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    CoLtEcT A FoRcE FRoM CAssINo? WHY PLAY INFANTRY AcEs?Cassino also includes the brand neu,lnfantrv Aces escalationLrmPJigr \).rem. ruhi. r i. ,n e*,irr'u r .rrnp.rign

    ').remrhrr loru.e\ on i'rtdn(r) lompanie\. \X irh Irrlanrrl {.es 1ouwili earn medals and promorions as )'ou command a smallinfintrv compeny and lead thcra to gloly.\!hether you are new to inlantry forces or a seasoned veteran,Inlantry Aces wiil open up a lvhole new world of tacrics foryou to explore. You rvill have to make full use ol all supportweapons at your disposal, including mortars, machine-gunsancl light anti-rank guns, in order to achjeve vjcrory on lhebatllefrelds of Cassino.

    In rhis campaign, you will begin the gamc $,ith a small force.As you 6ght your way through, your command will expandto include nerv platoons. Your bartles will determine the fate

    .. \Telcome to Cassino. soldierl

    Cassino rhrows the player in with the brave infantrymenfought and died lor control over lhe road to Rome- The

    'valleys, towns and mountains of Italy will all play host to'your vicious battles.

    . This book will allow you to field several of the major fblcesthat [ought ac Cassino. \fith Cassino, you will be able to fielda company of tough German Failschirmjlger (paratroopers),the fast anc{ nobile Panzergrenadiers, or man the Gustav andHitler Lines with Reichsgrenadier trot,ps.

    Rally behind the multi-national Allied liorces and rakecommand of French, American, Indian or New Zealandforces, as you force your way through the mountains ofltaly.

    Vtrichever side you choose, the campaign for Italy will turnon rhe he-oi. leai. of ) our in[a nr r ).

    of the canpaign. l0i1l rhe Germans hold against the decer-mined Allied assaults, or will the Allies breat through ardopen il e road ro Rome?



    To 6nd out more, visit our website at rauu,FLzmesOl\Yar,con or visit your local game store.

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    tW.lrrz 11; Micheel Heuehr

    Assistant W'itcr:: P\il Yatcs. Kcn Crme l, Andre*' HarLghrC/tarr: I'crer Simunovich, Jobn-Paul BrisigoLLi

    Proof Readtrs: Russel Rrian t, Cicty l\lartin, Cregg Sirer,Nerl Smirh

    Graphic Desigtt: Setn (loorlison, Cascy Dirvies, Victor PeschP h orag ap 14, : Ht tleior.t SruclioM i.n ia no u I) u i grL : Et ;Ln Allen

    I r'., / ir,- \'iIrr-i \X'rl

    Minitturcs Paintin;q Jamcs Brou'n, Jererny Painter, Mact Parkes,W-avnc Tr.rrner

    At/ditiond/ lainting: Derek anclJosh Fortester, Bob PearceTenain Modtlling: \4:ar\< Haztll

    l,b \LPt" t R r\. t n'r' -Pldytcst Gnups: Arizona Descrr R:rrs (Jon Halter). -I1rc B:rttcr-r'

    Comm:rnder (Jochen Schrejbcr), !.inhcrj:rr (Cisli JiilcullCislason), Grrnc Korps lrem Company (Trov fuiler), lheReginent (Simon lr4cBcth), Sprirz of VIar (Nicold Dr Lio)




    Jl+-_ r-: *,.


    Forces in Cassino ......................... 2The Battles for Cassino.,,,...,.......,......... ..........-..........- 4

    1. Fallschirmiiigerdivision .....,..........................,...... l 8

    Fallchirmj?igerkompanie ..............................,........... 2044. 'Hoch und Deutschmeister'Reichsgrenadierdivision .,.....,......,....,....,.........,....... 26

    Reichsgrenadierkompanie,...,........,..,.....,................. 28

    90.'Sardinien' Panzergrenadierdivision ................... 36

    Pan2ergrenadierkompanie..,.,...,.....,....,....,...........,.., 38

    Corps Support.,.... .......,,..........., 45German Arsenal .... .....................50

    Fortifications Rules ....,............... 53Cassino Fortifi cations....,.......,....,..,,....,

    -. --.. --........ 57

    Cassino Field Fortifications.....,........... .................... 58

    General Cuillaumet Goums ............... -.,----.,....... 64

    Japanese-American'Nisei'........................................ 66

    Goum or Nisei Rifle Company.,..,..,.,,...,,...,.........,,.. 68

    91"' Cavalry Rcconnaissance Squadron.......--..-....... 7 4

    f)ismountcd Cavalry TioopFifr h Arrnr Supporr.................

    Fire Dirertion Cenrcr 5pecial Rrr1cr...................,......

    IIS Arscnal...............





    944'r and 8')' Indiarr Divisions ..........

    2"d New Zealand Division.,,....,,.....,....,.......,....,.,,...-. 96

    Indian or New Zealand Riflc Company.,....,............. 98

    Eighth Aluy Support............................................. 104

    British Arsenal

    Painr ing Guidc......

    lrrlantrl Battle T.rcti(\..........................

    INFANTRY ACESPart 1: The Carnpaign

    Part 2: Your Infantry Ace.....................,.................. 126

    Part 3: Your Force.. ........,,...,,,... 137Last Day in Combar Mission...,....,..,......,....,,......... 141

    Organising the Campaign.....,..........................,..... 145






    This is a supplement fo r Flames OI W'ar, the W'orld W'ar II miniaturcs game.A copy ofthe rulebooktot Fl"?nes Of Wff is lecessary to fully use the contents of tl s book.

    iu which it is published and rvirbour .r simil.rr concljrion bcing inrposed on the sLLbsequenr purchascr

    O CopyLight Batrlefront Miniatures Ltd., 201t. ISBN 978-0-9864514-5 4

  • i: -,S C r. ir,,,rC E RKOMPANIE

    : I r :::: : : :a- r;. ::_;i: .li:i:lii jn L.r..ir,r i. :n-.:.::: .'.; :.,,:.'t;.;,ig,.tztt i:io,r I I'ar:rchurr I)irision,.In:,e lct:lus have been lighring thc Allics fLr manrnronrhs:rnd kno* ho*.ro cljq in ancl hold their grorLncl.Plece lour p:uarrcJopcrs on rhc: objccrivc and reinfbrcrrhcrn wirh toLreh fortifications such xs l):uldrer rLrrrrrbunhers. machine-gun nesrs. mineficlds, lnd barbcdu,ire. l{-rhe Allies cerr makc ir thlough vour fbrrnidable'r.'.r....'l'. ll r

    '.'^.1. " r.iin \",. I.,r ,ruul! .derermin,rrion to holci their iirouncl against rll odcls.

    j|l Rr'."t.RENADTERKoMPANTE dlhAnrorg thc dcli'ndcrs oi (-:rssino is rhc 11. 'Ilar unlI) utst h n i te r I t tJi t t r i el i t i i 7t n 11 |'t l .tnrr1. Division).This division br:Llcll lorrght .rr rht bartlc of Stalinqraclin 194f rvhere ir n.rs surrounclccL ancl clestror-ed rhere.Houer'er the djrisior) \\es qLri.lih febLlilrlnd rcinlorccdrvith c'.tra pionccr rroLrP\ end crprrrrcd Itelianccluiprrcnt. lt then moled ro li.ril ro r.tkc up posirionson the (lustav :tnd Hir lcr I inc:.

    jlPo".t*"RENADIERKoMPANIE -,'Ihc North Afi ica r.e ter':rns ot l]l: 9rt r.' ,,:, ,-.


    hnzrrgrenatlirrdiu*ion lt)() \ltch.rnircJ [): . i.i.,r:provicle the (!ermans rvjth a srrong rcren i u:ii rl:.ii i.ir:rapidlr-r'e:rct to anl Allied breukrhrough..

    Llnlikc othcr clivisions et Cassino. r'our l)enzergril.riii.riare nrccir:rnisetl u,ith trucks, rrnks, ancl assruLr guns.lhis sircs rou rlrc abilitl to cleck anl AlLied :rrremprsto ble:rh thlough the (lermrn lines *ith e dccisirecounrer,rrtrck,

    : GOUIa RIFLE CoMPANYa l)rr: i.+

    lLc:r:r::: :::--:-rr rrr:,irr (.orps (or F l--C) is attacheclro rh: , r t - ::: -:. frrnch acLvocrted usin-e the\c.nri:r: : : .. - '. r..:.rii rourcs Lo orlll]er)k thc(,ur::..

    -: . I. r . . . :::r.onrc Gourrs lead dte\\ a\.

    Jlese Il::r::, : -. :- :. ::i:,rrpireble ArlasNlourrrair:. - ' : : -_,: l_r.rnre xrollnd

    : : , :::-:::: ,,liiicrr. rlrr'(lounrs hrcL -:::: . . __(,Lrirrilln\nrucb to thc rr:_: . i::::fil!.


    \ -:r_:: ;. :ror( c:lger to cilrn rcspecr f}om thcir prcers

    i::-,.:: : :. ',;,r,r lscconcl genelltion Jtpancsc,American)'r,.1:-:. ": lh. LS ri.i2"' Rcgimcntal (lomblt Tcan-r.E:.:- . ::l . rl..rir i:rnrilics erc bcing held in in(crrrnrcntiit:_.:'. :_ .;rr . :.i.r:r L-niteLl Srares, rhcsc lnaD srop arn0ll::r:::i .:::i r::l,li.h ihcir lnission :rnd proVc rhat thev.rrc :: Lil. i::r.:,r:r ririzcns L)r sheclclinq thcir blood.l,rLt iorr.n.rnd ol sorre oi the besr trooprs io thc

    ,.\mclic.rn :im,. thcl ere highlv rrorivirerl rnd nran\nronrhs oi .onrL)rr hx\c ntade rhtm rlctcrrrinccl :rnclskillccl hehrer'.

    Pl:I?i*"rvrnvrnoon w11c 9l'' (ievrlrv Rcconn:riss:rncc Squlcllon h:rs built rrpan imptcssir.c cornbat rccorcl bcfirle (lassino. Th,:\ r,,ereet thc front of thc rcivance throtLgh TLLrrisia, Sici]r.. :rndlr;lv befbre r:rking up rhe importrnt role oi linl

  • Success in Cassino hinges on the indivicluel infattrvnran.nre rocl
  • Inanrrfilledr,,ithcpicbartlcs,(iassinohrsirsp,.:;
  • h Onc wcck larer, in an ellorr to oLttflark the l.iti Vallel frornrhe sourh, ovo British infentry clivisions rried to cross thcCar-igliano River. 'lhe narshy rninefields stradclling borhsides of the river caltscd their attacks to llounder. Germaninfantlv, snrLg in their positions in the mountains behind theriver', bloughr nrorter and:utillery lirc down rtpon dre snallboats ettempting ro rtanoeLrvre ecfoss_ rhc river.

    Even so, both Brirish clivisions madc a small bridgehe:rd eclossrhe river Iine.'lhe Gcrnrens rele:rsed a mobile I'anzctgtenadierdivision to counterettacl. Iheir attirck caughr rhe British justas thel were lepositiorrine rheir artilleq-and suappirg oLLttheir lionrline troops. lt broughr rhe olTensive to a halr.

    British attacks co[tinued into Februarl', but the plannedseven-milc (11Lm) deep bridgehead hacl onlv reached twomilcs (3km). -ilough this briclgehcad q'ould be critical fbrfLrLure A1licd opcrations, thc Gcrmrns had scaled the CustavLine to dre south.

    Anothcr British division macle an alrcmpt ro cross theRapiclo River at the southern edge ofthc l.iri Vallei Theirnrission lvas to prorect the flank of ftrtule assaults plannedjust to rheil north. l-Iou'er,el, the Gernians flooded the riverbv opening the sluices allorving only one company of theassault brigade to mdre it across the rivcr-. Under punishinglire, thev soon rctreaced,rnd thc clivision made rto furtherattcmPts lo c1-oss,

    n*,;f*c' ,'f,[.rf?











    aii Arnt












    \.tr, FJ!

    \; N,t$FC


    t-EWrE-.|the Battles For ca.sslno

    ffiE*,11. & 3'i It :d x?o

    !, 94 ?. 96

  • d'"



    IF AT FIRST YOU DON'T SUCCEED,\lrcedr hering srLllered hcavy casuaitics on its rvav to rhel-'usrar I inc. rhc qrccn replecemenrs of rhc'US i6'r'lnlanrryDivision *clc norv tasked to rakc on the lerererrl5'r I)anzcrqrcn:rcliel l)ivision hcecl on. lheir ess:r(L1f bcgarron 20 lenuen-.

    _lu.o full rcqimcnts enreled rhc Rapiclo just,rfter sunset giviirg thcn cl*en hotLrs of clerkness rc, getacross near the rorvn of San Alqelo ancl secrLrc a briclgchcacl.A night attack u'oulcl elso gile rhc conrbat engineers sonretime [o ny ud brLild rhc bliclges needed lbr {hc lnuouJ rosecure thc u,at.

    Brrt the rcapcr- shorvcd no pirv enrl, rlrhouglr the clivisionmanagccl a snall briclgehe;Ld, rhc dlrvu llid berc rhe pler-iousnighr'.s m:Lyhern and Lrshcr cd in norc carn:r.gc. nre nrachircgLLls, lrortats. encl eltillen sLLpponing thc Cusrav Linedccinatecl those still Ieft ecross the rir.cr. \! irh cirsualrr rarcsre:rching 569ir. thc infhnrn-of rhe 3(r'r lcll back. lheirassaulrhad cost thcm 1,12 tiead. 66j rvounrlccl, :rnd 8;5 nrissing.Tilo LlS intintry reginrcnts of rhe J6" rlere ro lorrg.r-corrb;rr ejlicrive.

    THE ALLIED PLANStvrniecl .rt rhc flapido, thc AlJicd phn ro brcak through rheGcrnrrn clefences A1 Crssino u.ould follou' rhree selarltcrourcs. F-ach roulc had rhe srnle (rbjc.ctir.e. to bre,rk rhroLrghthc Gcrman dclirces :rnd open I liqhlvrl-6 ro Rorlc.Onc route, rhe Mounrein Rr.rLtLc. \\.as to cross thc RdlridonorLh of(lassino :rnd assault iDto rhe (,:rssirro nrassifin hopesof outl1:rnking rhc cleflnces. Thc scconcl roure. (he To\\.1-rRoure. aLtacliccl (l:rssirro clirccrlr'. 'lhe linll routc, the Liri\/allo lloure, rcpcatcci the artlcks o1_Januelv ancl essaukedthc rrvo (,ennun rlelince Iines head on.Although rhe plan callccL ibr acrions ol all rhree r-outessinulteneorrs[, cach loure prescntcd its own parricLllarobsracies hincleri ng Alliccl success.

    Eech loure dcLivcrccl m:rnr.blt tles end thousends ofcasualtiesto both sicles. Bur Lrltimerelr'ourside events nccclecl ro occurbcforc the rorcl ro l{ome u:rs finallr,opcncd.







    :' _ =q.-. '

    :;,' tlRl VAt

    THE BATTLESUltimrtelt' rhe brrtles lor Cassino rcprcsented x hollowr.icrorr, lbr rhc ,'\llics. 'lhe tremendoLrs crsLrrlrias and s1ow,bittel fighting orcrrvhclmccl thc srretegic seins o1- lhecempai!,an. Cassino bc'came dre hrselinc iot compaling allthc lirrurc bettles in Irrlr,. Closc hancl-ro-h:rncl fighring inlhc northeln Itrli.rn nrorrnteins encl to* ns beclnrr krron,r as'lirtle ()ssjnos'ro drose uho firughr rherc.

    FOR CASSINOllessino dcEnccl:rll rhe bltrlcs in thc ltelien (irrnprien lorthe Dcxl verr. Irrorl Florente to lrisa, rcross rhc- Apenninei\{oLrntlins in dre tlead of rvinrer'. ancl llnrllv rhroLrgh the(,orhic Linc alcl into the Po Rivcr vallc1,. the 6nel berdes lbrItalr u'crr'all meesLrrcd aqar'nst uh:rt h:rppcncd et C:rssino.'1ht hcloic srnLgglcs of inhntrl on in lirrrtr y in the almost un-be:rnble corrciitions eler.:rred rhc bartles fbr (ksino. nrakilgrhcnr conrpalable u'irir rhc orlrcr tlulv epic barrlcs ofVcrrlclVrer lT.


    .ondirions lbr t hirr arre.

    the Sattles FoI Casslno

  • ?t:''z



    Thlec miles (5krn) north on the rc,ad our of(lassino, thclLalilns built a barracks. 'lhc terrain there rvas considcred soJefinsible rhat the Italian !(er ColLege use.1 thcsc barracks' .'rr c'rr'l'le ol r *.

    ' ' lr^'. r ,l'Lr''ir' r'o.irin r'

    lhe B:lrrrcks consisted of a group c,lt some tlvenn' rectiln_:ulrr one-scory LrLrildings on a field ebout'100 to 500 vercls.idr. By Januarv 194,1. rhe buildings had all been recluced: ubble by artillerv 6rc.

    ' ::r oi thc Barrecks. tolvards Cassino, is a narrow shelf.

    -: lilrl--100 yards rvide *itir tire stecp bank ofthe Rrpido:

    .' - : one side and the steep hills leacLing into dre (iassincr

    ., ::r thc odrer. Norttr ofrhe Berracl

  • \iriLh rhe Brrracks norv is US hands, thc \isti F...-: :hcaclcd south torvards Casde Hill (Torvn Roure Bulri.


    thc north entlance to Cassino whilc rhc rcst of rhc dir i:ionwheele.l ro rheir leli tLp Snakcshced Riclge to*:rrds rhrCassino monastr:r1'.

    Snakeshe,rd Ridge donrinercs rhc approach to rhe Cassinomonastcly flom thc north. lhe ridge is sheped likc a boomer:rng wirh one end pointing lo$,ards rhc monastcrl'.llavelling ecross the top of thc ridgc is rhc lc,'rg wa1 rc, ti'cmonastery bLrt ignoring ir has thc hcights of the ridgc com-pletely over'looking the loure. Definsive lire lion rhe ritlgervould dcvesr:rte env lbrcc rttcnrptirg thc nost clitcct routc.'fhe Amcricans fought southrv,rlcls ebng rhe linhed hillropsto$'xrds rhe intersecring hill on Lhc soulh cnd. 11is hillto;rcont:ioed the (irssino Monestcry. Tf ther- coulcl rahe rhemonastery rhen rhey corrlcl brcrk through to rhe Liri Velle,vand Highwav (r bclou', bvpassing the he,rvill lbrrilicd rorvnof Cassino.

    Snakesherd Ridge is streu,u with boultlc'rs. Iher-uulie ir impossible ro dig firxholes in the rocky grorrnd entl cvcrv hilltopollered atr exccllcnt vantage point lbl clefending rroofs. Oneithcr sicie of rhe riclge \\-cre sreep nvines antl qtrllics lillcdwith gorse (tholny) thicliets and sor\'n widr rrrincs, boobl-traps :rnd brrbed n-ile designccl to firrcc anv attack ro fbllou.the ridgeline.

    For cight days thc Amclicrns bartered alons rhe ridgc befbre6nrlly reaching a snrall hill bclorv thr rrronxsrer\'. lhel-u'erero nlorc thiLn ,100 yards froln rhe base of the nrondslcr).

    MOUNTAIN-lhe nountains in ltaly h:rd dre same efiect oir conrb:lt;rsL,acL wcathcr and rnucl. \thiclcs wcrc a liabilitl mole thanan ltsscl as rnovcnrelll or thc rrrnow roads inrrnccliatelybrought dou'n artillry:uLl mortrr fire. Niovement overroLrgh rcrriin wils slow evcn on 1'oot. Flillrops. ravincs, an,:1limitecl roaclrvals clranrcllcd

    'r.ov(lrr('rr rvcr Drorc alrarrthe rivels end roacls bclo*.'Ihis made the battLes in e higher elevarions exrrenelvdcadli lor borlr sides- Anv rrovenrcnt cluicklv broughr:lrrillel\'x11d mortar 1lre. Dug in or me1

  • In the trend (or elbow) of Snaheshead Ridge is a locliyoutcrop callcci Mount Calvary by rhe Germans antl knownas Hill i93 (behg 593 mctres at'ove sca level) Lry the Allics.1ny barrle for Snakeshead Ritlge ultimatelv bccones a battlelor Hill 593.The (lermans hervily lbrtified this obvious comm;rndingposition. i-Iil1 593 bccemc thc fbcus of somc of thc hardcsrard rro.L tir", inrr' ighrirrg nl r he ( .,..i ro .J rl Jig,r.11le US 34'r' Inlanrry Division took Hill 593 during thcir firsrairack across Snakeshcad Riclgc, buc rhc Gctmans knen itsimportancc. for clays, thc bclcaguclecl-1\mericans fought offhan.l-ro-hand counterattacks in an e&brt ro hold rhe position.Horvever', ott 10 Fcbruary, Gctman Panzcrgrcnadiers fi-omihc 90'r'Pinzergrenadier Division, snpported by a regimentoidre 1" Fallschirmjiigel Division, reclaimec{ Hill 593.lnrerican reinlbrcernenrs could nor retalie rhe hill. -Iheiniintly was now spcnt. Thc US 34'r' Inlantry Division hadlosr i 18 de:rd, l64l n'oundccl, 392 rr issine an d suflered 80!{)::suelties widrin its attacking liile conpanies. Snakesheaclfudgc and Hill 593 had broken:rnother inlintrv division.The 4'r' Indian Division leplaced thc Amelicans atop-\n.rkeshead Ridge. 'lheir mission remained the semc- Tekeih.'ebbey:rntl lorcc their rvav into thc Liri Vallq. Horver.cr,on.c atop rhe ridgc, rhcv roo saw thar Hill 593 *.:rs rhe her..Ir had ro bc ncutralizcd bcforc ani'folce could hope to scctLrerhc monastery.

    tln the night of 1i Fcbru:rrr', fbllo*'ing thc controversial:ombing of thc ablrcy, Indian inflntly began rheir assault-.r Hill 593.'lhe hill, nou'held bv (lerman Fallschirnjigtr,

    w{s a mere 70 valds (64 rrrerres) liorrr thc Indians'positiooson Snahesheacl f{idgc. Thc assaulr lailed misenbly u'ith theartackers stEering near 500/o casualties in their companies.

    Tu'o days latcr a llvc-battalio', attack trv rhe Indian clivisionattempted ro su,eep the ciefendcrs ftom thc cntire ridge whilealso assaulring the abbey direcdy \Wirheling 6r'e fic,m theseenrinelv impenetlable Hiil 593 stoppecl thc assaulL againstdre hill anci punishccl thc rcst of thc Inclian division s'ith arleadly crossfire. One (lrLrldra unit in dre lndian division didrnanagc to takc a hill just bclow the monnsrerv but by theen.l of the attach Tli lndian casualtics bad rcduced rheirrille companies' srrengdr to a rnere 400./o.'Ihe bastion atopllill 593 had held again. Iiiehring lbr dre hill was haltedlor fbur monrhs rvhen the Polish Corps finally relieved theIndians.

    lle s:rga of Hill 593 would rcpcat itsclf once more whenassaulred by the infanrr,r.' of the Polish Corps. Thc murder-ous lirc frorn is Fallstltirnliiger d.efenders decirnated anothctrrlo ,\llicd infanrry divisions. Howcver dre Poles, like theArnericlns, actuallr. rook the hill. Ho\\,evcr, an irnmcdiate,rr,l L'.rr rl .u.r'r( rtJ\l r.- 1r,red ir or.e,g,irr.For drree days rhe Polish and (lerman infhntrv fbught bacLand fbrth ovcr Flill 59J and thc nronasterl'. Iiight huncircd(lerrnen defindels once :rgain held o11 nvo full Allied di-visions. nre Polish Oorps losr 2ll1 oii:lccrs and 3503 otherranks in thcir assatLlts. llill 593 tcmaincd in Gerrran hands.Evenrs clsovhcrc w,ould linallv vicld Hill 593 ro thc Allics.When dte ld//stbirnT'rl.grrrvere ordered to retreit to dre HitierLhe, i.lill 593 arrd the abbel rvoulcl finally be capnrrccl byrhe Polish (lorps on l8 May 1944 without a 6ght.







    fi ,. "



    BooTs oN THE GRoUND - HILL 593 (9OO PoINTS)I Till )93 was the hiehest poinr ltop Snakcshcacl Ridge guarding rhc epproirchcs ro rhc Cassino Monasrcrl..N{ission selection: (1-2) Encountcr, (3-4) Hasn, AssatLlr, or (5-6) ljighting \/ithclrau.al.I'fission Rules: Tioops cannot die Forl]oles nor start the qerne in Prepaletl Positions. Whenever en Inf:rrtry or Man-p.rckecl Gun tearl is Cone to Crouncl, it is consicicrcd to be in BulletproofCover.'flre defend.-r mav exchenge one HN4Cin rheir companv lbr an HN4G 1.vesr prior to bcginning thc b;rrrlc.

    Cn: .'

    The nattles For cassino: the Mountala Route

  • On rop ofa 5O0-fbot (152-metrc) hill jr.Lst u'est ofthe northend of (lassino sits thc ruins c,f thc rnedicral casrle of SanGermano (the olcL nane fbr Cassino). Built to gLrar-cl thc ro:rciinto the l,iri Vallev lrom :rncient enenics. dre ruins becantcan obr-ious strongpoirt tbr drc Gcrman delince of (iassino.Its exccllcnt vantage point;Lbove rhe ro:rcl into Cassino madcit a clirical obiectivc.

    Thc Nisci b:rtralion inirirlll- took thc position, knot'n asCastle Hill, in FebrrLrrr' 194.1.'Ihe Nisei had outpaced therest of rheil rcqimcnr nnci lound drenselves isolatcd atoprhe hill. lhe (iermans inccss:tntly bombardecl rhe J:rpanese-Anclicans * i!h mort:rrs :rnd :rrtillery for four cla),s. Tlrc Niseiwere prrlled back becausc ofrhclr jsol;rtion and the in:rbilityof thc rcst of rhe regirnent to break thlc,ugh into rhc to*,n.

    The Amcric:rns in rhe line norrh ofCassino rvere replaced bvthe 2" Nov Zcal:rrrd Division in \4erch 19,1.1. L) Cornp:rn1,of the 25'r' New Zealand Battalion reclaimed (lesrle Hill on15 M,rrch by scaling thc cliffs and catching thc scntries bvsurprise. Thelr assault took or.rt a pillbox and captured trrc,plaroons of Germans.

    This capture of Castle Hill secured the entrance to Cassincr

    against the Cassino m:rssjf. (lastle Hillrvas rransferred to theIndians ancl :r (lerman counreratrrck b1' Ihe lallschirmj:iger'

    .. Lrr.rr. '.J ,'r, '' Nl- , ' r,, e,JprdJe.r.

    The (lerm;rn paratroopers assaulted ihree times againsc thecastlc Lrtdcr cover of smolce. The llrst attack was stc,ppedbelbre they could reach the u'all of the clsLle, the secondartack rriade it to the wall, ancl a third blcrv a h,-,lc in thelvall. 131. the rhird atrack rhere \1ere toc, ferv paratrooperslelr to c:rrry on the ess:rrdt:rnd r:rke b:rch Casde Hill. Ofthe r*.o hundred par:rrroopers rvho started rhe initial atrackthcre \\,erc but lc,rrv lcft aftc' thc liral assauh. A capturedfallschinnjlger -fil/zzrrlel (serge:rnt) commendecl the Indian.rn'r, rJ.r ["r L,' t.rr.L.i"L,, Jcftrr...\X'irh Casde Hill nou.sectLre,rhc Ildians laLrnchcd thcir'etracks on Snakcsheacl RidgeiMou rr;rin l{oure - Bartle'lir.o).rntl thc Nel Zc:rhncl Divisioncorlccnrr.Ltcd on essaulring rheContinenrel Hote I (Town Roure- Battlc -[vo), which barred their'rval'into the torvn of(lassino.



    THE MONASTERYThe decision to bornb rhe abbey of Monre Cassino Though no hrrd evidence rvas fbuncl that the Gcrm-Lnsbccanrc a public relations nigLtmare lor dre Allies and a occupied it bclbrc tlic bombing, thcy readily used it afierpropag:rnda borana lor Lhe (iermens. Hou.ever', to thc irs destrucrion. Streregic bombardrrent hxd rurned a his-A1licd inl.rnrr1'lighting amonrst thc rroutrairs it loomed torical building into a fc,rrifiecl strc,ngl-rc,ld fol thc cncmy..'.

    'r.,;h,'.1 l"rrleerrer ,r. lr' rr.ri. ,.1' rr ^rrnr. Attcl thc rvar-. the :rbbey *as rebuilt brsecl on the orillinxl

    j.;1,;1. " ^\iu, ,or',rr *lrerl,r'ir r"' ',..rp..1 ,+.". .,a,.rr ,..,",r,c.,1.1,..,,,,.r.i,-,.,r.,r..1 ,o1.

    BooTs oN THE GRoUND - CASTLE HILI (5OO POINTS)The casile on rhe hill anchors thc delince rgrinsr rnv invadcr approrching Cussino forrr the rorth. Approrch it *ithcaurion iflou wish to caprure the castle.Mission selection: (1 .l) No Re treet or'(4-6) Cauld'oIl.Mission Rules: Tlc erteclier pleces a bLrilcling on l hill in e dclinclcr's clc,plovmcnr alca. Rcplacc ell of thc rnissionobjecti,.es * irh a single objccLir e pl:rced in rhe centrc of rhat bLrilding. ,'\il erracking pieroons use the Caritious Movcmcntrrrle firrnrl in rhc lthntts Ol'lVi;r rulcbook.






    FThe lattles tror Casslno: The Ior,'n Route

  • r'' :i :irr roxrl ro Ronre callcd Highu'a1 6.: _:-. . rlirrLLgh (lassino. Wlictr it cntels Lhe.

    -i.r:r,'i lLrrn rr rhe base of the Classino: . :. r::!..r1 th! blsc of rhe hills encl into thc. . irt:l*.n 6 nrakcs this turn stood the

    : r .:rr:irr.j.l Horel had been tholoughlr' cler'-r l .'r.lr r.,' t . rr.r'' irt .,'r'. , te

    : : j..i .: :!irrlid:rble barrier, especialli' to infintrl.r_:i.i:rrr in rhe basernent prorecrctl rhe cle-

    :r.i,rni1l bomb!rdmenrs ;rnd fhe rock-slre\{Il-.

    -: :rr co\.er:1ncl conccalmcnt. Ally infrntrvi : .:-.ror.h the Clontinent.rl Hotel u'e|e ficc'cl

    :-: r :-r ir.rchine-gllll lrlc alld numcrous snipcts'

    .::r\' inf:ntrl movcme nr.' :- .::.;r;n ertillerl bombarclncnt hed follorve,.i

    .- : bornbardmcrrt, r New Zeal:ud bettalion..: j.. .(r|er c,i thc Lrarr,rge xnd snoke \\'ith drc

    . :-irg rhc Contincntal llotcl.: . :heir inirial start linc, thcf irlrlcdiatcLv ceme

    - : :1,ri thc brLricd pillboxes u'ithin the no$' clc.: . ,Ji ol (-lssino. Ihe oFcnsivc slo*'ccl .rnd bv dLrk

    : .-.1' halrcd. Thoush one objecrive. :r nunnel,i: i.iin ir had to l,c abendoned :rfter d:rrk, :rs rhe

    : : -:-.1 not bc hcld. Tlc takine o1- CasLle llill (Town

    -,::le L)ne) rras Thc onl\.succcss of thc,:i.rv.: \)n1iilg nvo Kirvi (Nov Zcalendcr) battalions,

    ::r ri rilnks, rttackcLl btLt beceme bogge,:l down in. ,- -::.,usi liqhring. 8v the end oftbe dav thev had losr

    Llrh r mad (r0-vetd (54m) dlsh rcross cr:rtredr:-,.prured the nunncry front thc Clcrmirns.

    - :: :r:lters and rnud rrradc r,ehicle rr:rlllc inrpossible:\rensive engineeling sLlpport, but hcauy Getmarr

    : ::. rhc cngineers fiom helping out.

    :.: jrolning of l7 Malch, Allied arrillerv covercd the':

    . :nroke. 'Iivo Nerv Zeal,u.l battalions :lttecl

  • Hangmant Hill is a large rocky outcrop just cast of rhc(iassino N4onasterl'.'lhe nanc' "Hangnan's Hill" concslronr rhe remains of a cable car lifi th:rr took the appeal-ancc ofa gallo*s frorr altlr. Tts plominence and proxirritvto !he monestery macle it:r natulal point ofrcfcrcncc ancl anintclnecliatc objcctivc.During rhe initial lndian artaclis flon Snakcshcad Ridge(Mountain Route Brrtle Trvo) towar-ds the monester\'. agroup ofGulkhes had ocarly mirdc ic to the rop of Monaster-y'Hill. Horver'.-l, u'hcn thcy ruerc sto;tpcd, thcl slol ly rvorkedrhcir \\,a)' aroLLnd rhe edge of rhe hill and toc,k up residcnceon Hangmans I iiJ1.

    \{'hile rhe Clcrnran dcfcndcls alotrrd tl-rc uronastcry macleit crtremcly uncomforrablc for rhe stlanclecl (lulkhas, the,i" Irdiar Division clicl atrempr to rest4rplv rhem borh by airencl foot. Ile lndirn division itucked LLp Hrngmani Hilllronr (lasrle llill (Tou'n I{outc - llartlc One). ancl w,hi1c reyrnaclc irritial inr-oads, fi erce |allschinnjiger counter;rrtacksforced rhenr back.

    f.r,cntrr:rllr horvocr. rhc Gtrrkhlrs stav provcd uricneblc lndl{angm.rrir I liLl u'as ablncloncrl to rhc (lcrnans. I langrnan'sHill *es ncvcr rct:rkcn in assrult rnd rranslirlccl to thc A1licsu'hen thc F:rllschirmjrieel lerleeretl norrh to the Hitlel Linein May 1944.

    STRATEGIC BOMBARDMENTSlnfirntry ett:rclis conductecl in ltaly b1' rhe ,\llics .r.,crcmirriscenr ol rhose in Vrorlcl Whr L One mein cliIllrencewas thc introduction olt hc:rw and medirm bombers inthe softering up pr'c,r:css trcic,rc thc nrein esslulr.

    Strltegic bombels *'ele rlivtrtccl lr'orrr thcir nornrrlrlissions of Lrombing the Reichs u:rr inclustli:s ro supporrthe infantry att:rcks. lhis hrppenecl three tinrc' .lLrrinqrhe brrtles fbr Cassino. Thc llrst *:rs rhc Lronrbing oiIh.\1u,r.,, c.. r

    'e .e, ,

    '.1 ! l. J. 'i ,

    torvn, and thc third uas in slrpporr,rl thc br..rkour ,rrAnzio.

    The bombing ofthc nronasrerl cotrsisttd olnro bomlrirrg\4,aves. The first incluclecl 1.1-l ts-1- F[ inq I]orrrcssrs rndthe secontl rvavc had 47 tllin-engined B l5 \lirchcLls end40 8-26 Marauders cLopping a totel oi it0 tons r,1-hiqlrexplosivcs and incendiarv bombs-

    For thc ton,r ofCassino, 575 rnediun end hean bombcrsrlroppecl ncarly a rhousald tons of high eriplosive\ onroLighly one squale nile c,i thc tort'tr. Ncarly doLrble rheanrounr clroppccl on the nlonaster\,. For rhe bre:rkout :Lt

    Anzio orer -(l() sorries tcrc flou'n eg:rinst rire Ciermanrlrfin,:1.rs. lt.rr iniluded 6shrer bomber sorries as rveli-TrinrencloLri.rrriI1.r\ brrrases immerliately lbllorved eechbonrbinq. L;.*ercls of e thousend quns mrlssed fiorni1lnr\. aorLrs. .rncl clirision:rl rrtillL'r\-assers herllcled in thc.liilLLlLing in lirrr r \.

    lhc rcsultr of these trernenclotrs bomb:lrclnents werenrirtd. \\'hilc ncvcr bclbrc had rhc cnenry cxpcriencedbonrbrrdmcrts oi su(h Daturc or susteincrl such cirsLrxl-rirs. rhc dcsrrtrcrion of builtlings end local infflrsrructLlrc1r'o.rcLs. blidges. encl nilrvevs) delinirelv harnperecl the at-r.rckers in secrLring rheir objcctircs.Strltcgic bombarclments gave rhe rssauliinit influrtry aninitial edee in closin{ il on thc cncmv. IJollcr,er, an}'sLu!i!jng enemy was 11o\v betrer eDtrenched in the result-ing rubble. l1leir;rbilirr, ro rcpcl rhc ala.kcr o.cc rhcvrccorered fi-on rhc cflccrs oi thc bc,mbing ancl shellingwas crrhaDced by the increasecl cor.er-:rllbrcied rhem andthe clcuc:rsed rnlnoeuvrrb iliLy 1br the:rtrackers.

    BooTs oN THE GROUND - HANCMAN'S HILL (9OO POINTS)C)rr a rise jrst belo* the monastcrv slirds I lrngmirn's Hill. OminoLrslv ir pecrs clorvn upon rhc bltilcfrlds brl.rwMission selection: (1-2) No 1lctrcrt, (3 ,l) Breekour, (5-6) Cl'ldr.on.Mission Rr.rles: lhe atrachel placcs e hill in Ihe defencler's dcplorment irrc.. Placc all ofthc objcctives thirr rhe arrecker

    rlrlibooLr .tlrer initirl cleploymetrt.





    fhe ]atbles Fo[ gasslno: ?he ?own Route

  • I-3

    ,. irir liilurcs occLrrrirg on the other routes the Allies renrr necl: rire Liri Valley.'lhis tinc, horvcvcr, cxtra clivisions ofrhe, :ilrth Armv wele cornrnittecl :rgaitrst the l{apido crossings.::.rddition. art:rclcs uere clirectcd agaiusr rhc (lcrman dc-

    ':-:Jcrs to rhe south on ihe (i:rrigliano bliclgeheacl encl nolth: .rg SnakcsLcad Ridge. linallv, a breakorrr rssrLrll w:rs-::rnerl llom the Anzio beachhcecL.'Ihis gcnctal ollensir,c::-1n ir \4iry 194,i anrl rvas called Operarion l)iaclcnr.-r:

    cnrrancc to rhc L.iri Vallcy js ter nrilcs (16kn) rvidc.:: \unLnci ,\,1ount:rins gualcl thc sc,uth encl rvhilc l\lontc:.ino or.erloolis drr' north.'lhc r-ir,er' florr.s across the-::h.rn cnrrance ol- rhe I-iri Veller'. Jle Rrpido Rivcr is r,::i rLrnning, rnount:rin-fi'c1 qorgc about L> lards (1,1n)i--. lt has stccgr banks thar drop oiT shatpli. arcl rcaches

    : :.rrh ol l5 leer (,i.5nr). for e drousand vards (91'1m) on. ::::r sicle ofdre rivel tLrr Gcrmans had clcarcd thc tclrain.:

    -: mincliclds .rnd stlung berbcd u.ire. lhev floocled both: ::: oi rhc river !LLnring rheir hilling zones into rr:rrshes-:: j bogs.-::::incl thc l{apido River- lr1, rhe (itLsrrr I-ine. Brcaching::. i:n. here rvould en,rlrle the nurnclical supcliorirl- of the-,::.1 arrrour to rakc ovcr thc Lrattlc Irom thc irr[rntlr'. BLrr: :\et to h:rppen, a blidgcheacl acloss the liver ancl e roacl

    :- :-igh rhe killing liekl u:rs neerled. Bach in Januerr.,, the-

    r -l(r Inl:rntry L)ivisiol h:rd tried ro mdie Lhe crossirg bv

    :,. i.rnd *,es decimared.

    For L)pelation L)iaclctr. tlic 8'r'Indjan l)ivision and the4'llrirish Division u,ere designatecl to assault rhe Rapido.This tine the Inclian assaulr division u.as backcd by a(iaoedian (ilps ancl the British by a Brirish (lorps.Rcrniniscent of the Cicat Wlr, the ollensive began rvith anonlrmcntal arrillery barrage on the night of 11 Ml1 TheIndiln division ass,rultecl across thc Rapido determined toobr:rin a 2000-yard bridgehead.

    11le hilling 6cld across rhc Rapido pr.orled jusr as deadlyas in Janurnr Tle lndi:rn clivision nearly cluplicated theirr\nrcrican corrnLerplrrs'eflbrts in casrralries ancl success. Byearll mornins thc Indians had crossed rhe river but theircasualLies had been just:rs hollcndous - 529/o wichin rhe rillecompanics. llc British du:rck lurther north lared no bctter.'lhe hca"r gLLnlire, an obscuring nist. and thc titer'.s currentrll conrlibuted to styrnic thL'ir initial assault. Casualtics,..r, l,ef {1",, r ir\i r llL' r'll. .^r ,l. r'..F{, rrrorr ,r';.1,. r^' .lr'r.

    "rJ 1,-r l,ridgel e.'rl \\ r. (.t.i\dard nvo bridges rver-e electecl a(ross thc river, borh in theln.lian clivisior,s arca. C)nc u,as bombe.l bur usablc and theorhcr could trke onll-1ight vehiclcs. Thc Canrdians beganpushing four armoured scluadro,rs lcross the bridges.

    Jn rhe Brirish secror, n-irh hear'.,' engineerirg lc,sses, endnrassivc ar Lillcry and smoke supporr, a bridge over the Rapido.. r,5r'.rll' ."r'1'ltt.J Fr rl, lor'^n' 1g 11u 1' 11g.'Ilre Rapido had linally bccn crossed.






    -- _- tF-.

    :!6 .td--.1

    3OOT5 ON THE GROUND - THE RAPIDO (5OO POINTS). :g rlrc llepiclo is tire lirst srcp in ettacltinq (lssino. Holcline th,rr bri,1gch.-:rd is the second.

    1,1:rrion selcction: (l-l) l{ir.el Assaulr. (4-5) No Rerreat, (6) l}rcrkrhrorLgh.

    -::.r:.rrl of using rhe rnissloris nor nrrl Encling the Butrlc rrrd T)eciding Viho \X/on condirions. use the fbl1ol irrg:

    .:icr lins il thel,stert anl.of theil turns Lrrginning orr turr str rrith a conrbat platoon conrrinine at least' ::::. rncl rhc pleroon commancl ream dug in on rhe delintlels sicLe of tlrc livcr rvitlr no dclcndirrg tcanrs rvithin

    . ::. :l.n ing rnl ottrcr nrissiou. play ir as nolnal nith 1Io rrodificetions.



    The nattles lor Ca'sslnor The Valley Route

  • Tire Germans built a killing frelcl across the ILapiclo l{ivertlon the Alliecl positions. the,v hacl cleared the area offbliage and flooded it. The atrrcking Allied inlanrrv had tocross a quagmire covered in ninefields ancl berbcd rvirc aftercrossing the Rapido. A11 the bridges spanning the river h:rclbecn destrol'cd.

    Behind this killing 6eld 1a1 the Grstav Line. Irs trench linesand concrete casements commandetl the open marshes.The casemcnts cor'ltaincd hcavv machinc-guns ruhich rverebacked up bv nortals ancl artillely. Thc nortats ancl artjllcrlu'ere securelv hidden in the mountains on eithel side of thevallcy to providc irnrnediatc indircct srrpport ro anr poinr ofthe line rhat might be drrearened.

    'Ihe Clustav Line t'as tlesigncd to halr any pe[etration acrossIhe l{apido River. Blockins the cntile entrance ro the LiriVelley, rhe linc provcd a lblniclable barrier lor the Alliesunril Oper:rtion Diaden in Mry 19,14.L)n 12 it'Iay 1944, the second day of Operation Diac{em,the I Crnadian Corps began to push four armoured squad-rons crcrss the bridges aod inro rhe bridgchcad sccured bythe 8" lndian Division thc pro.ious night. 'lhe Canadialrslorced their rvel into thc torvn ofSan Angelo taking ir ancl ahill behind thc to*n bl dre encl ofdre clav.The I Canaclian Cor-ps had broke open the (lustav Line andbegan lacing onu'ard torvrtds Rome. Unfortunarel)r they ranright inro the Hitlel Line.

    ":: .-..; 4



    ' s-frrx*'- Sr; $ be

    BREAKOUT,AT ^ANZIO:.::!r sanc rinrc thc US inlantry Frsr artcmptcrl ro lssaulr:::,.' rhe Rapido River in Janurn' 1944, rhe Allies rrierl: ::rl.rnk rhe (lust:rv Line uith an .rmphibiou' l.rnrling

    :-'lo i0 rnilcs i(riknr)srrrrrh ol-Rorrrc.-:i tht ]:rnclinq .rrr :LLaa.!!iir . .:uiik L':rnran reac-

    : :, i-orrled uL. rh. b::;hi.:.i :,rr tiur nronths. liter::::-:::lg .1 rn.rjor (l:rmin ;ounrirerrack in -fcbrLrarv.

    ,: :.r.;.s ;r \nzio f.i;rr:d r l-reekout in conjunction:,-,r:r.riion t)ird.'m.

    .\r ebour rhc samc rine as rhe Canadian arrack upon rheGustav Line, the (lanad ian -A nr erican First Spccial Scrviccl-orce (FSSF) rogcthel rvirh the US 1'Almored and LJS3'r Infantr',v l)ivision trroke oLrt of rhe Anzio bcachhcad.Opelation Diadcm hacl splintclcd tl-rc Gernan defencesand rempor at il1' broken open the stalemate in ltalylhe Anzio tirtccs shatrcrccl thc Gelman Fourteendr Arnyancl R,lre finallv lell ro rhe Allies on 4 lune 1944. {ii-





    3ooT5 oN THE GRoUND - THE GUSTAV LINE (7OO PoINTS)' : - :.. .orlcr.Lc cascnlcnts, b:rtbtd *irc, end rrrincficlds of drc Gtrstav Line prevenretl the Allies {rom quickll,-

    -: r.:J rcr Romc.

    '.'. r:.:: r:lectionr l-lr\o l{etteat, (3-.1) Bre.rkrhrc,ugh, (5-(r) Fishting \\'ithdrerr,e1.'.' ,. . r :rler: -:: Jcirndcr m;rv pl:rcc up to rgo of rhc fblLorvin.e forrifications in thcir deployment lrca belore placing

    :: ::: .: -!r ,rne minefielcl. up to nvo balbecl-uire entanglctrtcnts, uP to one HM(i nesr.

    . . .:.. ()ncc.rll plaroons havc bccn deplor-ed bur belbre the eame begins, rhe:rtrrckcr mLLsr rcmovc onc of: :: :i -:.r rlacecl flom thc tlblc.

    ::.:::: :-.rtoons rrrav nrkc a Rcconoaisser)cc Deplo1,n1.-111 (see pagc 194 ctl t\c F/rtutt: O/-lVal rulcbook) altcr:: - . a)arll.

    The natbles For casslnor the VaLley Route

  • -::nen delensive linc protccring drc Liri Valle1'. - . .: Linc. L consisted oflanther tLll-rets. concrete

    - :- :::r n:sts ancl clug-irr anti-Lank gLrns. This was lhe:::iLip pl:rn ifthc Gustav l.ioc lailcd.

    - tr.. rhe Canadia',s had lLrlli. reliered rhe Tnclians in- ,

    '. : l:r' rntl began dreir advance torvalcl the Hitlcr- : :: ::rLroui lighring nrored rhe (hnaclians tlitcc miles

    : - i - ,r.. [.roken (]ustar,Line. l]is triggerecl the colLrpse: r::irrn dcl'cnccs in and arotnd C,rssino.:. . :ILrch preparxtion, rire C,rn,r,-lians aruckcrl the

    :- :r: on 19 N{av, hoping to carclr thc Gcrmans in: : . :iLrweler. the defenclers in the Hitler Line responcl-::

    --r:\l\ clcstroying thirteen tirnks. Another hastv atrack: . .:r.:dian division rvas haltecl at the barbed rvire. the'' , rre held ancl rvc,uLcl havc tc, l,c assaultecl in a fuLl

    : : : ::;rr rhrcc davs the (l:rn:rdirns prepared fbr Operltion-

    , :::i:id. thc blccchitg of thc Hirler Linc. Forrr hundred-

    : :Lrjrs bellan a 72-hout bomLrlrclrrcnt ro solicn up thc:.r. :.:.. Operarion Chesrerfielcl rv,rs a tuo-phased err:rcL.-. :.:.r.1ians, backcd bl Clhurchill tenksofthcNolth lrish


    -.- .,rre to forcel:r hole in the Hitler- Line. A (lenadi:rn

    --* :-:.i dirision rlorrld thcn exploit rhrough.

    THE FRENCH: :,rl: plalecl b1-rhe French Expeditionary (iorps (Ff.C): -e:ir Goum u'arrior-s rvrs cr'Lrcial [aJ the outconre of dre::: .r for (iassino. Though nor acmally lighrinr in rhc:::-:Jiate alta of Cassino ancl the Lili Valley their iniri:Ll':::

  • - 't.j


    { **bBI







  • &,txltltl


    "l , ,t4,r

    1r,* \f..

  • 11le elite 1. Falhchirmjiigerdiuisioz (1" Parachute Division)began the war as the Z Fliegerdiuisic,n (7't' Air Division). lheirfirst combat action was
  • Is





  • IiiI



  • I1

  • ,t



    ltt I l:rl inn.j iqrr trlacl t i i t. lu I t Pln t.ni ^ lt t,t ), i rnfu (.:o )nbn t

    Attut, LnLtno to (.o;thtt l)/rtttotts.Vidr plenn'of machinc-quns in thcir batrrlion's mechine-glur compxnv.rtd a fiLll n:rchine-gun batt,rlion attacl,cd t,rrhc clivisiorr, ite l',tllschintl,iger r,ere :r tough propositionlbr intirntly to lrt'.rck.'Ihese rn:rchine-guns u'ere posirionedin Lulk., .,r,J rr.\.d ro rh. r fl. .or''l'- rie' r,' , r ' rlecornplete covelage of thc front ljnc.



    )'ou in,r.1' 11167 t4t to orr Pionur Ri.[r/11(' tttin ptrIti.onto SrltLttr.l t.t itL r [:kntt-tbn.ttLt'r tdi]t nt r !tt/it aftht gttnt bcfort r/rpIt,yttttttt.

    1lc cxpctrise of rb.e Lalkchirn p iorror: (Prrachure Pioneers)immcnscly enhlrnces rhe clefensivc cepabiliries of rhcFa//scblrtt iilger br \a1,ing mirrcliclds an.1 b,rrbecl-*ite oL'sr,rcles. -lheir dpenisc in clemolitions $olk cornes in h r.lvwhen f)ced widr a tanL attack.

    7Ffi^T^LuG4? H[i]G

    ;s*.t^LN4 G42 HI\4G

    d.r.tN']G 42 H N4 G

    d.h.r^MG42 N [']G


    3 Pioneer Sqrrads 3'i5 poinrs2 Pioneer Squads 240 pointsI Pioneer Squad 135 points

    itr\Co nma rd P oneer

    Riflcr[4G reanr

    nit\t rtrltlPiofccr P of eer

    Blf ei[/lG tean R f e/MG team

    nil\tPionee r

    Rlflel[4G team

    i1't\1 i11\1Piofeer P onccr

    RiflelN4G tean Blf e,/lvlG teanr


    RiJle/[4G tea]n

    ailt\t ait\t iltltlP ofeer Ploneer P oneerBteil,4ct-"f'n Rie/[/]Glea r Rfe/VlGteam

    FallschlrnJagerkom u&.nle


    tl\Command Sl\,4G team

    t*0 bserver Rlf e teami* .ilrr

    8cm GW42 Bcm GW42mortaT moTtar

    tr0bserverRfetearnlrr l*r

    8cm GW42 8cm GW42The specdy rcsponse ofthc mortal platoon provides essentialindirect-fire suppor! in desperace defensive battles. Beingunder your direct command, they can alrvays be relicd onio bring down a rimely barrage to halt incoming infantryattacks. Once the enemy is halted, their smoke barrages caniover vorrr corr nreratrack.


    .ie ultraJighr 7.5cm LG40 rccoillcss gun is versatile enough:,r take out pesky nrachine-guns or anti-tank guns, whilc also::oliding a good defence against enemy tanks.


    \Iarder II 315 pointsi Marder II 235 pointsI \Iarder II 155 points

    : Jir_ision.s armourcd unit was thc 6rst conpany of the.:---::lrk battalion u,ith eight Marder II tark-hunters. They-,.--ed to rack up a considerable scor-e ofAllied tanks during

    . l';?ii',rl. -':


  • i,5

  • Ii'


    : r nal re?/re ttll 10.5 /e.l'H 1 8 hotuitzers ln thr battrty:- : rL I 0.5cm [,G|a recoi.lless gns at the rttrt aJ dtry g)nr(: ,rore ,:leploymtnt.

    ltcert artillery support enhances the already substantial-;abiliries of thc Falkchirmjrige4 naking accomplishing-,:tir missions, whether it be deltensive or counterattackilg,::::ch easier.

    : :,t na! notjield a L'allschirmjiqer Heary Atti/lery lJntto!:,,:ie:s lou are a/so fdding a Fallsthimtj,i.iger Arti.llary-i:nrr-y tulth at /east tts malqt guttt.

    :, la/lsthirmjilger Haauy Artillery Btttery ma1 not be,2,'ployed in Ambush.

    ,---a\f, anillery raises the already heavy price the enemy:-.:r ro pay. The big guns can halt enemy tanics and infantry

    =tire your Falkchirmjiger ar etsier task to clean up.


  • _-:

    -lI'Ilrc Arrstlian 44. 'Hoch tr. d [)etiic/r n(itt. ' Rti./]\,

    grmtdierdiuisian (44'i' Inrpcrial Glenadier Division of theGrarrd N'lastcr') lrad a long rncl prorLd histoty.'llocL unt/Deunchneister' u'as the dtlc of the Gland Mlsrer of rhe'leutonic Knights. lhe tirle l.es besrorvcd on the 4" lnl:rntryRegirnenL b1, thc Grand N'lastcr', Franz-Ltdt,ig, (iounLPalatinc ofthc Rhcin, Duke ofNerrberg, rvhen it nas fbtmcrlin 1696. 'the reliiment hrd :1 lons lnd glorious history',including over ninery- b:rttles againsr Francc cL ninxringwidr carrling rheir colours through rhe streets ofl)aris afterche defeat ofNapoleon in 181j.

    44. INFANTERIEDIVISIoNVhen Gcrnran', took over-Austrie in 1938, thc reeimentbecamc a battalion in rhe Ciermen Arrnv's 77. lny'trtctic-diuision (.11't' lnfantr,v Division), retaininq their old lmperialALrstrian flag lor p:rlades. Tlc clivision fouirhr in Polend ncarCracolv in 19J9, rvere held in reserve during the Cernanconquesr of France, and trccanrc palt of field Mershal vonKleist\ L Panzeigruppa (1" I'ank (iroup) for C)perarionBarbarosse. dre invasion of thc Soviet Union.

    Duting the initial invasion, rhe division cemecl rrrxny bardehonours rvhile fightins across thc Ukraine and inro dreCaucasus. ft wes reassigncd to drc ill-farecl Sixrh Arnf ir thcdrive cowards thc Volga tLiver and Stalingrad where ir $,:rssurrounded rnd destrov'ed.

    STALINGRAD DIVISIONAlong *irh nrrn. other dirisions. 17. ln-fantarieditjsiott wtsrcconstilutrd in francc liorn the *'orLnded vr:tr:r ans thar hrdbeen Hol n our oi Sr.rlingrad bclorc its sulrender. llong rvithmenv rcplacerrents- Thcsc Stalingrecl divisions bccamc thebaclibone of the dcfcnce oilrali.Wirlr its leconstitrnictn, 11. lfiintcri.tdir.,lslaz was rcnanccl1,!.'Hoch ntd Deutyhntci:tcr' RnLsgenadierdit,ision andarverded thc righr ro wear Lhc Sralingrad or l)eutscbtneisterCross. a badgc basccl on rhe cross worn by the TeutonicKnighrs. on their uni{brnr.

    ITALY41. RtiLsgrcnddierdir.rJraTr wils crne of rhe firsr clivisions sentto Ttrlr irltcr dre lrll ofSicilr'. alrir.ing in Augusr 19.13. irs firsrtask rvas to hold thc fienner Pess bctlvcen Austria ancl Italvto alloq orhcr Clenn:rn divisions to reinfbrcc thc clcllndersrvhcn thc ltaliarrs surrcnclered.,Ar this rimc rhev picked up acorrpirnv of lralian rsseLrlt gurs.lVir h the successful Allied landilg ar Srlerno rhe division wasmovcd souih end rook its place in rhe (ierman lines againsrthc advancins US il Colps. Pushed back by Amer-ican andfrench progrcss, thcy deflncied thc nounrains norrh of(i:rssino :rlonqsicle $e 5. Gebirgsj'igcdillsloa (5'r' MounrainDivision).l)uring rlre batrles for Cassino, 4J. R,:i:h4rnarlitdiuision,rcintbr-ccd rvirh in cxrra piolleer b:rrtalion, held rheirpositions ag:rinsr lhc Goums of thc Frcnch l.xpediriouary


    ". ta



  • affiffi

    -'rl I]l\l:.Ll\

    .,r .L

    i:,: ti r(ll(,1t.1irl



    :r!. lhcn ig:rinsr the .i'r' lndirn Dir.ision, end llnrlll:.:nsr rhe 1)olish 2"'r Ciorps. \\'hen rhe (iust:rv Line rvas

    -.h rbarrrloncd the division madc its cscapc to rhc lrorth.::.1b., 1. lallsclirtn jtiqrj ii, i\iut on thc HitLel Linc..{iLl,yn uarlitliti:ioa npilies thc Gcrman infantri

    : .in\ rhar hcltl thc GLLsLel and Hitlel Lincs :rgairst- .:.irrrncins Alliecl elmics. 'Ilr+ lbughr long rncl h.rlcl,, :.rr',ing vcrJ hcavi' c;rsL-r:rltirs, r'eftsing ro givc qrouncl

    . . . ",rll r', ., 'g.r l,.l.l .1.-rr r" itr"r .

    i irion rcm:rinccl in Itah,thlouqlrout tlrc biucrly loughr.. ,r1_lt).11i befbre lrcing scnt ro thc Ilungarian scctor orr: .:.rcrn lronr in c'allr- 19.15. filline b.rck into ,{ustlia_-

    ...rrrcrrdr:ring ro the Anrer'lc:rns in \'1rv l9.rij.: :rd of rhc wer thc diyision rirs lrrlricd rr cul} title:.:rg orrc ol thc lerv (iermen inlurll divisions allouccl

    .- :hei1 natrrc'upon thcil slccvrs.L:.i

    " '" ' !:. ;i......



    *r* 'x


  • ,;t't:

    ;:t itr 1t ti




    ielc ls" renadle?koflDanle

  • j I tj,,

    i i:t

    MoTIVATION AND SKILL,'Ilthough the 44. 'Hoch uncl Dcutschmcisrer' Reichsglenaclicrdivision has t longt,d g/orious history, Jiu.years aJ batt/,: /assas haua thinnetl theit-ranks cortsirlerab/y Allcichsgreutdierkompanic is ratetl as Confident Tiained.




    --: 1::;ltsgznadierdizruiloz suffered heavily in Russia, but it

    --'::: rhe value of lortiGcations and artillery in building a:,ri i-ience. Fortunately, Genera(ildnarscbal/ Kesselritg'- i: :::ied the Gustav Line well, making ir much easier to'-

    -: -\llied annies' march up the Italian Peninsula.

    Basing your def'ences around bunkers, barbed uire, andrninefields :rllows you ro concentrAte 1.our intbntry ald theirsupporting fire rvhcrcvcr rhe eneny clecicles to atrack. Holdyour infintry back until the righr mornent for counterattack atthe critical poinr in rhe battle. Do not u'asre them on fcrolishassaults lhat are not well-planncd.



    -: :: r:ilelds across dreir fiont left the Imperial scorm-rhe Hath und Deutschmeister Division wirh

    r:: - : - :rlrc Teller nines l'or cank huncing, a rask riar the:: i-:i .-.rrn\ h:d plerry olexp.r'ierr.e at.


  • IFFE

    Relc hs grenadler!oloDanie







    l.I r'r ofthe division's anti-tank guns are positionecl to plotcct:-.. llanks of the powelful Panther turret blrnkers, leaving,.: rhe regimenlal anti-tark gun platoon as a mobile reserye.':e-.e u'ere a mix of heavy 7.5cm PaK40 guns, lighr ftalian: --m infantry gtns, and a handful of old 3.7cm Pal(36:-::. fiom their days trajning in France.l-pite their age, rhe old 3.7cm PeK36 and Italian= ;m PaK177(j) anti-tank guns xre still useftrl in the rough:.:-:::n of Italy where cre$'s ofren have to drag rheir guns

    :-..rgh rough rerrain that the tlucks cannot traverse. The,'-:m PaK36 packs a surprising punch for its size with


    1.7nn PaKL77(i) dnti-tdnk gunr .dnISO5A3 17/, gurn and GSOll1Group.

    . or ersized m5::iade.



    '.:.;.. rplrtcc up to ona Pionetr Rrfe tedt Per Pit) ?er: ; :. jtlt a lknc-throuer te/tm dt the stttrt of the gant


  • REICHSCRENADIER SCOUT PLATOON |r==: -_ --'l -- --:.:=,--{




    il,t llti,it!,) ()t,i/ii,; ;;t,)!r i)i,tr')rr i' ,t ii,,tt,,:,ii.'rt,,

    \\ h.rc irl,rrrr:'r qrrrr..lrir. is rrrs,rrillrr. llr,r ,.rr ,1o rL, lolrol lL nr(Jrrur. un iniintrr qu11. or. in.1 ir n!h..rn.rnri r.rnLl:un.-lLc liqhr -.icnr qurr .rr! nroLr l. .rrJ crrilr brr,rLshr inL,,posirion (r 5LLpfort,1ir.r.L\ lirh.1irc.L 1lr. i1 rr.c,lr,l. or r,rrrbc crrclirllr iiLcrl to prrrriit roLr inlirrrrr honr rrlrlutlingtrnlis.

    \\'lrcn roLr rrcc,l ro r.-r.Ll.,r poririr,rr or clirrirr.rr, .rrr crr.rrrrsron!foinr, \(rur !(oLrr p1.rto,,n \ril1 r.r'rel r.hcIc.,oLLr t].shoLrlil b. li,cLrc.l.


    --t:.f-_---=:=+:_=-:-l.: -,-4.

    frtela Ir ?fi

    l.'lll e, r



    Heh.rlff:Ir I

    '.iii*r--:-,-;-!:1.. -geidL*


    -{elc hs!'renadie}konD&nie

  • Ft



    {.**F " t.' &


    baelc hs E lenadieTkonDa.nle



    ::;n the rvcather is good and rhc skies arc clcar. rest assurcd:-:: rhe dleaded AJiiecl fighters rvill appear above. Having

    icienr anti-aircrafi supporr ro keep rhern frorn u'eakcning:,: defence is a dcfinite prioritv.

    - - : rernember that the ltalian r-eather-is also your liiencl so-:r the rain cloucls come in thc fightcls u,i1l not appear.' : :, thc timc \our anti-rircrafi prleroons can support rhei:r:rr'. 'lheir high rates of 6re can help in stopping evcn

    '. ::osr dctcrn-rined assarrlrs.


    -.-rqh rhe Allied pl,rnes I1y or-erhead d:rilr'. rhe :rnri-aircrafi-

    ,. nrrs of the Rcichsgrcnadiers rvill kcep then a\\.ry fiorrr:: rroops. lheir high rate of llre x'ill make quick rvork of

    :neml planes or in{antry thar cross rhrough their clcadlvj . :: of lire.

    Reic hs grenadlerkomnanie 15

  • 90. Panzergrenadierd,iuision (90'\ Motorised InfantryDivision) was formed fiom the Sardinian Division,a scratch force based oo rhe survivors of the famous90'h Lighr Division that had fought so well under the

    . Desert Fox in Africa. \ifhen rhe 90'h Lighr Division rvasdestroyed in Tunisia in May 1943 there was a strong poolof wounded veterans ready to relurn to the front. These

    ' were used to rebuiid their old regiments on rhe ltalianisland ofSardinia.

    \7ith the capiculation of ftaly in September 1943 thedivision was evacuated to Corsica. then transferred to theItalian mainland. As one ofthe few mobile veteran Germandivisions in Italy it fought wherever ir was needed. The

    ' division saw its frrst combat in Italy at the Moro River inDecember 1943 against the British 5 Corps.

    CAssrNoln January 1944 it was moved into the fiont line atCassino where it held off two American divisions lrom theUS II Corps. It was here that it received assistance fromthe paratroopers of 1. Falkchir"mjngerdiuisloz (1" ParachuteDivision) in counterattacking and keeping Hill 593 inGerman possession. I nF ebr tary, 9 0. Panzergrenlid i erdi u L i o nwas relieved lrom Ca.rin" and pul inlo arm] re\et\e.It returned to the Cassino area in May 1944 to counterrhe French breakthrough in the Liri Valley, fighting rear-guard actions against both the French and Canadians as theGerman Tenth Army retreated north from Cassino.

    After the fall of Rome, the 90. Panzergrenaditrdiuisioncontinued its rearguard acdons against the FrenchExpeditionary Corps and the US 1" Armored Division.Exhausted, ir was again pulled back inro che reserve, rhistime with the German Fourteenth Army near Parma.

    NoRTHERN ITALYReassigned to rhe Franco-Italian border during the Alliedlandings in southern France, the division rebuilt itself Bymid-September 1944 it was back in the battle, this timeteaming up with some Panther tanks and an indepcndent8.8cm PaK43 anti-tank bartalion to plug a hole punchedthrough the Gothic Line by the British Eighth Army. Thisaction tolled rhe dearh knell of the Brirish 1" ArmouredDivision as rhe serious losses it incurred resulted in thedivi'ion being dea.rirrred.After dealing with the British l" Armoured l)ivision, thedivision steadfasdy held the line against their old adversary, the4'h Indian Division. By October 90. Panzergrenadierdiuisionwas part of che Genghis Khan I-ine holding the Savio fuverin fronr ofBologna against the Canadian I Corps.Thcn, one 6nal time, 90. Panzetgrenadierdiarlaz was pulledout of the line and moved to plug a new hole fonned by anAmerican attack further west. By che end of October withthe win[e. rains now further slowing the Allied advance, theyonce more teamed together with 1. Fallschirmjiigerdiuision,bringing the 6nal Allied offensive of 1944 to a h::lt in thePo Vallev.





  • ,:, ii



    the', rhe




    MOTORISED MOVEMENTTlre nrotorised inlantry of 90. Panzergrenddierdirisittn wereused as a rnobile fire brigacle to plug holes creatcd by the.\11ies in (lerman lines. This helcl school has taught thcm.o dismount immediately tLnder attack, whether it be from:rtillery, air, or cncny ground forces.

    Achtung!\Yhen yur u(hich takesfrc immdiatelydeploy and take couer!'

    - Fe ldwe b e I Vinclgru b er

    PANZERCRENADIER DIVISIONS\1ien (iermany created its armoureci lbrces it creatcdnotorised infantrl divisions to support the breakrhrough.rperatiolls of its armor.rred Pazr.arr divisic)ns. The motor-red troops raced forwarcl behincl the Patztr ,:Ilrsior,s,:.curlng rhir gains, and 6ghting oll counterattacks aimed:: cLlttillg olf the ,rrmoured spcarhead. These motorisecirlanrry divisions rvere standard infinrry divisions, bur

    .'. ith two reginrents ofinlantry insread ofthree ancl motor-.:cd rransport insccad ofborsc-dra*n ruagons. ln 1943 the:rororiscd infirntry divisions nere rcnamed. Panztrgre nadicr.'.'''"n.. bu, r,r.'in.J rheir old


    InJintry tnmsJiaru pLttootts with thc Mottris(d Moreme tspeciul ruk mafu a S/:i// Tist i/btead aJ t1 Passeuger 'Sauett,het the xehicle nrrying thcn is Destroytd b1 a weaponu)ith d ?ir?ltower nting rl 5+ or 6.. ( a ttttn passes its Skil/ Tett, it ls immdtatdy dis-

    maunted adjacent to the uehicb, nt, tltser to theshootixg teant, and is immadi,urfi consitlered Gone toGround.

    . Othertulse, th( t.dm k Desttoyd.A platoan using thc Motoristd Mouetuent s/)t:.(ld/ ru/e is?inu:d [)oan, ragardhss of l:ow man.y hits it toc,k.

    At the end of 1943, rhe Panzergrenadier divisions werereorganised to be closer in organisation to the infantry ofthe ?azzrr divisions, rvith more machine-guns and heaviersuPPort weapons like mortars.

    Bv this time thc Gcrman Army's days of annoulcdspealhcads and niaking deep-thrusting armolred pen-errarions were over. Instcad, Panzerg'enadier divisiortsltke 9a. [Nnzergreradlerdiztision lound themselves uscd asnrobile rescrves, thrown inro rhe breach when rhe infantrydivisic,ns could no longer hold the line. In this role theirmobiliry and heavier rveapons allocation became cssentialfc,r success.


    1' .J,d


    t;t_ _*,*

    '- f 4{t.'**f,d&E- ' ,*.{t- *

    3* .,. -.



  • rb


  • MOTIVATION AND SKILL90. Panzergrenaclierclivision iJ one of the prenier tnobile dluisions used to plug theLolts punched tltrough the ()erman front lines lry the Allias. They rcceiued rhe best tfthtnanpower and rqztipmnt auai/ab/e. A Panzergrenaditrkonpanie is rated Confi.dent









    .4, I'iffit:t

    I."" t&t:t



    "'. Ial$[...: t

    '"& li


    'Ilarns fom a I'arzergretLadierLompanie HQ use the',Motorisetl Llouantettt spacirr/ ru/e.

    , :


    11tCorn rn a nd lvlG team

    :rlt+ *1t+l\,4G team lVlG team


    i'tt+ ilt+I\,4G team MG team


    r'tt+ at\+I\,4G team l\,4G team


    - ::'::ergrenadier platoon lrom 90. Panzergrenadierdiuision:- . :Jes sraunch, mobile infantry support. They are outstand---: :ounrerattack troops, able to advance and remle a critical: :-::ie. Married wirh an assault gun platoon, these veterart

    ---- l:oid an objecrive against even the best Allied troops.


    _lre 12cm mortars offerec{ the Panzergrenadiels quick and

    :..serful artillery support. These weapons werc easy to pack: and move quickly, allowing them to keep up with the rapid


    .Lrnrerattacks latrnched by the 90. Pdnzergrenadierdiuisiott.




    ' kt nzergrenadierdiuision lacked. an anti-aircraft barrelion,:-: made up for it with an anti-aircraft company in each-=:nen!. The light and mobile 2cm anti-aircraft guns kcpc

    : -\1lied fighter-bombers off rhe inlantrymcn's backs.

  • J


    -:. -=ht 7.5cm infantry gun is ideal for knocking out

    -:- gun teams that are holding up your advance. Their--




    MoToRISED HEAYY ARTITLERY BATTERYl-- --fE- - F::l- < *---


    -,*- !

    -t- --f

    l-ikc rrrost Gcrnran divisions, the bulk of the :rrtillery' in90. htnzergrcnatlien/iuision vere either the sr:rndard l0.5cnrlcFIll8 horvitzers. or the cut-clo$r le-f H18/40 versionbased on :r i)aK40 anti-tank grn rreil. Thesc \ncrc an cxcel-lent gcncral-purposc u'capon iiring a 33 lb/l5Lg shell rvitha lethal r:rdius of 20rr es rvell as a holloq-chargc anti-tenkrouncl capablc ofknocking out a meclium rlnli.

    Yau nu1, not ft/d t Motor*td Htat.l' Artilkrl, &tteryut)leis

    .tut nt nko.firhlitg r Motoristd Aitillrry Ratterl'. L. ' ,, . .t. ,r....1 .t

    A Motoriittl Hedul Aitill(ry Bntt.t.), md.1 ltot be.k?/o.),.d

    'lhe rvell-hidden ancl clug-in guns of the division's heavybattalion disrupt the cneiny's attack leavcs rhcm vulnerableto the front-line inlantrys irepon'er or a lvel1-orchestratedmobile counterartack.


    44 CotDs SuDDort



  • MOTIVATION AND SKITL. lintlt and [aurtentlt Armies bdd tLrir best ttoops in rtstrue, sanding tltrn Jtradtd.:/ pp0ft the i l;utry ;n tfu Jield uhtu thitgs got re a//.y rough. 'lh.te ..)7?s s tq?ort tro.rys

    ,,rr,,1 Confi dent Veteran.


    ' Panzerdiuisionwa.s senr lorwardwith90. ?anzergrenatlicr-i :--jia ro mect and stop any Allied breakthrough. Unlike: . r,ions on the Eastern and Western F-ronts who had prioriryt:: aerv equipment, the divisiont tanks rvere a mix ofneu,cr.:zer lV tanl

  • rf{Ifill.:Nir


    f\rle 90. Panztrgranddiediulsinn didit officially have :rr anti---:::1i gun battalion, its old antj-tank battalion, now labelled-

    i90. Schu,era Panztrjligerabteillng (590'r' Heag, Arti-tankl--,,alion), was permanently artached to the division. This a-r-='rgement had rhe benefit of providing dre division u'irh access: rnassive 8.Bcm PaK43 anti-tank guns as wellas ia usual7.5cmi='{10 guns. The monster 8.Bcm PaK43 could easily penerrate a-hurchill heary tank at a range of2000m, and had the accurary




    CommandR i e/l\,4 G team

    *il\+Fifle/[/]G team

    rll\Rille/l\y'G tea rn

    aitt+R f e/l\,4 G team

    lrtrl\F f e/l\,4 G team

    rtil{r+Rifle/MG icam

    rtrl\Rifle/MG team

    lg tonrlli'r drcrions

    . t b i rgsj ligtr P ktoo n s are Mountainters.

    :allschirmjtigerdiuision took conmand of the mountain::ops of 100. Gebirgsjiigerregiment (100'h Mountain fuflei-':iment, pronounced gcr-becrrgs jai-gerr ray-gi-ment):':.ding the lefi ilank atop the Cassino masiff. Gelmanr-.-.unrain rroops proved crucial in mountain fighring:-:ughout Europe. Their expenise served them well in:.::-es against Goums born and bred in the Atlas Mountains

    rJgeria and Indians rrained in.battle againsr the A[ghansrJseria and Indians rrained in.battle againsr the Afghans'F"'o'"'"jl-$iit'"d' KuiS *,=r#


    NoT ALLIED PLATooNSAlrhough part ofthe Heer (Arm1'), Gebirgsjlger lought,rs part of both Heer and Luftwaffe (Air Forcc) divisionslike 1. Fallschirmjngrdil)isian ln kafy.

    ahenJightiryt of a

  • ;.':a


    - \nti aircr:rfi Scctions 95 poirrts

    :,tllt ttttt ,tttr'tl: t;,tL',ti, tr,tr,Ll i;t tlr:r,rl',tit r'.i

    :,; ,iituli lt. llattt,.l,ttt ,trt;,t.li (,tt;, i)i,ttt,ti:,t;i.,


    '., I{eluctant Traincd.

    ,., t1 ;ital:y /,Ltttr',;t ti,r IttlrtL,riii ,t,ri ,lt,tr. ilr,r t.. itn,tli (, !t)t l)itltr.i]\,ttL c||:ilLtirl r,, l,t.Iilt, ri I'i, t rr tt:iilL.. t.'1,1,i ,t l ,tlt't /,it,titlrrb;,tp,nti., ,r;tri.lrtiiott ri,t;ii ,ll/iujitt;r! i;t tlt Fl.rmcs ()i\\irr lrl,/,a,,l.

    l,uftra.ffe :unnort

  • I&

    [eapon.,rl FIN{c

    i:r GW34 monar

    i-m sG\f43 monar':n LG40 rccoillcss gun

    i i:n R\[.tr3 (Pnppchen)-

    ':n lelGl8 gun:,ring bombrrdncnts

    .':n slG33 gun:ring llombardmenrs

    ,. : flaK38 gun

    --: FlaK3B (Quad) gun

    ' :l PaK36 guni ring Srielgr.rn.ue


    -::n PaKl77(j) (47112)sun,:: PaK38 gun-

    ':m PaK40 gun

    ' : -n PrK4-l gun

    : ::n FlaK36 gun

    ':m LC40 recolles gun:.:;ng bombanlmcnts

    - :::n Geb36 gun:ring bonbardnentsi:m leFHl8 howirzcr: :;ng bombardmenn

    r:m leilHl8/40 howitzeL::ring bombardments

    ':r sFLI18 hos,itzer: :rrg bonbardments

    : -

    N\(41 rocket launcher:- \\V42 rcker hunchcr


    Man paclied.


    C\\42 lSnmn,ehtrfen momr Mrn orckedLight







    Man packcd









    ROF 2 r.hen pinned dorvn.

    Smokc bombardment.

    Smoke bombardrrent.


    Gun shicld. Snokc.

    BLrnkcr BLrstcL, Gun shicld.

    Anri-aircrafr, Cun shicld, lurntable.Arti-aircrafr, Gun shield, Turntable.

    Gun shield.

    Cun shield.Gun shield.

    Cun shield, Tnrnt.rble.

    Grrn shield, Heary anti-aiLcraft, lirrnrable.

    GrLn shield, Recoiless, Smokc.

    Cun shield, SmoLe.Smoke bombardment.

    Cun drield, Smoke.Smokc bombardnent.Cun drield, Smoke.smoke bomh:rdnenr

    Bunker husrer. smoke.Srnol

  • : iers protect the occtPants fronr all but thc heaviest.rr fire, making them thc centrePiccc ofanv defencc.

    ,t arr tbree basic tTpcs of bu zer:.

    ,\'r,rtl,. Pillboxes, anl. liu'rets.

    , .: arc roofed Joxholes or uell-protrtter) f.ghti g Pits. Thel: :dr good Protectio , but ore tuhterablc to 4ttunlte dosa',7 lire...ioxes art mtlch /nate substattidl nlttructiolb of co crete

    :te\. GunJire ui// not hdrln th(m d d olti clase,tssault or:,y bwrkrr-busting gtttt nn hnock thcm nut

    -.!t tlre lntdt Qr nounting a re,y'tndant tank turret .) nn:1.,?ound bunker contdiniltg /lmttu.t/titia ttu/ tlLca madd': _iir thr creut. 7hq ,:,tmbbte thr fuibiliry of d tank uitb the

    -,,::it,e trrngth of a bunhtr.,,c t/te ru/es reftr ta Bunleers, thal couer tt// Nats, Pil/boxes; Tirrets.

    BUNKERS AS OBSTACLES AND COYERA concrete bunker rvill clefear even taok rracks, rvhile drivingover a machine-gun nest lisks ir collapsing. Both are goodcovcr lor troops hiding bchind them.

    Bun/tars arc Diffcult Golngfor InJannT and Man-pacLed Guntedmt, but nrc l,n?dssab/e to a/l ather team|l)wtkers block liue oJ sight througb them like buildirys or uallsand proulde Il ulletp ro af Cauer to teams hiding behixd them

    BUNKERS FIGHT ONBunkers arc designed to 6ght on, even ifthe enenv surroundsor bvpasses thcm. The cleu'ls srfer inside tha[ running away,.o rl,

  • IIIf"

    DSFENSTVE BATTLEB*C;ers are the bulwark of any defensive line. toops falllack on a bunker line to buy tirne for a furllre artack.In a mission that ures the Defensiue Battle special rule, a forcecontdini g Bunkers u,ill alual,s be the defendet: euen againstanother forrc that uould normaQ tlefend. If both Jortes haueBanherl tlten they dice af to set tuho dttacb as normal.In a mistion with the Fottifcations special ru/e, a force con-taining Bunkers has the Jirtifcations proaided by this rula inadllition ta its normal Banhers antl Obstacles.

    Bunkers are almost invulnerable to the fire ofmosr weapons.The best that most uoops can do is to suppress it allowingtheir assault groups to ger close enough ro knock it out. Eventhis is dificult as bunkcrs are well camouflaged and hard cohit. Even then, only hits near the firing slir have any efect.A team must ba able to drau a Line af Sigltt to and be ttithin16"/40 cm ofthefring

    'tit ofa Piltbo;, oianl part oJ a Nest orT*rtet to be able to shaot at it.,4s usual, a ztrapon fting at a Brnkar rolk one die for eachpoint ofROE or a single die for ROF I if it is moulng and ablato fre ox the moue. (Jnlihe normal shooting, teams roll a SblllTbst to hit a Bunhex Ihe Shill Trst h not motl.ifed in an1 wa1,awl tenms cannat use national tpecial ru/es like Stabilisers orVolLT Flrc tuhen shaoting at Banhers.

    KNoCKING OUT NEsTsHits close to a nest will force the crew to dLrck back, reducingtheir rate offire. A good square hit will kill the crew, destroy,r::q lt: bunker.:.. :- r-;::,; I'iti a Nest, roll a Firepouttr Tbst-.

    - :,... :-:,. FirepoaerTist ai/l Pin Doutn the Nest..

    . ':-:-: t :) i ,\'e:t is lnharmed.-: t i::::.: ?:':: Dott'n a Nest, immediatell, roll a second---:: :t-



    ,,,,,,, t. l:,::ouer Test is successfu/, the Nest is

    . 1 -: .:: .. : l:-::::,.:, Te:t leaues the Nest Pinned Down,:,

    -. i : ,- -:-,::ti

    BUNKER DEPLoYMENTBunkers rakc a lot of rime and efiort to brrild aod rarely con:as a surprise to the enemy.

    Bunhers tnust be placed in JoLt deplolment area. You must pLzttall fottfcations, inclu,4ing your Bunkers, beJore the op?ositlplayer places any Objectiues urtless the mission spacif.es othe,-wise. All of the Bunhers in a force count at a plataon deploycton table when dttermining how manl platoons must be held atReserue.

    Bunkers can be placed in buildings, but may not be placed:. within 8"/20tm ofanothet Bunker,. on a rcad, track, railway line, nor. in d stredm, riuer, lahe or other tuatar feature.ln addition, an Objectirc na1 not be l,lated on a Bunker

    PINNING DowN PILIBoXESBetter built and desjgned bunkers are invulnerable to normalweapons, but rhe crew can still be forced to tal

  • Iari g







    KNOCKINC OUT TURRETS.:.i tLrrtets clo nor have llring slits. Thc onlv u,:ry Lo put

    - -:

    ..t,,t .,.ti,,rr i.tolet,err,t. rL.i .rr'',ru .'

    -: tL'aapor ltlts a Turret, tltt ourLitg player /nl6t t4be /1-

    - ,:*red Whiclt Saue (ve pagr 69 aJ t/r rulcboolz) as if it. .

    -: t Tatth tearn. As d lirrri has nt, hu//, u,Lethet sht,ts hlt thet'

    .:: or Sida lrmot.o is rleterttined sokly an tht'turret t'acing.' .)t Turret is .Bai/d Out, it renLtins to t.ottil the .)u) in(

    : : ,,: Starting SttP tuban it tutomdtica/||, Renounts.

    NO HEArmoul pictcing solicl shot is quite efectlvc er dissuadingthe occupants of a buoker fiom sticking rheir hcads rrp andshooting, but it rvoric knoch out a bunker.

    A ueapan u,itb tht Na HE cltarattrri;ti.t c,tn stil/ Pin l)otun aNest or Pi/lbox. b t rd/)/tot Destray tlen. Tbay can till kwchau! a Turrct is norntt/.

    FLAME-THROWERSSokliers quickly lcarnecl that bunkers must bc made lire-proof, ancl ere easr- to nakc so- Even a blankcr hengiug overthe liring slit rvirh :r buchet of u'atcr hendy nill kcep dreoccupants safe t'roor a {hme-thr-orvcr'.A hit b.y a l/ane-tltrouter uti// autonttttica//y ptlst t/1e FirePoloerlist ta Pi Down t Ncst or Pillbox and ui// Destroy a Nestnith d stttrusftl sco /1 HrcPllr?t Test, bttt tantot Dtsn'oy a

    nor$ hit b.l, F/ttlre-thrau,ffi d0 01 tuhe n Arlrlul,\L1u(, butnft nutam/lticnll)r lJailetl Out. lurrets cannat bt: [,teitro.yttl byFkructhrou,ers.

    BUNKER BUSTERSSone guns are so big thar rheir shells uan actllrll,v smashthrorrgh the rvaLls c,i a Lrunl

  • Becausc bunkers lre almost immune to shooring. rhe bcsr rvav to clesrror a bLrnker is ro lssault it rvith clenrolition charges.Oncc tbc assault ream re:lcllcs the bunker. its rlcsrrucrion is.rlmosr ccrr.rin.

    DEFENSIVE FIREBunkcrs lre usu.rlly laicl oLrr in i murually srLpportingnenr.ork. W'irh clrch birnker covcring thc orhcrs, rhe\' :lr-cdiflicult to assxulr unlss all le pinocd dorvn lt rhe sanretime.

    Bunhers conduct DtJctsiu lit ds norl)t/t/ tL'/:t?u ,rssaultrd. lttndditior, ulEn olt Bu ho is assau/tul. fler! oll)cr Bultk(rtuithi l(t"/|)cDt .1!n co dttt [)tft]uirt Flre or thc ttssaul.tlue

    ASSAULTING BUNKERSOnce vour tloops rcrch thc brrnkcr ther place xn cxplosivccharge on the door', gun slit or gun mlnrlct ro linish ir oll.One rcan try'facertt to ca t.firing slit a.f a Pillbox awl a/l tednsadjd.e t to n Nett o) Tirrret cttt attot1,t to hit tl.u lh&cr iu tro nd oJ issdult caDbnt. An.l /)it\ J6a tLn r du.nllting to /titn lSunhtr nust fu allomttd to tlr Rttlttr. Piouctt tetnu atttre-rollfuihd Ski||li'sts to hit t Blt k?r i)t n as tlt.Vhen d Nrst or Pi/lbox it hit i]/ a d$t:u/t it

    ^ drtoTndtidtlly


    \Yher a linzt is /tit in at Atsau/t, tlr ottmittg lla_),rr rolls nttArmourcl Whiclc Sate (srt ptgt 101 of tht r lebol|) tr.dtingthe Bu htr as /tttt,itt,t d Top /1) nou, )ltitB of L lf

    _tott u,itt t/x'a:sauh, all Bailed Oti 'lio ttt! u)ithi l '/ J0or oJ rltc tt:saultittgleal]rs d1. anPturcd. nlrd Destrttycd.

    COUNTERATTACKING FRoM A BUNKER'Ile troops in a bunkcr rvill not sir irlssively bv rvhile tlrc'enemY atlemPts to blow thenr LlP.

    \X/hen Couttarzttttcltin,g, a Bru*er n/ls ottc,:lie.. On a storc of ',1+, it hits an'l Deurayt rrt eltenl ln|intlJ 0]Gxn tean aztjacert to its Jiriug slit or turrrt.. On an1, otbar roll, t/te enetx.y is unharnttd, but ntrst still tdkea Motitttiolt 1?st to (.lountodttc[ as iJ it had baan /tit.

    TANKs ASSAULTING BUNKERSBLrnlicrs arc sinrply too srrongly builr lor,r rLlnk ro have anyinplct on thcm in an essault.Hits

    .fon Tiuk tea.ms iu]110t b( allotatcd to Bunkers in

    Llits.fion Butfurs in assattlx nn_y not be allocatrd to uehiles.

    lhe ideal is to break rhrough the encmy bunkcr line:rnc{ intolhc open spaces bcvond. [frhis it]c.rl can'r bc rrraincd, lhensimplv breaking it gap in rbe line rcadv for tl,e nexr atlack isstill ir worthu6 ilc achievcnenr.

    Ifa pkvet Dtstrols all of tlrc Buuker ot tbe tdblc, tbey .out?t athat'irg Dasnol'crl dn additianal enent.1, platoolt lrhen caltuldt-ing Vittory Points.


    - J,i*J#lltt

  • I1aI



    Iirr ro(hcn

    rcli is

    Btlr,,,r i: a lisr ol rhr nrorr ccnlnr()r sr:1rc\,)i lirljtic.Lrion rLs.J lx tturrrr h l/,t;rL: Ol\\1r,fronr thc sirrrplcsr I:or.lr,,lc ro tlr. mighrr l'illbox ,\ Forrillctl .ornp.rn\ \!ill ;rl\\'.rrs bc.rtorrqlr nut to t r,rc1t.


  • r i" -",




    \)l'hen the Germans began constructing Fortress Europettrey quickly realised that they simply did not have the timeor the tesources to foltiS their empire with conventionalbunkers.'Ilnk turret bunkers were developed to counter thisproblem.

    Initially German fortifications used trrrrers from old tanks.such as the Panzer I and lL These required a lot less concreteand werc extremely easy to conceal from the enemy.

    In October 1943, Hitler autholised the use of ltanthernrm, orPanther turrets, to help strengthen the line. Each Panther turrerwas frLrther reinforced by a lerv anti-tank gun nests and sevemlmachine-gun nests maling a veq' formidable srong point.

    These turrcts were enplaced along sidc the rest of the forti-fications of the Hitler Line ourside Cassino. I-ike the smalierturrers. rhe Panther currets could be conccaled and were anasw surprise for the first Canadian and British tanks thatencountered them.





    -: iortilications in ltaly included nany rradirional concrete,:.-ers in addition ro the rurret bLrnkers. These included

    - . emplacements armed \4'ith 7.5cm PaK40 and 8.8cm

    :i t-i :rnri tank guls.



    N : .rrongpointw:rscoveredbymachine-gunemplaccrrrents,:--:ris, wire and minefields to forrhcr solidily rhe



    HMG Pillhox


    -bPaK N est

    - .olecl anti-tanl< guns were conver[ed into nests to

    ,- ire heavier bunkers such as dre Paothcr turret bunker.--

    -r:lnk gur nests were usually positioned beirind chetr turreiI severa


    re forrismallc:

    rks rha-,4


    ;s-,.f;Ai;Ioltif,lcetlons (o

  • \Hm/ \Em/2c rn F aK38 Nest



    :-+=+===-::+:+=:++:,-+-=l=Barbed Wire Barbed Wire Barbed WireEntang ement Entanglement Entanglement

    ;F-_=_+=.= ;F:H-+ :F+-:++.Barbed Wlre Earbed Wire Barbed WireEntanqlemenl Entanq ement Entanglemit

    rrrrf ff4Anti-tank 0bstacle Anti-tank Obstacle

    .The Germans made extensive use of all sorts of anti-tankfrom concrete dragon's reeth to tree srumps and

    ditches. These helped funnel enemy tanks into the reerh ofPanrher turrets and anti-rank gun pillboxes.

    ; ;,;, ,;; ";;;;;; "i,,),, ,u,,,,1,,,, ),,1,n u",,,)*,ii'' ,InfnLtry and Man-pack,:d (]un leams on Joot (but n0t()ttu/Dt tet17n, nust start tLeir morenent uthe ther iti a

    normalmaue, d chLrg inta contdct, or abateuer a/jacent

    .. 7he obstdcle ^

    Impassdbh to dll other tlpes of teaml


    6 Barbed Wire Entanglements 60 pointsBarbed Wire fntanglements 40 points

    2 Barbed Vire Entanglements 20 points

    Barbed wire spanned the entire length of the front line.Both Germans and Allied pioneers deployed wire to prorectcritica.l posirions and recently gained ground from enemycounterattacks.


    -_: Cermans plepared nassive mincfields enclosed in barbed:- to maLe clearing them particularly diltrcult.

    -: -\llies also dcployed their orvn minefields to protcct their

    a :i against Cerman countelattacl$.


    To cross a mincJie ld ,:quipperl ruith Barbetl Wirc, Iny'nrl1,, tJ Ma,,.pn,'.,d t'".. a

    '.. ua toat brl r't t,,u..1,\

    tctnt murt tt4rt thtir mouamcnt u/rtLu iti a nontal .

    tt(ne, d charg( into t'olttact, or uhateue r-atljacent ta the tltninrJirll. il,lll r,,..1,.1 ! t^rl, ,,.. 1 ,rn. !t,. .,t,..f,lJ , tu,.n/'[hc ninaJitld is hnTatsablt to all othcr typar oJ tatnl



    Flvlinelle d


    F[,4 nefield

    FI\,,lineUe d


    l-.:. Cernen strongpoints in the Liri Valle,r.each had: ::ries oF zig-zag trenches For the supporting infanrry.r.l::nmunication trenches allou'ed rcscrves to arrive at ther:::ble while under fire and reinfolce crirical posirions.Tq:erher a stongpoinr and it's infantry could hold off anLied assault almost indeflnitelv.


    9 Trench Lines 45 points6 Trench Lines 30 pointsJ Trench Lines 15 points Tr" c I ." l",r,n. " lrenrnLne

    Trench Line Treich Llfe Trench Line

    Trench L ne Trench Liie Trench Line

    l-rring the five-mooth siege, artillery reigned suprcmc.-.:untcr-battety fire was always a threar xnd soon both,:rman and Allied batteries due thernselvcs gun pirs and

    _::nches to prorect thcmselves ag:rinsr bombardrrenrs.


    G!f Pit

    lHGun Plt

    lbG!n Pit

    lb6un Pt

    lHGun Plt

    12 Gun Pits 60 points10 Gun Pits 50 points3 Cun Pits 40 points5 Gun Pits 30 points

    Gun Pits 25 pointsCun Pits 20 points

    i Cun Pits 15 pointsI Cun Pits 10 points


  • Yli ll



    .':-,_-a: _.:rt


    fli{litas*f, trr i.f* I "'.

    - *::_: r.



    *,,, .


    1:/tiit. tt.-

    i t -'nK*'l*&i!.ffi..1:rB.-*l ia--

    r:l. a1:", It ;t&:"'is,r.;.*.,&,



    ."*,.' " -;-

  • ..**',t s."

    G. *-"t-




    E_ f,,




  • Thc rales of rhe Alabian Niqhrs crc:rc a vision of e cluh clcscrtrvarrior drcsscd in llou.ing robes ancl a turban. In thc cool deser-tnight, he silenrly infiltratcs :tcross th.' lionr lines ancl slits hisenemr.i throat rvhil.' rhel sleep. lhis appropriatch clcscribesthc ruthlcss (loumier rvalriors ol_ Morocco- Ficr-ce rribcsncnfion the nourrrrins, drey'lecl frec Frc'rrch lssarriLs fi-om NolthAtiica ro (ielman1. So 6erce u'ere thcsc *'arriors rh;rt odrcrAllicd soldiers avoiclccl thcm rnd onlv elite Germarr Lrrrits u ithequal firocirr'l'ele able to stop or dcleat rhem.

    GOUMSI)eep in thc rugged Atl:rs Mount:rins of Nlorocco lies thehonel:rnd ofthc GorLnrs. A moon-like landscape rhat pror,etltpire lrnpenerable ro French colonial rroops. C)nll thcn:ltive (lolurs, blcd irr tribrl violence, aciept in dre insLrrmountable mounteins. and lcrvcr,t in Lheir Muslinr culrulc.provecl capablc olpolicing drose s'ho c,rlicd this intracrablercgiorr rheir honre.

    Shorr. cialk-skinrr.d, .rnd beerdetl, e (ioun rvarrior is lcan,rviry,, rnti indiilelent ro thc clcr)rcnrs.'[heir keen evcsightmadc them qood nrarksmcn anrl their /ralr,rlrl, e shortcun'c

  • ih.ih.





  • ',.;?':/\':.)' ,'*: . i'l.

    . - i!:t

    bing of Pearl Harbor on 7 Decernber 1941.the Harvaii:rn Narional GLrlrd, consistirrg moslll of]apxrcsc-Ar reli.. r r.l rr ri', H.rr..,ii, r'^Ji r'.\'c. ju.r.r . gerr.ex:tcl rcvcngc trpon Imperial Japau as ani orber unir in thcUS Arm1-. Hon-er,e r', pru:rnoi:l widrin rhe lJnired SraLes s:lv toir rhar all 5000 AliJ (sccond gcncrarion Jap.rcsc-;\mcrican)scrlLliers \\.erc disDrissed hom the atmed fbr-ces. 'lhis n'asconll)ounclccl \lhen Presiclenr Rooser,elt signecl ExecutilcOrtlcr 90(r(r, sendin.q ovcr 1 10,000 Jepancsc Americrns lrom

    '. ri ..1 r '..irruir.I Iir rnl,..


    1.,:.::: rhcse th:rllenges. nrin\' ,\i1n,l srill lovcd thcir co nt|yI .r,r -l rt rJ i.-ur,.

    1OO-- INFANTRY BATTALIoN- . .:: :. ,. . ..

    't.l.rl.rsnr.lsuicClenfolccclt .::._.r:i::- ir:rr:i:.rnj \r cre lilinq.

    - - r .. -,. ,.-.r.,.r rh.r ioLrl.l.

    .,,. : ::r :: .:::\: .1:i : ,,, itl 5 r! litJ Srrip.i .I .:.:. .: r .:r:,,:r :.,r.l..ir..ri oir r,,i1 .rLrr.in.lrh:Heleiien' :.,.:.... ;:.,:n;Jintthi li)Lt lnlanrn Ll.rrt:rLLon in

    -\ 1.1 19+l.ir, iirr-l rh< li)tl r.,rs.rrt:rchccl ro rhe i+' Irli:lrlrr\ l)i\ isionenrl l.rn.l:d rr S.Llerno. Herc dre ,\','ir llrsr dcrnonstrar.d rharrht. r,crc a rorLgh iighring Lrnit.

    Alier six srrright n eel


    i Altcr training, rhe 442"i rv:rs shippcd to Iraly inI June 19,14 and joint'd rhc 100'r Tnfantly Llattalion'1 already fighting thcrc. The regjmental combar teaini rves lbrnrccl into :r srn:rll sellstLllcicnt unir tbr

    inde,'erJ.rr ,'p..'tr"rr. lhu rlrcc \u.,r 'rr'.rr'rnI battalions (inclucling the 100'r', 2"r end 3"r lnfancr)'I Llattalions) had thcir own llcld artillcry batralicu, an'; engineer companr'. an aDti-aank comp:rny, a can[on;

    ------..-. Icompany, and eveu its orvn marching band :r1l

    r,riserl frorn rVrrri volrrn reers

    in ltalr', rhc .142 "1 rvas attachccl ro d1e 34'i Infiur),Dir.ision encl n'enr inro action north ofRome whererhev carneci a Presirlential Unit Citation lor theiractions. 'lhe 4.12"'r prcsscd on, 69|ting at lSelvederebefbrc hitting thc (lerrrans at Pisa where rhe ,\ilailoLrght ovel Hill 140. Thev celled the hill littlcCassino' r'efbrring ro rhe rough fight ancl terrainof the baulcs of Cassiio. llere the .142"d led b1the 100" Ban:lion earned ele\cn DistinguishedService Mcdals rvith 6ve being upgraded to N4edalsof llonor, the highest US militarv allerd.

    Aftcr l'isa. the -tVrsd chased the (lermans to-florence before being pLLlled out rhe lionr lincsand senr sorrth ro prepare lor C)pt'ration Dragoon.thc invasion of southern France.

    194.1 M Y 1945

    .!l i.\t';i l

    i\,,n1,. ,r \itr, .r i

    r L\\1


    .\trsur 19:i,il



    .,i -


    lrtTUNIS '

    Nlsei ilistory

  • rnicUSfheutoere













    DR,A.cooN & THE LosT BATTALIoNOperation Dragoon struck the southern French coastline on15 Atrgtrst 1944.Ihe 442'"rderached its aoti-tank companyro the 517'r' Parachute lnfantrw Regiment of First AirborneTask Force. The -l/ural anri rank gunners landed in gliders andimmediately went into action, earning thc 442"'r its secondPresidential Unit Citation.

    The rest of the -l/lrrl follorved a lerv rnonths later in October1944 attached to the lixan 36'6 Infantry Division. 'Ilej42'r moved inland to the Vosagcs Mountains near the French-German border. At the torvn ofBruyeres the fighringwas 6crceand a battalion om dre 36'r' Inlan rry Division was cut oil :lclsurrounded by che Germans.

    On 27 October. the 442"J r.as sent in ro rescue rhe lostbanalion. lhey came undei- trernendous enemy fire as rheypushed forrvard trying to rcach thc bcsicgedTexans. Ca-sualtiesmounled a! an alarmilg rate, bur rhe l/zlel refused to quit. Atone point 3'd Battalion, pinned dorvn and lrustrated, launcheda fierce charge into the German lines. Screaming "Banzail"rhe l/lsd crashed into thc Germans and overran them rvithb:"orrer.. lrrud gr.rrrde.. .rnJ .ubnr.L. lrine.grrr'.

    The Nlsd finally broke through and rescued tire grateluLTexanson 30 Occober. Afrer three da1,s ofdesperate chargcs and closcassaults, the 442"d had suilered 800 casLralties. \iirhole platoonsceased to exist and rhe aid statioos were crowdcd. But the iightdid not stop thcrc for thc Nzr'el. Thcy carried on fighring unril17 Novcmber when they were finally pulled out ofthe ljne.

    The 100'h Bartalion was down to 239 infantrymen and21 oficers and 2"'r Battalion \4'as down to 316 riflemen and17 ollicers. The 3'd Bartalion did not have a single companywith over 100 ri{lemen. The 442"'r Rcgimcntal Combat'ltamhad been reduced to less than 800 soldiers. Alier a short restancl refit, thc 442"'L l:ound themselves back in ltaly to helpbreech the northern German defences ofthe Gothic Line.

    NISEI LEc,AcY\Mren thc war cndcd, thc 442''r Regimcntal Combat Tearnhad become rhe most decorared unit fbr its size in the encirehistory ofthe US nilitary 1he 4,000 -l/rzl rvho initially catnein 19,13 had to be replaced nearly chree and a half times.In total, about 14,000 men served in thc 442"J RegimeotalCombat Tlam. Collcctivcly thc

    -A/lsd earnecl 21 Mcdals ofHonor, 52 Disringuished Service Crosses (19 of which wereupgradcd to Mcdals of Honor), l Distinguished ServiceMedal, 560 Silver Stars (plus 28 Oak LealClusters for a secondaward), 4,000 Bronze Stars (plus 1,200 Oak LcafClusters lora second award), 9,486 Purple Hearts, and an unprccedcntcd.igbr Pre"idenriJ Unir ( rrarion'.Following rhe war President 'liumar called the 442^'l to\ ashington DC and personallv prescntcd the l/lrl widr icsseventh presiderltial unir citation. Jiuman acknowledged theilsacriEce ard courage, bo r on the batdfield ancl at home,tclling them, 'Not onlv have you l:ought the eoenr,v, but youhad lbught prejudice and you had rvc,n. Keep up the good lightand you r-ill continue to win'.

    \ Nisei Rifle Company uses the lollowing rules in addirionto all the US Special Rules found in the Flanes Of rY/arrulebook.

    SHARPSHooTEREvery infantry pLatoon designatcd thcir sharpshooter whoseiob it was to place effective direct lire on an enenv platoonor firing position to keep the cncmy's heacl down or removea specific target.

    Any Nisei Rift Platoon with a Shatpsht't'ter may ra-rollany one failed roll Tt' Hit and any one failed Firapowtr Testb1 a RiJla taam. in earL Shooting Sttp.

    FIGHTING FoR DEAR OLD UNctE SAMDespite the fact that many of their families were beingheld in internment camps in the western United States, the\iiel still fought with unconmon valour for the Stars and)rripes.

    ,\itei lht0o s ?drt PLnotn Morale Chccks on a roll of 2+instead oftheir uormal roll.

    ,1 Nisei Company Command team. passes Conpanl MoraleChechs on a roll of 2+ instead ofits xornal rt,ll.

    RoUND UP THE HUNS!A -llial charge u,as relentless ancl could not be haited. Nomatter rvhat the Germans threrv at rhem, rhe Nisd troopsjust u'ouldnt stop unril the mission wes complete.

    Nisei ltktoons pass Motitation Tisx ro mlly Jron beingPinnad Doan on d ro/l of2+ instead oJ tLeit'normal ro//.

    GO FOR BROKEThe 442"d Regirnental Combat Team adopted the gamblingterrn'Clo For Broke'as their molto. They Jived up to it withevery mission and objective. Though their casualties were hightheir honoul, spirit, ancl brotherhood were unsurpasscd.

    \Yheneutr an assaulting Nisci p/trtoon is Pinncd DoutnbJ Dtfensit'e Fire and u,ould nonnall1

    .,trl/ b,tck to tbir-itltrtlng Pos;tio s, immadiitelll ft)l/ d Motiudt;o Iist.. IJ the pldtoon passes, it is tto longtr ?inntd f)oun and

    att?mpts to ttlrr! on aith the Assault. The entml inm*diately shoots again in Dafansite Firc as ifthis uds d eaAssault. ( the Nisel platoon is not Pinned Doun tbistim( it cdrri: on tht Assatt/t as nornal IJ'it is I'innedDoan a second tixte by the enewy's DeJensiue Fire, itrtmains Pinnad Dotun tndf /s bacle as normal.

    . Othenrisc, thc phtoon remains Pinned Doutn and fa//sb'tclz a: norm':l

    Nisei History & sDeclal Rules




    \Y'etpotx lhtoons 1)1n.t- 1]rt/.t (.lotnbtt Atttrhnotts toOonhat I)/atoons.

    -Arisri ueapons plaroons lre ker- to srccess in both offinceend delence. thel provicle covcring fire is crucial ro rhe corrr-panr"s.rbiLio ro accomplish its missiott.-lhe

    ,\ll 60nn morrar is parrictlarlv edepr et digging outeneml mrchine-gun and anri-tank ncsts to opcn (hc way fbrborli inlanrrv and ermorrr ass:rults.

    Boistering lour assault platoon rvith rdditional nrach ine gunscan pr ovide the :rdcled lirepon'er nee.lecl ro keep the encmy'sheacl clorvn.ubilc you advaocc to\\,ards their posirion.


    s.f,tlvl2 60nrm morta r

    s.f,I s.r.rM2 60nm l',42 60mrirmofiar rnodar

    ---LLtvt1919 LN4G

    -*-LLI\,11 919 LNrIG


    Goum'Weapons Platoon 125 points

    All Ooun V/rapaus P/ttoon sttti.arts ntut ntdhr CotnbatAttnt. I tnen tt to (.)o n b at P lto o tts.

    No Goum rvishes to be out ofrhe 6ght legalclless c,fruhertrerthey are crnying a light ol heavy gun or cvcn a rrlorur.


    --1i -

    Rlfle conrrany combat