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2011 Dear Change-Maker, Countless children in Los Angeles lack the family and community support structures required to be healthy and happy. These kids do not have access to typical educational resources and recreational outlets. Instead, they are surrounded by high crime rates and drug use. They struggle to make it safely through the school day, cope with a tumultuous home life, or get enough to eat – let alone receive the necessary guidance, instruction, and interaction. An alarming 35% of LA School District high school students dropped out last year. More alarming is that it doesn’t have to be this way. The sooner we can provide children with the tools they need to be effective leaders, and the more often we can connect with them, the bigger the difference we can make! Our interaction benefits not only the child, but also the child’s family, friends, community – and thus, our communities, and yours. Activating our Natural Leaders transforms our World. As you may be aware, the KVBL Natural Leaders Program provides empowering, hands-on education to children in the Los Angeles area who are otherwise limited in what they see as possible for themselves and their futures. In the last four years, funds donated to the KVBL have been used to provide:  Teamwork and leadership training and exercises.  Emotional growth coaching, affirmation exercises and personal development support.  Basketball training with the Venice Basketball League’s best players and other celebrities.  Yoga, body alignment, and fitness training from certified fitness professionals.  Surfing instruction from world-renowned experts.  Sustainability, environmental and creative arts education and experiences.  Healthy, organic breakfasts and lunches, along with nutrition education. Your sponsorship provides children with the resources, mentors, and experiences to activate the Natural Leader within each of them. Upon completion of the program, children return to their families and communities, empowered to lead by example and transform their worlds. Without your support, we cannot continue providing children with this game-changing opportunity. Enclosed you will find more information on available sponsorship opportunities. To support our Natural Leaders or ask any questions, please contact me at your convenience. With gratitude,
  • 1. VENICE BASKETBALL LEAGUE Partnership Opportunity - Summer 2014
  • 2. Welcome to the Hooper's Paradise Founded in 2006 by some of Los Angeles' hoop trendsetters, the Venice Basketball League was born as a community tournament and is now one of the most recognizable summer league in the world. Starting from the legendary courts of Venice Beach, we unite everyone around the game that we love.
  • 3. The League The Summer League : Every Sunday from June to September, the Venice Basketball League takes over the basketball courts 12 multicultural teams made of NBA players, NCAA, Professionals, Streetball stars and amateurs, Competing on Venice beach, and other legendary SoCal outdoor courts. 12 events (tournament games, fan fest, world renowned DJs, cheerleaders, art shows , live performances) Summer League game on the main court Team logos
  • 4. KVBL Our partners : The Kids Venice Basketball League : Building upon its tradition of unity, The VBL founded The Kids Venice Basketball League (KVBL) in 2007, a nonprofit collaborative committed to emancipate the under-privileged children of Los Angeles with a guide to an essential active, healthy lifestyle and od course, basketballskills. Every Sunday begins with the KVBL, a strategic basketball camp where kids are exposed to thefollowing : Basketballlessons with some of the Leagues premiere players and other celebrities, Yoga and Surfing, Fitness facts and training from Vegan nutrition professionals, Guidance from gourmet chefs demonstrating the simplicity of healthy meals Afternoon is dedicated to a league with similar VBL format on court #2 It is the goal of the KVBL to provide our youth with empowering experiences while teaching the kids to cultivate a healthy lifestyle, gain confidence in themselves and each other, to truly become Natural Leaders of their own communities. The KVBL promotes teamwork through basketball and introduces kids to healthy diets, exercise, leadership, agriculture and sustainable living. Yoga class with Koya Webb Planting trees in Watts, CA VBL, creators of "Dunk for the Cure
  • 5. Media Links Television The production team behind the VBL has made numerous viral videos, and the event has been featured on several channels such as : Press Sports Illustrated (China) Slam Magazine Five Mag ABC 7 Bazaar TMZ Dime ESPN Santa Monica Mirror USA The Acorn TF1(France) LA Times National Geographic Web 2,000,000 views 12,600 likes 10,300 followers 2,600 followers
  • 6. Celebrities NFL : NBA : George Hill - Pacers Blake Griffin Clippers Kobe Bryant Lakers Chris Paul - Clippers Derrick Rose - Bulls Joakim Noah - Bulls Dwyane Wade - Heat Juaquin Hawkins Olden Polonyce Rick Fox John Salley Ron Artest AC Green - Lakers Drew Gooden Deandre Jordan Keith Closs Nate Robinson Kenny Smith Lucius Allen Kurt Warner Terrell Owens Donald Penn Cameron Jordan Streetball Legends : The Bone Collector Sick Wit It Bobbito Garcia The Assassin Springs The Beast Kenny Dobbs Young Hollywood J.Boogie Black Jack Ryan G Smith Zack Andrew Actors : Musicians : Arnold Schwarzenegger Diamond Dallas Page Wesley Snipes Jon Voight Snoop Dogg The Game Dirt Nasty The Rej3ctz Brian Mcknight Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • 7. Achievements 130+ events produced over the past 7 years VBL dream team participated in over 85 tournaments around the world 13 players went from VBL to paid contract overseas (3 of them in the NBA D league and 1 in the NBA) Awards City of Los Angeles Awarded us 4 years straight for activities enhancing community betterment. Venice Chamber of Commerce KVBL has developed into an award winning healthy lifestyle sports mentoring program Consulting brands like AEG, Komen and Redbull for their basketball events City councilman and officials with Nick Ansom (VBL Founder) Partnerships VBL in Paris VBL at Dodgers stadium raised $3,000 for the cure
  • 8. Sponsorship Proposal Venice Basketball League 2014 (7th edition) The Venice Beach basketball courts are the most popular outdoor courts in the world. Every Sunday 100,000 people are passing by, and over 10.000 stop to watch the VBL games. Showcase, Entertain & inspire The VBL is an entertainment-style competition presenting amazing basketball players, MCs, dancers, music performers, DJs and artists, plunging spectators into an all day urban festival experience.
  • 9. Sponsorship Proposal Sponsorship benefits : To be associated with a sport and entertainment event with inspiring athletes Support a creative community Enable opportunities for promotional operations Gain local & international exposure through various communication channels (Press, Social Media, Viral videos, Web, TV) Customizable packages, giving unlimited options Possibilities : Promotion and sales Brand recognition Courts floors Backboards Banners & signage Uniforms Trophies, awards Live annoucement Tents & booths Sampling products & giveaways Vehicles on site Outside the court Press and social exposure Advertising via VBL website
  • 10. Sponsorship packages SPONSORSHIP LEVELS Logo on website Banner Display Name on Press Release/Social Media Name Live Announcement Logo on Jerseys/Team Sponsor Branded Promotional Tent Advertising in Videos and DVDs Court/Backboard Signage VBL Title Presented by your name Name on Award/Trophy VIP Access/ Courtside seats Jumbo Screen/Live Broadcast w/Logo TITLE $100,000 PLATINUM $25,000 GOLD $10,000 SILVER $5,000 BRONZE $1,000
  • 11. Event Layout Vendors 10 x 10 canopy V1 Booth V2 Booth Fan fest 10 x 10 canopy F1 Booth F2 Booth Trucks T1 Food truck T2 Food truck T3 Welcome truck T4 Fan fest truck VIP PARKING VIP EVENTS WEEKLY
  • 12. Calendar 2014 Summer league dates : May 11th Try out @ Venice Beach June 1st Opening day @ Venice Beach June 8th Week 2 @ Venice Beach June 15th Week 3 @ Venice Beach June 22nd Week 4 @ Venice Beach July 6th Week 5 @ Venice Beach July 13th A spiritual journey @ Angels Gate July 20th End of regular season @ Venice Beach July 26 & 27th All Star Week-end @ Venice Beach August 10th Quarter finals @ Venice Beach August 14th Semi finals @ Hollywood Rec Center August 17th Final @ Venice Beach September 19th to 21st VBL World Games @ Venice Beach (16 invite only international teams)
  • 13. Contact Public Relations Alexandra Van Iden [email protected] Marketing Nayeli Priego [email protected] Producer Craig Nobles [email protected] Event Coordinator Chikako Horii [email protected] President / Founder Nick A. Gaillard [email protected] For more info visit us www.veniceball.com