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Frequently Asked Questions

Date post: 07-Jan-2016
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Frequently Asked Questions. Frequently Asked Questions. Gernot Grabher & David Stark. What’s that?. How are you?. How are you ?. What’s for dinner?. Where’s the bathroom?. Is there life after death?. Are we there yet?. Or do you think the beige is better?. Really?. Why?. So what?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Frequently Asked QuestionsGernot Grabher & David Stark

  • Whats that?

  • How are you?

  • How are you?

  • Whats for dinner?

  • Wheres the bathroom?

  • Is there life after death?

  • Are we there yet?

  • Or do you think the beige is better?

  • Really?

  • Why?

  • So what?

  • Oh, yeah?

  • Who cares?

  • Are you crazy?!

  • Are we there yet?

  • Hey, I left three messages, why isnt she calling me back?

  • If two plus two makes four, then two plus three makes?

  • Could you get that to me by this afternoon?

  • We could put the print cushions on the sofa next to the lamp, but they could go on the stuffed chair beside the curtain?

  • When does it start?

  • Whats up?

  • Know what I mean?

  • Shouldnt it go the other way around?

  • Couldnt you have told me that before?

  • Oh my God, what did she say about me?

  • What?

  • How do you know?

  • About me?

  • If Bob leaves for work at 8 in the morning and drives an average of 35 miles an hour, and Susan leaves at 8:15 and drives at 45 miles an hour, who?

  • Who was supposed to make the coffee for the 9 oclock meeting?

  • Who the hell does he think I am anyway?

  • Is the 7:20 ontime?

  • Are we there yet?

  • When did you arrive?

  • Have you heard about the horrible earthquake?

  • Did you get my email?

  • Howre your kids doing?

  • Do you mind if I smoke?

  • Why dont you give me your phone number?

  • Some black pepper?

  • Will you also leave on Sunday?

  • Is this a good time to talk?

  • Is it something I said?

  • Is this your first time?

  • Is this chair taken?

  • Is white the new black?

  • What are you working on right now?

  • So, youre also here?

  • Havent we met before?

  • What do you think right now, I mean really?

  • Can you recommend a dry white wine to go with this fish?

  • Have you always been the way you are?

  • More black pepper?

  • Arent female artists so much more sensitive?

  • How many times have I asked you not to put it in this section of the freezer?

  • How can they put a man on the moon but not design a stupid stapler that works?

  • I assume that all your OLS regressions are White-adjusted for heteroskedasticty, right?

  • Whats your question?

  • Shall we call it a day?

  • You still dont have any kids?

  • How many square-feet?

  • How is he in person?

  • How can that be?

  • Why do the poor always have to suffer so much?

  • Isnt Basquiat overrated?

  • Cant we just stay friends?

  • Mac or PC?

  • How much pasta do I need for three persons?

  • Oh, why not?

  • Why do you always take the remote?

  • Doesnt she know she looks like a slut in that dress?

  • In what movie again did we see this guy recently?

  • Is it really that late?

  • And what happens if I push this button?

  • Who do you think I am, Mother Theresa?

  • Didnt you get my phone message?

  • Does my bum look good in this?

  • Do you really buy this bullshit?

  • Did you call your mother?

  • Didnt you make any back-ups?

  • Cat or dog?

  • Shouldnt we be going?

  • How much were they?

  • Can I ask you a question?

  • No, why do you ask?

  • Would you like to talk about it?

  • What if we just forget it?

  • What else could I do?

  • What were you thinking?

  • Why didnt you ask?

  • Really, nothing else?

  • So, is that it?

  • Thats it?

  • Did you have fun?

  • Did we forget anything?

  • Do you want me to say it again?

  • Whats the catch?

  • Wheres the remote?

  • Well, what can you do?

  • What have you got to lose?

  • Where are my glasses?

  • Could you repeat that question?

  • Where did you put it?

  • Is it worth it?

  • Wouldnt you like to know?

  • Am I crazy, or what?

  • Dont you ever listen to me?

  • Cant you see Im busy?

  • Didnt you say Exit 93?

  • How many times do I have to say it?

  • Did you find my goddam glasses?

  • Is everything OK?

  • Are you sure, doc?

  • If God is, like, merciful, and omniscient, and all-knowing, and infinite, and all, like, whatever, you know, why is everything so fucked up?

  • How much longer does he have?

  • Cant we do something for the pain?

  • Are we there yet?