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Future of Work - Startup Pirates @ Porto 2012

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Presentation I did at the Startup Pirates @ Porto event that took place in September 2012. Though the talk was delivered in Portuguese, I uploaded an English version of the slides :) Enjoy!
  • 1. The future of workAna Silva | @AnaDataGirlPorto | September 2012
  • 2. ME Victor Cardoso Ana Silva | @AnaDataGirl | artlifework.wordpress.com http://cidadania20.com/ http://www.facebook.com/talks20 http://www.facebook.com/IgnitePortugalPT @AnaDataGirl
  • 3. MACRO TRENDSSource: Apollo Research Institute, 2011 @AnaDataGirl
  • 4. TRENDS Constant change Social Consumerization of IT (CoIT) Mobility/ubiquity Big Data Hapinness/Work-Life balance Generation Millennials @AnaDataGirl
  • 5. TRENDSCONSTANT CHANGE unprecedented acceleration of change a time for challengingassumptions, reinventing systems, and hacking our way to new solutions Daniel Debow, Aug2012Source: Visual Economics @AnaDataGirl
  • 6. TRENDSSOCIAL Our social media tools arent an alternative to real life, they are part of it they are increasingly the coordinating tools for events in the physical world Clay Shirky, Cognitive Surplus @AnaDataGirl
  • 7. TRENDSMOBILITY/UBIQUITY According to IBM One of the causal factors Research, your springing from the smartphone has democratization of more computing technology is the decline power than the of location as a limiting whole world in factor 1950 Stephen Denny, Jun2012 @AnaDataGirl
  • 8. TRENDSCONSUMERIZATION OF IT What used to be the sole preserve of the IT department in large corporations is now available to anyone, anywhere. I can get a more powerful, less expensive computer myself, either online or even at retail and increasingly, were expected to get our own devices [BYOD] Stephen Denny, Jun2012 @AnaDataGirl
  • 9. TRENDSBIG DATA Google alone processes about 24 petabytes (or 24,000 terabytes) of data. Yet very little of the information is formatted in the traditional rows and columns of conventional databases Thomas H. Davenport, Paul Barth and Randy Bean, Jul2012 Volume 4 Vs of Variety Big Data Velocity Value @AnaDataGirl
  • 10. TRENDSBIG DATASource: http://wikibon.org/blog/big-data-statistics/ @AnaDataGirl
  • 11. TRENDSHAPPINESS/WORK-LIFE BALANCE The issue of work-life balance has been gaining momentum in the past decade, in spite of the economic recession. Governments and institutions, as well as single businesses, have recognised that its achievement benefits not only worker health and morale, but also productivity and country growth. HR Magazine, May2012 Motivation Concerns & about engagement happiness and of workers well-being @AnaDataGirl
  • 12. TRENDSGENERATION MILLENNIALS By the year 2020, there will be five generations in the workplace. [companies] must deal with new ways to attract, develop and engage all five generations and prepare for age diversity in the workplace. futureworkplace, 2012 1st generation of digital natives Different expectations regarding life Different perspectives regarding work & career @AnaDataGirl
  • 13. IMPACT ON THE FUTURE OF WORK? How will we work? In what will we work? Which skills will we need? @AnaDataGirl
  • 14. ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL @AnaDataGirl
  • 15. IMPACT ON THE FUTURE OF WORK? How will we work? In what will we work? Which skills will we need? @AnaDataGirl
  • 16. HOW? AT DISTANCE/FLEXIBLE ...home working, part-time working, job sharing and flexi hours. These help to meet the personal needs of staff as well as the demands of a company working across many time zones Lynda Gratton, 2010 Source: business2community.com, Junho 2012 @AnaDataGirl
  • 17. HOW? SPACES Converging spatial, social and informational trends are creating demand for workplaces that support new patterns of collaboration Steelcase, 2010Spaces designed forFocusCollaborationLearningSocialization @AnaDataGirl
  • 18. HOW? NETWORKED/CONNECTED "When we look back 30 years from today, what well see is the transition from hierarchies to networks. Ben Hammersley, Aug2012 From hierarchy... ...to wirearchySource: @davegray @dachisgroup (Flickr) @AnaDataGirl
  • 19. IMPACT ON THE FUTURE OF WORK? How will we work? In what will we work? Which skills will we need? @AnaDataGirl
  • 20. IN WHAT?ENTREPRENEURSHIP We are entering the age of the micro-entrepreneur when ever decreasing costs of technology will significantly reduce the barriers to getting off the ground, and when talented people across the world will be connected and keen to work with each other Lynda Gratton, 2011 @AnaDataGirl
  • 21. IN WHAT?INTRAPRENEURSHIP One of the pathways for We want to reboot our companies to weather thesecorporate and organizational storms is through unleashing theculture to install a 21st century, entrepreneurial spirit latent in digitally native version. We its employees enabling these want to accelerate positive viral employees to carve out new paths, change from deep within the initiate new ventures, defy the fabric of our organizations status quo in their organizations, Peter Vander Auwera, Jul2012 and break fresh ground. D V R Seshadri and Arabinda Tripathy, 2006 @AnaDataGirl
  • 22. IN WHAT?MISSION @AnaDataGirl
  • 23. IMPACT ON THE FUTURE OF WORK? How will we work? In what will we work? Which skills will we need? @AnaDataGirl
  • 24. SKILLS 2020 SENSE-MAKING ability to determine the deeper meaning or significance of what is being expressed SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE ability to connect to others in a deep and direct way, to sense and stimulate reactions and desired interactions
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