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Date post:15-May-2015
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A selection of Funky English Slang Expressions. Source - http://www.funkyenglish.com/slang
  • 1. Funky English Slang! Source: www.funkyenglish.com/slang/ 11 Awesome Slang Expressions

2. Slang What is SLANG? Slang is the use of informal words or expressions. Slang words are used in social situations - for example between friends, between people of the same social group or when chatting on-line. Some slang can be impolite - so it is important to only use slang in the right situation. It's fine when chatting to your best friend, but probably not so suitable for use in English exams! The slang featured in this presentation is British English slang. 3. Cuppa - Cup of tea British English - Very common. British people love their tea. It should be no surprise that this slang is frequently used up and down the country. 4. Nutcase - Crazy person British English - Very common. Nutcase is unlikely to cause offence unless used in a serious and unfriendly manner - and is usually used jokingly between friends. 5. Banter - A playful or friendly argument British and American English - Common. This British slang expression has enjoyed a recent popularity surge. Banter is playful, fun and often witty. It is not meant to be taken seriously. 6. Dilly-dally - To waste time British and American English - Not common enough. This wonderful old slang expression is perhaps not used as often as some of our other phrases - but it should be. It is used to describe a person who is indecisive, dawdling or procrastinating. 7. Skint - To have no money British English - Common. We like the slang expression skint much more than we like actually being skint. Common slang in London - perhaps because London is so expensive. A tenner is 10 British pounds. 8. Argy-bargy - A lively argument British English - Not common enough. Argy-bargy is more than banter. It's more than just an argument. It's a lively argument that hasn't (yet) ended up in a physical fight. Old school slang that we'd love to hear more frequently. 9. Codswallop - Nonsense British English - Common. This slang expression is usually used to direct doubt at someone. Use this slang if you believe someone is bending the truth or telling a lie. 10. Tickety-boo - Successful or satisfactory British English - Not common enough. Another old-fashioned slang phrase that is very British. You might not hear this slang very often these days but we don't thing there is a more British sounding slang expression than this one. Use this with your British friends and you are guaranteed a smile - or a funny look. 11. Motormouth - Someone who talks too much British and American English - Common. A simple expression for a person who doesn't know when to shut up. This is not particularly polite and should be used with caution! 12. Plonk - Cheap wine British English - Common. Plonk. The word just doesn't sound intelligent or sophisticated. Plonk is cheap and definitely unsophisticated. Not that there is anything wrong with some plonk - now and again. 13. Cheerio - Goodbye British English - Common. This is a friendly and positive way to say goodbye to somebody. This is very British slang and is quite old fashioned - but it's almost impossible to say without smiling. Try it for yourself! 14. More like this? Visit FunkyEnglish.com A free social networkfor Englishlanguagelearners. Check out: EnglishSlang EnglishIdioms PhrasalVerbs Vocabulary Created by English TeacherJamie

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