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Forms and conventions of media

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  1. 1. Forms And Conventions Of Media 8thWonderProductionz
  2. 2. Camera Shots When it comes to camera shots our film was quite like actual thriller movies. This is because we used a range of shots such as medium close up, close up, full shot etc. In real thriller films they usually use medium close ups when it comes to conversations. This is so you can see facial expressions and so that the audience can closely engage in the conversation. In our movie we have also used medium close ups when it comes to conversations for the same reasons why a real thriller movie would use them.
  3. 3. Camera Angles In a real thriller movie, there will be a demonstration of high angle shots and low angle shots. This is to help show hierarchy from different characters and allows the audience to clearly see who is a main character in the movie. In our movie we have used a high angle shot when Jay is talking to the boss Major. This is to show that Jay is inferior compared to Major and also to show that he is young and vulnerable.
  4. 4. Sound In our thriller movie opening we have challenged the norm of thriller movies. Usually in thriller movies they use ,music with high tension that put the audience on edge. However, in our thriller movie we used slow meaningful music to help emphasize the decisions Jay has to make and also the struggle he is going through.
  5. 5. Mise En Scene In a lot of thriller movies you will see the use of props, different sets and costumes. In our movie we have used costumes such as tracksuits and hoodies to help portray the fact that Major is a gang member. We have also used props such as flour to symbolize cocaine to attract our target audience. We have also used the streets of London as our set to attract our target audience because that is where our target audience is based.
  6. 6. Narrative (plot) Usually in thriller movies, there is a equilibrium at the start of the movie, a problem and then the rest of the movie is solving the problem and trying to get back to how things were. This is known as the Todorov theory. However in our thriller movie we had a equilibrium and a problem and the struggle between what is good and bad. So in this case our movie is not like usual thriller movies.
  7. 7. Challenges to genre There were several ways in which our movie challenged the norm of thriller movies. One way we have done this is by having a Black main character instead of a middle aged white man in London. This is one of the ways we have attracted our target audience because the main character is the same type of person as the target audience. Another way we have challenged the genre is by not having a murder/death in our movie. Usually in thriller movies there is a murder/death to put the audience on edge, however we have not done this.
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Forms And Conventions Of Media 8thWonderProductionz
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