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  • Galway Chronicle

    The Galway Pledge : We pledge to respect one

    another, to be trustworthy and fair. We will care about each other, and be good citizens. Above all else, I will take responsibility for my actions, in a quest to build a better you…and a better me.

    Volume 6 Issue 15 June 3, 2016

    Dr. Dorothea Fuller, Principal

    Nichola Wallen, Assistant Principal

    Our Vision: Galway Elementary School will empower students to be valued, productive members of a global society.

    Principally Speaking: Thoughts on the School Year Ending It is hard to believe that we are approaching the end of the school year, but only

    eleven days are left. On every Sunday night call, I say, we had another great week

    at Galway and I meant it every time. I am excited every week when I see what our

    students have produced and their successes. Week after week has been awesome

    this year.

    Galway teachers have provided an enriched instructional environment and student

    reading scores are steadily increasing. The “Reading Homework” policy is working.

    Continue reading with your children at home this summer. Reading packets will be

    available on our website.

    We experienced many firsts this year. Fifth graders participated in a competition

    choir that competed at Hershey Park. This Galway Choir was recognized as the best

    overall elementary choir. We had our first Spelling Bee and will have the Galway’s

    Got Talent Variety Show. The Science Mobile Lab spent a week at Galway and each

    class had an opportunity to experience a hands-on science curriculum. The Google

    Virtual Field Trip was an exciting experience for our students.

    We continued our Night of Fine Arts, Guest Reader Day, school-wide Career Day

    and the African American Quiz Bowl. Second graders impressed us with their poetry,

    third graders demonstrated quality research skills and presentations, and kindergar-

    ten and first grade students performed a min-concert in December. Over 800 pieces

    of art was displayed by the art team. Fourth and fifth grade choirs continued their

    concerts and seven of our fifth grade students were selected for the MCPS Elemen-

    tary Honors Choir. We continued our annual Family Reading and Math Nights and

    over 200 students participated in our Science Fair.

    I have watched your children grow academically and emotionally this year, and it has

    touched my heart. This has been a great year on purpose. I am so honored to be

    the principal of Galway. Enjoy the summer vacation with your children.


    Galway Chronicle 15

    UPCOMING EVENTS June 6 3-5 Field Day 9:30-12:00 June 7 Galway’s Got Talent Variety Show 6:30-8:00 June 8 2nd Grade FT (End of the Year) June 9 Volunteer Breakfast 8:30 Media Center June 10 5th Grade FT-Philadelphia Kindergarten Celebration 10:00 am June 13 K-2 Field Day (rain date) 9:30-12:00 June 14 3-5 Field Day (rain date) 9:30-12:00 June 15 1st Grade FT (End of the Year) 5th Grade FT (End of the Year) June 17 5th Grade Promotion 9:45 Fly-Up June 20 Last Day of School School Dismisses 1:25

    Enjoy Summer Vacation

  • Need Field Day Volunteers! Galway Elementary School is looking for parent volunteers to help during this year’s field day activities. We need peo-

    ple to help run stations, direct the students to the correct locations, and come out to have some fun! Mr. Howard and

    Mr. O’Reilly are working to create a fun and active event and we need your help to make this field day as fun as possi-

    ble! Please e-mail [email protected] if you are interested. Thank you!

    Lost and Found Check the Lost and Found for missing clothing. All clothes will be donated on June 21.

    5th Grade Promotion 5th Grade Promotion is June 17 at 9:45 am in the Galway APR. Reception will follow. In the afternoon, students in

    grades K-4 will visit next year’s grade level and experience a literacy activity. All students will receive a book.


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