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Galilee UMC Capital Campaign Brochure

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Galilee UMC Capital Campaign Brochure
  • Galileea United Methodist Congregation

    Galilee United Methodist Church

    -Building Tomorrow today

  • P R AY ER

    O God, we humbly give you thanks as we stand in the loving tradition

    of faithful Christians in a congregation that has shared your love and

    word with this community and the world. We thank you for the times

    you have challenged our faith as we have taken step after step of growth

    and expansion so as to serve you and others more effectively. Now you

    are challenging us once again to grow in faith, as you have called us as

    Galileans again to grow in order to better serve. We thank you for your

    invitation to be a part of this expanding ministry.

    Open our hearts ever wider to the joy of serving and loving others in

    your name. Expand our vision to see your ever-growing kingdom on

    earth, and accept our deep praise and thanksgiving for the privilege

    of participating in bringing your kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

    Accept our heartfelt prayer in the name of your Son Jesus Christ, who

    sent His followers into the world to make disciples of all people.


    John 10:10I have come in order that you might have lifelife in all its fullness.

  • Connect, worship, growLETT ERS TO OUR CONGREGATION



    I am deeply honored to have been asked to serve as Chairman of our churchs Vision Campaign. I am equally excited to be part of a movement that is going to dramatically expand our ministry opportunities both locally and throughout the world. Galilee UMC has always been a church with a vision. God, through this Campaign, is clearly challenging each of us to reach beyond our normal comfort zones and to step forward in faith to meet the needs, not only of our existing congregation, but also of the generations to come.

    As each of you considers your participation in this Campaign, I encourage you to turn to God in prayer. I think you will be amazed as He shows

    you and your family the way to becoming joyful givers who have been inspired to go far beyond what you ever thought was possible.

    We thank you in advance for your commitment. Whatever decision you and God reach together it will be the right one.

    In His service,

    Tom DulaCampaign Chair

    Since the early 1960s, our church has marked its presence here in the very heart of our community. We started as such a small group, but our faith was large. We knew then that God had plans for us and that if we were faithful, those plans would propel us into the future. Since that time, our area has grown from a comfortable little community to a vibrant county.

    Our church has grown along with our community. The opportunities for ministry and mission have increased one hundred fold. We have sought to provide the best of both for those to whom we feel God has directed us. We have become a recognizable landmark and a beacon of faithful service right where we

    are. We would be no other place than where God has planted us.

    The time has come for us to consider the next chapter in our life as a community of faith. How will we speak the name of Jesus to a world that has so many other voices clamoring for its attention? How will we meet the needs of our own members and the demands of a changing community? How will we remain a strong church committed to those who are hopeless, hungry and homeless?

    A vision of what we might become is briefly presented in the following pages. Please take a few moments to review the information gathered by many of our committed Galileans, who like you

    believe that God has promised us a future. Our desire is to have you join us in increasing our capacity to impact our congregation, community, and the world in response to Gods continuing call to pursue his vision. We earnestly believe that its a matter of stepping out in faith

    Your Fellow Co-Worker in Christs Service,

    M. Wayne SneadSenior Pastor

  • 1950




    Our past our future

  • 1980





  • 5 Year VisionThe Opportunity to Build AgainJust like in 1960, 1995, and 2003 when the congregation joined together to build our current facility, we have the opportunity to build once again. This time we will build on the foundation of effective ministry that will significantly impact our community as well as expand our reach throughout the world.

    The Holy Spirit Guides UsThe main force driving this work is the Holy Spirit. We are feeling called to envision what we can accomplish if we use the resources we already have to the fullest, and take the next step to overcome the financial limitations we knew we would assume when we built our current facility.

    How We Developed Our Vision For the past 18 months, our pastors, staff, leadership team, and the majority of the congregation have provided discernment to develop a new vision and road map for us over the next 5 years. This started with the feedback we received from the Reveal surveys taken a little over a year ago, and has culminated into a tangible, actionable strategic plan.

  • REVEAL SURVEY RESULTSCreate a clear pathway to grow spiritually and encourage me to take responsibility for my own growth.

    Provide opportunities for me to learn and grow with others.

    VISIONProvide scripturally based spiritual formation that is provocative and relevant in order to inspire people to shape and live their lives for Christ.

    INITIATIVES (3-5 YEAR)1. Create a GUMC University that provides

    individual, group, and virtual spiritual formation and Bible training activities.

    2. Implement a church wide system that can assist people in tracking their spiritual walk.

    Spiritual Formation

    REVEAL SURVEY RESULTSHelp me to understand how I can encourage others to come to Galilee.

    Create a sense of belonging within the church.

    VISIONEncourage and nurture relationships between all congregants and build a more welcoming and closer church family.

    INITIATIVES (3-5 YEAR)1. Hold 2-3 summer camps for children and youth.

    2. Create multiple expressions of neighborhood-based ministry such as back-yard VBS and family Bible camps.

    3. Create intentional outreach and connectional ministry to people in various life stages including singles, widows, seniors, and college age students.

    Connection Ministry

    REVEAL SURVEY RESULTSProvide multiple opportunities, with clear direction, on how I can serve othersemphasis on local service.

    Provide strong programs for children within the church and community.

    VISIONWhile following our commitment to justice, peace and the respect for the dignity of all people, we will provide meaningful service activities and programs that will intentionally impart spiritual formation for the volunteers.

    INITIATIVES (3-5 YEAR)1. Help congregants at GUMC understand and

    purposefully use their spiritual gifts on a regular basis to serve Christ.

    2. Eliminate child hunger in Loudoun County by partnering with community and faith-based groups.

    3. Purposefully maximize the use of the churchs physical facilities to enhance serve activities.

    4. Lead 5-7 local, national, or international mission trips annually.


  • REVEAL SURVEY RESULTSRelevant, meaningful and compelling worship experiences.

    Empowers and assists me in my development of a personal relationship with Christ.

    Help me understand how to read, reflect, and respond to scripture.

    VISIONProvide inspiring, engaging, meaningful, and relevant worship that motivates people to desire a deeper relationship with Christ.

    INITIATIVES (3-5 YEAR)1. Introduce an additional style of worship


    2. Create a website that offers a variety of interactive spiritual formation opportunities for our congregation and people outside of our congregation.

    3. Hold special congregation-wide worship experiences 2-3 times per year that encourage people to get to know each other better while gaining a greater understanding of what it means to be a Christian.

    4. Develope additional children, youth, and adult music ministries.


  • REVEAL SURVEY RESULTSHelp me during time of stress and need.

    Provide deeper support systems for the needs of the congregation.

    VISIONStrive to be known as a community of compassion and care by offering support for those who experience pain and joy in their lives.

    INITIATIVES (3-5 YEAR)1. Create a parish nurse program.

    2. Create a ministry responsive to the needs of families with children who have developmental challenges.

    3. Partner with licensed counselors who provide professional counseling services on site.

    REVEAL SURVEY RESULTSChurch leaders should model how to grow.

    Help me understand what the Bible says about Stewardship.

    VISIONCreate a spiritually healthy attitude and understanding of Christian stewardship in order to grow closer to Christ and fulfill our collective mission.

    INITIATIVES (3-5 YEAR)1. Offer classes to our congregation and community, on

    estate planning, tax preparation, financial planningall based on Christian principles.

    2. Create educational events such as seminars and webinars that focus on leadership development and Christian worldview.

    Congregational Care


    REVEAL SURVEY RESULTSUnderstand the needs of the community and direct church resources towards meeting those needs.

    VISIONEnsure that all church ministries and functional structures seek

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