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From any Web Browser GPS Vehicle and Fleet Tracking.

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From any Web Browser From any Web Browser GPS Vehicle and Fleet Tracking GPS Vehicle and Fleet Tracking
  • From any Web BrowserGPS Vehicle and Fleet Tracking

  • Sentinel Satellite Systems is an established industry leader in the Vehicle-Based GPS Tracking Sector. Headquartered in Las Vegas, NV. Representation provided by ETD GPS. Sentinel Satellite Systems offers the opportunity for enhanced safety, security, and knowledge by harnessing and utilizing Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and patented Microburst technologies.

    Employing a constellation of satellites, and patented microburst technology the true value of the Sentinel unit is evidenced in its accessibility. The reporting and alert functions are accessible 24 / 7 on the Internet, or communicate with your vehicle by email, cell phone, or pager.

    ETD GPS is an authorized distributor of Sentinel Satellite Systems with offices located in Aberdeen, New Jersey.

  • Real Time Tracking, Monitoring, and Control @ Your Fingertips!!

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  • GPS IndustryGPS Equipment Revenue, World Market, Moderate Forecast Source: ABI INCGPS has matured to rapidly growing multi-billion dollar industry. According to ABISales will reach $22 billion by 2008. Equipment for automotive and asset tracking will make up 50% of the global GPS market and continue to gain through 2008.The GPS market has a compound annual growth rate of 22.4%.

  • GPS OverviewWhat is GPS?The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based navigation system made up of a network of 24 satellites and their ground stations. The satellites circle the planet twice a day in precise orbits transmitting signals back to earth. The GPS unit compares the time the signal that was transmitted with the time it was received. The time difference tells how far it is away from the satellite, with measurements from multiple satellites, it can determine the units position down to the meter. GPS works in any weather conditions, anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

  • Consumer MarketsIndividual RetailBusiness

  • Individual ConsumerRV OwnerBoat OwnerHigh End Car OwnersMotorcycle OwnersParents of Teen DriversChildren of Elderly DriversVintage Car OwnersAverage Car Owner

  • Retail OutletsMotorcycle dealershipsCar Stereo shopsAlarm ShopsR.V. DealershipsNew and used car lotsMarine DealershipsHigh performance shopsElectronic retail shops

  • Business MarketFreight Construction Auto Rental companiesEquipment rental companyTaxi cab companiesMoving companiesDelivery companiesLimo service companiesFleet managersService industryTote the note Car dealershipsUtility companiesTransportation companies

  • UsesIndividualBusiness / Fleet

  • Individual Consumer UsesReal-time stolen vehicle reportAnti-TheftEnable/disable starterSatellite trackingAlarm functionsDoor lock/unlockRemote startLow battery alertOil change alertMonitor speedBoundary alert / Geo Fence

  • Fleet /Business UsesFleet ManagementReal-Time asset trackingTrack and monitor staffStop moonlightingVehicle recoveryReduce accident ratesReduce maintenance costVerifying service and billingDispatching Increase productivityOptimize fuel usageCalculate miles driven

  • FeaturesConfigurable FeaturesReporting Features Remote FeaturesOther Features

  • Configurable FeaturesGeo-FenceDefines a geographic boundary around your vehicle, which if violated, you will be sent notification.Max-speed exceededAlert is sent when max-speed is violated for a certain amount of time, which are both configurable.Auto-ReportingReports automatically when predefined intervals are set.

  • Reporting FeaturesVehicle Location RequestReceive RealTime location, speed, and heading.Vehicle Location History RequestAccess up to 90 day historical location or event.Fastest Speed Of The DayFastest speed of the day (rests at midnight).Low Battery Unit will alert when voltage drops below defined limit.Continuous ReportingReports constantly being generated (great for fleet managers).Mileage ReportingAlerts you after defined mileage has been met.

  • Remote FeaturesDoor Lock / UnlockElectronic device controls lock command remotely.Starter InterruptRemotely enable/disable starter when not engaged.Power ManagementControl vehicles power distribution and usage.Turn On / Off LightsControl vehicles lighting. Honk HornMake the horn sound.Control electrical deviceControl any electrical device on board.

  • Other FeaturesCompact Size Easily hiddenMicroBurst Technology Two-way technologies enable wireless connectivity and remote devices within the North American cellular network.Real Time Tracking Know where your vehicle is throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada.Web Interfacing Control at your fingertips via the internet

  • BenefitsIndividualBusiness

  • Individual BenefitsInsurance anti-theft discountMonitor your loved onesFully TransferablePeace of mindDistress/Theft calls tracked byauthoritiesNo recovery feeGet into your locked vehicleZone alarmsAlert by phone, pager or internet

  • Business BenefitsInsurance discounts from underwriters anti-theft, safe driving, speed monitoring, recoverabilityUnit fully transferableImprove customer serviceMarket use of gps real-time trackingIncrease driver accountabilityReduce fuel costEliminate human errorReduce downtime and overtimeCreate routingImprove SecurityFewer accidents Accurate billing, time cards, mileage

    Lower maintenance costImprove dispatchingExtend vehicle life / reduce wearMonitor driving habitsEliminate moonlightingTax records for mileage

  • Fast FactsCoverage Area - 98% of the United States, Mexico, and Canada.Vehicle Theft - 1.2 million vehicles / 8.2 billion dollars worth stolen is U.S. last year.Engine Speed & Idling Effects * Ideal speed is 50-5 mph @ 60mph horsepower increases 73% & @ 70mph increases159%. * After 50mph fuel consumption increases 1.5% per mile after tire ware doubles @ speeds of 70mph.* Engine gears, bearings, clutches, suspension, drive train ware faster @ higher speeds. From 50-60mph maintenance cost increase by 38% & to 70mph they increase by 80%.* Idling causes twice as much damage as driving. 1 hour of idling is equivalent to somewhere between 80 & 120 minutes of driving. It can add up to 800 gallons of fuel annually. Accuracy - Accurate to a mater of meters, every square meter has its own address.On average anywhere from 3%-5% of a fleets trailers are lostGPS is on its way to be a future utilityStopping Distance - With reaction time for average person in a 2 axel truck.* @ 50mph- 275ft (.92 X football field)* @ 60mph- 375ft (1.25 X football field* @ 70mph- 500ft (1.67 X football field

  • ProductsTrailer Location Unit (TLU)Heavy Equipment Unit (HEU)Vehicle Tracking Unit (VTU)

  • Vehicle Tracking Unit (VTU)Description:The VTU is a very, self-contained tracking and communications device that can be easily hidden in the body of any vehicle so no one knows its there.Using satellite (GPS) technology, the VTU quietly tracks the vehicles exact location. When polled by the user, the VTU reports the vehicles location using cellular communications.The user acquires information on the vehicle location via the Internet from any browser-equipped PC.The VTU is designed to operate reliably even if the vehicle has been parked for long periods of time. Using the vehicles battery and a special power saving technology, the VTU can protect the vehicle for up to forty five days with the ignition off, and can actively broadcast its location for at least 15 hours on its own power.

    More Info on the VTU

  • Vehicle Tracking Unit (VTU)The VTU can be configured to automatically perform up to 10 actions at scheduled times or time intervals. Settings include time of day, and day's of week or interval between days.Possible actions include: Reporting the vehicles location, speed and direction, cumulative engine-on time, odometer count since installation, enabling or disabling the vehicles starter, activating or deactivating constraint regions, entering or exiting power saving modes, fasted speed since midnight, triggers and extra output (remote start), vehicle recovery mode, configure number of miles. Weight: 150 gm Packaging: splash proof, dust proof, ABS plastic. Altitude: -200 to +5000 meters. Humidity: 95% non-condensing. Temperature: -30C to + 60C operating range. Size: 108 mm X 65 mm X 28 mm Power Source: Vehicles battery, plus 1.2Ah battery backup Accuracy: Within 10 meters 95% of the time. Communications: Aeris Network 3.0W RF transmit power.

    Imports: 4 (1) analog, (3) digital. Out ports : 4 (2) solid state switch to ground to selectable ss switch to ground or LED drivers. GPS Receiver: L1 Freq, c/a parallel 12 channel tracking. Power Usage: Average 1.4W fully powered operating range 9-30VCD.

  • Trailer Location Unit (TLU)Description: The TLU is a small self-contained tracking and communications device set for either of two power configurations; tethered w/ 45 day broadcast or 14 using battery back up pack or solar powered indefinitely and up to 14 days no sunlight. It uses GPS satellite technology to track trailer exact location. When pinged it reports using microburst cellular communications. The user acquires info from the trailer via the internet from any browser equipped pc.

    The TLU is made to operate reliably even if parked for long periods of time. It can be configured to automatically perform up to 10 actions at scheduled times or intervals. The TLU sends reports when perimeters are reached or set factors are met.

    More Info on the TLU

  • Trailer Location Unit (TLU)Weight: 6.7lbsSize: 25 x 1.2 x 11Packaging: sealed aluminum base. Covered in highest quality absAltitude: -200 to +500 metersHumidity: 95% non-non-condensingTemperature range: -30c to +60cPower source: tethered: vehicle battery plus 14Ah internal battery solar: 11w solar panel plus 14Ah internal batteryPower usage: 1.4W average when fully charged, 9-30VCd operationOutput ports: (4): (2) solid state switch to ground (2)selectable solid state switch to ground or led driversInput ports: (4): (1)analog (3) multi-purpose digital inputsCommunications: Aeris network 3.0W rf transmit powerAccuracy: within 30 meters 95% of the timeGPS receiver: L1 frequency. c/a code parallel 12 channel trackingPossible reporting configurations or actions location, speed, direction, fastest speed activate/ deactivate constraint region, trip external output, set/reset 2nd external output, trailer recovery mode, TLU battery low , exceed max speed, input tripped longer than 15sec, travel configured amount of miles, engine on-time, vehicle battery low, alarm tripped.

  • Heavy Equipment Unit (HEU)Description: The HEU is an economical heavy equipment tracking device that provides location information and equipment usage reports. The HEU is a small self-contained tracking and communications device that can be easily hidden in the body or heavy equipment so know one knows its there. Using GPS satellite technology quietly tracks the vehicles exact location and reports to user using microburst cellular communications. The HEU is designed to operate reliably in all weather conditions even if vehicle is parked for long periods of time. The HEU can protect vehicle for up to 60 days, and broadcast location for 20 hours with its own power. The HEU is packed in a NMEA enclosure w/weather tight exits for hidden antennas, and i/o cablesMore Info on the HEU

  • Heavy Equipment Unit (HEU)The HEU can automatically be set to report location, speed, direction, equipment hours, engine overheat, alarms, max speed, fastest speed, 30 fixed constraint regions, radius, recovery mode, enable/ disable starter, trigger two extra outputs, report hourly intervals. Weight: 6lbs, Size: 8 x 6 x 3.55 Packaging: meets NEMA 12 & 13 requirements Altitude: -650 to +16,400 Humidity: 95% non-condensing, Temperature: -22f to +140f operating Power Source: vehicle battery plus 1.2Ah battery back-up Power Usage: 2.0W peak, 9-34VCD operating Output Ports: (2) solid state switch to ground Input Ports: (2) alarm sense and multi-purpose input Accuracy: within 100 95% of the time Communications: Aeris network 3.0W RF transmit power GPS Receiver: L1 frequency. C/A code parallel 12 channel tracking

  • Product ComparisonAnti-TheftFleetSSS GPSvs.Lo-Jackvs.On-StarSSS GPS / @road / Marcus / Fleet B / Checkmate / St-premier / Sr-jr

  • FeatureSSS VTULo-JackGM-OnstarCall in Vehicle recoveryFreeFree$239.40/yearAuto Stolen vehicle AlertYesn/an/aRemote door unlock15-18 seconds2-4 hours1-3 minutesNavTech mapsYesNoYes# of receivers12n/a12Starter disable/ Vacation sentryYesNoNoGPS coverageYesNoYesUbiquitous cellular coverageYesNoNo3 watt modemYesNoYesStaffed monitoring center 24/7YesNoYesAries.net MicroBurst cellularYesNoYesVehicle recoveryYesYesNoMin. monthly subscription$11.50n/a$19.95Back-up battery with unitYesYesNoControllable by phoneYesn/an/aE-mail notificationYESNoNoTow away sensingYesNoNoLocate vehicle on internetYesNoNoUnit transferableYesNoNoOver speed alertYesNoNoDisarm vehicle alarm capabilityYesNoNoGeo fenceYesNoNoWarranty113Size4x2x1.55x3x1.56x5x3(x)

  • FeaturesSSS [email protected] B. CheckmateSt-premierSr-jr.Up-date interval1-20 min15 min5 min5-120 sec1 + sec30 sec10-120 sec1st year investment X10$8950$11,990$11,984$13,500$7,989 or 11,300 w/AD$6,990$5,3042nd year invest x10$3,000$6,0004$4,200$0$0$0$0Coverage area foot printUsa,Can.MexMetro areaMetro areaUSAUSA, Can, MexUSAUSAMonthly fee$11-$60$45-$55$35-$40NoNoNoNoActivationNo$35$35NoNoNoNoNetwork usedAerisiDen (NextelMobitex n/an/an/an/aPrice protection1-5 yrs1 yr3 yr1 x fee1 x fee1 x fee1 x feeReport formatHtmlHtmlHtml/excelExcelExcelCustomCustomMultiple simultaneous usersYesYesYesNoYesYesNoOffice pc set upn/an/an/a$1,200$999$1,199$299E-mail alertsYesNoYesNoNoNoNoPing capability$.25-$.75$.50FreeNoNoNoNoStart-stop reportYesYesYesYesYesYesYesZone monitoringYesNoYesYesYesNoNoNet work compatibleWeb/cell basWebWebNoYesNoNoPto monitoringYesYesOneThreeThreeNoNoWeatherproofYesNoNoNoYesNoNoReport storage90 days30 days90 daysIndefIndefIndef IndefIdle timeNoNoYesNoYesNoNoStart-stop reportYesYesYesYesYesYesYesException reportsNoNoYesNoYesYesYesDriver interventionNoYes/noNoYesEs/noNoYes/noStreet level mapsYesYesYesYesMap pointYesYesData transferRadio towerRadio towerRadio tower900 MHz 900 MHz or key fobUnit 2 pcNoOperating modeReal timeReal timeReal timePassivePassivePassivePassive

  • Monthly Service Plans