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Fiverr Cash Secrets - Fergal's IM Sho · Fiverr Cash. Secrets . The Proven Formula To . Cashing In...

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  • Fiverr Cash Secrets

    The Proven Formula To

    Cashing In With Fiverr

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    How To Make Money From Fiverr ...................................................... 4 Steps On How To Make Money At Fiverr .......................................... 7

    Step 1: Identifying Your Skills .......................................................... 8 Step 2: How To Post A Gig ................................................................. 9 Step 3: Upgrading Your Gig ........................................................... 11 Step 4: Provide Good Customer Service ................................... 13 Step 5: Rinse and Repeat ................................................................ 14

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    How to Make Money from Fiverr Fiverr is a website wherein people who are skilled in their own way can generate income. This means that you can also be a part of the ever growing individuals who are making money with Fiverr.

    The main concept to this is you are to sell your services over at Fiverr and people who are interested about your services (services being offered are termed as gigs) will eventually hire you and you will be paid $5 in each gig that you provide.

    Take note that some services or gigs can be more than the $5 value but the main point of the system is to provide affordable services in which customers can surely pay for.

    Well, $5 worth of your services is fair and unselfish enough since you can still earn more per gig. This would only mean that you can earn

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    more once you have multiple clients who are interested to your gigs. Be it about your skills or simply by selling your own physical products, you can still earn a hefty amount of money.

    The good thing about Fiverr is that you can join anytime and it is free. This means that you dont have to pay for the websites services since it is also the way of the website to entice more and more people to join their money making endeavors.

    However, as for your information, you will only gain a profit of $4 in each gig you sell. The remaining $1 will be for the service payment method you will use (PayPal) and for the maintenance of the website. This is to ensure that the website will generate more traffic through the efforts done by the owner and administrators of the website.

    Now, as for the gig, you can create different gigs in which you think is sellable. You need not worry about the kind of gig you can sell simply because you can sell just about anything. When we mean anything you can sell gigs such as:

    Gifts Graphics Videos Social Marketing Travel

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    Writing Advertising Music and Audio Fun and Bizarre Tips and Advice Business Technology Programming And more

    As you can see, there are many gig categories in which you can use to make your own gigs. From the outrageous to the most romantic and from funny ideas to the most interesting gig, you can surely have your own and sell it for $5.

    Consequently, the most important thing you remember in creating your gig is to make it captivating and it should also benefit the buyer of the gig.

    Now, the testimonials provided by the customer are also an important factor for you. Once your gigs are done in an excellent way, customers will eventually post their positive feedbacks over at Fiverr and this will add more reputation points on your part since other interested customers will gain more trust with regards to your performance and your gigs will sell just like pancakes.

    On the other hand, you will get a negative feedback once your services are not met within the allotted time provided so better avoid this issue since Fiverr will also post negative feedbacks. This is simply fair for every gig seller who posts their gigs in the site.

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    This is the reason why you have to do your best in creating and selling your gigs. Remember that competition is always there so perform your best to earn you more money.

    It is also an important factor that you abide with the terms and conditions provided by Fiverr. Be honest and perform your tasks implementing the guidelines of the website. However, once you fail to follow the rules and regulation of the website, they have the right to disable or suspend your Fiverr account. Another bad news here is they can even suspend the payment provided to you. Hence, follow the rules of Fiverr.com and ensure a money making relationship.

    Steps on How to Make Money at Fiverr Before implementing the steps in making money at Fiverr, you have to ensure that you have already created your Fiverr account. Again, you can join for free and all you have to do is to go directly over at the website (www.fiverr.com) and sign up.


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    Also, you can use the new feature provided by Fiverr which means you can sign up using Facebook Connect. Simply sign up with Fiverr by using your existing Facebook account. Once you have signed in, you are now a part of the Fiverr community and you can now create and post your own gigs and make money.

    Consequently, for you to make money with Fiverr, you can consider these step by step ideas to make your gigs popular and sellable.

    Step 1 Identifying Your Skills

    Remember that your skills are your investment in creating and selling a gig at Fiverr. This is the reason why you need to identify your strengths and your skills. This means that you have to know your best abilities in making just about anything.

    You dont need to be a graduate in college or in any university here. All you have to do is to bring out your best skills and make a gig. As an example:

    You have a good voice Offer a song using your skills in singing. You are expert in drawing and painting Offer your skills in

    drawing using pencil, water color, paint brush and etc. You are an expert in any video making Offer videos that will

    benefit customers or make videos for them. You are an expert in computer graphics Offer graphics designing

    for their web page.

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    These are just some of the examples of the skills you have and you can surely use these abilities to earn you more than $5 at Fiverr.

    Always remember that knowing your strengths in creating your gigs can be identified once you have started implementing it. In this way, you already have your own unique gig to offer at Fiverr and people who are interested in your Fiverr masterpiece will greatly reward you.

    Moreover, you have to make sure that the gigs you have created using your skills should also be implemented within a time frame. This is to provide you and the client a better relationship.

    If in the case you dont know when to start in creating your gigs, you can browse over at Fiverr and look search for relevant ideas in which you can use as your reference in creating your own gigs. However, you have to make sure that your gigs are unique in a way that you dont have any competition over at Fiverr.

    Step 2 How to Post a Gig

    Remember that in posting your gigs, you can start by using the phrase I will. Some examples of the gigs that you can create and can be posted over at Fiverr can be:

    I will write and sing a romantic love letter for your girlfriend/boyfriend and post it on your Facebook account for $5.

    I will pray over to you online and be healed for $5. I will write notes, quotes, and even love letters for you in 6

    different languages for $5. I will compose any type of song for you and send it over at

    YouTube for $5. I will make a birthday cake for your pet dog made from dog food

    for $5.

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    I will predict your future using my Feng Shui expertise for $5

    Remember that prior to posting your gigs; you have to create your very own gig. This means that you have to be creative in a way that online visitors will be interested to what you offer to them.

    Another excellent point you have to remember here is to focus on your specific niche. In this way, customers will directly go over at your website (if in case you have one) and check some of your sample gigs.

    Besides this, you also have to have an excellent portfolio. This is an important factor customers would consider since they will determine your authority over at Fiverr and your gigs in a professional way.

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    Step 3 Upgrading Your Gig

    Always remember that with Fiverr, you can also upgrade your gigs to make more money. The best thing Fiverr has provided as of the moment is you can make more money by upgrading your gig business. How?

    Fiverr introduces Fiverr Levels. This is an offer ingeniously mastered by the owner and administrators of Fiverr in which you have to level up to access the different tool to aid you in making more moneyand this is to your disposal.

    Fiverr levels are broken down into:

    1st level sellers Gig sellers who have created 10 orders can access the first level of tools provided by Fiverr. Excellent track ratings provided by the seller is a must to gain this level besides the orders.

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    2nd level sellers Once gig sellers gains at least 50 orders (with excellent track ratings), added tool features can be accessed to easily level up your money making endeavors.

    3rd level sellers This is the top level in which you can be considered as the Fiverr Rockstarr. However, you can gain this level once Fiverr moderators chose you. Consequently, you best performance and ratings are evaluated here and this is their basis in choosing you as the Fiverr Rockstarr.

    The excellent benefit you can achieve in this level is to access more tools in making money and you can also get added features over at Fiverr and even VIP support.

    Keep in mind that is this is just another way on how you can upgrade your money making endeavors at Fiverr.

    Another good thing for you to upgrade and make more money besides Fiverr Levels is for you to create multiple gigs. However, you should also know that you can only post up to 25 gigs. Well, this is just fair since you also want to provide a slot for others, especially for newbies.

    Additionally, to further upgrade your gig deals, you have to provide a clearer representation of your gigs. For instance, your gigs are about videos, all you have to do is to create high resolution videos for your customers. Also, if you are into writing, you have to provide higher standards in your content to satisfy your customers. By upgrading your gigs, you are ensured in earning more money at Fiverr.

    Another way on how you can upgrade is to gain more traffic by implementing strategies is to go over the fence. This means you may want to consider gaining more traffic over at social media sites,

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    Craigslist and even over at forums and blog sites that talks about Fiverr. With this, you can gain more followers.

    It is also on your part to offer an upgrade to your customers. Once you have provided a gig to your customers, you can offer them added features to your offered gigs. As an example, your offered gig is about writing eBook. All you have to do now is to offer them added features about the eBook such as the second part of the eBook topic. With this, you can add more $5 in your pocket.

    Step 4 Provide Good Customer Service

    One of the most important aspects you have to implement every time you offer your gigs is to provide an excellent customer service. This is a must to gain you more customers and to gain their trust to you as well.

    Always remember that in having transactions with your customers, you should always be polite and be honest with your work deals to them. In this way, you will have a better relationship with them and the end result is you will end up getting an excellent feedback from them. With this, good feedbacks will be posted on your profile over at Fiverr and you will gain credibility.

    Now to add more reputation points on your part, you may also want to ask testimonials from your customers. Remember that you can only ask permission with regards to testimonials once you have a good feedback from them.

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    You also need to be polite enough in asking your customers testimonials since it is in their hands in providing testimonials that is enticing to other customers who are interested with your sellable gigs.

    Step 5 Rinse and Repeat

    After you have created your gig and mad a lot of money with it, you can still implement the rinse and repeat method. This would only mean that you can create another gig or resell you gig over at Fiverr and earn you more money.

    However, with regards to creating another gig, you have to think of effective ways on how you can enhance your skills. Although you can say that the gigs you create are based on your skills, you also need to think of more enticing and sellable gigs based on your skills.

    It is an excellent idea that you also think out of the box and make a gig that is unique from your previous gigs. In this way customers will be thrilled with your new offers to them and they will eventually get more from your offered services.

    Fiverr is offers each individual who have their unique abilities in creating a gig to earn a hefty amount of money. The $5 worth of income you can get from Fiverr will be multiplied exponentially once you have

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    the skills in creating more gigs and this is the benefit you can surely get once you join this money making website.

    It is also an important factor that you create and post a gig that is unique and very enticing to customers. Just make sure that your posted gigs will captivate your customers and to earn you more money as well.

    Consequently, your gigs should also meet the deadline you have provided to satisfy your customer. Besides the deadline, your tasks at hand should also be high in quality to increase your reputation to buyers.

    Once you have provided an excellent work to your buyer, you can still gain added reputation and income once you offer upgrades with regards to your finished gigs with them. Just ensure that you have provided an excellent customer service to undoubtedly satisfy your Fiverr customers.

    For you to make more money you can rinse and repeat your gigs and other interested customers will also get your services.

    Hence, make money from Fiverr and be a Fiverr Rockstarr! Good luck to your success!

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