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  • Galway Chronicle

    The Galway Pledge : We pledge to respect one

    another, to be trustworthy and fair. We will care about each other, and be good citizens. Above all else, I will take responsibility for my actions, in a quest to build a better you…and a better me.

    Volume 7 Issue 14 May 5, 2017

    Dorothea Fuller, Principal

    Nichola Wallen, Assistant Principal

    Our Vision: Galway Elementary School will empower students to be valued, productive members of a global society.

    Principally Speaking: “Teacher Appreciation” Every day in schools across the country, including Galway, teachers touch the lives of millions of children, and their work and impact extends beyond the classroom. I want to thank families for making last week special for teachers. I know our teachers’ commitment to student learn- ing and it extends well beyond their hours on the job. Thank you for all of the tokens of love expressed this week to staff. A special thanks goes out to the PTA for their continuous support for school staff and school programs. It is our goal as a school to partner with parents to help students reach their potential academically and socially. Enjoy this poem that exemplifies that partnership.

    Whose Child Is This? -(Author Unknown)

    "Whose child is this?" I asked one day Seeing a little one out at play

    "Mine", said the parent with a tender smile "Mine to keep a little while

    To bathe his hands and comb his hair To tell him what he is to wear

    To prepare him that he may always be good And each day do the things he should"

    "Whose child is this?" I asked again

    As the door opened and someone came in "Mine", said the teacher with the same tender smile

    "Mine, to keep just for a little while To teach him how to be gentle and kind To train and direct his dear little mind

    To help him live by every rule And get the best he can from school"

    "Whose child is this?" I ask once more Just as the little one entered the door

    "Ours" said the parent and the teacher as they smiled And each took the hand of the little child

    "Ours to love and train together Ours this blessed task forever."


    Galway Chronicle 14


    May 8-May 12 Spring Book Fair

    May 9

    Kindergarten Ft-National Zoo

    MCPS Honors Chorus PBHS 7:00 pm May 11

    3rd Grade Parent Math Meeting

    Rm 123 6:00-7:00 pm

    May 12

    Night of the Arts 6:30-8:00 pm

    Art Showcase

    2nd Grade Live Poets

    3rd Grade Wax Museum

    May 15

    1st Grade FT-National Zoo

    May 17

    Patrol Picnic

    5th Grade Panoramic Picture

    May 23

    Chorus & Instrumental Spring Concert

    Briggs Chaney Middle 7:00 pm

    May 29-Memorial Day-No School

    May 30

    3rd Grade FT-Maryland Zoo

    May 31

    HardWork Cafe


  • Our Scholastic Book Fair surrounds students in the celebration of reading with hundreds of fun, engaging, affordable

    books for them to discover. Giving kids access to good books and the opportunity to choose their own books will moti-

    vate them to read more. And like most acquired skills, the more kids practice reading, the better they’ll get.

    Book Fair Dates: May 8 – May 12, 2017

    Shopping Hours: 9:00 am – 4 :30 pm

    Special Events: Late Night Shopping May 10 & 11 (4pm – 5:30 pm ) May 12 (4:00pm – 8:00pm)

    SUMMER PROGRAM Galway will host a summer “Fun Center” in partnership with the Montgomery County Depart- ment of Recreation. Flyers will come home next week and registration will be on a first-come, first served basis. Students in grades 2-6 are eligible to enroll in the free summer program. The program will run from June 26-August 11 daily from 9:00 to 3:00 pm. Breakfast and lunch will be provided. Activities include reading, writing, math, sports, art, swimming and music.

    FIFTH GRADE PROMOTION CEREMONY The fifth grade promotion ceremony will occur on Thursday, June 15 at 9:45 am in the APR. Information will come home in a few weeks with students.

    LOST AND FOUND Please take a moment to check our lost and found to see if any items belong to your child. Clothing that has not been claimed by end of May will be donated.

    PARCC ASSESSMENTS During the month of May, our third, fourth, and fifth graders will be involved in the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) testing. PARCC is a computer-based assessment that is more interactive and engaging than previous state tests. The specific assessments cover English Language Arts, literacy, and mathemat- ics for grades 3-11. Testing at Galway is scheduled to begin on May 1st and conclude on June 2nd. For more infor- mation about the PARCC assessments, please visit the websites below. http://www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/ cur- riculum/parcc/ http://www.parcconline.org/resources/ parent-resources

    GAITHERSBURG BOOK FESTIVAL Don’t Miss the Gaithersburg Book Festival Montgomery County Public Schools is proud to be a partner in the 2017 Gaithersburg Book Festival on Saturday, May 20, on the grounds of Gaithersburg City Hall. The book festival has a great lineup of authors and activities for children of all ages. Several members of the MCPS community will be conducting readings at the festival and there will be many programs, work- shops, and activities in the Children’s Village that are designed to promote interest in reading and writing. For more information, visit gaithersburgbookfestival.org/.

    No Se Pierda el Festival del Libro en Gaithersburg Montgomery County Public Schools se enorgullece en ser colabora- dor en el Festival del Libro 2017 en Gaithersburg, el sábado, 20 de mayo, en los terrenos de Gaithersburg City Hall. El festival del libro tiene un repertorio maravilloso, con autores y actividades para niños de todas las edades. Varios miembros de la comunidad estarán ofreciendo lecturas durante el festival y habrán muchos programas, talleres, y ac- tividades en la Villa de los Niños (Children’s Village), diseñados a promover el interés por la lectura y la redacción. Para más información, visite gaithersburgbookfestival.org/.

    Galway Chronicle 14

  • First Grade News Mrs. Lusby• Mrs. Kozen • Ms. Mattern •Ms. Cordova •Mr. Jackson

    • Ms. Pritchard • Mrs. Jenkins • Ms. Palmer •Mrs. Jones

    Reminders:  Our Field Trip to the

    National Zoo is May 15th . Please send in the permission slip along with $12 to your child’s teacher ASAP

     Don’t forget to check and

    sign the behavior calendar in your child’s homework folder every night

     Please make sure you complete your child’s reading log each night

    Thanks for your support!

    Contact Information [email protected]

    [email protected]

    K[email protected]

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    Spotlight on Academics

    Reading: This month we are reading informational books related

    to the environment in order to support our informative and

    opinion writing. We will ask and answer question about key

    details and use various text features to locate key facts or


    Writing: This month we will research and write a short

    informative text to answer the question: How do humans impact

    the environment? We will gather information and compose an

    informative paragraph with a topic sentence, details, and a sense

    of closure.

    Math: This month we are learning about 2 and 3-dimensional

    shapes and their attributes. We will draw 2-dimensional shapes

    based on their attributes (e.g., rectangles, squares, trapezoids,

    triangles, half-circles, and quarter-circles). We will compose 3-

    dimensioanal shapes (cubes, rectangular prisms, cones, and

    cylinders). We will also learn about fractions by dividing shapes

    into equal shares.

    Social Studies: This month we are learning how natural, human,

    and capital resources are used to produce goods. We will

    explore how technology affects the way people live, work, and

    play in their communities. We will also learn about different

    types of markets and interactions between buyers and sellers.

    Science: This month we will learn how humans rely on natural

    resources such as land, water, and energy. We will identify and

    describe how people use and rely on electricity every day. We

    will also learn ways to conserve natural resources in order to

    protect the environment.

  • Second Grade Newsletter May 2017

    Ms.Akindana • Ms. McKnew • Ms. Amaya• Ms. Kunk • Mr. Aaro

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