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Flags of the world (answers)

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  • 1.Flags of the World Part of the BCQC June Open Quizzes

2. Question 1 This nation had the flag pictured below as its national flag from 1871 to 1919, when it was replaced by another flag. The new flag was derided by traditionalists and described as Black, Red, Shit, and was replaced for a 12-year period before being finally reinstated. What nation? 3. Answer 1 Germany 4. Question 2 Queen Elizabeth II has the following two Royal Standards for use in the United Kingdom. In 2015, she might have only one. Why? 5. Answer 2 There are different Royal Standards for Scotland and the rest of the UK. The Scottish Royal Standard would not be in use in case of Scottish Independence Scotland Rest of UK 6. Question 3 The flag of this dependency has a fortress to represent the fortifications eponymous with the dependency and a key to symbolize that the British considered it a key to a major water body. Which dependency? 7. Answer 3 Gibraltar 8. Question 4 Connect 9. Answer 4 Indian Princely States Gwalior Baroda Hyderabad Jammu & Kashmir Mysore 10. Question 5 The I Ching is an ancient Chinese classical text containing a system of divination based on the pictured symbols, called trigrams. On what national flag will you see such trigrams? 11. Answer South Korea (Republic of Korea) 12. Question 6 The flag of Saudi Arabia has the worlds strictest legislation against flag desecration, and the government has protested against attempts by FIFA to include the flag in a football bearing flags of WC participants. It is also forbidden to fly the flag at half-mast. What is the specific reason for this strict protection? 13. Answer 6 The text on the flag is the Shahada or the creed of Islam, and any disrespect to the flag is thus treated as blasphemy 14. Question 7 The scene pictured here is the inspiration behind what European national flag? 15. Answer 7 Estonia 16. Question 8 This was the ensign of the Indian navy between 2001 and 2004. In 2004, the ensign was changed by adding back a design element that had been removed when the pictured ensign was adopted in 2001. What element? 17. Answer 8 A red cross from the UK White Ensign 18. Question 9 Connect (not exhaustive) 19. Answer 9 Flags of the Cantons of Switzerland. The missing flags are: 20. Question 10 The two flags below, both known as Senyera Estelada, are contenders to be the national flag of which South European independence movement? 21. Answer 10 Catalonia 22. Question 11 The flag of Iraq from 1991 to 2004 was the one on the left. In 2004, the flag was changed to the one on the right. Why? (The writing on both flags is the same phrase). 23. Answer The text Allahu Akbar on the old flag is written in Saddam Husseins handwriting, while the new flag has it in standardized Kufic script 24. Question 12 This flag, in use up to 1802 when it was updated, is said to be the inspiration for the flag of the USA. What entity used this flag? 25. Answer 12 The East India Company 26. Question 13 The flag shown below is similar to the flag of England because it is taken from the personal flag of the same (mythical) person. What nations flag is it? 27. Answer 13 Georgia 28. Question 14 What international body uses this flag? 29. Answer 14 The International Atomic Energy Agency 30. Question 15 This was the flag of a monarchy up to 1889. After the overthrow of the monarchy in that year, the new republic adopted a flag removing the monarchical symbols, but using the same design elements. What country? 31. Answer 15 Brazil 32. Question 16 The flag of Nepal is the only national flag in the world that is not a quadrilateral. The flag has been in use for hundreds of years, but the modern version was adopted in 1962 after removing an element to modernize the flag and render it acceptable to the world. What element? 33. Answer 16 The two symbols had human faces 34. Question 17 The flag shown below is the most widely used flag for the independence movement for what territory? 35. Answer 17 Taiwan 36. Question 18 The air force roundel (symbol) of this country considered a part of North America is based on its national flag. What island country? 37. Answer 18 The Dominican Republic 38. Question 19 The flag on the left was the first national flag of the Confederacy, in use between 1861 and 1862. The flag on the right was never used during the US Civil War but is now commonly used, and often erroneously given the name of the flag on the left. What name? 39. Answer 19 The Stars and Bars 40. Question 20 This countrys flag contains two symbols: a Bird of Paradise and a Southern Cross (the northernmost country to have this element). What country? 41. Answer 20 Papua New Guinea 42. Question 21 In 1992, on gaining independence, this country chose the flag on the left (based on a medieval flag) as its national flag. However, in 1998, after protests from two major ethnic groups that the flag represented only a third ethnic group, the national flag was changed to the one on the right, which contains no historical references. What country? 43. Answer 21 Bosnia and Hercegovina 44. Question 22 Pictured below is the flag of Sri Lanka between 1948 and 1951. What change was made in 1951 to represent the Tamil and Moor (Muslim) people of Sri Lanka? 45. Answer 22 A saffron stripe for the Tamils and a green stripe for the Moors was added 46. Question 23 The flag depicted below is the inspiration behind the flags of Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Sudan, Syria, the United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Palestine, Somaliland, the Western Sahara and Libya, among others. Whose flag was it? 47. Answer 23 The Arab Revolt 48. Question 24 The flag shown below is the only republican national flag to include the UK flag. Which countrys flag is it? 49. Answer 24 Fiji 50. Question 25 Shown below are three flags for this entity. The one on the right is based on the works of Kim Stanley Robinson, the one in the middle on a book by Robert Heinlein and the one on the left on a book by Greg Bear. Flags for what? 51. Answer 25 Mars Mars with Phobos & Deimos Symbol of Mars Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars

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