD. Established in 2004 in Pune, Maharashtra. Founded by 25 years experienced professionals from India and UK. Passionate team of R&D experts delivering customer focused products. 80% export market share achieved by India and UAE sales office. Dealer network in Australia, US, Singapore, South Africa, Europe, Philippines. Serving various types of Industries with Quality products. ISO 9001:2000 company.Removing contamination.Increased oil usage

ManufacturingThe FT Centrifuge range

We are certified to ISO9001:2000 (with Design). Our product range (FT Range) has four models. These are as follows:FT020 (suitable for oil volume 8 15 liters)FT025 (suitable for oil volumes 15 25 liters)FT060 (suitable for oil volumes 25 90 liters)FT200 (suitable for oil volumes 90 400 liters)FT400 (suitable for oil volumes 400 1000 liters)FT600 (suitable for oil volumes 1000 plus liters).Superior Quality.Extended Life

ISO 9001:2008 Certificate

FILTEK ProductRemoving contamination.increased oil usage

FT 600 Cut away sectionRemoving contamination.increased oil usage

Centrifuge is a bypass filter:Removing contamination.increased oil usage

Particle size distribution of centrifuge depositsRemoving contamination.increased oil usage

FILTEK Centrifugal Oil Filter

FT 600 Installated in TATA MOTORS Pune on washing machine

CK 400 Skid installed on Nut and bolt fastner machine

FT 600 fitted on National Cables Sharjah UAE

FT 600 with pump and motor On washing machine

FT 600 installed on coolant application at Gabriel Pune. Copper dust collected in FT 600 Rotors

Copper dust collected in FT 600 ROTORS 18Grinding dust collected in FT 600 Rotors

Contamination in Rotor

Dust collected at Bajaj On their honning machines

Performance report


Mahindra Performance report

FILTEK Centrifugal Oil FilterContact Information

FILTEK INDIA PVT. LTD.Sr. No. 321, Unit No. 2,Patil Industrial Estate,Bavdhan (Bk), PUNE: 411021Website: www.filtekfiltration.comEmail: [email protected] [email protected]: +919762899827




Trial Report of Centrifugal Oil Cleaner

With regard to changes in economic conditions and environmental requirements, conservation of coolant & lubricating oil has become the need of the hour. These objectives can be achieved either by extending the coolant/oil life or by change in oil chemistry. Another important factor was to see if the centrifuge cleaning can actually increase the tool life. The above has been achieved by conducting extensive trials of Centrifuge Oil Cleaner Model 600 in different applications. Following are the trial results.

Sr. NoArea of TrialObjectiveTrial PeriodResult

1Reishauer Thread

Grinding machine inTransmission P.U.1)To eliminate paperband filter to save cost

2)To increase cleanliness of oil136 Hrs.19.6 Kg of Sludge was observed. Sludge was free from oil hence readily disposable. see the attached file.

2Heat-treatment Quenching oil1) To filter old quenching oil having high viscosity & high acid value128

hrs. Viscosity & Acid value decreased after filtration. Oil sample found good for continuous use. Chemical composition of the used oil was found to be as good as new oil.

3Engine Testing Oil1) To filter contaminated engine testing oil72Hrs.37 barrels of contaminated oil filtered. Oil quality after filtration found O.K. Oil would be consumed in regular testing. Oil disposal issued solved.

4Soluble cutting oil on Murata #1720 in Axle P.U.1)To enhance sump life of coolant18Hrs.Coolant found free from contamination after filtration. Hence coolant change cycle enhanced by 15 days.




1) Centrifuge is capable of removing a wide range of particles.

2) Use of centrifuge allows to extend the sump life of coolant.

3) Centrifuge is successfully able to remove particles from Quenching oil, Neat cutting oil, soluble coolant & Engine testing oil.

4) Centrifuge cleaning has a direct impact on the tool life.

It is recommended to initiate the buying of Model 600 centrifuge filters for reuse of Quenching oil in Heat-treatment, to save paper consumption on Reishauer thread grinder, for reuse of engine oil in engine testing & for enhancing sump life of soluble coolant in various P.Us. and for the honing machines for enhancement of tool life. For engine oil cleaning the filter should be trolley mounted.

(Sanjeev Pradhan)(Darne Suresh)(Sandeep Rege)(N.N. Kulkarni)

(Priolkar Sandeep)(Narvekar Swapnil) (Amit Trivedi)_1104042496.unknown

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