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Fiverr SEO Gigs

Date post:06-Apr-2016
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Discover the best Fiverr SEO gigs available to rank your website to Google page 1. These tried and tested Fiverr SEO gigs work and will not get your website penalised.

    By Paul Kirkby 2014


  • www.InternetMarketingTips.pw

    2 November 20, 2014


    Thank you for purchasing my Fiverr SEO Mastery Handbook.

    I constantly see people beating on Fiverr SEO gigs and, for the most part, I can understand why.

    Buying cheap spammy backlinks from most Fiverr sellers will, almost certainly, result in your money

    site not ranking as you would hope or, worse, being penalised by the Googles.

    I have been hit by such penalties in the past and have learnt lessons about what I should look for

    when ranking my affiliate websites.

    What is Fiverr?

    I know most people in IM know what Fiverr is and the concept behind it but for those that do not,

    Fiverr is a place where you get services such as logo design, SEO, business cards, ebook covers, etc,

    etc for just $5. Theres far more services available than I can list here so just head over a take a look

    through their categories.

    >> Click Here to Visit FIVERR Now

  • www.InternetMarketingTips.pw

    3 November 20, 2014

    Important Information on Ranking Your Sites

    Regarding on-page SEO (and SEO in general), I would HIGHLY recommend the following video, by

    Alex Becker at Source Wave:

    1. First Page For A 40k, 20k,and 9k Search In 4 Days

    2. Why Quality Content Sucks and What You ACTUALLY Need To Rank

    3. Evil Ways To Rank Authority Properties Cheaply In Google (not related to on page SEO but

    worth watching if youre ranking affiliate or client sites)

    Sometimes Fiverr Gig Links Die

    While writing this update one of the gigs I have listed below has been removed by the seller. If you

    spot more please email me and I will update the PDF and I will find a suitable replacement.

    Updates to this PDF

    Those that have purchased this PDF will get an email when the PDF is updated. To date the PDF has

    been updated 4 times and I will continue to do so.

  • www.InternetMarketingTips.pw

    4 November 20, 2014


    My Recommendations

  • www.InternetMarketingTips.pw

    5 November 20, 2014

    GIG #1 of 10

    I will manually Build You 10 High PR Backlinks w 4 Rules for $5 By stu009

    The only extra I occasionally use is the I will Give you a booster campaign for one URL and

    ONE keyword for $20. If you do use this extra I would recommend monitoring your

    rankings for a few days before moving onto the next gig. You should get a massive boost just

    from this gig and extra.

  • www.InternetMarketingTips.pw

    6 November 20, 2014

    GIG #2 of 10

    I will manually do 40 SEO high pr backlinks for $5 By gynnie

    Ive use these guys a lot, however, occasionally, they do run late with the gig. I would highly

    recommend sending them a message on the status (when Fiverr sends you a message saying

    the gig is running late) and they should then come through. Its well worth NOT cancelling as

    this gig is very powerful.

    I dont normally buy the extras, however, the 120 high PR backlink package is a good option

  • www.InternetMarketingTips.pw

    7 November 20, 2014



    All the Fiverr SEO Gigs I have tested and recommend

    My bonus PREPPING METHOD for new sites using new domain names to help avoid Google


    Instant access to the most up-to-date version of this PDF

    >> BUY NOW

  • www.InternetMarketingTips.pw

    8 November 20, 2014

    Fiverr SEO

    Fiverr SEO Gigs

    Fiverr SEO Services

    Fiver SEO

    Fiver SEO Gigs

    Fiver SEO Services

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