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Fiverr Rock Star

Date post:02-Jun-2018
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  • 8/10/2019 Fiverr Rock Star



    Click Here: http://guiderightgroup.com/i!err"#ucce%%

  • 8/10/2019 Fiverr Rock Star



    (erm% )*d Co*ditio*%


    (he 2u3li%her h)% %tri!ed to 3e )% )ccur)te )*d complete )% po%%i3le i* thecre)tio* o4 thi% report5 *ot6ith%t)*di*g the 4)ct th)t he doe% *ot 6)rr)*t orrepre%e*t )t )*7 time th)t the co*te*t% 6ithi* )re )ccur)te due to ther)pidl7 ch)*gi*g *)ture o4 the *ter*et.

    8hile )ll )ttempt% h)!e 3ee* m)de to !eri47 i*4orm)tio* pro!ided i* thi%pu3lic)tio*5 the 2u3li%her )%%ume% *o re%po*%i3ilit7 4or error%5 omi%%io*%5or co*tr)r7 i*terpret)tio* o4 the %u39ect m)tter herei*. *7 percei!ed

    %light% o4 %peci4ic per%o*%5 people%5 or org)*i)tio*% )re u*i*te*tio*)l.

    * pr)ctic)l )d!ice 3ook%5 like )*7thi*g el%e i* li4e5 there )re *o gu)r)*tee%o4 i*come m)de. ;e)der% )re c)utio*ed to repl7 o* their o6* 9udgme*t)3out their i*di!idu)l circum%t)*ce% to )ct )ccordi*gl7.

    (hi% 3ook i% *ot i*te*ded 4or u%e )% ) %ource o4 leg)l5 3u%i*e%%5 )ccou*ti*gor 4i*)*ci)l )d!ice. ll re)der% )re )d!i%ed to %eek %er!ice% o4 compete*tpro4e%%io*)l% i* leg)l5 3u%i*e%%5 )ccou*ti*g )*d 4i*)*ce 4ield%.

  • 8/10/2019 Fiverr Rock Star




  • 8/10/2019 Fiverr Rock Star



    Ch)pter 1 " *troductio* ?

    8h7 @%e i!errA B

    #etup " i!err (r)44ic '=

    #oci)l Medi) '>

    orum% '>

    Cr)ig%li%t '?

    ree Cl)%%i4ied d% '?

  • 8/10/2019 Fiverr Rock Star



    Ch)pter ? " i!err ;ock%t)r 'B

    Kuild ;eput)tio* 'N

    Ke)t out

  • 8/10/2019 Fiverr Rock Star



  • 8/10/2019 Fiverr Rock Star



    Ch)pter 1


  • 8/10/2019 Fiverr Rock Star



    8h7 @%e i!errA

  • 8/10/2019 Fiverr Rock Star



    * re)lit75 %ome thi*g% th)t 7ou m)7 6)*t to o44er m)7 %eem to 3e 6orth

    more th)* R? )t time% 3ut the %)le% model i% de%ig*ed to o44er )* )44ord)3le

    %er!ice 6hich i% *ot impo%%i3le 4or mo%t cu%tomer% to purch)%e.

    4 7ou thi*k )3out it5 R? i% the per4ect price to %ell !)riou% %ort% o4 %er!ice%)*d e!e* %ome t7pe% o4 ph7%ic)l product% th)t )re che)p to %e*d out )*d get

    to 7our cu%tomer%. t i% )l6)7% ) good ide) to tr7 to 4i*d product% or

    %er!ice% 7ou c)* pro!ide )t R? per gig. (he i*tere%t i* the i!err 6e3%ite

    h)% i*cre)%ed gre)tl7 )% more )*d more people h)!e di%co!ered the 3u7i*g

    po6er o4 9u%t R? o* i!err.

    (he i!err 6e3%ite %er!ice i% )l%o 1T 4ree to 9oi* %o 7ou do *ot h)!e to

    6orr7 )3out h)!i*g to p)7 ) mo*thl7 %er!ice 4ee to 3e ) p)rt o4 %uch ) l)rge

    commu*it7 o4 3u7er%. pro4it 4rom e)ch%)le )% ) %eller. (hi% l)rge )mou*t o4 tr)44ic to the 6e3%ite 6ill help e*%ure

    th)t 7ou get %e!er)l %)le% 4or 7our product% or %er!ice%.

    ll te%timo*i)l% o* the %ite )re u*co*troll)3le 37 the %eller. (hi% me)*%

    th)t 4or e!er7 po%iti!e 4eed3)ck th)t 7ou recei!e 7ou 6ill 3e getti*g )

    po%iti!e !ie6 o* 7our i!err 3u%i*e%%. (hi% )l%o me)*% th)t 7ou 6ill 6)*t to

    reduce the )mou*t o4 *eg)ti!e 4eed3)ck %core% th)t 7ou recei!e 37

    pro!idi*g ) %uperior %er!ice or product )*d deli!eri*g it 6ithi* ) timel7


    #i*ce i!err i% ) gre)t pl)ce to %ell5 7ou 6ill re)ll7 6)*t to co*duct 7our

    3u%i*e%% o* the %ite i* the mo%t truth4ul )*d ho*e%t 6)7 po%%i3le. ,*%ure

    th)t 7ou )l6)7% 4ollo6 )ll o4 the rule% )*d regul)tio*% o4 i!err )% 6ell )%

    the (erm% o4 #er!ice 4or the 6e3%ite. /e!er )ttempt to %c)m or 4)l%el7

    repre%e*t 7our%el45 7our product% or %er!ice% )*d eDpect people to 9u%t h)*d

    7ou mo*e7. i!err c)* )*d 6ill perm)*e*tl7 di%)3le 7our )ccou*t )% 6ell )%

    6ithhold p)7me*t% m)de to 7our )ccou*t 4or %)4et7 cle)ri*g.

  • 8/10/2019 Fiverr Rock Star




  • 8/10/2019 Fiverr Rock Star



    m)ge: ,D)mple o4 i!er ;egi%tr)tio* orm

    8hile cre)ti*g 7our i!err )ccou*t m)ke %ure to:

    W Choo%e ) u%er*)me rele!)*t to 7our product% )*d %er!ice%. 4 7ou

    h)!e ) popul)r u%er*)me o* other %oci)l medi) pl)t4orm% %uch )%

    (6itter 4or eD)mple5 thi% m)7 help 7ou direct 7our (6itter 4ollo6er%

    to 7our gig% o* i!err. (hi% i% !er7 import)*t )% it c)* help 7our

    cu%tomer% u*der%t)*d 6h)t 7our 3u%i*e%% o* i!err i% )ll )3out. 04

    cour%e 7ou c)* opt i* 4or ) 3u%i*e%% t7pe u%er *)me or e!e* ) 4)!orite

    u%er*)me th)t 7ou u%e o* other 6e3%ite% 3ut it m)ke% it e)%ier to 4i*d

    6he* 7ou i*corpor)te 6h)t 7ou )re o44eri*g i* gig% )% 7our u%er*)me.

    (r7 to 3e )% pro4e%%io*)l )% po%%i3le 6ith 7our i!err u%er*)me 6hile

    %t)7i*g 4rie*dl7 )*d i*!iti*g.

    W -et ) *ice photo 4or 7our pro4ile )!)t)r. 0*e o4 the thi*g% th)t 7ou

    6ill 6)*t to %ho6 to 7our cu%tomer% i% th)t 7ou h)!e ) S4)ceS 6ith

    7our 3u%i*e%%.

  • 8/10/2019 Fiverr Rock Star



    i!err %eller% o44er gig% 6here the7 c)* cre)te per%o*)lied dr)6i*g%

    or gr)phic% o4 7our portr)it 6hich c)* 3e u%ed o* i!err or 9u%t )3out

    )*76here el%e.

    W Complete 7our i!err pro4ile p)ge. (hi% i% %omethi*g th)t i% !er7import)*t to go )lo*g 6ith 7our pro4ile picture th)t 7ou h)!e

    uplo)ded. ,*%ure th)t 7ou h)!e t)ke* the time to )dd )t le)%t ) 4e6

    %e*te*ce% )3out 7our%el4 or 7our 3u%i*e%% th)t 7ou pl)* o* h)!i*g o*

    i!err. (hi% 6ill 3)%ic)ll7 m)ke 7our )ccou*t %eem like it h)% h)d

    more time put i*to it th)* %impl7 cre)ti*g the )ccou*t )*d li%ti*g

    thi*g% to %ell.

    m)ge: ,D)mple o4 ) completed %m)ll pro4ile.

    W Comp)re rel)ted gig% to 6h)t 7ou pl)* o* o44eri*g.

  • 8/10/2019 Fiverr Rock Star



    Ch)pter '

    #elli*g 0* i!err

  • 8/10/2019 Fiverr Rock Star



    8h)t c)* 7ou %ell o* i!errA

    #elli*g o* i!err i% *ot %omethi*g th)t i% me)*t to 3e di44icult to do. (he

    4ir%t thi*g 7ou h)!e to do i% 4igure out 6h)t 7ou 6ill 6)*t to %ell o* i!err4or o*l7 R?. (here i% ) !er7 l)rge %electio* o4 thi*g% to choo%e 4rom )*d 7ou

    c)* 3e )% origi*)l )% 7ou like 6ith 7our pre4erred product% )*d %er!ice%


    Geep i* mi*d th)t 7ou 6ill 6)*t to %ell %omethi*g th)t i% *ot *ece%%)ril7

    di44icult to produce )*d c)* 3e completed 6ithi* ) %m)ll time 4r)me to

    deli!er to 7our cu%tomer% o* time 6ith 7our %et de)dli*e. t i% !er7 po%%i3le

    to 4i*d %omethi*g 6hich i% !er7 %imple to produce )*d di%tri3ute 6ithout

    co%ti*g 7ou ) l)rge i*!e%tme*t i* time or mo*e7.

  • 8/10/2019 Fiverr Rock Star



  • 8/10/2019 Fiverr Rock Star



    product i% )llo6)3le. (he%e t7pe% o4 digit)l item% 6ill u%u)ll7 *eed to 3e

    prem)de )*d c)* 3e gi!e* to the 3u7er 6ithi* mi*ute% o4 m)ki*g )


    m)ge: +i%ti*g ,D)mple%

    Ho6 to Choo%e ) 2ro4it)3le i!err /icheA

    04 cour%e 7ou 6)*t to k*o6 6h)t 7ou c)* m)ke right *o6 )*d %t)rt e)r*i*g

    %ome mo*e7. (he 3e%t cour%e o4 )ctio* th)t 7ou could t)ke i% to co*duct%ome 3)%ic re%e)rch )3out i!err gig% th)t )lre)d7 eDi%t. 4 7ou h)!e ) 3)%ic

    ide) o4 6h)t 7ou 6ould like to do 4or 7our 3u%i*e%%5 %impl7 %e)rch %ome o4

    tho%e ide)% 6ith the i!err gig %e)rch. (hi% 6)7 7ou 6ill 3e pre%e*ted

    re%ult% o4 %imil)r gig% 6hich 7ou could look i*to )*d le)r* more )3out 6h)t

  • 8/10/2019 Fiverr Rock Star


  • 8/10/2019 Fiverr Rock Star



    . (he7 )re i*terper%o*)l )*d gi!e the promoted 6e3%ite po%iti!e

    4eed3)ck% )*d te%timo*i)l%.

    K. (here i% )l6)7% *e6 6e3%ite% 3ei*g cre)ted th)t 6)*t tr)44ic )*d !ideo%

    c)* cre)te tr)44ic.

    (he 3e%t thi*g )3out it i% th)t 7ou h)!e 9u%t %pe*t ) 4e6 mi*ute% cre)ti*g )

    !ideo th)t took little 6ork. #ome i!err %eller% 6ill 6)*t to i*corpor)te

    %ome %ort o4 gimmick i*to their !ideo% 6hich 6ill m)ke them %t)*d out

    more th)* other gig o44er%.

  • 8/10/2019 Fiverr Rock Star



    W #e*di*g ) pho*e telegr)m

    W #e*di*g ) po%tc)rd 4rom 7our loc)tio*

    W #e*di*g ) letter

    W *7thi*g el%e th)t 7ou c)* po%%i3l7 do )% ) %er!ice

    M)73e 7ou c)* o44er le%%o*% 4or i*%trume*t% 7ou h)!e m)%tered. 4 7ou

    h)!e ) 3log 7ou c)* 6rite ) re!ie6 4or *e6 product%. M)73e 7ou h)!e )

    t)le*t %uch )% %i*gi*g.

  • 8/10/2019 Fiverr Rock Star



    Ch)pter =

    Cre)te #eD7 -ig%

  • 8/10/2019 Fiverr Rock Star



    Cre)ti*g ) gig i% %imple )*d 7ou 6ill *eed to t)ke )d!)*t)ge o4 ) 4e6

    4orm)tti*g trick% to get the 3e%t out o4 7our li%ti*g%. (o cre)te ) gig5 7ou

    %impl7 *eed to m)ke ) li%ti*g. (hi% i% do*e )t the top o4 the i!err %cree*

    6he* 7ou logi* 6ith the S 6ill X X X 4or R?S teDt 3oD. #impl7

    6rite 6h)t 7ou 6ill 3e 6illi*g to do 4or R? i*to the teDt 3oD )*d %u3mit.

  • 8/10/2019 Fiverr Rock Star



    @%e the Correct Ge76ord

    04 cour%e 7ou m)7 k*o6 more or le%% th)t people 6ill 4i*d gig% 3)%ed o*

    %e)rche%. t i% import)*t to u%e the correct ke76ord to 3e 4ou*d 37 3u7er%e)ger to h)*d o!er R?.

  • 8/10/2019 Fiverr Rock Star



    #t)te ) ;e)li%tic Jeli!er7 2eriod

  • 8/10/2019 Fiverr Rock Star



    m)ge: ,D)mple o4 ) !ideo o* ) gig

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