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  1. 1. A Journey of Forbes Marshall towards being one of the BPTW (Great Place to Work)8th July 2011 Mr. Bobby KuriakoseMs. Meghana Marathe
  2. 2. Forbes Marshall OverviewStarted by J. N. Marshall in 1925 as a Trading companyFocused on Process Efficiency, Environmental Monitoring, EnergyEfficiency and Utilities Management for diverse sectorsExpandedby Mr. Darius Forbes into a leading Corporate group,manufacturing advanced engineering productsOver 1000 Trained ProfessionalsMore than 1000 Products and Service packagesPresent Turnover of 750 Crores INR (150 Million US $)3 State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities21 Regional Sales & Service Centers in India11 International Sales & Marketing units
  3. 3. Vision and Values To be a developed company in a developingcountry, pursuing market leadership in ourchosen fields of Steam Engineering, ProcessControl and Utilities Management. Dedicated to growth and an increasinginternational presence, committed to being arole model organization for our customers, Innovation &suppliers, society and members Entreprene -urship FM Family Spirit Vision -Value Delivery to ourCustomers, Values Members &Society Integrity
  4. 4. Some Facts about our Organization Value Added per Employee = (Sales Material Cost ) / Number Of PeopleYear 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11Achievement16.91 18.57 19.36 22.02 25.9229.36Figures in lakhs
  5. 5. HR PhilosophyAny Organization is as good as its people.People would like to be involved in what they do andthis leads to engagement. For a World Class Organization, we need People withWorld Class Thoughts. An individuals dignity is as important as that of theOrganization.
  6. 6. Why is our Organization a Great Place to Work ? Time tested Employee Friendly culture and Heritage.Living Core Philosophy of Family Spirit. High integration of HR & CSR processes.Focus by Senior Leadership on HR strategies. HR being a facilitator to the Line Managers who are real HRChampions HR Associate Nurture transparency and team culture.
  7. 7. 3 Key Pillars of E. Engagement Performance Management System Employee Learning & Development InitiativesDevelopment Competency @FM Communication ForumsCommunication Communication Tools Channels of Feedback Women and ChildrenCSR Initiatives Education & Health Adolescents & Youth
  8. 8. 1st Pillar Employee Development Competency @FM Forbes CompetencyMarshall Core BasedCompetenciesRecruitmentTechnicalCompetencies 6 - Behavioral Career CompetencyCompetencies BasedJob Rotation Planning ApproachRole SpecificCommunication Decision Making Planning & Organizing Problem Solving Team Orientation People Development Learning &Development
  9. 9. Whats unique in Competency @ FM?Developed In- HouseCompetency Mapping for all levelsThemes developed for Behavioral CompetenciesQualifiers developed for Objective Competency EvaluationsDevelopment of Recruitment Manual for Competency BasedRecruitment.Varied Learning and Development Options designed In-House.
  10. 10. Performance Management System GoalSettingWhats Unique in PMS @ FM?Vision and Value Analysis Administering Helping and Hindering AnalysisMid Yearthe AnnualReviews PMSReview Cycle Process Personal Development PlanFocus on Future development of Members Analysis donepost the Quality of Review Analysis Annual ReviewProcess
  11. 11. Learning & Development Initiatives Pre Training Execution of Post TrainingL&D optionsEffectivenessCompetency MappingL&D Intervention Co- Copy of form given toordination managerSkill Gaps identifiedDelivery of L&D OptionsForms AnalyzedLearning & DevelopmentCalendar Prepared Knowledge Transfer Review by manager formeasured change in behaviorCandidates Nominated forvarious L&D options and Effectiveness Of L&D optionsinterventions is measured througheffectiveness form Whats unique in L&D Initiatives @ FM? Post Training Evaluation using Kirk Patrick Model Vendor Development Initiatives Content Development and Training Design by ID certified members Calculation of Trainer Score for every Training. Designing of Various L&D methodologies
  12. 12. 2nd Pillar - CommunicationCommunication Communication Feedback Forums Channels &ChannelsToolsInduction and Orientation Intranet I @ FM EmployeeVision and ValueEngagement Survey FM Insight VideoWorkshopsEmployee Satisfaction MagazinePMS, Competency and SurveyPost Training DiscussionsFM Topics QuarterlyVision and ValueMonthly ManagersMagazineAnalysisMeetings Helping and Hindering Monthly Meetings HR Associate activity Factors Analysis VA Review Meetings Internal newslettersHR Associate Survey Departmental Meetings360 Degree FeedbackDivisional Reviews # Inside infoExit AnalysisValue Council MeetingsCustomer Satisfaction# Intouch Various ConferencesSurvey GPTW Feedback
  13. 13. Unique Practices and Processes @ FMELT Leadership DevelopmentRole Transition ProgramVision and Value workshops for every new memberCourse fees reimbursement for membersValue Digression CommitteeCommittee on Sexual Harassment/ HIV AIDS / CSROur Retirees ProgramFamily members awareness programsFM Blue WaveMeljolFM Alumni Data BaseEducational Trip for members childrenFM Appreciation award
  14. 14. 3rd Pillar Corporate SocialResponsibility FM Initiatives
  15. 15. Our Neighbourhood
  16. 16. What we do differently Need Based Programmes Participatory approach Women and children askey beneficiaries Networking and partnership with government bodies.
  17. 17. Objectives. Study HallObjective 1 To Prerna Kendraenhance skills of Akankshaschool goingSchool Libraries in municipal schoolschildrenGammatwadiBal BhavanObjective 2 To LABS Employability training for youthimpart Tarang Imparting HIV/Aids awareness and sex vocational and education in schoolslife skills to Phulora Life skills program for adolescent girlsadolescents and ECF Program to sensitize young males to reduceyouth.violence against women.
  18. 18. Establishing and supporting SHGs, federations and credit society Objective 3 To Umangempower Women Vocational skill training for women Awareness and exposure on socio legal issues.Objective 4 To HIV/ AIDS awareness and counseling and rehabilitationenhance healthto substance abusers, their families and the community.awareness and Child Guidance centre Health workers training and awareness in theprovidecommunity. services.Health Check up services in the neighbourhood
  19. 19. Social Audit AccountingWe are the first company in India to complete the social Audit through the Social Audit Network UK in October 2009.
  20. 20. Employee InvolvementCSR Awards Mother Teresa Award, FICCI award, Project Management Inst. Indiaaward, B.D.Deshmukh award etc
  21. 21. Everything isnt rosy..HR Challenges: Limitations of a manufacturing organization in HR focused initiatives Major group of senior members and the challenges in their engagement. Management of change and learning , especially the Baby Boomers Engagement of Gen X and Gen YCSR Challenges: Political pressure Delay from Government agencies Attitudes
  22. 22. Still the JourneyContinues.
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