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Future of TV: the 8K Experience

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Live Streaming of World Cup games in 8K resolution, from Brazil to Japan. Presented at SET 2014 and CineGrid Brasil 2014, Sao Paulo.
  • 1. Future of TV:The 8K experienceCineGrid Brasil 28/8/14

2. 2Main RNP activities (recap) Connectivity provider National backbone, with a Point of Presence (PoP) in each state Metro networks in 27 capitals and some other large cities Access links to hundreds of campi in non-capital cities Advanced services Similar to those offered by other advanced R&E networks Special services Telemedicine, Training, Cloud computing R&D (with participation of academic community) Development of advanced services Testbed networks: Future Internet and SDN Support for specific communities: High-energy Physics, Astronomy, Culture 3. 3Rede 8K AMPATH 4. RNP client institutions 2012-2014Federal Universities (IFES) andFederal Institutes (IF)with high capacity connectionsconnected at 1 Gbpsto be connected at highcapacity by 2014 5. 5Intl links (1/2) 6. 6Intl links (2/2) 7. Lightpaths for supporting intl collaborationand data-intensive researchGlobal Lambda Integrated Facility7 8. 8Brief history of UHD transmissions at RNP2009FILESo Paulo(4K)2011NewRede IpBackbone(4K)[email protected](4K-3D)2012CardiacSurgery(live 4K)2013CineGridSimultaneoussurgeries(4x 4K)2014World Cup(live 8K)2013Forum RNPNTT/NHK Demo(8K)2011VisualizationR&DProgramme 9. 2009FILESo Paulo(4K)So Paulo -> EUA, Japo 10. Campinas -> Brasilia2011New Rede IpBackbone(4K) 11. www.estereoensaios.com.brEstereoEnsaios2011VisualizationR&DProgramme 12. [email protected](4K-3D)Joo Pessoa -> Rio de Janeiro 13. Joo Pessoa -> Natal2012Cardiac Surgery(live 4K) 14. Brasilia -> Tquio -> Braslia2013Forum RNPNTT/NHK Demo(8K) 15. Brasilia -> Tquio -> Braslia2013Forum RNPNTT/NHK Demo(8K) 16. Natal, Vitria, So Paulo, Porto Alegre -> Diego2013CineGridSimultaneoussurgeries(4x 4K) 17. Rio -> Tquio2014World Cup(live 8K) 18. Rio -> Tquio2014World Cup(live 8K) 19. 208K streaming in BrazilIBCRiocentroRedecomepPoP-SPPoP-CEFIFA networkLive 8K capture from stadiumsproviderMediaCenterMiamiMiamiSOFITELPoP-RJCBPFRNPsmetropolitannetworkRNPsbackbone 20. 21 21. 22RiocentroCBPFSofitel 22. 23Rio de Janeiro: IBC -> PoP-RJ 23. 24Rede 8K AMPATH 24. 25Network pathsRoute 3(backup commercial)Route 5(principal)TokyoNewYorkMiamiRio de JaneiroRoute 2Route4Route 1FortalezaSaoPauloSeatlle[rota1]NTT GEMnet2 Internet2 RNP[rota2]NTT GEMnet2 SINET4 RedCLARA RNP[rota3]NTT GEMnet2 NTT-A V-Link RNP[rota4]NTT GEMnet2 Internet2 RNP (Miami Fortaleza -Rio/L2)[rota5]NTT GEMnet2 SINET4 RNP (Miami Fortaleza - Rio/L2) 25. 26 26. 27 27. Demonstrao em nmeros: 28. Leandro [email protected]@RNP_pd

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