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    Future Technology Center

    Technology Trends Statistical trend analysis of technologies (patents & papers) and markets Analysis and assessment of industrial roadmaps Workshops with technology leaders and business innovators

    Business Assessment Matching future technologies with individual business lines Selection and assessment business opportunities and future innovations Strategic business partners in the field

    Concept Creation Defining innovation routes and new product concepts Conceptual elaboration of specific innovative productlines

    Development & implementation Business case assessment Technological feasibility Partnerships and system engineering for further development and


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    why lab on chip , mems sensors and rf-sensors

    several examples, commercial & in development

    performance data (indicative)

    some future concepts for defense

    ideas for cooperation

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    Bench Process

    Book Size System


    Watch Size System


    m Micro System

    Several micro system platforms1) Si (CMOS)2) Glass/ceramic (high temperature)3) Plastic (low cost, disposable) mm

    Lab on chip, microlab (fluidic)

    Rapid, Specific and Sensitive Micro (Fluidic) Detection System

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    4.0 mm

    500 um

    Airbag Accelerometers

    Inertial Measurement


    Fuel Injection Nozzle

    Tire Pressure Sensors

    Microelectromechanical Systems: Advanced Materials and Fabrication Methods

    ...and MEMS

    MEMS are physically small and integrate electrical, mechanical and sensoriccomponents (micro electro mechanical systems)

    1 micron beams


    Platforms1) Si (CMOS)2) Glass/ceramic (high temperature)

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    Why Lab on chip Thanks to miniaturisation down to micron & nano level:

    small dimensions function integration possible (dsp, rf-wireless)(mm, m, nm) efficient thermal and material transport

    cheap, easy for mass productionportable, point of analysisdisposable

    small sample volume fast response(L, nL, pL) high throughput

    multi parallel analysis, matrix arraysingle cell/molecule detectionless chemical waste

    high sensor-sample ratio high sensitivityhigh signal to noise

    Shrink volume by 108Improve power efficiency by108

    ENIAC~1950 Jornada


    Stan Williams, HP

  • May 18 2005 7

    Signal to noise improvements:

    yocto(10-24) joule, atto(10-18) newton, femto (10-15) mol/L, ppb, single molecule

    Miniaturization size/weight - arrays

    Lower power, potentially scavenged

    Locally process data into information

    Nanocalorimeter; Roukes CITCantilever Sensor; Thundat ORNL

    Lab-on-a-chip; Sandia



    NanoAu Chemiresistor; Snow NRL



    Fieldgeneration wire



    GMR Biosensor; Whitman/Prinz, NRL

    Why nanostructures for sensing

  • May 18 2005 8

    Cantilever Array-based Artificial Nose

    M.K. Baller, et al., Ultramicroscopy 82, 1 (2000); F.M. Battiston, et al., Sensors & Actuators 77, 122 (2001)

    Gases and Vapours- ppm range

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    Gas sensor array metal oxide type, NRL




    2-propanol benzene toluene 2-nitro-toluene



    n lim

    it [p


    Detection limits at 250..300 C

    G a s e s


    Substrate: Si/SiO2 or Al2O3SE2 SE3

    Gradient membraneSiO2 or Al2O3Thickness 2 to 20 nm

    Heater (Pt)

    Gas detector layer SnO2 or WO3, Pt-endowed, approx. 150 nm

    Platinum electrodes Thickness 1 m

    Cross-section of a 3X3.5 mm2 microarray

    with 16 sensor segments

    Temperature gradient50C / 2mm

    Gases and Vapors - ppb level

    NO2, H2O, NH3, CH4 , SO2, CO2, H2S, alcohols, aromatics

  • May 18 2005 10

    Microfluidic lab-on-chip systems

  • May 18 2005 11

    Sample preparation & sensing, csmise, tno

    Micro pump

    Micro sensor

    Body fluid


    filterGeneticallyengineeredcell amplifier

    Geneticallyengineeredcell sensor

  • May 18 2005 12

    Droplet based microfluidics, csmise

    Droplet-based microfluidics

    Electrically control surface tension to drive droplets

    Reconfigurable digital microfluidic circuits

    Fluorescence or magnetic bead detection

  • May 18 2005 13

    Bacteriological DNA fingerprinting, caltech, tno

    peristaltic pump micro valvecell lysis

    substrate solutionenzyme solutionwash solution

    lysis reagent

    E. colisample

    probe solutiondrain


    DNA / RNA

    500 nm


    m Sample preparation

  • May 18 2005 14

    counting and measuring cells one by one measuring level of soluble factor by fluorescent labeling :

    hormones, antibodies, antigens, DNA quick and accurate compact tool for cells diagnostics micro optical mechanical device (MOMS)

    Micro flowcytometer (cell counter)

  • May 18 2005 15

    Micro X-ray source & detector (amptek)

    Miniature carbon nanotube field emission X-ray tube

  • May 18 2005 16

    Spectrometer on a chip (B-I)

    Microspectrometer on chip by Boehringer-Ingelheim

  • May 18 2005 17

    SPR surface plasmon resonance

    SPR detects changes in refractive index in the immediate vicinity of the surface layer of a sensor chip. The SPR angle shifts when biomolecules bind to the surface.

    SPR is non-invasive (process reactor, fluidic chip)

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    Gas sensing with carbon nanotubes

    Chemiresistorfor volatiles

    Biosensorfor in situ life detection,biomedical applications

  • May 18 2005 19

    Micro gaschromatograph, C2V, tno

    Dimensions: 7x7x7 mm3 Det. limit:

  • May 18 2005 20

    HPLC on Chip (Tai, Caltech)agilent

    9 Extrated Individual Peptides


    The chip performance is as good as commercial system

    Gradient Pumps Passive Mixer

    ESI Nozzle


    Sample Injector Electrodes

    1 cm

  • May 18 2005 21

    Caltech: Integrated Large-Scale Micro/NanoFluidics

    Check Valve

    Electrolysis Pump

    In-Channel Check Valve

    Parylene ChannelMicro Pump

    Reaction Chamber or Reservoir

    100 mMicro Active Valve

    Thermal Flow


  • May 18 2005 22

    Single molecule detection, Wang JHU

    Sample preparation, Microfluidics, Optical cavity fluidic channel & Biosensing Chips

    Electrical Molecular Manipulationand Positioning Single Molecule Dynamics

    Quatum dot fluorescenceSingle Molecule Detection

    Fluidic manipulation plus quantum-dot fluorescence in optical cavity channel

  • May 18 2005 23

    Indicative sensitivities bio(molecule)sensor

    ppb (gaseous)Metal oxide nanostructures, nanotubes/wiresChemical



    SPR (surface plasmon resonance)PWG (planar waveguide fluorescence, in dev)THz (early experimental phase, in dev)

    Other optical


    Membrane (catalytic hybridization)Enzymatic assisted charge transfer


    ppm (gaseous)ppb (gaseous)ppm, 10-9

    Cantilever resonator (tuning fork)Nanotube/nanowire resonatorsSAW (surface acoustic waves)



    GMR/nanobeads (in development)concentration step (to be developed)



    PCR (polymerase chain reaction) Elisa (enzyme linked immunoabsorbent assay)




  • May 18 2005 24

    Future: senstenna, passive RF-readable sensorRF-antenna circuit with reactivepolymer or sensitized nanotubes(TNO)

    Passive RFID-tag with integrated sensor function

    Semi-active credit card sized sensor with logic/battery

    Operates without battery, activated by RF readerPDA, mobile with ZigBee, BluetoothApplications: health monitoring, BC sensing, food


  • May 18 2005 25

    Future: B/C sensing with conductive polymers in passive or semi active system

  • May 18 2005 26

    Body sensor functionalities Body conditionT (core temperature, skin temperature)Heart rateECG(electrocardiogram) sensor for monitoring heart activityEEG (electroencephalography) sensor for monitoring brain electrical activityEMG (electromyography) sensor for monitoring muscle activityHydratationMoisture level of woundsBacterial contanimationGlucose/lactate level in bloodDrug delivery, need for medicationPh value of sweat, body fluidsChemical and bio influencesAir quality, breath sensingBlood pressure sensor Body position/motionMotion, accelerationPositioning body (indoor/outdoor)Body parts position Body environment (B/C/N/T/humidity/air)

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    Body sensors, BAN

    IMEC human++, UWB BAN

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    Body sensors, BAN

  • May 18 2005 29

    Body sensors, medical BAN

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