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First 5 San Mateo County Early Brain Development Social Marketing Consultant RFP Applicants’...

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First 5 San Mateo County Early Brain Development Social Marketing Consultant RFP Applicants’ Conference March 31, 2005
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First 5 San Mateo County Early Brain Development Social Marketing Consultant RFP Applicants Conference March 31, 2005 Slide 2 Proposition 10 and First 5 Background and history Slide 3 What is Prop 10? A ballot measure passed in 1998 that added a $.50 surtax on tobacco products A new source of revenue to fund services for children 0-5 years old and their families Slide 4 What is First 5 California? First 5 CA, also known as the CA Children and Families Commission, was established after voters passed Prop 10 in November 1998 Slide 5 Why Children 0-5? Critical brain development occurs before age 3 Brain development is strongly influenced by the childs environment Stresses experienced during this critical period can have long lasting impact Slide 6 First 5 Statewide Opportunities Kit for New Parents Provided to every newborn (10,000) each year and distributed locally First 5 Service Corps Engaging VISTA and AmeriCorps volunteers county-wide in activities that support school readiness Slide 7 First 5 San Mateo County: Success for Every Child An average of $9 million per year in local funds for kids 0 through 5 A local Commission who determines funding priorities and policy direction Slide 8 Commissioners Maureen Borland, Director, Human Services Agency, Vice Chair Patricia Bresee, Public Member Richard Gordon, Board of Supervisors Harvey Kaplan, MD, Chief of Pediatrics Christine Kennedy, Ph.D., Public Member John Mehl, Ph.D., Superintendent of Schools Patricia Miljanich, Public Member Margaret Taylor, County Managers Appointment, Chair Taara Hoffman, Public Member 2 Youth Commissioners Slide 9 Funding Strategies Competitive Grant making Implementation and Planning Grants $1,962,500 every 18 months Strategic Initiatives $7 million per year over 10 years Slide 10 10 Year Strategic Initiatives by Focus Area Health & Well-Being: $4.3 million annually Healthy Kids Early Brain Development Child Care & Early Learning: $1.6 million annually Preschool for All SmartKids Facilities Improvements Family & Parent Support: $.1 million annually Exposure to Violence/Substance Abuse Slide 11 Strategic Initiative Implementation Timeline Slide 12 Early Brain Development Initiative Phase II Background Slide 13 $2 million per year was approved for the Early Brain Development Strategic Initiative $1 million per year of this amount was awarded to Pre-to-Three in April 2003 as part of EBD Phase 1 Early Brain Development Design Group was convened in Spring 2003 to Develop a Strategic Plan Background Slide 14 Strategic Plan Goals 1. Increase community awareness of the importance of Early Brain Development 2. Increase investment and participation by all sectors of the community 3. Create an early brain development infrastructure that would share best practices and interventions based on neuroscience Slide 15 Strategic Plan Goals Continued 4. Promote developmental assessment of all children and appropriate interventions 5. Strengthen community collaborations to expand services that promote best practices related to early brain development Slide 16 EBD Research Findings Focus Groups: parents turn to their parents; prefer workshops/classes for additional information Family Survey: parental stress & depression Slide 17 Select Recommendations Use existing resources Use word of mouth strategies Look beyond the usual suspects Slide 18 Conclusion Altering parental behavior requires a tailored and consistent messaging campaign. EBD is a framework for a messaging Slide 19 Implications for Social Marketing Campaign Information channels to consider include mass media such as television and radio, word of mouth strategies, door to door canvassing, community and other public events, the internet, and local print media. Slide 20 Implications for Social Marketing Campaign Engaging people through these channels means identifying nontraditional partners through nontraditional means: opinion leaders, business leaders, and informal networks (e.g., places of worship, hair and nail salons, grocery stores, libraries, etc) Slide 21 Early Brain Development Social Marketing Consultant RFP Guidelines Slide 22 RFP Funding Up to $125,000 to support planning activities for F5SMCs Early Brain Development Marketing Campaign Slide 23 Supplantation No First 5 San Mateo County funds can be used to supplant state or local general fund money for any purpose. Prop. 10 funding may be used only to supplement existing levels of service and not to fund existing levels of service. Slide 24 Proposal Process Release of RFPMarch 22, 2005 Applicants ConferenceMarch 31, 2005 Proposals DueApril 18, 2005 Slide 25 Proposal Process, contd. Oral Interviews with Selected Applicants May 2, 2005 Negotiations with Selected Applicants Week of May 9 AppealsWithin 5 calendar days after being informed proposal was not selected Slide 26 Proposal Process, contd. Announcement of Award May, 2005 Project BeginsJune 1, 2005 Project EndsDec 30, 2005 Slide 27 Proposal Format Typed, double-spaced in 12-point font, margins no less than 1 on any side, consecutively numbered pages Project Narrative may be no longer than 20 double spaced pages One original copy, unbound and six copies securely bound with a staple Slide 28 Proposal Components Cover Sheet Table of Contents Project Narrative Scope of Work Budget Budget Narrative Staff Information Proof of 501(c)3 Status (if applicable) MOU with subcontractors (if applicable) References Sample Work Products Slide 29 Project Narrative (20 pages total) Begin with a good summary of agencys ability to produce a high quality social marketing plan Follow the written instructions in the RFP Write what reviewers need to know to understand the proposal Be innovative and creative Slide 30 Project Narrative: Applicant Capability Describe how your organization is qualified to design an effective social marketing plan Slide 31 Project Narrative: Development of Social Marketing Plan Describe how you will conduct an environmental assessment, segment the target markets, develop a marketing strategy and evaluation plan Slide 32 Project Narrative: Staffing Describe proposed staffing for the project, including the responsibilities of each staff person, and his or her qualifications Slide 33 Scope of Work List the major objectives, activities and timelines, and the staff responsible for each. This should guide you in the implementation of your planning process. Identify process measures and outcomes that will result from the planning process. Slide 34 Budget/Budget Narrative Present a line item budget with accompanying budget narrative Allowable activities are those necessary for the completion of your grant Identify consultants and subcontractors you will use Identify leveraged funds where appropriate For-profit agencies should describe what their profit margin is for this project Slide 35 Required Attachments Job descriptions and resumes for Staff and Consultants Proof of Nonprofit Status (if applicable) MOU with Major Collaborators (if applicable) References (at least two) Sample Work Products Slide 36 Signature The Cover Sheet must be signed by an authorized representative of the applicant agency. A proposal with an unsigned Cover Sheet will be rejected Slide 37 Proposal Due Date All proposals must be received in hard copy (one unbound original and six stapled copies) by April 18, 2005 First 5 San Mateo County 1700 S. El Camino Real, Suite 405 San Mateo, CA 94402 Slide 38 Review Process A review panel comprised of F5SMC staff and outside experts will assess each proposal according to Review Criteria at the back of the RFP Recommendations will be made to the Commission and the Commission will make the final decision Slide 39 Proposal Review April 26, 2005 First 5 SMC Staff and Community Experts review May 2, 2005 Selected Applicants interviewed by Review panel May, 2005 Commission approval Slide 40 How Do You Get More Help? Call or email Michelle Sioson at 650-372-9500 Ext. 232, [email protected] Slide 41 Questions?