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Fundraising thru the ages - eTapestry User Group 2013

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  • 1.Fundraising Through the Ages: Analysis and Strategy Presented by Amy Posavac-Osborne

2. Agenda Defining your Donor Pool Giving Channel Trends Communication Best Practices State of the Nonprofit Industry Fundraising Resources 3. Most Americans Give! 4. Generation Y 5. Generation x 6. Boomers 7. Matures 8. Which Age Group Dominates Giving?More than 40 percent of all money donated (as reported by study participants) comes from Americans aged 49 to 67, while more than one-fourth comes from Matures, one-fifth from Gen X, and one-tenth from Gen Y. 9. Generation Giving Trends 10. Future Giving 11. Impact of Generation Y 12. Donation Frequency11/19/2013 13. Is money the most important thing? 14. Educating donors about strategy is key 15. How is my money making a difference? 16. Transaction and Engagement Channels 17. Engagement Channels and Transaction Channels both matter 18. Channel Marketing 19. Transactions 20. Current Giving Trends 21. To direct mail or not to direct mail? 22. Monthly Giving 23. Online Giving on the rise 24. Why did you give? 25. Payment Options 26. Mobile as transaction processing: mixed bag 27. Acceptable ways to ask for gifts 28. Workplace giving 29. Retail giving 30. Peer to peer fundraising 31. Peer to peer fundraising 32. Crowdfunding 33. Donor Engagement 34. Preferred engagement paths 35. Online engagement 36. Online engagement 37. Impact of social media 38. Evangelism 39. Important Take Away Tips Keep an eye on the bouncing red ball Multichannel marketing and fundraising is for everyone, but the optimal mix varies by cohort. Prepare for the future today! Its not just about tweaking tactics Know your donors birthdays Dont phase out direct mail now, but do have a succession plan for the mail channel Make donors happy! 40. Key things to remember about your donors Generation Y represents 11% of total giving; 57% want to see the impact of their donation. 62% would give through mobile phone; 59% gave through their workplace; 53% gave through retail purchase; 47% gave through an orgs website; 43% fundraise on behalf of your organization. Generation X represents 20% of total giving; 49% want to see the impact of their donation; 53% gave through their workplace, 49% gave by retail purchase, 47% would give by mobile phone, 46% fundraise on behalf of an organization; 40 gave through websites. Baby Boomers represent 43% or total giving; 46% gave through the workplace,42% through website and 40% in response to direct mail. Matures represent 26% of total giving; 52% gave in response to direct mail, 34% gave in honor or tribute. 41. Resources: State of Nonprofit Industryhttps://www.blackbaud.com/SONI 42. Additional resources www.blackbaud.com/nonprofit-resources Whitepapers Tip sheets Industry Research 43. WebinarsActionable Takeaways from The Next Generation of American Giving December 11, 2013 11:00 AM EST Following the Money Trail: How to Reach the Lucrative Baby Boomer January 15, 2014 11:00 AM EST The Rules of Social Engagement: How to Optimize your Social Strategy for Different GenerationsFebruary 4, 2014 11:00 AM EST What Donors Want: How Crowdfunding Appeals to the Next Generation of Givers11/19/2013 44. Q&AQuestions?

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