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Final HR Assignment

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Assignment On

Human Resource Planning (HRP)

Submitted to: Md. Delwar Hossain Khan, Lecturer Department of Business Administration Institute of Science and Technology

Submitted by: Group- Provati BBA 7th semester

Group members:Tanvir Ahmed Mazharul Islam Mahabubur Rahaman Halima bin-te Jaman Solaiman Hossain Shahanur Islam (0630) (0619) (0618) (0617) (0608) (0604

7th March, 2010

Letter of transmittal 7th March, 2010 Md. Delwar Hossain Khan Lecturer, Dept. of BBA Institute of Science and Technology (IST)

Dear Sir, We, the students of BBA, Institute of Science and Technology, members of GroupProvati, were asked to submit an Assignment on Human Resource Planning. Here we select a Company named Provatiphone and submit this Assignment thereon. The information related to our Assignment was available. However, we tried our best to collect the information and represent our Assignment as realistic as possible based on the collected information. Dear Sir, it is necessary to mention here that it was the second analytical task for us. So there may be some mistakes. We hope that you will take them as our mistake of learning efforts. And we also hope that you will encourage us to conduct such study in future that will improve our efficiency in professional career.

Yours truly, Tanvir Ahmed On behalf of The group members of Group-Provati BBA, 7th Semester Institute of Science and Technology (IST)

Acknowledgement First of all, we are grateful to our almighty Allah for keeping us able to conduct this Assignment and to submit this paper at last. Then we would like to thank Md. Delwar Hossain Khan our honorable teacher of Human Resource Management, for encouraging us to conduct such an extra curriculum activity as an essential part of our academic study and also for helping us by providing necessary materials supportive to conduct the study.

Executive SummaryBeing the largest cellular phone company in the country, Provatiphone has to have a huge number of human assets. To deal with those gigantic numbers of employees Provatiphone has a well-established Human Resource Division. They are 54 in number and they are being divided In to four different department. The duties of Human Resource Operation are to ensure the proper employee management after a person joins in the Provatiphone family. Operation has five different units. Among those units, Regular Employee Service ensures the service of regular employee. All the legal aspects also being look after by Regular Employee service unit. Consisting of one deputy manager, one regular employee, one contractual employee and one internee, this unit is working hard to perform their duties and responsibilities. Externally Provatiphone HUMAN RESOURCE division looks like a very powerful division. But Internally there are some dilemmas. Some decisions that were supposed to take by HUMAN RESOURCE, taken by the respective division. Internally Provatiphone most powerful division are Sales & Distribution and Customer Management Division. For the recruitment and selection process GP has a different department under HUMAN RESOURCE division. Recruitment & Selection department. But S&D and CMD run this process of their own. The problem is created by this lots of less qualified employee are recruited and performance is below the standard. These types of employees are hard to handle. HUMAN RESOURCE operation is facing problem to ensure the proper employee service and motivation. HUMAN RESOURCE Operation has a tool name IVC (Internal value Creation). HUMAN RESOURCE uses this tool to motivate the employee. With this tool some internal values that are parallel with the organizational vision, mission and value. Provatiphone has high salary levels that also motivate the employee a lot. Overall Provatiphone HUMAN RESOURCE division is the most active HUMAN RESOURCE division of Bangladesh among all Local Company.

To make an effective Human Resource Plan We need to consider Those Matters:

Forecastin gDeveloping Procedures/ Processes Develo ping Policie s Budge ting Develop ing Objectiv es

Activities of PlanningSchedul ing Taski ng

Develo ping Strate gies

Forecasting: Estimating and predicting future conditions & Events andthe needs & opportunities associated with them. Now our companies Forecasting is given below: We are taking this plan for the next year. Now some other company try to give better customer service and to meet that they are interested to get manpower from university mid level student, this would be less cost able for them. Our govt. also tries to use its own organization to give unique service to the people and for that they demand a huge manpower. Besides of that market condition is so good for business. Now a days 4% potential customer transfer into customer. To meet this demand we also need to get more manpower. By our Human Resources department, Surveyor & Marketing department we try to get more reliable information about the predicted environment.

Developing specific Objective: increase the profit of the company. satisfy the partners of the company finding new customers by providing new attractable promotion offer. developing quality products and tools. eliminate the non-profitable measures. Get the 100% afford of existing staff. Increase of 20% manpower of companies present strength. To create a service-based company whose primary goal is to exceed customer's expectations. To increase our number of clients served by 20% per year through superior performance and word-of-mouth referrals. If we fail to achieve this goal then we changed our work style and thats would be customer oriented. Besides of that we try to increase our present customer loyalty to our company.

Tasking: Job Analysis Job Analysis is: the procedure through which you determine the duties of positions and the characteristics of people to hire for them.

Job analysis

Job description and Job specification

Recruiting & selection decision

Performance Appraisal

Job EvaluationSalary decision

Training Requirements

Fig: Use of Job Analysis Information

Job analysis process

Methods of Collecting Job Analysis Information 1. Interviews 2. Questionnaires 3. Observations 4. Diary Logs Our company mainly uses interviews for identifying job responsibilities. Interview Guidelines:

The Job Analyst & Supervisor should work together to identify which employees know their job best. 2. Establish rapport with interviewee. 3. Follow a structured Guidelines or Checklist that lists questions and leaves space for answers. 4. When duties are not performed in a regular manner, ask employee to list his duties in order of importance. 5. Review and verify the data after the interview.1.

Example of Job Analysis QuestionnaireJob Analysis Information SheetJob Title: ______________________________________ Date: ____________________ Job Grade: ___________________________ Dept: ______________________________ Supervisor's Title: ________________________________________________ ________ Hours worked: _____________ AM to:______________ PM Employee's Name: ________________________________________________________ 1. What is the job's overall purpose? _____________________________________________________________________ 2. Kindly list th e number of subordinates you supervise list their job title. _____________________________________________________________________ 3. Check the activities that are part of the employee's supervisory duties: Training Performance Appraisals Inspecting work Bu dgeting Coach and/or counselling Others (please specify)_________________________________________ 4. Describe the type and extent of supervision received by the employee._________________________________________________________ 5. JOB DUTIES : Describe the duti es of your current job as following: A. Daily duties:_______________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ B. Main Duties:______________________________________________ ________________________________________________ C. Periodic Duties:______________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ D. Duties performed at irregular intervals:_____________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ 6. Are you performing duties that you see as unnecessary? If so, please describe:__________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________



Job Specification

1. 2. 3.

Job Specifications answers the question of "What human traits and experience are required to do this job well? It shows what kind of person to recruit and for what qualities that person should be tested. Our company's job specifications include: Required Knowledge for a certain position Required Skills for a certain position Required Mental Abilities for this position

Job Description Ther e is no standard format for writing a job description. However, most descriptions contain sections that cover: Job Identification Job's Purpose Responsibilities and Duties Job Specifications

1. 2. 3. 4.

Recruitment & Process uitment Definition: Recr

The process of discovering potential candidates for organization vacancies, it requires forecasting and comparing labor supply and demand. Labor Supply: availability of workers with the needed skills In the organization (internal labor marker) Outside the organization (external labor market) Labor demand: number of workers an organization needs.

RecruitmentWe use both Internal & External recruiting but when no internal candidate exist from the job posting, determine the appropria

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