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Gamification and Gaming FOR NonProfit OrganizationsGamification and Game-based LearningbyCaitlin Cahillis licensed under aCreative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

GamificationApplying game-design thinking to non-game applications to make them more fun and engaging."

Gamification WikiWhy Gamification?Behavior Change&EngagementMotivationIncreased productivity and engagement

Photo by World Bank Photo Collection / CC BY-NC-NDInternal: employee/volunteer productivity, e.g. rote work like stuffing envelopes, showing up to training, completing PDExternal: client/customer engagement, e.g. visiting website, completing surveys4DriveThe Surprising Truth About What Movtivates UsBy Daniel H. Pink

Motivation 2.0 Rewards & Punishment

Routine tasks

PointsLeaderboardsStatusCalculated BonusesMotivation 3.0 Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose

Learning, creating, innovating

Missions/ChallengeLevelsBadgesUnexpected BonusesFun!Spoonful of sugar with your medicine

Original illustration source unknown, possibly DisneySee http://8kindsoffun.com/ for additional information on motivating with fun8Effective LearningGoal-oriented / Backwards Design Photo by Will Scullin / CC BYDefine desired outcomes (behaviors)Determine acceptable evidence (skills/knowledge)Develop learning experience (instruction)Gamification Framework: http://goo.gl/j3p8Q79Game ElementsProgression: from on-boarding to masteryPBL: Points, Badges, Leaderboards

Chart adapted from Kevin Werbach, Gamification course on Coursera10DynamicsNarration Whats the story?ProgressionOn-boarding to MasteryConstraintsWhat are your limits?

Think of dynamics as your game board, setting the tone of the game and plotting the path for the player11MechanicsChallenges / QuestsCompetition vs. CooperationFeedbackRewardDiscovery and ExplorationTransactionsMechanics = Process12Challenges / QuestsDifficult, but achievableCannot proceed unless task masteredMeaningful Choices

Cascading InformationReveal information in nuggetsBreak down challenges into smaller tasks

13The UnknownExploration & DiscoveryDont provide all the answers

BonusesUse unexpected rewards

Moodle badges, Moodle conditional activities (http://goo.gl/g7j3j)14FeedbackWhere am I? How am I doing?Where do I need to get to?How do I get there?

Provide constant feedback to users to inform progress15Swedish Speed Camera Lotteryhttp://youtu.be/iynzHWwJXaAProvides feedback and unpredictable rewardThe average speed of cars passing the camera dropped from 32km/h before the experiment to 25km/h after (http://goo.gl/HvxFy)One sample study conducted in Bellevue, Washington found that radar speed signs resulted in average speed reductions of from 1-5mph, although some locations resulted in changes upwards of 5.5mph (wikipedia)16Game ComponentsPointsLeaderboardsLevels & StatusBadgesProgress IndicatorsAvatarsVirtual Goods

Leaderboard screenshot from Lilypadapp.comBadge by FourSquare17Badges

Mastery of specific skillsTools: Moodle (badges and/or conditional activities http://goo.gl/g7j3j), ClassBadges18PointsOn-going, repetitive tasks, e.g. logging in, turning in homework on time

19LeaderboardsDisplay: closest, not topConstant effort to maintain status

More effective to show 10 closest players than top leaders. Showing just the top players can be demotivating. Require constant effort to maintain.20Gamification Tools

Photo by Rose Aphro / BY SA Adaptive LessonsCompletion TrackingAutomated FeedbackAutonomy and choices: Learning paths with lessons, completion trackingAssignments and quizzes22


BadgesGroup Names (status)Gradebook: points + categoriesCertificates: Labels + Completion TrackingPlugin: Course Results Block (leaderboard) https://moodle.org/plugins/view.php?plugin=block_course_results


http://wordpress.org/plugins/badgeos/Others: CubePoints, Punchtab, AchievmentsComplete List: http://learn.caitlincahill.com/gamification-for-non-profit-organizations24


Mindmixer.com27Additional ResourcesGamification MOOCsGamification Book ListGamfication WikiFree Media ResourcesGamification Service ListAdditional resources available at http://learn.caitlincahill.com/gamification-for-non-profit-organizations28GamingMaking an Epic Wina.k.a. why games are so engaging

Jane McGonigal - Gaming can make a better worldTell me, Ill forgetShow me, Ill rememberInvolve me, Ill UnderstandGaming for LearningEdutainmentKids can smell that [stuff] a mile away. Gabe ZichermannContent presented in a game-like format with actual games given as a reward for completing a levelJust say no to Edutainment32Serious GamesExamplesPrimary purpose is to train or educate, often with simulations of real-life situations.iCivicsWolf QuestPeacemakerFold.itPlague Inc.QuandryiCivics: includes constitutional law firm, supreme court decision making, branches of power, counties workWolf Quest: wolf ecology in Yellow StonePeacemaker: Israeli/Palistinian conflictFold.it: protein structure and folding for vaccinesPlague Inc.: Pathogen simulatorQuandry: ethics33Consumer Games

Finding GamesCommon Sense MediaGames for ChangeGame Learning SocietyGameUp App Review SitesDiigo

35Game MakersSploderScratchTynkerStarLogo TNGGameSaladKoduAliceYoYo GamesGamestar Mechanic

Questions?Presentation and resources available at http://learn.caitlincahill.com

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