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  • Owner’s Manual



    Fifthwheel Towables FW, FW HT And FW HTX


    TO PROTECTING THE ENVIRONMENT. Through Jayco’s company-wide

    sustainability program, we’re creating better ways to build better RV’s using

    fewer natural resources. Already, our initiative has created significant impact.

    As of 2014 our company has:




    We’re proud of our results, and we know those numbers show that a little

    initiative can go a long way. The Jayco EcoAdvantage is our way of making

    sure endless generations can enjoy the Great Outdoors.

    • 7,192 tons of wood • 2,354 tons of scrap metal • 1,428 tons of cardboard and paper

    • 9,997,400 gallons of fresh water, enough to meet the daily needs of 133,293 Americans.

    • 34,277 gallons of gas, enough for Americans to drive more than 957,600 miles.

    • Enough electricity to power 1,745 homes for the year.

    • 60,900 mature trees. • Enough landfill airspace to meet the annual disposal needs

    of a community of 44,683 people.

    2019 Jayco Eagle FW Rev.A Page 11: Factory Tours added, Page 12: Emergency Warranty number revised, Page 23: Exit Windows – added caution box, Page 36: Wire Harness/Connector Plug – revised, Page 52: Wheel lugs revised, Page 78: Command Center revised, Page 137: Tank Heaters revised, Page 182: Add Ownership Form to TOC, 08/18

  • Table of Contents

    Section 1: Warranty & Service Factory Tours 11 Options and Equipment 11 Dealer Responsibility 11 Customer Relations 11 To Contact Us 13

    About This Manual 13 Warranty Packet 14 Safety Alerts 14 Reporting Safety Defects 15 Customer Responsibility 16 Change Of Address/Ownership 16 Suggestions For Obtaining Service 16 Obtaining Service For Separately Warranted Items 17 Obtaining Service At Our Customer Service Facility 17 Parts and Accessories 17

    Section 2: Occupant Safety Secondary Means of Escape (Exit Window) 23

    Exit Window Label Fire Safety 24 Fire Extinguisher 24 Smoke Alarm 25 Combination Carbon Monoxide /Propane Alarm 26 Formaldehyde 29 Extended Or Full Time Usage 29 Cold Weather Usage 30 Condensation 30

    Section 3: Pre-Travel Information Tow Vehicle 31 Vehicle Labels 31

    Weight Terms 31 Weight and Capacity Labels 31

    OCCC Label (yellow) Federal Certification Label Tire & Loading Information

    Loading Your Recreation Vehicle 33 Cargo Carrying Accessory Receiver (if so equipped) 33 Rear Bumper 34 Fifth Wheel Pin Box (customer supplied) 34

    Fifth Wheel Pin Box 35 Fifth Wheel Pin Box Height 35 Fifth Wheel Hitching Procedure 35

    Wire Harness/Connector Plug 36 Weighing Your Tow Vehicle and RV 36

    Section 4: Vehicle Operation Towing 39

    RV Brake System 39 Electric Brakes 40 Brake Controller (customer supplied) 40 Travel Trailer Breakaway Switch 40 Hydraulic Brakes (if so equipped) 40 Disc Brakes (if so equipped) 41

    Towing Behind Your RV 41

  • Table of Contents

    Factory Installed Hitch Reciever (if so equipped) 42 Entrance Door Step(s) 44 Entrance Door 44 Rear Backup Camera Prep 45 Campsite Hook-Up 45 LCI 3.0 Leveling System (if so equipped) 45

    Auto Leveling Touch Pad 47 OneControl Touch Panel: 48 Linc Remote Control 49 Troubleshooting 49

    OneControl Touch Panel Linc Remote

    Stabilizer Jacks 50 Manual Stabilizer Jacks (if so equipped) 50 Electric Stabilizer Jacks (if so equipped) 50

    Emergency Stopping 51 Emergency Towing 51 Wheel Lugs 52

    Wheel Lug Nut Diagrams 52 Wheel Lug Nut Torque Values 53

    Tires 54 Changing A Tire 56 Spare Tire Carrier (if so equipped) 57

    Hoist Mount: 57 Bracket Mount Travel Position Hoist Mount Travel Position Bumper Mount Crank Access Port

    Bumper Mount: 58 Setting Up Your Recreation Vehicle 59

    Travel Trailer Set Up 59 Fifth Wheel Set Up 59

    Awnings (if so equipped) 60 Awning Care 60 Electric Patio Awning With Remote Control 60 In Motion Detector (if so equipped) 60

    Section 5: Slideout Systems Electric Slide Room(s) (if so equipped) 61

    General Slideout Operation: 61 Slideout Overlap-Outside

    General Slideout Troubleshooting Checklist 62 Flush Floor Slideout 62 Schwintek In-Wall Slideout System 64 Error Codes 67 Norco Slideout System 67 Norco Slideout Manual Operation 68 Power Gear Slideout System 68

    Fig.1 Slideout Controller Power Gear Slim Rack Slideout System 70 Operating the Slideout 70 Power Gear Ram Slideout System 74

    Section 6: Electrical System The Electrical System 77 In Case Of An Electrical Fire 77

  • Table of Contents

    Command Center 78 Command Center Panel Command Center Panel W/Switch Modules

    GFCI Receptacle 79 LCI One Control® System 79

    5” Touchscreen 5-Way and 8-Way Power Remote (if so equipped) 82 Testing the Campsite Power Connection 85

    Connecting the Power Cord 85 Inverter (if so equipped) 86 Power Converter 87

    Converter with Charge Wizard (if so equipped) 89 12-Volt DC System 89

    12-Volt Fuse Panel 89 Auxiliary Battery (customer supplied) 90

    Replacing a Fuse 90 12-Volt DC Outlet 90 Dry Camping 91 Replacement and Maintenance 91 Battery Isolator For Your Tow Vehicle (customer supplied) 91 Battery Disconnect Switch (if so equipped) 91

    Load Center 92 120-Volt Circuit Breakers 92

    Typical Load Center Panel Load Center Panel w/120 volt Main Breaker Battery Disconnect Switches

    Approximate Electrical Load Ratings 94 120-Volt (30 AMP) AC System (if so equipped) 95 120-Volt (50 AMP) AC System (if so equipped) 96

    50-AMP Power Cord (if so equipped) 97 Calculating 50 AMP Electrical Load (if so equipped) 97

    Solar Prep (if so equipped) 98 Replacing Light Bulbs 98

    Solar Plug Section 7: Fuel & Propane System

    Exhaust Gas Fumes 99 Propane Gas System 99

    Propane Gas Container 100 Servicing or Filling 101

    “Use propane only” Label (Canada only) “Shut off for re-fueling” Label “Do not fill to more than 80%” Label

    LP Gas Container Overfill 102 Maintenance 102 Propane Cylinder Recertification 102 Hoses, Pipes, Tubes and Fittings 102 Propane Regulator 103

    Propane Use and Safety 104 Propane Leak Test 104 Using the Propane System 104

    Propane System Label Cooking With Propane Gas 105 Calculating Propane Gas Usage 105

    Cooking / Comfort Heating Label

  • Table of Contents

    Traveling With Propane 106 Installing Propane Cylinder(s) 106

    Refueling Warning Label Single Cylinder Main Supply Hose Double Cylinder Two Propane Cylinders

    Section 8: Plumbing System Plumbing System 109

    Plumbing System Maintenance 109 Monitor Panel 109

    Operation 109 Monitor Panel

    Fresh Water System 110 Command Center

    Water Pressure Regulator (customer supplied) 111 Fresh Water Holding Tank 111 12-Volt Water Pump and Switch 111

    Draining the Fresh Water System 112 Exterior Fresh Water Drain Low Point Drains

    Uni-Dock Utility Center (if so equipped) 113 Sanitizing the Plumbing System 117 Winterizing The Plumbing System (with utility center): 120 Tank Style (Storage) Water Heater: 120 Tankless (On Demand) Water Heater: 121 Winterize the Macerator system: (if so equipped) 124

    Water Heater 125 Gas/Electric DSI Tank (Storage) Water Heater System (if so equipped) 125

    Anode Rod Replacement Chart Outside Shower (if so equipped) 129 Faucets 130 Bathroom Tub / Shower 130 Black/Grey Water System and Tanks 131 Black and Grey Tank Drains 132 Macerator Pump System (if so equipped) 133

    Black/Grey Tank Drain & Valves Black Tank Flush (if so equipped) 135

    Tank Flush Inlet Black Tank Flush (if so equipped) 136 Tank Heaters (if so equipped) 137 Toilet 138

    Section 9: Heating & Cooling Air Conditioner 139

    Roof Mount (if so equipped) 139 Wall Mount (if so equipped) 139 Heat Pump Operation (if so equipped) 139

    Power Roof Vent (if so equipped) 139 Attic Fan Control

    Ceiling Fan (if so equipped) 140 Furnace 140

  • Table of Contents

    Fireplace (if so equipped) 141 Section 10: Appliances

    Microwave 143 Cooking Safety 143

    In Case Of a Grease Fire 143 Cooktops; Range and Oven (if so equipped) 144

    Electric Drop-In Cooktops (if so equipped) 144 Cooking with Propane (if so equipped) 144 Gas Drop-In Cooktops (if so equipped) 145 Kitchen Range and Oven (if so equipped) 145 Oven (if so equipped) 145

    Gas BBQ Grill (if so equipped) 146 Attaching the “Quick Coupler” Connection 147

    Quick Connect Coupler Gas Grill and Mounting Bracket on Support Rail

    Range Hood (if so equipped) 148 Refrigerator 148

    Range Hood Vent Cleaning Your Refrigerator 149

    Washer/Dryer Prep (if so equipped) 150 Vacuum Systems (if so equipped) 150

    Dryer Vent Label Water Heater – See Plumbing Section 151 Outside Kitchen (if so equipped) 151

    Quick Connect Coupler Exterior Refrigerator 152 LP Gas Grill (if so equipped) 152 Cleaning the Grill 153

    Section 11: Electronics HDTV Antenna/Satellite System(s) 155

    HDTV Antenna (if so equipped) 155 Antenna Power Supply (if so equipped) 155 Satellite (if so equipped) 155

    Antenna Power Supply Section 12: Interior

    Cleaning The Interior 157 Window Treatments 157 Window Shades 157 Cabinetry and Tables 158 Interior Wall Panel 158 Quik Panel Wall Panels (if so equipped) 158 ABS Plastics 159

    Sofa and Dinette 159 Hide-A-Bed Sofa or Sofa Sleeper 159 Jack Knif

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