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Finnish Perspective to the Personalised Medicine while Bridging towards Horizon 2020

Date post:06-Sep-2014
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EuroBioForum 2012 | 18 April 2012Presentation by Merja Hiltunen, Research and Innovation Counsellor at the Finnish Liaison Office for EU R&D of Tekes
  • Finnish perspective to the Personalised Medicine while Bridging towards Horizon 2020 EuroBioForum 2012, 18 April Merja Hiltunen, MD, PhD Counsellor, Research and Innovation Tekes Brussels Office Embassy of Finland DM 913958 10-2011 Copyright Tekes
  • Tekes the Finnish Funding Agencyfor Technology and Innovation DM 607668 03-2011 Copyright Tekes
  • Public sector activities of R&D in Finland PARLIAMENT Research and Innovation GOVERNMENT Council Ministry of Ministry of Other Education and Employment ministries Culture and the and their Economy institutes Academy Sitra of Tekes Finnvera plc Finland Finpro VTT, Finnish Technical Industry Universities Research Investment Ltd Centre Regional ELY-Centres Copyright Tekes
  • Tekes R&D funding in 2011Total 610 milj. euros and 1 928 projects Funding for SHOK R&D grants research programmes to companies and 81 milj. public organisations 225 milj. Research funding for universities, research institutes and polytechnics 203 milj. R&D loans for companies 101 milj. The funding for R&D includes 18 million euros from EU Structural Funds. Research programmes of the Strategic Centres for Science, Technology and Innovation (SHOK) are joint programmes for research organisations and companies. DM 840918 ja 450969 01-2012 Copyright Tekes
  • Focus areas of Tekes strategyBusiness in globalvalue networks Natural resources and sustainable economyValue creation based on servicesolutions and intangible assets Intelligent Vitality environments of peopleRenewing services andproduction by digital means Strategic research areas determined by the Strategic Centres for Science, Technology and Innovation DM 909717 Copyright Tekes
  • 1) What is the state of affairs in PersonalisedMedicine in your region / country / organisation? Tekes Pharma Programme (2008-2011) promoted personalised medicine by funding research and development public and company projects where new molecular biology tools and biomarkers were developed for diagnostic purposes. The programme strengthened cooperation with pharmaceutical non-clinical and clinical research networks and funded the development of a national operations model for clinical research in Finland. FiDiPro Finland Distinguished Professor Programme implemented and financed by the Academy of Finland and Tekes, provides competitive grants to projects recruiting both international and expatriates, highly merited scientists who are able to commit to long- term cooperation with a Finnish university or research institute. With respect to Personalised Medicine, Tekes has funded two FiDiPro projects, which will continue until the end of the year 2014. DM 10-2011 Copyright Tekes
  • Pharma Programme themes (2008-2011) Predictive models and methods Chemical production technologyPharma accelerating and supporting and innovative medical the drug development process formulations Patient samples and registry data Solutions for synthesis and development to support research of cost effective synthetic pathways Identifying and exploiting biomarkers New production technologies for Understanding pathogenetic promising drug candidates and generic mechanisms as well as pharmaco- medicines kinetics and mechanisms of action Innovative drug formulations for children, the elderly and for veterinary use Drug delivery technologies The development of a Networked business models national operational model Developing business skills for clinical drug research Production of innovations and Reformation and harmonisation access of new products to the of clinical processes and market operations Development of therapy-specific clusters Copyright Tekes
  • FinnTrials - Tekes funded Pharma Programme project offive Finnish University hospitals Project aims to develop a national operational model with internet based supportive administrative services for clinical research The project will create unified principles of action and the single point of access to speed the feasibility of clinical trials in Finland FinnTrials has made possible for national clinical research organisations to operate as a network in Finland to achieve better results of each hospital district projects Connections has been built to ECRIN (European Clinical Research Infrastructures Network) collaborations, too Copyright Tekes
  • Personalised Medicine as a part of FiDiPro ProgrammeFiDiPro project 1:Translational Research and Personalised Medicine FiDiPro Professor Jonathan Knowles Finnish host organisation: University of Helsinki, Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM); Director, Professor Olli Kallioniemi DM 10-2011 Copyright Tekes
  • Personalised Medicine as a part of FiDiPro programmeFiDiPro project 2:Systems Biology of Cancer: Mapping, Methods and Modeling forthe Cancer Genome FiDiPro Professor Wei Zhang Finnish host organisation: Tampere University of Technology, Department of Signal Processing; Professor Olli Yli-Harja DM 10-2011 Copyright Tekes
  • Vitality of peoplePriorities Health promotion Preventive healthcare Personalised solutions for wellbeing Intelligent monitoring Utilization of data resources Efficient and high-quality social and health care service system Work and learning that regenerate human skills and capabilities Affective and meaningful free time experiences DM 909717 Copyright Tekes
  • Vitality of peopleCurrent priority: Personalised health and wellbeingTekes Call for proposals 1.1- 28.2.2012 CLOSED- Strategic openings of research groups-Public research-Excellence and high level competences for future businesses DM 10-2011 Copyright Tekes
  • 2) What are the challenges for your region /country / organisation? Implementing personalised medicine will require a high degree of collaboration amongst the many stakeholders in the life science and medical sectors Implementation of Medicines Policy 2020 of Ministry of Social Affairs and Health The document Medicines Policy 2020 (Towards efficient, safe, rational and cost-effective use of medicines) reports on the joint objectives of the social welfare and healthcare authorities and stakeholders in the field of medicines by the year 2020. National network and operating model for biobanks is needed Strategic plan and vision Resources needed Competitive knowledge and business base. Efforts by academia and industry need to be stepped up Biobank Act is intende
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