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1RD DEGREE BLACK BELTProfessor Frederico Blum has been training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for over 13 years. Precision, focus, and determination are some elements of his personality that are easily noted on him.As a competitor he has achieved Brazilian Nationals Championship ,US National s, world and panamerican 4th place,Japanese 3 th place , Australian abu dabhi pro 1st place. Prof. Frederico dedicates most of his time to the Gracie Barra and Jiu jitsu. Frederico Blum earned his black belt from Carlos Gracie jr. , one of the most respected men from the jiu jitsu history.




Marcio Feitosa(head instructor at the main gracie barra in cali),Flavio Almeida(Program director),Marcos joca,Frederico Blum and Kyra Gracie

TOURNAMENTS2009:Abu Dhabi pro cup Champion

2009:Tokyo international tournament

3th place

Semi finals of the tournament

2008: Florida super fight winner


black belt


Ailton Barbosa of American Top Team and Frederico Blum of Gracie Barra. This is your classic battle of top

school vs top school. Ailton received his black belt from Marcus Aureilio (Marcus had a classic battle and beat the legendary Royler Gracie). Frederico trained under and received his black belt from the legendary Carlos Gracie Jr. Super Fight begins at 6:30 and promises to be one of the best matches of the year! The match will be preceded at 5:30pm by a special fan appreciation event where Rays players and MMA stars will sign autographs. Game time is at 7:10PM. For more information please visit www.mmawfc.com and www.raysbaseball.com.

Always fighting to promote this beautiful sport

Florida naga absolute division 2008: world championship (usa)

3th place 4th place

2007: pan-American participating

4th place

2007: worlds http://www.ibjjf.org/mundialonline.htm


Gracie Barra Black Adult MasculinoPluma Alfred Tompkins Pluma Rafael Freitas Pena Marcos Oliveira Pena Ryo Ominami Leve Rodolfo Nygaard Leve Rodrigo Vitiello Medio Jose Dias Medio Otavio Sousa Meio-Pesado Fred Blum Meio-Pesado Leonardo Ferreira Pesado Daniel Castelo Pesado George Andersch Super-Pesado Fabio Gravina Super-Pesado Marcel Fortuna Pesadissimo Gary Monroe Absoluto George Andersch Absoluto Otavio Sousa

2007: Copa pacifica

2 th place

(final against kron gracie-rickson s sun) on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EkSCx6H9LY On this fight frederico blum fought the best fighter on his weigh class , son of the best jiu jitsu fighter from all times rickson gracie and it was a draw. 2005: American nationals champion

This is Frederico Blum with master Carlos Gracie jr.(son of Carlos Gracie) after winning the hard usa national jiu jitsu tournament.

http://www.usbjjf.org/results/2005american.htm MiddleFirst Second Third Third Fred blum Jared Vanderzyl Mannie Romero Dariel Moon Gracie Barra Fabio Santos Gustavo Dantas JJ Aloisio Silva

Wander Braga Championship Caiques s tournament 2004: Brazilian Championship (Rio) Brazilian state



2th place (LA- USA) 4th. place 3th place

Campeo SERGIO SANTOS EOFC/INTEGRACAO Vice-Campeo WILLIAN DUARTE ALLIANCE "B" 3o Colocado SEBASTIAN BASSARD BEHRING FRANCE 3o Colocado FREDERICO BLUN INFIGHT J.J. http://brnt6sp44.digiweb.com.br/resultados2004/resultado%20ii%20etapa%20circuito% 20adulto%20todos%20atletas.asp

Absolute Championship (all belts) So Paulo-BR -


2001: Sao Paulo s-BR Championship


Champion (points)

In-fight Cup -BR



Sao Paulo s-BR Submission Fight/Kimono


Brazilian Championship 2000: pan-american championship Frederico also represent Brasil on this Pan ams 2000: Cyclone Cup - Alfa Barra Rio Janeiro-BR -

5th. place 4th place


In-fight Cup -BR


Champion in the cathegory

Absolute(all divisions)


3rd. place

World Championship



Rollyson Gracie Cup BR Brazilian Championship


Champion 8th. placed

1999: State Championship




Teaching and training

Students at Gracie Barra Cerritos in California

Helping the famous fighter randy couture(UFC HEAVY WEIGHT CHAMPION) for one of his fights

Class at the Gracie Barra Florida(usa)

Teaching the jiu jitsu life style.


To Whom it may concern,

Frederico Bizam Blum fought two matches here in Tokyo, Japan both on the 28th and 29th of November 2009. Frederico Blum showed fine sportsmanship and came 3rd place overall. King Regards, Nao Takigawa Senior Referee

To whom it may concern

Hi my name is Bruno Paulista, I am a jiujitsu fighter and I also coach here at Gracie Barra, Santa Anna/California-USA. I am writing this letter to inform about Frederico Bizam Blum, a coleague of mine and also recognized elite jiujitsu fighter and coach. Throught the years he has fought in many tournaments around Brasil and America; that has made him the great fighter he is today. After a sucessfull career in Brasil as a fighter he has moved to America and decided not only to keep fighting but he started coaching the sport. He has earned his black belt and has helped many others to conquer their belt as well. He fought and coached between Florida and California for 5 years, and many people around here are thankfull for everything he has taught them. I have testify all his hard work and determination towards the sport and I honestly believe he will be more or just as sucessfull in Australia, as he was here in California.

Bruno Paulista, Wednesday, october 15, 2009 Santa Anna, California-USA [email protected],17144717764

Bruno Paulista - BioAge D.O.B Height Weight Rank 24 July, 16, 1983 6'5'' 220 Black Belt

Education Physical Education (PE) Association Ralph Gracie Team / Gracie Barra


Jiu-Jitsu 2007 Black Belt 2007 Black Belt 2007 Black Belt 2007 Brown Belt

Champion Champion 2nd Place 3rd Place

No-Gi World Championships Fabio Santos Tournament Pan Americans World Championship (Open Weight)

To whom it may concern

My name is Renato Sobral, also known as Babalu. I am a brazilian Jijitsu fighter and I also coach in Cerritos, California-USA. I fight MMA and I have been to different tournaments including UFC-The Ultimate Fighting Championship and The Affliction "Banned" which are two of the most respected MMA tournaments. I current own a Jiujitsu gym here in Cerritos where Frederico Blum has worked for me during 6 months. I am writing this letter of reference for him because he has practice and worked for me as a coach here at my Jiujitsu Gym. Freddy has always been a great athlete,a hard working competitor and a tremendous coach. It is my pleasure to write this letter of reference for him because he deserve after all the great job he has done here for me. I hope he can bring our tradition of great brazilian Jiujitsu to Australia just as well as he could bring to California. I hope he get the chance to develop the sport in Australia because I know he is the right person for the job. Renato Sobral, Babalu

Renato Sobral "Babalu" Cerritos, California-USA Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Professor Renato Babalu Sobral is a first degree black belt under Carlos Gracie, Jr. A professional mixed martial artist for more than a decade, Babalus vision of having his own academy has materialized. Babalu is the light-heavyweight champion of Strikeforce. Voted Brazils Best Athlete of the Year in 2005, Babalu has had the privilege of training with, and learning from, some of the best of Master Carlos Gracie Jr. students, like Master Renzo Gracie, Prof. Ricardo Almeida, and Prof. Marcio Feitosa. Moreover, given his accomplishments in Greco-Roman wrestling, not to mention his military background fighting background, professional fighters from all camps including the Nogueira Brothers, Anderson Silva and Josh Barnett to name a few, have trained with or been trained by Renato Babalu Sobral. Professor Sobrals personal discipline and commitment to the integrity of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu are easily noted. His classes are remarkable due to the high level of attention, excitement, and discipline, as professor expects nothing but the best from each one of the students. When not fighting professionally, Professor Sobral will be teaching and imparting his skills to students of all walks of life at his Academy in Cerritos, California. Join him on the mats.


Instructor Marcio CruzMarcio Cruz, ring name Marcio Pe de Pano Cruz, was born in Rio de Janeiro on April 24th, 1978. He was introduced to martial arts when he was only 12 years old, and started training karate at an academy close to his home. But soon after he started, the academy closed down. Marcio was an active child and it was time to get to know other sports like soccer, handball, basketball, and swimming among others before starting his victorious career in jiu-jitsu. Marcio lived for a few years at his grandfathers home, and it was then that an old friend took him to a jiu-jitsu academy for the very first time. From that moment on he decided he wanted to be a black belt. Unfortunately, back home there was no jiu-jitsu academy nearby, so he had to train judo for a while. It was not until 1996 that Professor Marcio Cruz finally started training jiu-jitsu. By that time, he was 17 years old and it was a

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