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Football Mania!

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Football Mania!. Football Mania. Select a Character!. Cardri Duncan. Josh Taylor. Colby Maddox. Bacardy McClendon. Branon Wilson. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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No incorrect!!!X + 3 = 12

If you need help click here.


1239Before you start the game here is an example of what the problems on level one will look like! x + 12 = 24 -12 -12 x 12 x = 12Click here to go to the fist problemCorrect!

Correct!Next Problem

Next Problem!

Correct go on to level 2

No Go Back

Know that you have made it to level two it means that you are smart and are eligible to move on to two step equations. Know that you are on two step equations the problems get harder and more difficult to do so good luck and have fun if you need help by giving some examples.

Thats Correct

No go back x + 3 < = 10

X3X 54


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