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  • 1. There will be overall 5 rounds.Each round consists of 3 questions each.There will be two negative marking roundsalso.ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. The questions will be answered inlong.Correct answer scores you 20pointsThere will be no negative marking. 3. Q1. What areantibiotics? Give anexample also.medicines Ans: Antibiotics aretaken from one microorganism andthen used to kill anothermicroorganism. Example of aAntibiotic is Penicillin. 4. Q2. What is theclassification of thekingdoms according toWhittaker?Kingdoms ClassificationMonera Protista Fungi Plantae Animalia 5. Q3. What are the major characteristicsconsidered to classify the 5 major kingdoms?Whether they are made of prokaryotic oreukaryotic cell.Unicellular or multicellular.The cells have cell wall.They prepare there own food. 6. MarkiSchemng eClue 1 40Clue 2 30Clue 3 20Wrong-10answer 7. Clue I was born in Sweden and am a doctor.1 I wrote the book Systema Naturae.Clue2Clue 3Ans:Carolus Linnaeus 8. Clu I was born in 1937.e1 I won Nobel prize for discoveringClue2 Helicobacter Pylori.Clue Ans: 3 Robin Warren 9. Clue I am known for the first cure to small pox.1Clue2 I did it by using cowpox microbs.Clue 3Ans:Edward Jenner 10. The questions will consistof 4 options.One of the option is onlycorrect.Correct answer will giveyou 30 points. 11. Q1. The example of Monera PlantKingdom is Amoeba Pencillium ParameciumAnabaena 12. Q2. The example of Aves AnimalKingdom is.White Stork(Ciconia Ciconia)BatOctopusStarfish 13. Q3. Roughly how manyestimated species of organismsare present..20 million 10 million 3 million 5 million 14. There will be random three questions.The first to prees the buzzer gets thechance to answer.Correct answer scores you 50 points.But wrong give you -30 points. 15. Q1. These type ofdiseases cause a verylong term or lifetimeailments to the body.Ans. Chronic diseases. 16. Q2. What is the exact name of theanimals which have mucus glands inskin and 3 chambered heart. Theyhave both gills and lungs tobreathe. Tell the classification ofthe animal kingdom theseorganisms lye in.Ans.Amphibia 17. Q3. Name of thebacteria causingPeptic Ucler?Ans.Helicobacter Pylori 18. Q1. The protozoacausing Kala Azar?Ans. Leishmania 19. Q2. Acne is causedby which bacteria?Ans. Staphylococci 20. Q3. Give oneexample of asyndrome.Ans. AIDS

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