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Fire Emblem Fates - Nintendo - Official Site - Video …€¦ · Fire Emblem™ Fates 1 Important...

Date post: 07-Sep-2018
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Fire Emblem™ Fates 1 Important Information Getting Started 2 amiibo 3 Information-Sharing Precautions 4 Internet Enhancements 5 Note to Parents and Guardians How to Play 6 User Guide 7 Getting Started 8 Saving and Deleting Data About My Castle 9 My Castle
  • Fire Emblem Fates

    1 Important Information

    Getting Started

    2 amiibo

    3 Information-Sharing Precautions

    4 Internet Enhancements

    5 Note to Parents and Guardians

    How to Play

    6 User Guide

    7 Getting Started

    8 Saving and Deleting Data

    About My Castle

    9 My Castle

  • 10 Viewing My Castle


    11 StreetPass

    12 SpotPass

    13 Local Interactions

    14 Wireless Battles

    15 Downloadable Content (Paid)


    16 Support Information

  • 1 Important Information

    Please read this manual carefullybefore using the software. If thesoftware will be used by children,the manual should be read andexplained to them by an adult.

    Also, before using this software,please sele in the HOME Menuand carefully review content in"Health and Safety Information." Itcontains important information thatwill help you enjoy this software.

    You should also thoroughly readyour Operations Manual, includingthe "Health and Safety Information"section, before using this software.

    Please note that except whereotherwise stated, "Nintendo 3DS"refers to all devices in theNintendo 3DS family, including theNew Nintendo 3DS,New Nintendo 3DS XL,Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL,and Nintendo 2DS.

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    ksa ew dna ,srehto fo ytreporplautcelletni eht stcepser odnetniN

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  • 2015 Nintendo / INTELLIGENTSYSTEMS

    Trademarks are property of theirrespective owners. Nintendo 3DS isa trademark of Nintendo.


    Powered by Live2D

  • 2 amiibo

    This software support .You can use compatible amiiboaccessories by touching them to thelower screen o f yourNew Nintendo 3DS o rNew Nintendo 3DS XL system. If youtap an amiibo to your system, thecharacter will appear in My Castle(page 9).

    An amiibo can be read by multiplecompatible software titles.

    Fire Emblem Fates does not save

    Using near-field communicat ion(NFC ), amiibo can connect tocompatible software to open brand-new ways to interact with yourfavorite Nintendo games. For moreinformation, please visit Nintendo'soff icial websi te athttp://www.nintendo.com/amiibo.


  • data to amiibo, so you will notneed to delete any existing gamedata when using an amiibo withthis software.

    If you cannot restore corrupteddata for the amiibo, ope onthe HOME Menu and then resetthe data under amiibo Settings.

    Precaution about amiibo Just a light touch on the lower

    screen is enough for the system todetect your amiibo. Do not pressthe ami ibo into the screen orforcefully drag it across the screen.

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    ro ,LX SD3 odnetniN ,SD3odnetniN a htiw obiima gnisU


  • 3 Information-Sharing Precautions

    User-generated content, or UGC, iscontent created by users, such asmessages, Mii characters, images,photos, video, audio, etc.

    Information-Sharing Precautions

    Nintendo bears no responsibilitywhatsoever for any problems thatresult from the use of the Internet(for example, the sending ofcontent over the Internet, or thesending or receiving of contentwith others).

    The extent of UGC exchangedepends on the software.

  • 4 Internet Enhancements

    To protect your privacy, do notg ive out personal information,such as last name, phone number,birth date, age, school, e-mail, or

    Protecting Your Privacy

    To connect to the Internet, youwill need to go through InternetSet t ing s. Please refer to theOperations Manual for details onInternet Settings.

    Visit othe r players' cast les /upload your own data (page 9)

    Receive feedback from otherplayers (page 12)

    Wireless battle (page 14) Purchase DLC (page 15)

    Connecting to the Internet allowsyou to do the following things:

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  • home address whencommunicating with others.

    Friend codes are a part of asystem that allows you to playwith people you know. I f youexchange fr iend codes withst rangers, there is a r isk youcould share info rmat ion withpeople you do no t know orexchange messages that containoffensive language. We thereforerecommend that you do not giveyour friend codes to people youdon't know.

  • 5 Note to Parents and Guardians

    You can restrict use of the followingfeatures by adjusting the options inParental Controls. Please refer to your Operations

    Manual for information on how toset up Parental Controls.

    Nintendo 3DS Shopping ServicesRestr ict the purchase o fdownloadable content.

    Online InteractionRestrict online battles (page 14)and interactions with other usersonline (page 9).

    StreetPassRestrict the exchange of databetween users via StreetPass.

  • 6 User Guide

    To reset the game and return tothe title screen, press + +

    simultaneously. Youcannot reset your game duringwireless communication.

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  • Touch the icons displayed on theTouch Screen to navigate andtoggle various kinds of information.

    If combat animations have beendisabled in the Options menu,pressing and holding whenengaging in combat with anenemy will display the animation.

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  • 7 Getting Started

    The main menu will be displayedwhen you start the game.

    Select New Game to start the gamefrom the beginning. You can lower the difficulty even

    after you've started the game.However, you will not be able toraise it.

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  • To continue a previous game, selectContinue and then a save file toload (page 8). If you had a bookmark, it will be


    You can do various things related to



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  • wireless communications and datamanagement.

  • 8 Saving and Deleting Data

    Save from the assistant menu in MyCastle (page 9).

    There are three kinds of save files:

    You can also save aftercompleting a chapter.

    Select Save from the System Menuduring a battle to save your currentprogress. This option is available in Casual

    and Phoenix modes.

    You can save your progress during abattle and suspend the game byselecting Bookmark from the SystemMenu. When you resume the game,the bookmark will disappear. This option is available in Classic


    On the main menu, you can copy a


    evaS kciuQ

    evaS lamroN

    tnemeganaM ataD

    ataD gnivaS

  • save file by selecting Copy or deletea save file by selecting Delete. Deleted data cannot be

    recovered, so be careful. Save files with on the right

    side are saved on the SD Card.

    From the main menu, select Extrasand then select Wipe Data to deleteall data.

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  • 9 My Castle

    My Castle iintroduced in thgame as your hombase. Here you caprepare for battle,build a town, go shopping, andgather materials. You can also usewireless communication to sendyour My Castle data to otherplayers.

    By pressin or talking toyour assistant and selectingBuildings, you can create andrearrange buildings in the area.Selecting Change Style will let youchange the appearance of the area,and Change Music will let youadjust the background music.

    Using your Crystal Ball's StreetPassTeam option (page 10), you canedit the team and message that yousend out via StreetPass (page 11)

    maeT ssaPteertS ruoY gnitidE

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  • or wireless communications.

    Using the Crystal Ball's Visit Castlesoption, you can connect to theInternet and visit other players'castles. You can also visit otherplayers' castles via StreetPass (page11). Once you've visited a castle

    once, it will take 24 hours beforeyou can make the journey thereagain.

    You can edit the team you wantto use for Wireless Battles (page14) via the Extras option on themain menu.

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  • While visiting another castle, youcan give that player's avatar anaccessory by talking to him or her. Don't worry! You're giving the

    other player an exact copy ofyour accessory. You won't loseyour accessories by doing this.


  • 10 Viewing My Castle

    Castle NameYou can change your castle's nameby pressin or by talking toyour assistant and selecting CastleSettings and then Change Name.

    My Castle Map means there is a special event


    Names that contain a lot ofnumbers or use unpleasant wordsmay not display properly to otherplayers.

    Dragon Vein Points (DVP)These are used to place or upgradebuildings. You can obtain them bycompleting battles or visiting othercastles.

    neercS eht gniweiV


  • Time of DayThere are four distinct times of day:

    mornin afternooevening, an night. The time ofday will change if you completebattles or after some time haspassed.

    Owned Raw MaterialsThese are used for weapon forging,cooking, and wagering in the arena.You can obtain them by speakingwith characters or by checking onyour fields, gardens, mines,orchards, or springs.

    Toggling Between ScreensYou can toggle between screens bytapping the Touch Screen.

    StreetPass Team InformationYour Calling CardMy Castle Map

    d ,n ,g

    llaB latsyrC

    .erom hcum dna,obiima esu ,seltsac tisiv ,atad

    ruoy etadpu otsnoitacinummocsseleriw esu nacuoy ,llaB latsyrCeht gnikcehc yB

  • 11 StreetPass

    your My Castle's Traveler's Plaza. Ifyou speak to them, you can visittheir castle or do one of thefollowing things:

    Obtain calling cards by selectingObtain Card.View your calling cards by checkingthe bulletin board in Traveler's Plazaor by selecting Calling Cards in theCrystal Ball's Visit Castles menu.

    ) ssaPteertS(sdraC gnillaC egnahcxE

    draC gnillaC ruoY gnitidE

    .draCtidE gnitceles dna llaB latsyrC

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    ni raeppa lliw ratava rieht ,delbaneerutaef ssaPteertS eht evah ohw

    sreyalp rehto yb ssap uoy nehW

  • You can battle at your own castle oranother player's castle.If you win, you can select one ofyour opponent's characters to addto your Unit Logbook.

    To stop StreetPass, go to HOMEMenu -> System Settings -> DataManagement and delete theStreetPass data for this software.If you wish to activate StreetPass

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    eht rof ssaPteertS etavitca oT

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  • .llaB latsyrCeht morf ti etavitca esaelp ,niaga

  • 12 SpotPass

    Check the data you receive fromother players by selecting Inbox inthe Crystal Ball menu.

    Did you know that you can receivespecial presents even when you'renot playing the game? This is doneby putting your system into SleepMode. Simply set up your system'sInternet connection to automaticallyconnect to an access point(sometimes called a wireless LAN)and check for information. Thenactivate SpotPass for this game! Data received through the

    SpotPass feature is saved on SDCards.

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    .sgnitteSssaPtopS gnitceles neht

    dna ,sartxE gnitceles ,unemniam eht ot gniog yb ssaPtopS

    etavitca osla nac uoY

  • 13 Local Interactions

    - One Nintendo 3DS system perplayer- One copy of the software perplayer

    By interacting with other players,you can acquire items and rawmaterials, visit their castles, andmuch more.

    Select Interact from the Crystal Ballmenu.

    Select Create Session. Once apartner is found, the sequence willstart.

    Creating a session

    Joining a session

    .htiw tcaretni ot reyalpeht tceles ot noisseS nioJ tceleS


    ) yalP lacoL( sreyalPrehtO htiw gnitcaretnI

    :deeN lliW uoY

  • 14 Wireless Battles

    - One Nintendo 3DS system perplayer- One game per player

    You can battle other players.

    From the main menu, select Extras,then Wireless Battle, and then LocalBattle.

    1. Select Join Session, and thenselect an opponent.

    2. Select your team, and wait untilthe battle begins.

    Joining a session

    1. Select Create Session. Once theopponent team is found, thegame will proceed to the team-selection sequence.

    2. After selecting a team and rules,the battle will begin.

    Creating a session

    ) tenretnI( elttaB tenretnI


    ) yalP lacoL( elttaB lacoL

    :deeN lliW uoY

  • Connect to the Internet and battleother players by going to the mainmenu and selecting Extras, thenWireless Battle, and then InternetBattle.You can choose to battle a friend ora random opponent. Once anopponent has been found, you mustselect your units and set some rulesbefore the battle will begin.

    selttaBsseleriW ni desU smaeT

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    maet eno tsael ta evahuoy sselnu elttaB tenretnI ro

    elttaB lacoL esoohc tonnac uoY

    .maeT etaerC neht dna ,elttaBsseleriW neht ,sartxE tceles

    dna unem niam eht ot oG .1

    .esu ot elif evas eht tceles,maet ruoy gnisoohc retfA .2

    .maet eht retsiger ot KOtceles ,dehsinif er'uoy nehW.slliks piuqenu ro piuqe dna,smeti rieht ezinagro ,yolped

    ot sretcarahc eht enimreteD .3

  • 15 Downloadable Content (Paid)

    This game allows you to purchasedownloadable content (additionalpaths and/or content) via theInternet using funds from yourNintendo eShop account. Purchasedcontent can be played fromDragon's Gate or Play DLC.

    New paths can be purchased byselecting Explore Fates on the mainmenu. These paths can also bepurchased at a certain point in thegame.

    2. Select the DLC you wish to

    1. On the world map, go toDragon's Gate and selectPurchase DLC.

    Dragon's Gate will be accessibleafter you advance the story to acertain point.

    CLD gnisahcruP

    esahcruP ot woH

    ) tenretnI( tnetnoCelbadaolnwoD gnisahcruP

    shtaP lanoitiddA gnisahcruP

  • purchase, and select Buy.3. Confirm the notes about the

    content shown on the screen,and then select Next.

    4. Select Purchase again, and thedownload will begin.

  • CLD gnisahcruP tuobA

    .woleb debircsed satpecxe eerf rof dedaolnwodereb nac CLD ,desahcrup ecnO

    .secivres rostcudorp rehto rof degnahcxe

    eb ton yam dna elbadnufer-non si CLD desahcruP

    .pohSe odnetniN fo noitcesytivitcA tnuoccA eht ni CLDdesahcrup ruoy kcehc nac uoY

    .deunitnocsid yltnenamrepro yliraropmet neeb sah

    taht meti na si ti fi erawtfosdaolnwoder tonnac uoY

    .DI krowteNodnetniN ruoy esare uoy

    fi ro noitpo tnuoccA eteleDeht tceles uoy fi erawtfos

    daolnwoder tonnac uoY

    .metsystaht no elbaliava eb ton

    lliw desahcrup evah uoy smeti,metsys rehtona otni draC DS

    eht tresni uoy fI .ti esahcrupot desu metsys SD3odnetniN

    eht htiw elbitapmocylno si CLD desahcruP

    .draC DS eht otdevas eb lliw CLD desahcruP

  • You must have sufficient funds inyour Nintendo eShop account tocover the purchase price of the DLC.If you do not have enough funds inyour account, select Add Fundswhen prompted to add funds toyour account.A Nintendo eShop Card or creditcard is needed to add funds to youraccount. You can store your credit-card

    information, which lets you addfunds to your account, by simplyentering the password youestablished when you firstentered the credit-cardinformation.

    You can delete the credit-cardinformation at any time b

    .pohSe odnetniNni rehtO / sgnitteS gnissecca


    tnuoccAruoY ot sdnuF gniddA

  • 16 Support Information

    8707-855-524 )100(:naebbiraC/aciremA nitaL


    MOC.ODNETNIN.TROPPUSecivreS remotsuC odnetniN