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  • 1. Group 6: Aminata Wurie, David Chak, Laura Galin, Rebecca Varon,Sophia Herbst, Stephanie Taras

2. Are You That Woman? DrivenPassionateChicUnstoppableTalentedAbsolutely Global 3. COMPANY HISTORY 4. LIZ CLAIBORNE INC.Domestic-Based International-Based Partnered brands Direct BrandsDirect Brands and more 5. COMPANY SALES BY BRAND TYPE28% 37%35%Domestic-based direct brandsPartnered brandsInternational-based direct brands 6. LIZ CLAIBORNEENDLESS OPPORTUNITIES 7. OUR PROBLEMLiz Claiborne is currently witnessing aslowing growth in the demand for itsproduct. 8. GRAPH OF CURRENT SALES Recorded RevenuesCompared to 2009 (FY2010) in millionsDomestic-Based Brands$1,120.7 -7.2%Partnered Brands $1,059.3 -32.7%International-Based Brands $831.9 -30.8%Company Record $3,011.9 - 24.4% 9. OUR SOLUTIONLiz Claiborne should realign its marketingstrategy to attract younger women. 10. SWOT ANALYSISStrengthsWeaknesses-Well established brand -Not attracting younger women-International presence -Consumer mentality not in line-Quality goods, moderate pricewith companys objectives-Stable customer base (working-Limited distribution (JC Penney)women)Opportunities Threats-Huge market for younger women-Competition-Possibility for lifetime brand loyalty -Demand for fashions is constantlyfluctuating 11. OUR STRATEGY IS TO BUILD POWERFUL,LIFESTYLE BRANDS THROUGH ABRAND-CENTRIC, DECENTRALIZED APPROACH,FOCUSING ON GREAT PRODUCT - SPECIAL AND EXCITING FROM A VALUE PERSPECTIVE.-BILL MCCOMB, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER 12. CURRENT BRANDING STRATEGY A lifestyle brand: Unique, Creative, Stylish, Emotionally Charged Iconic, guaranteed quality and credibility Exclusive to JC Penney Priced affordably Customer driven, brand-centric approach Ethical company standards 13. Before After 14. SOURCES OF BRAND EQUITY 30 years of success Fortune 500 Global company 40+ countries Isaac Mizrahi: Creative Director for Liz Claiborne NY Tim Gunn: Chief Creative Officer 15. LIZ CLAIBORNE INC. A COMPANY THAT GIVES LizACTS: The corporate volunteering program TheLiz Claiborne foundation has programs to end domestic violence, protect workers rights and implement philanthropy Committed to sustainability 16. OUR NEW TARGET MARKET 17. DEMOGRAPHIC AND GEOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION The United States, especially urban areas Ages 22-30 Highly educated women who have recently finished graduate school or university Able to afford high-end products Important opportunity to gain brand loyalty 18. BEHAVIORALWomen searching for a lifestyle brandNeedsor wants to be fashionable every dayTrusts and prefers certain brands when shopping 19. PSYCHOGRAPHIC Desire stylish, high-quality clothes, and wantto express themselves Fashion-conscious Professional Social Practical 20. MARKETING OBJECTIVES Differentiated (segmented) marketing strategy Attract target market of female youngprofessionals Play up the youthful approach to the line Younger design that is differentiated from theclassic line slightly 21. MARKETING STRATEGIES Price affordable for the young working woman Product Liz Claiborne fashion products Promotion magazines, TV channels, public transportationads, etc Place exclusive to JC Penney or online 22. CO-BRANDING SUGGESTION:EMMA WATSON FOR LIZ CLAIBORNE 23. REASONS FOR SUCCESS Creates positive media buzz and publicity Gives a young and fresh make-over to the classic line Emma Watson is currently a fashion icon for youngwomen Good public image Love from Emma for UK-based brand PeopleTree Isaac Mizrahi for Liz Claiborne NY was a hugesuccess 24. THE PLAN Release limited edition Emma Watson designs for Liz Claiborne 10% of proceeds will be donated to the charity Keeping America Beautiful A charity dedicated to environmental causes 25. CONCLUSIONProperly established in its existing marketNeeds to re-position itself in order to gain popularity among younger womenCan be achieved through manipulation of marketing strategies and co-branding possibilities 26. BIBLIOGRAPYLiz Claiborne Inc. Company. 2 Nov.2010..Liz Claiborne, Inc., Hoovers Company Records. 1November 2010. Hoovers Company Records, ProQuest. Web.Liz Claiborne, Inc. Overview, Company Profile. 6October 2010. DATAMONITOR. Retrieved fromMarketline.

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