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Flags of the Texas Revolution

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  • 1. The Alamo Flag This is the banner that flew over the Alamo for 13 days as less than 200 Texans held off a Mexican army of over 5,000 men. On March 6, 1836 the Alamo had fallen. It is estimated that 182 Texans lost their lives while approximately 1500 Mexicans were killed and another 1500 Mexicans were wounded.

2. The Gonzales Flag The Mexicans loaned the Texans a cannon to keep the Indians away, but then thought better of the idea and asked for the cannon back. This flag was the Texans answer as the first shots of the war for independence were fired on October 2, 1835. 3. Captain Scotts Flag A flag of one of the many independent groups who reported to Stephen F. Austin at San Felipe to fight for a free and sovereign Texas. 4. The Dodson Flag The first Lone Star flag that flew over the delegates at Washington on the Brazos as Texas Independence was declared at the first Constitutional Convention in March of 1836. 5. The Troutman Flag One of the most inspirational symbols during the dark days between the fall of the Alamo and the victory at San Jacinto. 6. Flag of the Texas Navy In November of 1835 the General Council formed the Texas Navy, purchasing the first ships: the Independence, Brutus, and Invincible. If the Texas Navy had not been able to keep the crucial supply lines to New Orleans and America open, the Texas revolution would have failed. The ships flew both the Texas Navy 7. First Flag of the Republic Selected by five signers of Texas Declaration of Independence, this flag may have been inspired by Colonel Fannins request: Give us a flag to fight under as unlike theirs as possible in time to hoist it in defiance of Santa Anna. 8. Second Flag of the Republic On March 3, 1837, the Republic of Texas, under this flag, was recognized by the United States of America as a sovereign and independent nation. Later that year Texas applied for annexation and statehood, but was declined. 9. Third Flag of the Republic Texas flag during the last seven years as an independent country. Under this banner, Texas was recognized by France and England. In 1846, this last flag of the Republic became the official state flag. 10. Biliography "Gallery of The Republic : Austin, Texas." Gallery of The Republic : Austin, Texas. Web. 04 Nov. 2013. Asleep at the Wheel. "Deguello." Remembers the Alamo. Shout Factory, 2004. MP3.

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