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June 2013. Galway City Partnership. The Tús Initiative in association with. Tús Galway City. Welcome. Schedule for this morning is as follows… Registration Tús Information Session Local Employment Service Network Questions and Answers Appointments. Tús Galway City. Introduction. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
  • Galway City Partnership

    The Ts Initiativein association withJune2013

  • WelcomeSchedule for this morning is as follows

    RegistrationTs Information SessionLocal Employment Service NetworkQuestions and AnswersAppointments

  • About Galway City Partnership (GCP)What is the Ts Initiative?Community groupsTypes of community work placementsGarda VettingLES InformationNext StepsQuestions & AnswersIntroduction

  • Mission StatementTo tackle disadvantage and social exclusion, with particular emphasis on those currently, or in danger of becoming long-term unemployed. To enhance their capacity to contribute fully to social and economic development.

    [For further information please visit www.gcp.ie] About Galway City Partnership?

  • Ts is an activation initiative for those who are unemployed and on the live registerThe programme is designed to actively involve those who are long-term unemployed with community workThe goal is to help long-term unemployed to maintain and develop skills and abilities while benefiting local communitiesWhat is the Ts Initiative?

  • Participants work 19 hours per week.Period is for 52 weeks.Participant cannot re-participate on Ts for 3 years.Participants will be entitled to 8% of total hours worked for annual leave - 10 days in the 12 month period.Payment is made directly to participants bank account.Secondary benefits as per usual assessment.Essential Details

  • Full personal rate of JA plus 20 = 208.00 per weekPlus increase for a qualified adult max 124.80 29.80 in respect of each qualified childYou may receive half rate qualified child increase if a part-time parentFull rate of 208 payable without any reduction for persons aged under 25Rates of Payment

  • Employment with GCP and participation in supporting the community An opportunity to develop skills and interestsThe possibility of improving employment prospects Networking opportunitiesA chance to engage in a potentially rewarding and enjoyable community experience

    How will participants benefit from involvement with Ts?

  • Community work is about empowering groups to work together to bring about change in their local communities to achieve social inclusion for all. There are over 270 community groups listed in the Draft Community Database on the Community Work page at www.gcp.ie GCP promotes and supports the building of a strong and healthy community culture in the city. Community Groups

  • AdministrationMaintenanceCommunity Event WorkDrivingInformation Technology Roaming TeamsWork Placement Opportunities

  • Promoting the Irish languageSport related workYouth work/ChildcarePersonal assistantThe general development of valuable positions with community groups

    [Note: Some types of employment will require Garda Vetting]Further Examples of Work Placements

  • Garda VettingGarda Vetting is a means of protecting vulnerable members of our communityGalway City Partnership complies with Garda Vetting as a standard element of the Clearance processInstructions on how to complete Garda Vetting Form attached to GV form included in information packShould you have any queries or concerns, a designated member of the Ts Team will talk to you in strict confidence

  • Completing Garda Vetting FormUse ballpoint pen onlyLeave no blank spacesIf is doesnt apply-enter N/AList all address from birth to presentStart with the earliest and finish with current addressInclude all foreign addressesImportant: do not leave any gap in years

  • Completing Garda Vetting FormIf you have a court conviction you must enter YESOtherwise enter NOCannot remember precise details give a summary of the offence and outcomeNon Court offences and pending prosecution to be listedWrite Ts in the applied for position in DeclarationSign and date the section Declaration of Applicant Print name in block capitals underneath signature.Place GV form in envelope bring to your next appointment

  • Court Appearance

  • Incorrect ExampleReason for failure: Two unaccounted years (gap in years) 1990 to 1992You must have no gap in years from time of birth to the present

  • Correct ExamplePlaces of residence clearly identified No Gap in years

  • Local Employment Service Network

    Galway City Partnership

  • Our OfficesBallybane - Ballybane Community Resource CentreBohermore 122 Bohermore, GalwayCity Centre Galway Peoples Resource Centre, St Clares Walk, Merchants Road, GalwayWestside Westside Resource Centre, Seamus Quirke Road, Westside, Galway

  • Our AimThe aim of the service is to provide a free, confidential, information, guidance and support service to long term unemployed people who wish to return to work, education or training

  • Information OfficerIntroduction to the ServiceCV Preparation and Interview SkillsWelfare to Work Schemes and InitiativesEducation/ Training opportunitiesJob VacanciesReferral Services

  • MediatorHelp the Job-seeker with Career PlanningExplore and discuss options that would suit their personal circumstancesIdentify appropriate Training / Educational opportunities that would help them to obtain workHelp with CV preparation and Interview SkillsReferral service

  • What should I do now?Register with us todayFill in the CV template or attach your CV to itGive it back to Ts Team Leader at your next meetingMake an appointment to see us when you are ready

  • Allocation of appointment times to return to GCPProfile creation and preferred job type assessmentCommunity work placements will be offered subject to the matching of your skills, abilities and interests with community group needsYour further engagement with GCP will be encouraged as will be the exploration of supports offered by other education and training providersNext Steps

  • Thanks!The Ts Team would like to thank each of you for coming along to our information day today.We look forward to working with youMembers of the Ts Team would be delighted to answer any questions you may have

  • Ts Contact Details (office hours)Tony Buckley: [email protected] mobile: 086-7707457Sean Lynch: [email protected] mobile: 086-7707430John Mc Cullough: [email protected] mobile: 086-8537434Pamela Rahilly: [email protected] mobile: 087-9939328 Charlie Currie: [email protected] Telephone: (091) 773466June2013

    LOGOTsLOGOTsLOGOTsLOGOTsLOGOTsLOGOTsLOGOThis is an activation initiative for those who are unemployed and on the Live Register.The initiative will provide short-term quality and suitable working opportunities for people who are unemployed while at the same time carrying out beneficial work within communities, and It will contribute to the management of the Live RegisterTsLOGOTsLOGOTsLOGOTsLOGOPayments are subject to review by the DSP.TsLOGOTsLOGOTsLOGOTsLOGOTsLOGOTsLOGOTsLOGOTsLOGOTsLOGOTsLOGOIf, for any reason, you have any concerns about Garda Vetting or Clearance please inform a member of the Ts team and your queries will be dealt with in strict confidence. Use ballpoint pen onlyLeave no blank spacesIf is doesnt apply-enter N/AList all address from birth to presentStart with the earliest and finish with current addressInclude all foreign addressesImportant: do not leave any gap in yearsSign and date the section Declaration of ApplicantWrite your name in block capitals under signaturePlace GV form in envelope provided and return to GCPAll Information held in strict confidence


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