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Date post:10-Mar-2016
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sports in austin and lasa
  • Final Buzzer

    The End of Football as we Know it?

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    Was That A Foul?

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    Top Five Baseball Stadiums

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    Letter from the Editor

    What makes a Soccer

    cleat good

    Was that a Foul?

    The END Of Football

    As We Know It?


    Scrapin the Pedals

    Top Five Baseball


    Frank Lenoir : Inside

    his Ultimate Life

    There Goes the Sixer

    Final Buzzer

  • 1BiosBrian Chen is an athletic nerd, and known to others as a word that rhymes with pinky and starts with Ch. He likes to help people and seeks fun out of doing school work even though he hates it. His most valuable athletic skill is his speed. He likes to use his speed to outrun people and get to the ball, or the frisbee. He plays Ultimate Frisbee a lot, sometimes soccer, and occasionally football. He started playing the violin when he was in the 6th Grade and has kept on with it throughout middle school and will try to play the instrument for the rest of his life. He came to the US from Taiwan when he was 10, but has been going back to Taiwan every summer since then.

    Bikramjit Lubana is a 15-year-old Indian who is currently attending LASA High School. He loves to play soccer and is currently participating in the Lasa Cricket Club and plays everyday. He speaks Hindi, Punjabi, and English is his 3rd language (so pro). He is six feet tall [:D], and likes to use his height and size to his advantage. He loves to play COD (Call of Duty) a lot. He plays on the PS3 and will never ever switch to Xboc Lie. He immigrated from India when he was only a 5-year-old boy. He has been in the USA since then. He also likes to say O YA MIN a lot, which is man, but in a cooler way, so you say Min but you mean man.

    Final Buzzer

  • 2Letter From the EditorsWelcome to the first ever issue of Final Buzzer. Here you will be experiencing the feeling of the final seconds of a game from every single one of the articles. We have stories about sports in Austin, sports at LASA, and other controversial topics that currently exist in the sports world.

    Final Buzzer

  • 3Letter From the EditorsEach story contains the intensity and the excitement that will trigger your inner sport-self. We guarantee that, if you are a true sports person, after you have read some of our articles you will feel the urge to go outside and start playing some physical sports.

    Final Buzzer

    - Brian Chen Bikramjit Lubana

  • What to Look For in Soccer Cleats

    By Bikramjit Lubana

    4 Final Buzzer

  • Buying soccer cleats is not necessarily the easiest choice out there and it can be a big pain because of the hundreds of choices present and. There are a few key factors that you need to look for when making a purchase that will hopefully last you a long time. In my opinion, there are four main things you should look for when you are purchasing soccer cleats; manufacturer, material used to make the cleat, stud types, and size (of course). The three most popular brands out there are Adidas, Nike, and Puma. Nike is starting to come out with great cleats although Adidas has been coming out with cleats forever and they are pretty good. Since the beginning, Adidas has made soccer cleats that are a bit more for wide-feet people while Nike builds shoes more for the narrow footed people. And Puma has just been in the middle, producing nice shoes that fit comfortably and perform well (personally I have a pair of Pumas and I really like them). Material can make all the difference while you are playing in a game. Most people want cleats that fit them perfectly and dont hurt their feat after they take them off after a long game. The two main types of cleats are synthetic and leather cleats. If you want to have cleats that last you a very long time, if your feet arent growing rapidly and if you are willing to spend a bit more money, then leather cleats are the way to go. Leather cleats will shape with your feat giving you the most comfort and better feel when you kick the ball. Another important thing to point is that right now, Kangaroo leather cleats are the best to have as for performance and fitting. On the other hand, there is synthetic material which has a few drawbacks. First of, this type of material doesnt let your feet breathe as much so as you play, it builds up sweet and can cause blisters on your feet. The good part

    about synthetic material is that it is cheap. But, there is a new type of technology about material and this is microfiber technology which makes the feel very soft but the shoe is very strong and lasts a longer time, and it gives the shoe a natural feel. There are two main types of studs or cleats (the bottom part of the shoe). One is the molded studs and the other type is the replaceable stud. There are two sub categories to the molded studs and these are; the original round studs and the X-grip studs. The difference is that the traditional rounded studs are well, round studs under the shoe that can be used on all types of fields. The X-grip studs are more like thin lines under the shoes and have different angles and lengths based on the types of fields they are designed to be used on. I have been talking about types of fields a lot and now I will explain. There are three different grounds; Hard (HG), Firm (FG) and soft ground (SG). Hard ground studs are short for the purpose that they do not dig into the ground and help your feet have enough traction. Soft ground cleats are usually replaceable studs because you can adjust the length and height of them if the ground is wet or soft. Firm ground is the most universal out of all and if you cant afford to buy several cleats and you do play on different types of fields all the time, then buy firm ground cleats. There are a few cleats on the market that are very good right now. As per Adidas, the best cleats that they have as of now is the Adidas F50 Adizero. The Nike company have a long line of good shoes that are under the name, Nike Mercurial Vapor FG (firm ground). Puma doesnt have a best cleat but they do have many great ones. For example the Puma Powercat is really good right now because of its performance. FB

    5Final Buzzer

    Photos from G

    oogle Images

    Adidas F50 Zero cleats Nike Cleats

  • 6By: Bikramjit Lubana

    Photo from: Google Images

    Was that a Foul?

    I was overwhelmed with emotion at that point, pure excitement, full of joy, and then disappointment, said Edu, a former University of Maryland midfielder. I thought that was the moment that we won the game, and then in a matter of seconds, it all changed. Soccer players

    are very good at tricking the referees and getting what they want by over-exaggerating an injury. The referee has to make the right call which is sometimes not the easiest thing to do when you have a player on the ground injured and many others shouting at you to give them a free kick. I asked around to some

    people who were big soccer fans, and they said that this is not how the game of soccer is played and changing it would mean playing a different sport and the would not tolerate this. So, extra sideline referees and instant replays should be added in soccer games to reduce the amount of bad calls.

    Will adding sideline referees help with the controversial fouls?

    Final Buzzer

  • 7To reduce the amount of injuries or fouls called for injuries, each sideline referee should have a different job. On one side, one side line referee should have a job as to figure out the off-sides, and the other referee on the same side should call out the fouls for physical penalties (slide tackling, shoving hard, elbow hits, etc) and so if there are four side line referees total, they should have these two jobs on each side to make it a fair game. It doesnt take a World Cup to emphasise that soccer players are much given to feigning injury after innocuous challenges and also quite happy to try to get opponents shown yellow and red cards, both by pretence and haranguing the referee to take action. says Sean Mason, a reporter on soccer.

    Even though the players arent really hurt, they manage to fake it in such a way, that the referee is put under much pressure to try and make the call that will put him in the best spot. And because of this the outcome can totally change in a matter of seconds.The very word sportsmanship implies fair and generous behaviour. Yet why do field-sports participants now appear to operate on the basis anything is acceptable as long as you can get away with it? commented Mason. Now, soccer players deliberately fake injuries, but do so in such a manner that they get the referee to be on their

    side and still take the advantage but then the idea of sportsmanship comes into hand. It isnt exactly fair for the other team to get penalized for something they never did, and in order to help raise the amount of fairness in a game, extra referees will help.With more referees, calls will be much more accurate. There will be less arguments with the referees, which in turn would reduce the number of cards (yellow or red) that are given to the players. Also by adding two extra side line referees (one on each side) the amount of running for the referees will reduce and so the amount of effort is reduced, therefore the main focus will stay on the game and not on how tired they are. Amid the bedlam that erupted at Ellis Park, referee Koman Coulibaly nullified the goal. The assistant referee had not raised his flag to signal an offside call. TV replays from every conceivable angle offered few clues. According to the U.S. players, Coulibaly decl

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