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  • FITS COGNOS REPORTING MANUAL NEW COGNOS LINK http://cognos.yumnet.com/crn/

  • ReportNet Overview

  • FITS ReportsClick FITS Reports link

    Click FITS Reports link

  • A list of FITS Reports

  • FITS Reports (Cont)Notes:You should always use New Report View Wizard to save all your reports to My Folders, instead of running in public folder directly. The reasons areIt allows you to schedule your own reportsIt gives you more choices to manipulate your reportsIf you want, you can still run reports in Public Folders directly as described in item 4 below.

  • Run report in My FoldersSave report to My Folders using New Report View WizardSet Report PropertiesRun/Schedule ReportsView Reports

    Notes: The first 2 steps are just one-time actions for the first time you use a particular report.

  • New Report View Wizard Click Finish button to accept the above update and close the wizard If you want to stop proceeding, You can click Cancel button.

  • Set Properties of report in My FoldersClick Properties button

  • Specify default report Output Format. You may use PDF or Excel 2000 frequently. But I would suggest using PDF as default. Set default Prompt values and deselect Prompt for values. This allows you to save the specific set of data you would like to see in the report. Click OK to save above selections. Cancel to ignore all the selections and go back to My FoldersSet Properties of report in My Folders (Cont)

  • Run ReportClick Blue Arrow to run report

  • Run Report (Cont)

  • Schedule ReportSchedule Report

  • Schedule Report (Cont)

  • View ReportView report,

    This button will not appear until you run report or scheduled report is executed

  • View Report (Cont)Click this link to view report

  • Miscellaneous features in My FoldersDifferent layout of view on web pageCreate folder in My Folders so that you can organize report by year, bmu,minibmu, country,etc.One of useful functions inside is that you can copy report and give different name

  • Project Listing ReportsThese reports contain the detailed milestone forecasts for the projects which are selectedThere are separate reports for Openings, Closures, and RemodelsThese reports can be used to guide team meetings to discuss project planning

  • Example of Project Listing-Closures Prompts

  • Example of Project Listing-Closures Prompts (Cont)

  • Example of Project Listing-Closures Prompts (Cont)

  • Example of Project Listing-Closures Prompts (Cont) Click Finish button to view the report result Click the
  • Example of Project Listing-Closures Report ResultsSave copy of report to local diskPrint reportData from Fits as of

  • Send report by emailClick OK to accept above selectionClick Cancel to ignore what you have done

  • View in PDF formatData from Fits as of

  • View in Excel2000 formatThis dialog box is the first screen you will see, make sure you always select open, instead of save

  • View in Excel2000 format (Cont)Then you will see this dialog box.Click Yes

  • View in Excel2000 format (Cont)Click Save As to save report to your local disk

    Click Print to print the report

  • Click return to go back to report list (see below)

  • Pipeline Counts ReportsThese reports can be used to provide a snapshot of project counts at each milestoneIt uses the Current Milestone to categorize the projects in your pipelineYou can compare the movement of your pipeline from month to monthThere are separate Pipeline Counts reports for Openings, Closures and Remodels

  • Example of Pipeline Counts-Closures Report ResultsData from Fits as of

  • Plan, Forecast, Actuals by Period Reports These reports can be used to compare the counts of projects for each period from your pipeline of actual projects, your AOP and your Best Guess outlookThe counts for the Actual YTD and Pipeline are calculated using the individual data in FITS, for all projects with a completion forecast date in that particular period.The counts for the AOP and Best Guess lines are calculated using the data input by the Directors in the AOP Planning screen (not from any individual project data)You can chart your teams actual YTD progress and pipeline strength against your targets and judge BOY risk by making on-going comparisons

  • Example of Country Plan, Fcast, Act Closures by Period Report Results

  • YTD Actuals Reports These reports provide a pre-formatted report to show actual completed projectsSeparate reports are available for Openings, Closures and Remodels

  • Example of YTD Closures sorted by Period Report Results

  • YTD Actual Summary ReportsThese reports show summary counts for projects completed YTD, shown by BMU and brandThis report can be used for Dallas/Louisville reporting

  • Example of YTD Closure Summary (BMU) Report ResultsData from Fits as of

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