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First Presentation IFAIMA

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First IFAIMA presentation on behalf of the Implementation Commission at the MID AIM Seminar (Cairo, 21-23 October 2008). With the cooperation of ICAO, Eurocontrol and several countries, the meeting was held and organized by NANSC (Egypt national air navigation services company).The presentation was prepared by Ahmed Allam and presented by Kabir Gusau members of our Implementation Commission.

International Federation of AIM AssociationsOn behalf of the Implementation Commission

Prepared by Ahmed Allam CAIRO AIS

Presented by Kabir Y. Gusau President AISAN/AFAISA


23 Persons representing 37 Countries have signed the convention for the creation of IFAIMA, during the Global AIM Congress 2008 in Singapore

Singapore convention

ObjectsTo operate as a non-political Federation of Aeronautical Information ;Management and Aeronautical Communications Associations To promote safety, efficiency and regularity in International Air ;Navigation To assist and advise in the development of Aeronautical Information Management and Aeronautical Communications, in order to maintain ;the safe, orderly and expeditious flow of air traffic To uphold a high standard of knowledge and professional efficiency amongst Aeronautical Information Management and Aeronautical ;Communications personnel To protect and safeguard the collective professional interests of Aeronautical Information Management and Aeronautical ;Communications personnel To make mutual benefit affiliations with other professional ;organisations To strive for a worldwide Federation of Aeronautical Information .Management and Aeronautical Communications Associations

In order to follow these objects, :IFAIMA willClosely co-operate with national and international Aviation Authorities and ;other Institutions or persons concerned with Air Navigation Set up Committees for studying new techniques and facilities necessary and ;useful for the safety of International Air Navigation Collect and distribute information on professional problems and ;developments Levy affiliation fees, annual subscriptions and charges upon its member Associations to provide the funds for an effective management of IFAIMA ;activities Issue an official journal and other publications for the purpose of promulgating and advancing matters of Aeronautical Information ;Management and Aeronautical Communications Sponsor and support the passage of legislation and regulations which will increase and protect the safety of air navigation through the improvement of working conditions of Aeronautical Information Management and ;Aeronautical Communications personnel

Implementation Commission

As article 9 of the convention : 9. The Implementation Commission has the sole purpose of implementing IFAIMA by means of its registration before Authorities, and publicize it with the sole purpose of obtaining new Associates to it.

Implementation CommissionEgypt Mr. Ahmed Allam [email protected] - [email protected] Indonesia Mr. Budiono Richwan [email protected] Nigeria - Mr. Kabir Gusau [email protected] Portugal - Mr. Fernando Lopes [email protected] Slovak Republic - Mr. Lukas Galbavy [email protected] - [email protected] [email protected] Turkey Mrs. Mehtap Demir [email protected]

Composition of the

Registration in PortugalThis is the governmental registration card in Portugal on 2008/08/13

Application for Membership You can download the membership form from our website http://www.ifaima.org )under construction) or our blog http://ifaima-federation.blogspot.com

IFAIMA needs more Members, so please, contact us by mail [email protected] or visit us www.ifaima.org )under construction) http//forum.ifaima.org http://ifaima-federation.blogspot.com

we are approaching we will be on line all the time

Let's fly to the place of the first Assembly and the election of the first Executive Board

The Global AIM Congress JUNE 2009/South Africa


[email protected] www.ifaima.org )under construction) http//forum.ifaima.org http://ifaima-federation.blogspot.com

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