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Frequently Asked Questions. Technical and Installation. What will my slot depth/size for the bottom track need to be?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked QuestionsTechnical and Installation

1What will my slot depth/size for the bottom track need to be?The slot depth for standard flush tracks and full drainage tracks can be determined by measuring 2-5/16 down from the top of the finished floor to bottom of the slot. This allows for approximately 1/2 shim space below the track.

22What needs to happen with the drain hoses for the transverse drains and patented drainage track system?You will need to connect them with ID drain tubing to your outside weep or drainage these tubes should be sloped a minimum of 1/8 per foot. Using a PVC pipe as a collection method for tubing may also be used.

3Due to varied installation techniques, Weiland does not provide actual installation hardware. Please see below for a partial list of tools and supplies to complete the installation. 4Does Weiland supply the attachment hardware? What supplies/tools will be needed?

How wide and deep will my pocket need to be?

Actual pocket depths are shown on drawings. The approximate pocket depth can be calculated by adding 5.5 inches to the panel width. The attached drawings can be found at www.weilandslidingdoors.com as PDF and dwg file. 55How wide and deep will my pocket need to be?(contd)

6How wide and deep will my pocket need to be?(contd)

7How do I calculate the weight of the systems and is the weight carried at the top or the bottom of the units?

The weight of the system can be calculated by:Panel width x panel height 144 = Sqft.Sqft. x (____) x # of panels

LS 7.5LS weight point loaded on wheel sets at bottom track

BBF 7.5BBF/BF weight point loaded at center of panel on wheel carriage at head track

BF 6.5

Assumptions:Glass is over I.G. units

EXAMPLE:57 x 97 144 = 38.3938.39 x 7.5 = 287.93

4 panels = 1, 152 system weight8Why is the finished floor such a critical step?

It is critical for the flooring and any grout lines to be at 3/16 below the top of the track for the panels to sit and seal properly. The exterior surface should be sloped properly so water wont build up at the base of the panels. Allow a minimum of per foot slope from the edge of the door away from the opening.




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